Tour A Historic Waterfront Lodge on Lake Placid

It’s a conspiracy, I’m convinced. I really am doing my best to just enjoy these last warm days of summer. After all, this is how the weather in Georgia looks during the month of September. Fall doesn’t even really think about arriving here for another month.

Weather in Georgia, September 2014


But try as I may, I keep stumbling across beautiful scenes like this and I’m suddenly thinking of autumn. Doesn’t this room just lure you in with its warm, rustic charm?

Lodge Interior Design, Cozy & Inviting 13

That room resides inside this wonderful historic lodge located on the shores of Lake Placid high in the Adirondack Mountains.


The cabin was originally built in the 1920’s by European craftsmen. It was built on the eastern tip of Long Island, then later it was carefully disassembled and moved to its current location on Lake Placid. So amazing that they could do that!


In this view of the back, you’ll notice it has a screened-in porch. I love the big windows we see open across the top. Let’s go inside and take a tour!


I was intrigued by the front door, looks almost medieval, doesn’t it? I wondered about those black, iron thingies and why they were there because the pattern seems a bit random.

Lodge Interior Design, Cozy & Inviting 03

Then I saw the other side! Now those are some serious hinges! That door isn’t going anywhere, is it?

Lodge Interior Design, Cozy & Inviting 02

This cabin saw a restoration in 2001 which included in-floor radiant heat on all three levels and the addition of air-conditioning. I love this room!

Lodge Interior Design, Cozy & Inviting 13

Love how the mantel was decorated for Christmas. In a room this size with big, soaring ceilings, you really need large-scale pieces when decorating the mantel and surrounding walls.

Decorate Mantel For Fall With Sled, Skiis, SnowShoes & Greenery


Love the design of the staircase that leads to the upstairs bedrooms. The screened porch is visible through the windows/doorway on the left.

Lodge Interior Design, Cozy & Inviting 14

A view looking into the kitchen…

Lodge Interior Design, Cozy & Inviting 04

There’s a stone fireplace out on the screened-in porch, too.

Lodge Interior Design, Cozy & Inviting 01

Perfect spot for autumn dinners by the fire. This almost makes the thought of winter bearable, doesn’t it?

Lodge Interior Design, Cozy & Inviting 17

The master bedroom…the home has four bedrooms and three full baths.

Lodge Interior Design, Cozy & Inviting 10

A bath…

Lodge Interior Design, Cozy & Inviting 12

There’s also a lovely old boathouse.

Lake Placid Boat House

Boathouses always amaze me, the way they are perched out on the water.

Beautiful Boat House

The inside is amazing…look at all that beautiful wood!

Lodge Boat House

The boat house still gets used even in the wintertime. Imagine playing pool with that view just outside the window.

Boat House with Pool Table

Love the view of it lit up at night.

Boat House Lit At Night


You’ll find additional pictures of this cozy lodge where I found these here: Lake Placid Historic Waterfront Home

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  1. The photos are wonderful, but I am not yearning for fall. I really, really want it to rain. We are in such a drought it is scary. I keep seeing on the news how people being flooded and I wish we could take some of it to ease their burden.

    • It is scary. Georgia went through that for several years in a row and just as they were about to start rationing the water and turning it off except for a few hours each day, the rains finally came. Hope the same happens soon for you guys!

  2. I’m with you, Susan. I hate to see summer go but I’m slowly being drawn into looking at fall decor. I could easily see myself sitting by that fire with a hot beverage.

  3. Is this a place you can rent? It is amazing! I want to live there!

    • Rebecca, I’m not sure. It’s up for sale right now. Click on that link at the very end of the post and it will take you to the website where it’s for sale. It might be worth contacting the Realtor to see. Would be a wonderful place to vaca this fall!

  4. Hi…..too bad I don’t have a few mill lying around..I’d buy it an rent it to Rebecca…it’s Fabulous..I especially love the drive-in parking for the boats..that’s the way to go..looks like a great place to kick back an enjoy life..

  5. OMG – and you stopped with the cabin? You need to do a “runner up” tour of the main house in this compound. Pretty please? πŸ™‚

    • lol I saw that mention of the “main” house but maybe it’s not for sale since I didn’t see it on their site. There are some amazing ones on there that I should feature, though!

      • I thought I saw it in the ariel (sp?) photos – at least I think I was looking at the roof of the main house. And, you’re right – there are some amazing compounds – family homes and lots of cottages in the Adirondacks…I could start THAT blog. πŸ™‚

  6. bobbi duncan says

    Beautiful cabin! We go up to Lake Placid and Lake George every couple of years–the area is stunning with clear water and magnificent views everywhere. It is such a relaxing place that we never want to go home. I am utterly in love with the old Adirondack “cottages”, some of which are huge. Everything about them evokes a simpler time. There are two small areas not far from us, one in NJ and one in the Pocono Mountains of PA, that have similar cottage communities, with quaint little shops, all from that era–so charming. I know what you mean about the autumn bug attacking, and I do it every year because it is my favorite time of year; just have to shop for and think about what I want to display when it’s still summer. I do the same thing towards the end of winter, as spring runs a very close second to fall for me. I am over the top ridiculous about decorating for the holidays; over half of our basement is stacked high with bins just for that purpose. The thought of having to relinquish any of it if we downsize makes me sad because I only buy what I truly love. I keep thinking I could give it to my sons, but everyone has their own tastes so they may not even want the stuff. However, if it meant getting that adorable little cottage…….

  7. This place is huge and my family and I would have a blast here. Decorating a place this size would be no easy feat. Love your forecast also.

  8. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Absolutely gorgeous. I think I could even live in the boat house! πŸ˜€

  9. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    P.S. I hope there aren’t any giant alligators lurking around. πŸ˜‰

  10. Beautiful! I can only dream.

  11. Margaret Higgins says

    Wonderful skiing up there. I’m originally from the Hudson Valley in NY and loved going “upstate” as we called it. Looking forward to returning in the fall for a family wedding. I do love living in N. Georgia too.

  12. You describe the yearning for fall well. I notice that I start pulling all my sweaters from the closet in hopes that it actually is cool enough to wear them:) However in Michigan where I live I anticipate it turning cool here very soon.

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