Testing Out a New Appetizer: Martha Stewart’s “Devils on Horseback”

Devils on Horseback, Bacon Wrapped Dates

Welcome to the 538th Metamorphosis Monday! I'll be attending a party later this week and will be bringing a dish to share. They'll be 25+ in attendance for this gathering. I found a recipe online that looked and sounded really tasty, plus it didn't look overly complicated to make. I found this appetizer/finger food online at the Martha Stewart.com and it has the weirdest name: Devils on Horseback. I wonder how it got that name? Here's how it looked in the … [Continue Reading...]

Why I’m No Longer Posting on Facebook (at least for now)

Update: I've had a few readers email me indicating they thought I was saying in this post that I would no longer be creating posts here on at the blog. Don't worry, I have no intentions of stopping blogging, you'll continue to find new posts here several days a week. I just won't be stopping by Facebook to link my blog posts there. Please read on for the reason why I'm making this change. Just a quick post today to let you know that if you're following Between … [Continue Reading...]

Memorial Day Entertaining and Table Setting Ideas

Crab Name Card Holders for Nautical Table Setting

Welcome to the 556th Tablescape Thursday! I'm getting so excited for summer! I stopped by Pottery Barn yesterday and there's nothing like seeing all the new summer dishware to get you fired up to create some fun, summertime tables! I haven't visited the big PB in Atlanta in ages, I think it's time for a road trip! This beautiful table dressed in blue caught my eye in the window. Gorgeous colors! I love how they've mixed aqua with the cobalt blue and it … [Continue Reading...]

Dressing Room Update is Complete and a Dharuma Hydrangea Update

Best Door Stop, Hinge Pin Door Stop

Before I share my recent dressing room update, I thought I'd share a small garden update. Back in the summer of 2014, I planted a Dharuma Hydrangea behind my mailbox. I was told that they do well in full sun and are fairly low-growing. I didn't want a big shrub in this spot since space was limited. Do you see the little Dharuma there just behind the mailbox?   Here's a photo of it a few weeks after it was first planted.   Last year I … [Continue Reading...]

How to Keep Handbag Handles Clean & Protected from Dirt, Stains and Lotion

Prada Wicker Bag, Pink

Welcome to the 537th Metamorphosis Monday! A while back I shared a wicker bag I had purchased a year or two ago. I carried this bag quite a bit last summer and really enjoyed it, but I had one concern that I couldn't resolve.   The handles of the bag are a heavy-duty, stiff, canvas type fabric. They feel nice and sturdy but since they are fabric, I've been worried they would eventually show dirt. I've tried to make sure I don't carry the bag while … [Continue Reading...]

New Tops for Summer: What I Purchased at the Sale

Blue and White Embroidered Shirt

If you have children, either the two-legged or four-legged kind, I hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day! Mine has been very quiet. I'll be seeing my son in a few weeks so I'm really looking forward to that. Yesterday I stopped into Talbots to return a dress I had ordered online that didn't work out for me. While there, I decided to shop their "top" sale and I ended up purchasing three tops during my visit. I almost purchased a pair of crop pants but … [Continue Reading...]

Syracuse Orchard & Magnolia Centerpiece for a Spring Table Setting

Magnolia Centerpiece for a Spring Dinner on the Porch

Welcome to the 555th Tablescape Thursday! How is your week going so far? I hope you are seeing some glorious springtime weather. It has been beautiful here!   I took these photos late in the day. The trees have all leafed out completely now so the porch has become very shady throughout the day. Recently, I gave all the bottles on the bottle tree a good washing. Do they look clean and sparkling there on the deck? I need to add a few new ones to the … [Continue Reading...]

The Cottage Home of My Dreams

Seventh Heaven, Carmel Cottage

Whenever I wish to escape this world and live in an enchanted forest, I tour one of the beautiful Carmel cottages I find for sale online. I wish more builders would build these adorable cottages today for those of us who are getting to the age where we would like to size down. Ready for a bit of enchantment? I'm pretty sure we could run into one of the seven dwarfs during this tour. :)   I'm dying already! Is this not the most inviting entrance! … [Continue Reading...]

A Jaw-dropping Exterior Transformation: You Won’t Believe This Before & After!

Dated Home Gets Dramatic Exterior Makeover

Welcome to the 536th Metamorphosis Monday! A couple of months ago I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a spectacular renovation. It was one of the most dramatic "Before and Afters" I can recall and I loved it! This beautiful home is located in Valdosta, Georgia which is very near the border where Georgia meets Florida. Here's how the home looked prior to its renovation by Wilson Design and Construction.     This was … [Continue Reading...]

April Favorites, Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and Some New Purchases

Laduree Fall-Winter Charm, Key Ring, Limited Edition Charm

Get ready to have your heart melted just a little. lol Okay, maybe it's just my heart that melted over a few of the lovelies I'm sharing in today's post. I started out with plans to share gift ideas for Mother's Day, but I couldn't resist mixing in a few of the favorites I used and enjoyed during the month of April. Many of those would make great gifts, too! I have been drooling recently over the Laduree bag/key charms I've been seeing all over Instagram. I'm not … [Continue Reading...]