Imagine Dining Seaside by Candlelight

Red, White, Blue Lanterns

Welcome to the 616th Tablescape Thursday! I was so in the mood for setting a table with a nautical, beachy feel. I was envisioning a table setting in soft, aqua colors. Not sure exactly sure how it happened but the next thing I knew, I was setting a red, white and blue nautical table.   It was a beautiful day to play on the porch. Later in the evening, we had the most ferocious storm, so in the candlelight photos toward the end of this post, you … [Continue Reading...]

Sharing Before These Two Sales End, A Little Christmas and Back-to-School Shopping

July is when I normally start picking up a few Christmas gifts here and there for family. I've bought a few sweaters for my grandsons recently. They came today and they were so nice, I decided to go ahead and create a post to share the sale before it ends or before the sizes are all gone. Unfortunately, these items sell out quickly. This sweater arrived today and I love it! I can't wait to give it to my oldest grandson, will have to make myself wait until … [Continue Reading...]

Storing Odd-Shaped Bags Like the Dior Saddle Bag & Wallet-Cardholder Storage

Dior Saddle Bag Storage Ideas

A few months ago I purchased a Christian Dior Saddle Bag. The Saddle Bag gets its name from its "saddle" shape and was first popular back in 1999. Dior revived it, bringing it back into production in 2018. A lot of people say it's a Dior classic now and is here to stay this time--only time will tell. A few months ago, I purchased a Saddle Bag in white with plans to wear it mainly during the summer with my colorful summer dresses. So far, I've really enjoyed it, … [Continue Reading...]

A Front Yard Landscape Update, Green Beauty Boxwoods Growing Like Weeds!

Boxwoods and Hydrangeas for the Front Yard Landscape

Welcome to the 597th Metamorphosis Monday! Over the past few months, I've had several requests to give an update on the front yard landscaping I completed back during Spring 2016. I've been meaning to share an update because I'm absolutely stunned how much the Green Beauty Boxwood shrubs I planted back then have grown! Here's a before photo taken that May not too long after I planted all the shrubs. Let me tell you, these boxwood shrubs weighed a ton! All the … [Continue Reading...]

You Asked and I Found ‘Em! Happy Summer & 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! I hope you are having a great 4th! I had planned this weekend to work on a fun project but that got postponed when I couldn't get the item I needed from the Atlanta Ikea. When I drove down on Friday, there was a monstrous line coming out the door, going around the building and down the side of the building. I'm guessing there were at least 100 people (probably more) standing in the 93-degree heat waiting to get in. There was even a line to … [Continue Reading...]

6 Patriotic Tables for Independence Day

Patriotic Tablescape for Labor Day or 4th of July 07

Welcome to the 615th Tablescape Thursday! With Independence Day just two days away, I'm sharing some festive red, white and blue inspiration for your upcoming 4th of July celebrations. Cue the fireworks! Click the title of each post below to see more of that particular table setting. Happy 4th of July to you! Patriotic Table for Two   4th of July Table with a Patriotic Beverage   4th of July Nautical Table … [Continue Reading...]

Hunting for Fossils: An Adventure Hike

Fossil Hunting with Dad

Whenever I visit my son, daughter-in-love and grandsons in Ohio, we always go on hikes. When my son was growing up, we used to go on hikes as a family, but not near as much as my son, dil and grandsons do now. They go almost every weekend unless it's raining or snowing. I love that! It's such a great way to get in some good exercise while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. The area my son lives in is surrounded by parks that are great for hiking. We've … [Continue Reading...]

Ruth’s Summer Backyard Oasis

Hand-Painted Pillow for Outdoor Space

Welcome to the 596th Metamorphosis Monday! How can it be summer already, where did spring go? It's all going by way too quickly. I want it to slow down so we can enjoy every moment of our warm weather days! Since we are all spending so much more time at home these days, I was thinking recently about how important it is to make those places we like to hang out during the summer as relaxing and comfortable as possible. The last few months have really been a … [Continue Reading...]

Answering Your Questions & Recent Purchases Including One That’s a Bit Over the Top

I started to save this post for tomorrow's Metamorphosis Monday, but I have some great eye-candy I'll be sharing in that post. Today, I'm answering some of the questions I've received on recent posts and sharing a few purchases that are making me ridiculously happy. When I posted about this cute desk caddy/organizer, someone asked about the mercury glass balls in the background.   Some of you may have recognized it as this floor-standing lamp I … [Continue Reading...]

Chasing the Gloom Away with a Festive 4th of July Celebration

Welcome to the 614th Tablescape Thursday! I've had this 4th fo July table setting planned for a few weeks and during that time, I never imagined setting it on such a raining, dark day. The floods came last night as I set this table and it got super dark, very fast. This morning was not much different. Hopefully, I'll be able to add some sunnier photos to this post later on today.   A sunnier photo taken later in the day...   A little … [Continue Reading...]