Pearl Earrings for Sensitive Ears & A Jewelry Keeper for Travel

Tiffany & Co Leather Jewelry Case, Perfect for Travel

I am earring challenged! Over the last few years I've rarely worn earrings, despite really loving them. The problem has been two-fold: 1. Over the years my ears have become super sensitive to earrings that aren't 14K gold and 2. I am forever losing earrings, usually just one. Maybe I should just start wearing all my orphaned earrings together...start a new trend! lol I've been hoping to add a pair of pearl earrings to my meager earring collection for some time, … [Continue Reading...]

A Valentine’s Day Table, Plus a DIY Heart-Wreath Topiary Craft

Valentine's Day Table for Four

Welcome to the 490th Tablescape Thursday! How was your Valentine's Day? I hope it was lovely and that you were surrounded with lots of loved from those you love the most. I have a beautiful Valentine's Day table to share with you today. Elinda, who reads BNOTP, enjoys entertaining and creating beautiful table settings for her family. She recently shared some wonderful photos of the table she put together this year for Valentine's Day.   Elinda … [Continue Reading...]

A Feather Tree for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Feather Tree

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you are having a lovely one! We are having some amazing springtime weather here right now. The daffodils are already up all over my yard, though not blooming yet. Whenever this happens early, I always panic a little, fearing they will get frozen when the cold weather returns. Then I come across photos like this on my computer and remember it's not the first time daffodils have made an early appearance.   Daffodils in … [Continue Reading...]

It Took A While, But At Last It’s Done!

VHS & 8mm Tapes Transferred Over to DVD

Welcome to the 472nd Metamorphosis Monday! Last September I shared some information I had gathered regarding the process of having VHS and 8mm Tapes transferred over to DVD. If you have the right equipment, you could probably do it yourself, but since the tapes I wanted to have converted over contained irreplaceable, precious memories of my son and other family members, some who are no longer here, I decided to leave it up to a professional. After reading … [Continue Reading...]

Online Shopping for End-of-Winter Deals & Loving the New Spring Fashions

L.L. Bean is having an End-of-Season sale, just wanted to share this in case you're looking for some last minute goodies to get you through the winter. I just ordered this coat for my son. With the sale, plus an additional 25% off at checkout, it ended up being half off. Awesome sale! They have gotten a lot of snow this winter so I thought he would enjoy it when playing outdoors in the snow with his two little ones. I love the color and I think he will like … [Continue Reading...]

How I Removed Denim Transfer from My Car’s Leather Seat & A Perfume Update

Lilly Pulitzer Squeeze and Wink Perfume

It seems I rarely get the chance to follow-up and let you know the results of something I'm working on or have previously blogged about. I  know that's not true about some of the bigger projects I blog about, but it's those little things that slip through the cracks. So today I thought I'd do a little follow-up so you're not left thinking...and then what. As Paul Harvey used to say, here's "the rest of the story." A few years ago I purchased two Lilly Pulitzer … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful Inspiration for Your Spring and Easter Tables

Welcome to the 489th Tablescape Thursday! I always love to stop by Pottery Barn this time of year to see what they have available for Easter and spring table settings. It appears they have a Friends and Family 20% off sale going right now with the code FAMILY at checkout. I'm happy to see they brought back the bunny bowl I purchased last year. I love this bowl! I keep mine out all through spring and summer in my kitchen for holding fruit. Pssst: All the … [Continue Reading...]

A Great Way to Carry Your Favorite Perfume In Your Handbag & When Traveling

Travel Perfrume Atomizers

This post is for the perfume lovers. I know some folks don't care for perfume or may even be allergic to it. If that's you, please feel free to skip this post and come back tomorrow when you'll find a new post on a different topic. If you love perfume as much as I do, read on! Hope you enjoy! :) Perfume is a passion of mine and I'm always up for trying new scents. Lately I'm really enjoying some of the fragrances from Hermes. For Christmas this past year, my son … [Continue Reading...]