Summer Garden Party Table Setting with a Limelight Hydrangea Centerpiece

Limelight Hydrangea Centerpiece, Summer Table Setting

Welcome to the 512th Tablescape Thursday! Announcement: If you are currently subscribed to receive BNOTP blog post updates via a Hotmail e-mail address, but they are not getting through to your Inbox, check your Spam folder. If they aren't in the spam folder, try subscribing with a different e-mail. Hotmail is notorious for filtering out emails that contain photos. Just Google and you'll find a lot folks on forums discussing this issue of emails not getting … [Continue Reading...]

Genius Ideas To Make Travel A Lot Easier

Makeup Travel Bag, So easy to access Makeup

Welcome to the 494th Metamorphosis Monday! I don't have a typical "Before and After" to share this week, so I thought I'd share some products that could definitely transform the way you travel, making your travels a lot easier. Recently Zenda left this comment below on this post: My 5 Essentials for Traveling Internationally. Susan, I wanted to thank you for recommending the anti-theft travel bag. I bought it just before our trip to Scotland in late May. I … [Continue Reading...]

Summer Dresses: Flowing and Oh, So Feminine!

When I was taking off for Ireland last summer, as I was packing the day before the trip, it dawned on me that I should take along a summer maxi dress. I wanted something pretty and flowing, a dress that would be perfect for a summer evening or dinner in Ireland. I searched in vain that evening but never found anything I really liked. I ended up buying a navy, floral dress that was really a little too big, but I knew I could camouflage it with a sweater I was also … [Continue Reading...]

A Living Room Table: Great for Reading, Working or a Casual Dinner

Red, White, Blue Bells, Chair Back Decoration

Welcome to the 511th Tablescape Thursday! Marie always sets several tables when entertaining for the holidays. One of my favorite tables in her home is the one she usually sets in her living area in case additional seats are needed. This room is nice and large, so it easily accommodates a large table for reading, working or dining.   Since this table is also used for other activities throughout the week, you'll notice lamps, books, magazines and … [Continue Reading...]

Build a Vision Board: Inspiration & Daily Reminder of Your Dreams and Goals

Vision Board

Thoughts become things, this I do believe. Do you remember when the book/video called "The Secret" was all in the news? Though I couldn't get on board with much of what it espoused, one premise I took to heart was the idea that our day-to-day thoughts do greatly impact almost every facet of our lives. I truly believe, that which you focus on will often come to pass, be it good or bad. Of course, I'm not talking about those things over which we have no control … [Continue Reading...]

A Few Porch Updates & A Garden Seat Makeover

Bright Blue Garden Seat as Plant Stand

Welcome to the 493rd Metamorphosis Monday! Did you go out of town for the July 4th week? This past week always seems like a big week for travel. This weekend has been a productive one for me as I've worked on a few things I've been putting off for a while. One chore I had been procrastinating on was giving the wicker seating group a good cleaning. I've had the two chairs and the settee (all made of outdoor wicker) cleaned in past when I was having the porch … [Continue Reading...]

Evil Eye Bracelets: Whimsical & Great for Stacking

Beautiful Evil Eye Bracelets, Pink, Aqua

When you were a kid growing up, did you ever hear someone say, "Don't give me that evil eye!"  Often it was said jokingly to make you smile or cheer you up right after you've just been told "No" to something you wanted to do. I remember hearing it a lot growing up in the south, and though I knew well what it meant, I never knew its origin. Wikipedia says: The evil eye is a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when … [Continue Reading...]

Festive Table Setting for a 4th of July Patriotic Celebration

4th of July Table & Centerpiece Ideas

Welcome to the 510th Tablescape Thursday! It's always a big celebration at Marie's for the 4th of July! She had several tables set and ready for friends and family when we met up last week.   I love these Uncle Sam hats! They make such a fun statement on any table or in any centerpiece or decor. Marie found those in Pier 1 a few years back.   A mix of tall, glass candle holders mixed with shorter candles and patriotic striped rockets … [Continue Reading...]