$5,000 To Fix A Rare, Intermittent Issue–The End Of The Perfect Storm

Welcome to the 765th Metamorphosis Monday! Have you ever had a repair made to your home that you were dreading, thinking it was going to be a lot more involved and more expensive than it actually turned out to be? When I first moved into my home over 30 years ago, I noticed on very rare occasions (like every 4-5 years) a small amount of water would come in near this little jutted-out spot called a knee wall. In order for rainwater to seep in at this spot, it always … [Continue Reading...]

I’m Finally Doing It–Ordering A Sweater I’ve Been Stalking for Years!

How is your weekend going? I have a pretty big update to share tomorrow, something I've put off for many years but am finally getting done. In the meantime, the cooler 60's temps we've been experiencing every night the last couple of weeks are really motivating me to think about my fall wardrobe. If you've been reading BNOTP for a while, you know I'm a sweater nut. I may not like cold weather but I sure do love snuggling up under a throw while wearing a warm, woolly … [Continue Reading...]

Fall Dining: Celebrating the Glorious Colors of Autumn

Blue Willow for Fall Autumn Table, Orange Accents

Welcome to the 782nd Tablescape Thursday! I had planned to share a new table this week, but as the time grew closer, my mind was way too preoccupied with a major home update that was supposed to begin yesterday. At the last minute, the company doing the work had to reschedule to start tomorrow. My yard right now is littered with red, orange, and yellow flags from the various utility companies. I'll be sharing this big (and unfortunately, expensive) update with you … [Continue Reading...]

Brief Cabinetgate Update & Some Halloween-Autumn Inspiration

Fortnum and Mason Hamper Basket as Side Table

Here's a quick little update on Cabinetgate for those who are interested--if not, just skip on down a few photos to the fun stuff! On Friday, after the UPS driver left with the storage cabinets I had ordered still in her truck because she was physically unable to get them off the truck in order to deliver them...   ...AND after having told me she would mark them in their system as damaged (the boxes were ripped open in several places) so no one would … [Continue Reading...]

Cabinetgate Continues, It’s The Never-Ending Drama

Welcome to the 764th Metamorphosis Monday! If you've been reading BNOTP for a while, you may remember that back in the day when I first started ordering storage cabinets for the garage (and now for the basement) the cabinets were often arriving very badly damaged.   They would often arrive with big chips and dents in various parts. During that period, I had so many returns and reorders, only to have the cabinets once again delivered with extensive … [Continue Reading...]

Autumn Handbag Shopping, So Many Beautiful Styles for Fall!

A week or so back I shared a post with a very cool trick I had just read about for removing ink marks from leather handbags. (That post can be found here: Miracle Trick for Removing Pen & Ink Marks from Leather Bags.) Sherry left a comment asking if I had any plans to share a post with some of the new fall handbag styles. Being a huge handbag lover, I thought that would be a fun post to create. Thanks for that suggestion, Sherry!   Last night, I … [Continue Reading...]

We’re In The Mountains Of Big Canoe For This Week’s Tablescape Thursday

Beautiful Long Range Views, Big Canoe

Welcome to the 781st Tablescape Thursday! Over the last few days, I've been spending a little time in the north Georgia mountains. This was the charming Airbnb home I booked in the mountain community of Big Canoe. Big Canoe is around a 1 to 1-1/2 hour drive north of my home, so it's the perfect location for a little getaway.   Just a couple of hours after I arrived, I received this message from the owner/host of the home where I was staying. Ha! … [Continue Reading...]

A New Method For Storing The 13 Christmas Wreaths I Hang On My Exterior Windows

Wreath Storage, Wreath Bags

Welcome to the 763rd Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one! Mine was busy and turned out to be quite productive. I started pulling out all of the holiday decor I had stored under the attic eaves, hauling it all two flights of stairs down to the basement.   There was a lot stored here on the Christma-storage side. In addition to what you see, there were around 15 wreaths stored here, all hanging on nails on the wall on … [Continue Reading...]

My August Favorites + A Heads Up For The Ice Cream Lovers

This girl is whipped right now! lol I've been clearing out the two attic eaves for the last two days and wow, I had forgotten just how large that area is and how much stuff (holiday decor) was stored under there. I have everything out now and have carried around 3/4ths of it down to the basement. Just a little bit more to go and I'll have it all downstairs. It's been quite the job carrying everything down two flights of stairs; I've definitely been getting some good … [Continue Reading...]

Whimsical Fitz & Floyd Halloween Serving Pieces, Hidden Away & Almost Forgotten

Fitz & Floyd Halloween Cat, Pumpkin, Ghost Pitcher

Welcome to the 780th Tablescape Thursday! Today's Tablescape Thursday is a bit different. As mentioned in an earlier post this week, the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy, at least my definition of crazy busy. Ha! I got a bug in my bustle a few weeks ago, actually, it started around the time I was having the new irrigation controller installed in the garage. In order to install an outlet on the wall for the new controller, the electrician had to crawl into … [Continue Reading...]