How To Save Your Favorite Jacket When It’s Ruined From Color Bleed In The Wash

Welcome to the 799th Metamorphosis Monday! Have you ever had a favorite top or outfit ruined due to color bleed in the wash? My friend, Teresa, loves to travel, and one of her favorite jackets that she often takes along when she travels is a Tommy Bahama jacket in a nice neutral color. Having just returned from a trip, her hubby, Frank, was trying to be helpful by washing some of the clothes they wore during their travels. Unfortunately, he accidentally put some … [Continue Reading...]

Upcycled Furniture Covers Are The Star Of This Wonderful Garden-Themed Tablescape

Beautiful Floral Linen Tablecloth

Welcome to the 816th Tablescape Thursday! Norma set a beautiful spring table recently, and you're going to love how she acquired the gorgeous, linen tablecloth she used!   Norma said, "You may remember that the man who did the work on our garden gave me the table cloth that they had covered their machinery with each night, and then I used it for Halloween."   "Well, he came to do a few small jobs for us and arrived with an armful of … [Continue Reading...]

Hope This Tip Will Save You A $149 Electrician Visit—Still Can’t Believe It Worked!

Updating Bedroom with New Drapes, Tartan Bedding

Thanks so much for your helpful comments and suggestions yesterday. I am much, much better today and feeling right back to normal, thank goodness! No more wall paper stripping without a mask on! So, I have to share this crazy "lighting" thing I just discovered in case you ever run into this issue. Hopefully, it will save you from having to call an electrician and pay a troubleshooting fee, as I just had to do a few days ago. A week or so ago, I noticed … [Continue Reading...]

I Did The Dumbest Thing Last Night—Learn From My Mistake + A Very Tempting Sale

I did the dumbest thing last night, I have been removing wallpaper from my bathroom walls and I had finally reached the area that is above the tub/shower. My full size ladder would not fit inside the tub, so I was having to stand on a small stepladder. Unfortunately, that put me standing beneath the area I was working on and the remover solution I was spraying was misting down each time I sprayed it. I ended up inhaling a fair amount of it before I realized what was … [Continue Reading...]

An Easy, No-Stress Way To Try Out A Variety of Furniture Arrangements In Any Room

Welcome to the 798th Metamorphosis Monday! This is the current state of my kitchen. As you can see, the refrigerator is smack in the middle of the breakfast room, blocking one of the doors to the screened porch. Ugh. The water hose thingy that goes to the icemaker decided to spring a leak, and the kitchen floor is currently going through a restoration process. They even ripped out the built-in desk that's normally under the cabinets alongside the refrigerator. So … [Continue Reading...]

Antiquing on Mother’s Day Weekend

Every time I go antiquing, I wonder why it's taken me so long. I'm always so surprised and amazed by all the wonderful things I find and how reasonably priced they are, especially compared to what supposedly passes as good furniture these days. Today, I visited the Queen of Hearts location that's just 3–4 miles from my home. Just inside the front door I saw so many beautiful furniture pieces, including this beautiful antique, carved, oak … [Continue Reading...]

12 Spring Table Settings That Would Work Great For A Mother’s Day Gathering

Limelight Hydrangea Blooms, Spring Summer Table Setting

Welcome to the 815th Tablescape Thursday! Mother's Day is just three days away, so I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the Mother's Day tables I've set in the past, along with a few spring-themed table settings that are more recent and that would also work well for Mother's Day. How ever you spend Mother's Day this year, I hope it's a relaxing, enjoyable day for you and your loved ones. (Pssst: Click on the title of each table setting to view that … [Continue Reading...]

All My April Favorites Together In One Post

Twilly-Style Silk Scarves for Handles of Bag

Before May gets too far gone, I'm sharing all my favorites from the month of April. As usual, there's quite the variety here. Last month, I went on a search for a cell phone holder that would fit on the handlebars of my Peloton bike. Occasionally, when I'm taking a "scenic" ride, unless it's one of the guided scenic rides, I like having my phone nearby so I can easily check and reply to emails while I'm riding. This holder was perfect for what I needed and is … [Continue Reading...]

Covering Edges Of Melamine Shelves & What Happened To My Fave Wallpaper Remover

Removing Wallpaper

Welcome to the 797th Metamorphosis Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I've been working on a few bathroom projects this weekend. One of the tasks I worked on involved the shelves in the closets of both upstairs baths. When this house was built many years ago, I'm not sure why, but the closets were built with wood boards inside for shelves. I think they were 1 x 12s or something like that. There are 4 shelves in each closet and for each shelf, they used 2 … [Continue Reading...]

All My Favorites Are On Sale For Mother’s Day! ♥

I have several semi-big projects that I've been working on around the house this week, including stripping wallpaper from two bathrooms. Spring-cleaning fever has hit, and I really want to get the bathroom projects underway and completed over the next month or two. I'm very tired today from all the cleaning I've been doing this week, so I gave myself the day off to let my muscles recover. I spent some time today doing a bit of online browsing, and wow! There are so … [Continue Reading...]