Back Home At Last & A Few Favorites from Hawaii

Welcome to the 490th Metamorphosis Monday! Well, this is a record for the latest Met Monday has ever posted. I've been flying all night and most of the day but I'm finally back home from Maui. The flights were great and uneventful, just very long. It's a long way from Georgia to Hawaii and back, especially when you go there via Seattle. It's a long way even when you don't go via Seattle. lol I don't have a Before and After to share since I've been on a plane … [Continue Reading...]

Dress Shopping in Hawaii

Tommy Bahama Floral Linen Dress

Reminder: Today is the last day to get 40% off everything at Talbots. I purchased several shorts and pants yesterday, so it's a great time to check out their sale. You'll find the sale here: 40% off Sale. Don't forget to use the code Friends40 to get the discount. I almost never shop for clothes while I'm on vacation but this trip was the exception. I visited Whaler's Village and went a wee bit crazy! They have a Tommy Bahama shop there and WOW, do they have some … [Continue Reading...]

I Almost Missed Their Best Summer Sale! These are My 12 Favorites!

Right before I left for Hawaii, I stopped by the Talbots near my home to pick up another pair of their adorable, scalloped-edge short. If you don't have a pair of these, I very much recommend them. They are so much more flattering on the leg than a straight-edge hemmed short. I don't know why that scallop makes such a difference, but it does! I already have two pairs in white, available here: Scalloped-Hemmed Shorts.   ...so I purchased the … [Continue Reading...]

A Hawaiian Luau on the Island of Maui

Entertainment at Luau, Maui Hawaii 02

Welcome to the 507th Tablescape Thursday! Last night I attended the Luau they host every Wednesday night at the resort where I'm staying in Maui. Every chair you see below was filled once the party got underway.   As we arrived we were greeted with a Mai Tai drink. Have you ever had a Mai Tai before? I had not. This one was very low on alcohol and super sweet. Not sure if they are always that way or not. I didn't get a second one and just drank … [Continue Reading...]

Would You Jump Off This Rock Into the Pacific Ocean?

Crazy Jumper in Maui, Hawaii

My body is still on Atlanta time. I normally wake up around 3 AM each day, roll back over and try to go back to sleep, only to wake up again in an hour or two. My body just won't get the message that it's in the Hawaiian Time Zone now. lol Early this morning I looked out the window of my bedroom and noticed they were busy putting up tables on the lawn for tonight's Luau.   Here's how it looks now...so pretty! I'll be sharing the luau with you for … [Continue Reading...]


Shadow of Plane, Maui

Welcome to the 489 Metamorphosis Monday! I made it! This was the view from my side of the plane as we were flying into Maui. You can see the shadow of the plane which I thought was kinda cool. This evening I was reading more about Maui online. I find it fascinating how this island was formed! Wikipedia states: Maui's diverse landscapes are the result of a unique combination of geology, topography, and climate. Each volcanic cone in the chain of the Hawaiian … [Continue Reading...]

I’m Pretty Sure This is All Your Fault! ;)

Aloha! This is the theme I just loaded onto my phone, thanks for giving me the little push I needed! Thanks so much for all the wonderful tips and ideas you left in the comments of my last post! Sooo appreciated! I can't wait to share Maui with you for Metamorphosis Monday! If you're not already, be sure to follow on Instagram where I'll be posting photos regularly during this trip. You'll find the Between Naps On The Porch Instagram here: … [Continue Reading...]

Would you go to Maui, Hawaii Alone?

A friend called me last week to say he had a week in Maui planned, but couldn't go. He offered it to me at no charge. So all I'd be paying for is the flight, a rental car once there, and of course the usual expenses like meals, etc... I called two different friends to see if either would like to go. The room will sleep two since it also has a sofa sleeper. Neither could go due to prior commitments they have scheduled next week. Another friend had just returned … [Continue Reading...]