My Favorite Christmas Dishes are Back & They’ve Added Two New Patterns!

Welcome to the 583rd Tablescape Thursday! I'm super excited to share that the Better Homes and Gardens dishware is back again this year! I was in my local Wally World recently and they had a huge display. I've had heard from a few of you that they have a train plate this year, so I was dying to see it!   These are the ones I picked up this year. I love the sweet deer plates and couldn't remember if I already had those, so I picked up a couple more. … [Continue Reading...]

Affordable Gift Ideas, Beautiful Party Dresses & 2 Awesome Sales


There are some awesome sales going on right now! Before I get into some of the gifts I've been buying, if you are interested in hanging wreaths on your windows for Christmas this year, the is the best place I've found to purchase the type bows you saw me using in yesterday's post: 12 Pack of Red Velvet Bows. The price is excellent and reviews look great! When my bows ultimately need replacing, that's where I plan to buy them.   Party Time! Do … [Continue Reading...]

Decorating for the Holidays & Ironing the Wreath Ribbons

How to Hang Christmas Wreaths on Exterior Windows

Welcome to the 564th Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? Are you busy getting ready for visiting family and Thanksgiving? Since I do have family coming for Thanksgiving this year, I've divided my "To-Do" list into two basic parts: Decorating and Cleaning. I spent the latter part of last week and the weekend working on some of the decorating. I hope to finish that in the next two-three days, then I'll start on the cleaning. My house could use a deep … [Continue Reading...]

Two Fun Sleeping-Bed Ideas for Visiting Children During the Holidays

Floor Bed for Kids for Sleepovers or Naps

I have the strangest problem right now: in a house with two guest bedrooms, I am lacking the type of guest sleeping quarters that I really need. How can that be? I have a guest room with a full-size bed.   And I have an upstairs family room with a queen-size sofa-sleeper which sleeps great per my son and daughter-in-law. In fact, when they are here visiting, they always prefer it over the smaller, full-size bed in the guest room with a brand new … [Continue Reading...]

Thanksgiving Table Setting Idea, Featuring Spode Woodland & Pheasant, Magnolia, Nandina Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

Welcome to the 582nd Tablescape Thursday! This is the table I'll be setting up for Thanksgiving this year. My grandsons, ages 3 and 5 will be here for Thanksgiving but won't be here for Christmas, so I want to do something fun for them.   They've never really watched the movie, Christmas Vacation, since they aren't quite old enough. They could probably watch it if we skipped past some of the parts where the language is a bit rough. They need a … [Continue Reading...]

A Surprise Thank-you That Touched My Heart


Last January, after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season had died down and life was starting to return to normal, I was working in my office one day when the RING app on my phone went off indicating movement on my front porch. I checked my phone and saw a man place a folded, white piece of paper on one of the porch benches. Aftward, he walked back to his car that was parked on the street and drove away. Curious, I walked downstairs and out onto the porch … [Continue Reading...]

The Treasures I Brought Back From England & How I’m Using Them Here at Home

Welcome to the 563rd Metamorphosis Monday! No major Before and Afters to post today so I thought I'd share some random updates along with the special souvenirs I brought back from England this past summer. By the way, I decided to give having my groceries delivered from Publix a try--a suggestion left in the comments on a previous post where I shared about Dorothy Lane Market in Oakwood, Ohio. The groceries were delivered this morning just as I started writing … [Continue Reading...]

A Great Gift Idea & An Inexpensive Way to Try Several Hermes Perfumes

I love Hermes fragrances and wear them a lot. Though they aren't inexpensive, usually it only takes a couple of spritzes and you're good for the whole day. So a bottle will last a long, long time. Yesterday I came across a great gift idea that's also a wonderful way to sample several of Hermes' perfumes without committing to buying a large bottle. These would also make a great Christmas present. For this sampler set below, I love that they even went to the … [Continue Reading...]

Shocking! This Resort Hotel is Selling Fake Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton Bags

Fake Louis Vuitton bags for sale, Steigenberger Aldau Hotel, Egypt

When I was away visiting family, I had my travel laptop with me. One day while working on a post, I started going through some of the pictures I have stored on the laptop from my trip to Egypt last year. I came across one group of photos that reminded me of a shocking moment I experienced while staying in a nice resort hotel in Hurghada. When my friend, Teresa, and I planned this trip to Egypt, we booked everything through a well-regarded travel company located … [Continue Reading...]

Dorothy Lane Market: The Only Grocery Store Where I Actually Look Forward to Shopping

Welcome to the 581st Tablescape Thursday! I'm making the long trek back home today. I was set to do that yesterday but my son asked me stay a day longer for an event we attended last night together. But today is the day! I didn't get a chance to set a table this week. I thought about posting a roundup of Thanksgiving tables or something similar, but then I decided on something completely different that's sorta table-related. I've always wanted to share a … [Continue Reading...]