Didn’t Think Elena Could Top Her Safari Tablescape, But She Did!

Welcome to the 825th Tablescape Thursday! Happy Thursday from the Dollhouse. Yesterday, I made the long 8-9 hour drive back and it's been non-stop since I arrived. I had my SUV packed to the gills with boxes of dishes and stemware, my older Air Fryer, a folding table, a summer firescreen, tons of books, DVDs, Disney movies that my son enjoyed when he was growing up, and a bunch of sweaters to store away in the recently-discovered (by me) cedar chest. I got … [Continue Reading...]

My Prime Day Favorites, Part 2—Today Is The Final Day!

Though I don't do a lot of cooking, I would really like to purchase a quality set of cookware for the Dollhouse. There are two sets that are part of the Prime Day deals that I've been eyeing. I love the look of this beautiful set of stainless All-Clad cookware. I've often admired it when I've come across it in Williams-Sonoma. It's on sale for Prime Day and the pricing totally beats anything I've found elsewhere, including WS. Currently, it's on sale here: All-Clad … [Continue Reading...]

My Favorites For Prime Day & Considering A Hidden Television For The Dollhouse

I've been waiting and watching for Prime Day, and it's finally here! I just recently shared how much I love this Dyson vacuum I just purchased, and now it's a Prime Day deal! If you've always used a corded vacuum, this vacuum will cut your vacuuming in half, or at least it did that for me! I can whiz through my house and vacuum both floors so fast! The combination of not having to fight an electrical cord and the way the vacuum head pivots to fit just about … [Continue Reading...]

How Does The Backyard At The Dollhouse Look Now?

Welcome to the 807th Metamorphosis Monday! I feel so fortunate to have found someone who is willing to help me with the landscaping and ongoing lawn/yard maintenance at the Dollhouse. It was one of those meetings that truly felt like divine intervention. During the time I was staying with my son/DIL following the closing on the home and before the sellers moved out, a gardener knocked on my son's front door. He was working at the home next door and asked for … [Continue Reading...]

All My June Favorites, Including The Ones I Buy Again & Again

Renovated Master Bath in 1938 Home

The month of June may have been one of the busiest months of my life in the last few years. Buying a home 8—9 hours away in another state was both exciting and challenging. The sellers of the home I purchased, asked to remain in the home for approximately two weeks after the closing. They were being transferred to another state, so they had their own moving challenges with which to deal. Though I was excited to get into the Dollhouse (as I've now affectionately … [Continue Reading...]

We’re On Safari For This Week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Zebra for a Safari Themed Table Setting

Welcome to the 824th Tablescape Thursday! Busy day here today, as workmen have been arriving this morning to get started on replacing/repairing the sheetrock that was damaged recently when the hose to my icemaker decided to spring a leak behind the refrigerator. Now that the floors are all refinished, they will be working in both the kitchen and the basement. I can't wait to see it all finished and completed, which should be done in about a week. I received a … [Continue Reading...]

Trapped A Second Time & This Is How 2 Years Of Neglect Looks!

There are so many crazy stories I could share from my visits to the Dollhouse. In a previous post a few weeks back, I shared how I managed to trap myself in an upstairs bedroom when a tiny, original-to-the-house deadbolt on a bedroom door, refused to release. I still don't know how/why it finally worked and let me out. A friend suggested that we need a ghost to blame these strange occurrences on, or maybe it's one of the many elves that I'm sure live in the … [Continue Reading...]

Removing The Sticky, Deteriorating, Residue From Tool Handles, Surfaces, & Devices

Sticky deteriorating handle on Sunbeam Hand Mixer

Years ago, I noticed the handle on my hand mixer had become super sticky. Washing it with soap and water didn't help, it's as if the rubbery surface of the handle was dissolving. The mixer still worked great, so I didn't want to replace it. Over the years, on the rare occasion when I needed to use it (I normally use my stand mixer) I always wrapped a paper towel around the handle, otherwise it was way too yucky feeling to touch or hold.   I noticed … [Continue Reading...]

Grandfather Clock Relocation & Refrigerator Shopping For The Dollhouse

Reading Area in Living Room

Welcome to the 806th Metamorphosis Monday! However you spent it, I hope you had a fun, relaxing 4th of July weekend! This wasn't one of my favorites since I was kinda all over the place. I spent two days in Big Canoe while the hardwood floors on the main floor of my home were being refinished due to a leak from the icemaker hose behind the refrigerator in the kitchen. The holiday delayed the process a bit, so I had to spend another 3 nights in a local hotel. I'm so … [Continue Reading...]

Happy Independence Day!

Welcome to the 823rd Tablescape Thursday! This is the current state of my garage. Crazy times! The floors inside are looking great, though.   Here's a view of the living room at present. In case you're new to reading BNOTP, the hose to my icemaker leaked and it damaged a small section of the flooring underneath the refrigerator. Since my hardwood flooring is continuous throughout the downstairs, every room had to be refinished. When I took these … [Continue Reading...]