How I Store & Organize All My Napkins, Plus Some New Additions For Spring and Summer

New Napkin Purchases, Sunflower, Bee and Pizza Theme

Welcome to the 756th Tablescape Thursday! If you've been reading BNOTP for a while, you know that I store a lot of the goodies I use in table settings in these cabinets here in my garage. I've been doing this for quite a few years now and it has worked out really well. It's super convenient having so many things grouped in one place and so close to the three areas where I normally set tables in my home.   When I renovated the garage last summer, I add … [Continue Reading...]

This One Is For The Coffee Lovers

Best Coffee Maker for True Coffee Lovers

My son and daughter-in-law are on the tail end of a full-blown, down-to-the-studs, kitchen renovation. They've been so close to having it complete but the countertops were very delayed. Those finally arrived and were installed on Monday. The appliances and plumbing stuff go in next, so they may have a functioning kitchen again by this weekend! Yipee! Recently, I was shopping in Williams Sonoma and I saw this adorable SMEG coffee maker. I was thinking how cute it … [Continue Reading...]

I Found A Solution, But You May Not Want To Read This Post! Spoiler Alert!

Warning on Envelope, The Happy Isles Magic Puzzle

Welcome to the 738th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently, I mentioned I had purchased The Happy Isles puzzle from the Magic Puzzle Company. I didn't know a lot about their puzzles, or this particular puzzle, when I purchased it, only that there's a bit of a magic trick at the end that reveals a surprise twist to the story of  The Happy Isles. Before we go any further into today's post, if you've purchased this puzzle OR you plan on purchasing this puzzle, there are … [Continue Reading...]

The Sale Just Got Better–But I Was Too Slow & Missed Out On My Favorite

Happy Weekend! Just hopping on to share that Talbots has turned up the volume on their spring sale--it just got a lot better! In addition to everything being 25% off, the sale includes 40% off any one item. So that's 40% off one item, then 25% off everything else. If there was something you were eyeing in the sale, SPRING is the code to use at checkout. Sadly, this jacket I had in my cart has sold out. I hope they get more in because I absolutely love … [Continue Reading...]

A Colorful Saint Patrick’s Day Table Setting, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Dragonfly Napkin Rings, Shamrock Napkins, St. Patrick's Day Table

Welcome to the 755th Tablescape Thursday! Happy Saint Patrick's Day--it's almost here!   Usually, when I put together a Saint Patrick's Day table setting, it's almost always just in the colors green and white. Not sure why, but when I started thinking about a Saint Patrick's Day table this morning, I was craving color, lots of bright springtime color!   This is definitely the most colorful Saint Patrick's Day table I've ever … [Continue Reading...]

Wish I Had Discovered These 2 Years Ago–Such A Time and Labor Saver!

Love My Air Fryer

Thanks so much for all your comments, advice, and input in the comments of Monday's post! From reading your comments, I can see so many of us have had similar experiences. I've heard from several BNOTP readers who've said that reading about your experiences has helped them so much! So thank you for sharing those--you've definitely helped others by doing that! ♥ If you've been reading BNOTP for a while, you probably know I don't really enjoy cooking unless … [Continue Reading...]

Trust Your Intuition, Don’t Hesitate To Get A Second Opinion

Welcome to the 737th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently I had a situation come up that truly brought back home how important it is to trust your instincts and that little voice inside that tells you when something doesn't seem quite right. I wanted to share an experience I had recently, in case you find it helpful in a similar situation in the future. I've been going to the same dental practice for approximately 20+ years. I missed a year during the time most of us … [Continue Reading...]

Retail Therapy After A Nightmare Week, Plus, An Intriguing Find!

Oh my gosh, this has been a week and a half. I had a very stressful situation come up that I will share more about on Monday, but I'm happy to say that it has all worked out okay. At least, I hope it has--only time will tell. After an absolute nightmare week, today I was craving anything that was positive and happy. It was really beautiful out, so I decided to do a bit of shopping to try and put myself back on an even keel. Before we get to the shopping trip I … [Continue Reading...]

12 Table Settings for Saint Patrick’s Day + A Fun 4-Leaf Clover Napkin Fold

Welcome to the 754th Tablescape Thursday! I had planned to set a table this week in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, but I had such disappointing news at my dental appointment yesterday, it zapped all the creativity right out of me. I'm getting a "second opinion" on Friday, but I'm sure it will probably be the same. With Saint Patrick's Day just a little over a week away, I hope you enjoy this compilation (with links) of some of the table settings I've put … [Continue Reading...]

Spring Porch Dreaming

Welcome to the 736th Metamorphosis Monday! I was super toying with the idea of giving my screen porch a good scrub down this weekend, but pollen season is ahead so I'm trying to decide if I should just wait. Knowing me, I won't be able to stand not cleaning it, especially since today it was 71° out, and over the next two days, the temps will hit 78 degrees.   I had a dental issue pop up this weekend--a crown became loose on Friday evening and today it … [Continue Reading...]