Creative Ways To Use Soup Tureens in Your Table Settings

Ceramic Bee Skep Soup Tureen

Welcome to the 695th Tablescape Thursday! With snow in the forecast this past weekend, it really put me in the mood for homemade soup. At least once or twice during the wintertime, I have to make my favorite vegetable soup.   This vegetable soup recipe is available here: Vegetable Soup.   Another great cold-weather soup that I occasionally make is a roasted butternut squash soup. My daughter-in-love especially loves this … [Continue Reading...]

You’ve Heard of Cozy Mysteries–How About Cozy Puzzles?! They Are The Best!

We are deep into the heart of winter now--it's bloomin' cold outside! Though I sorta hate to admit this, I have kinda come to enjoy winter the last few years. I think deep down I'm a bit of an introvert who is pretty happy staying snuggled up inside reading, puzzling, and working on whatever project I have going at the time. I truly love spending time with friends but I also need my alone time to recharge. Do you feel that way, too? During the months of November … [Continue Reading...]

IKEA Hemnes Bookcase Review & Sharing Its One Design Flaw

Catwalk Book Collection for Fashion-themed Bookshelf

Welcome to the 677th Metamorphosis Monday! Hope you had an awesome weekend! We had a mini-snow storm on Sunday. It was short-lived but pretty while it was coming down. Did you see any snow in your area over the weekend?   In a previous post a few months back, I mentioned the bowing issue I was having with the Ikea Billy bookshelves in my home office. Two lovely BNOTP readers suggested I look into the Ikea Hemnes bookcase which is made of solid … [Continue Reading...]

Most Comfortable Jeggings Ever & What I Bought Shopping the Sale

I'm working on a fun post for tomorrow but I wanted to pop in today to share with you the awesome sale I just caught on some of my favorite jeans. Currently, Talbots has a ton of things marked 50% off. In addition to that, the sale includes another 20% off! Ridiculously awesome sale!   I ended up purchasing 4 pairs of jeggings. I always buy the "curvy" style in their regular jeans to avoid a gap in the back at the waist, but I've found in their … [Continue Reading...]

Shopping for Spring Dinnerware + A Big Winter Clearance Sale

Spring Dinnerware, Famille Rose

Welcome to the 694th Tablescape Thursday! It's only mid-January and I'm already focused on spring. To semi-satisfy my spring craving, I decided to check out the spring-summer dinnerware that's hitting the stores right now. I wasn't sure what I would find since we are currently in that in-between period where the winter stuff is being cleared out and spring goodies are just starting to arrive. Pottery Barn didn't have anything in stock except 2-3 tables of all … [Continue Reading...]

How I Trick Myself Into Doing Things I Really Don’t Want to Do

We all have 'em--those dreaded chores around the house that we just don't want to do. We delay, finding other stuff to do that makes us feel productive while those "other" things wait, mocking us like the proverbial elephant in the room. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but I thought it would be fun today to share a few of the ways I trick myself into doing those non-fun things I don't feel like doing, but that really, really need to get done. Some of these … [Continue Reading...]

My 2022 Winter Survival List & Something You’ve Asked About Is Finally Back!

Welcome to the 676th Metamorphosis Monday! Every year I love to share a few of my winter favorites with you, those things that help me transition through the cold winter months a little easier. Before I share my winter faves, for those who commented or emailed after I shared this lamp update in the guest room, I noticed a few days ago that they finally have the lamp back in stock. I've been tempted to order a second one because of all the lamps I have purchased … [Continue Reading...]

Found a Great Replacement & No More Flat Tires!

Many years ago I bought a garden cart in a local gardening center. I used it for so many things, not just gardening stuff. Whenever I brought home something heavy in the back of my car--like a piece of furniture, I would often use it to get the furniture from the back of my SUV over to my kitchen door where I could then unload it onto a blanket to drag wherever I needed to drag it. I can't tell you how many times that cart saved me! I used it for a million things … [Continue Reading...]

Craving Cozy for This Week’s Tablescape Thursday

Candlelit Centerpiece with Deer

Welcome to the 693rd Tablescape Thursday! On a cold, dreary winter day, my mind craves cozy. I dream of warm throws in rich, jewel tones, mixed with beautiful winter plaids. A cozy cabin in the woods or the mountains would be really nice, too. Inside we would find a hot, crackling fire burning away in the big, rock fireplace.   I wanted to set a table with a candlelight centerpiece for that cozy cabin I was envisioning in my mind, but it was still … [Continue Reading...]

Let’s Go Antiquing at the Queen of Hearts!

A few weeks before Christmas, I was out running errands and couldn't resist a stop by the Queen of Hearts. They had their windows so festively decorated for winter. I love it when shops do that!   So cute! Let's go inside and see what's new--or maybe I should say, what's old! lol   I really liked this lamp, just didn't care for shade. I much prefer my lamps to have either white or cream-colored shades because you get so much more light … [Continue Reading...]