A Memorial Day Table Setting with a Beach-Nautical Theme

Memorial Day Table Setting with a Beach Theme

Welcome to the 557th Tablescape Thursday! With Memorial Day weekend almost here, it's time for a patriotic table to honor those who have so valiantly served in our armed forces. As I did last year with a 4th of July table, I decided to give this table a beach/nautical vibe.   Do you have any special plans for this holiday weekend? Are you heading to the beach, planning a Memorial Day cookout or just spending it quietly with family and … [Continue Reading...]

My Favorite Way to Sleep On a Hot Summer Night

Lauren Ralph Lauren Sleep Shirt, Blue Striped

During the wintertime, I love sleeping in flannel pajamas. I'm super cold-natured and can't stand being cold. But come summertime, I'm all about the sleep shirt. A couple of summers ago I discovered sleep shirts and found a style I really loved. The ones I like best are the ones that really look like an oversized shirt. I've never been a fan of nylon/polyester nightwear because I love how cotton feels against the body and how nicely it breathes. I guess I'm a bit … [Continue Reading...]

Testing Out a New Appetizer: Martha Stewart’s “Devils on Horseback”

Devils on Horseback, Bacon Wrapped Dates

Welcome to the 538th Metamorphosis Monday! I'll be attending a party later this week and will be bringing a dish to share. They'll be around 20 in attendance for this gathering. I found a recipe online that looked and sounded really tasty, plus it didn't look overly complicated to make. I found this appetizer/finger food online at the Martha Stewart.com and it has the weirdest name: Devils on Horseback. I wonder how it got that name? Here's how it looked in … [Continue Reading...]

Why I’m No Longer Posting on Facebook (at least for now)

Update: I've had a few readers email me indicating they thought I was saying in this post that I would no longer be creating posts here on at the blog. Don't worry, I have no intentions of stopping blogging, you'll continue to find new posts here several days a week. I just won't be stopping by Facebook to link my blog posts there. Please read on for the reason why I'm making this change. Just a quick post today to let you know that if you're following Between … [Continue Reading...]

Memorial Day Entertaining and Table Setting Ideas

Crab Name Card Holders for Nautical Table Setting

Welcome to the 556th Tablescape Thursday! I'm getting so excited for summer! I stopped by Pottery Barn yesterday and there's nothing like seeing all the new summer dishware to get you fired up to create some fun, summertime tables! I haven't visited the big PB in Atlanta in ages, I think it's time for a road trip! This beautiful table dressed in blue caught my eye in the window. Gorgeous colors! I love how they've mixed aqua with the cobalt blue and it … [Continue Reading...]

Dressing Room Update is Complete and a Dharuma Hydrangea Update

Best Door Stop, Hinge Pin Door Stop

Before I share my recent dressing room update, I thought I'd share a small garden update. Back in the summer of 2014, I planted a Dharuma Hydrangea behind my mailbox. I was told that they do well in full sun and are fairly low-growing. I didn't want a big shrub in this spot since space was limited. Do you see the little Dharuma there just behind the mailbox?   Here's a photo of it a few weeks after it was first planted.   Last year I … [Continue Reading...]

How to Keep Handbag Handles Clean & Protected from Dirt, Stains and Lotion

Prada Wicker Bag, Pink

Welcome to the 537th Metamorphosis Monday! A while back I shared a wicker bag I had purchased a year or two ago. I carried this bag quite a bit last summer and really enjoyed it, but I had one concern that I couldn't resolve.   The handles of the bag are a heavy-duty, stiff, canvas type fabric. They feel nice and sturdy but since they are fabric, I've been worried they would eventually show dirt. I've tried to make sure I don't carry the bag while … [Continue Reading...]

New Tops for Summer: What I Purchased at the Sale

Blue and White Embroidered Shirt

If you have children, either the two-legged or four-legged kind, I hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day! Mine has been very quiet. I'll be seeing my son in a few weeks so I'm really looking forward to that. Yesterday I stopped into Talbots to return a dress I had ordered online that didn't work out for me. While there, I decided to shop their "top" sale and I ended up purchasing three tops during my visit. I almost purchased a pair of crop pants but … [Continue Reading...]

Syracuse Orchard & Magnolia Centerpiece for a Spring Table Setting

Magnolia Centerpiece for a Spring Dinner on the Porch

Welcome to the 555th Tablescape Thursday! How is your week going so far? I hope you are seeing some glorious springtime weather. It has been beautiful here!   I took these photos late in the day. The trees have all leafed out completely now so the porch has become very shady throughout the day. Recently, I gave all the bottles on the bottle tree a good washing. Do they look clean and sparkling there on the deck? I need to add a few new ones to the … [Continue Reading...]

The Cottage Home of My Dreams

Seventh Heaven, Carmel Cottage

Whenever I wish to escape this world and live in an enchanted forest, I tour one of the beautiful Carmel cottages I find for sale online. I wish more builders would build these adorable cottages today for those of us who are getting to the age where we would like to size down. Ready for a bit of enchantment? I'm pretty sure we could run into one of the seven dwarfs during this tour. :)   I'm dying already! Is this not the most inviting entrance! … [Continue Reading...]