5 Whimsical Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day Table

Make Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes

Welcome to the 749th Tablescape Thursday! With Valentine's Day just a couple of weeks away, here are a few fun ideas to spice up your Valentine's Day table. I am definitely not the most experienced baker but these heart cakes were super easy to make.   The hearts can be filled with raspberry jam or whatever you wish. (Find the cake recipe I used here: Make Raspberry Heart Cakes for Valentine's Day.)   Or, you can fill them with pink … [Continue Reading...]

These Perfumes Made the Top 10, A Dupe for Baccarat Rouge 540, & My Must Try

Highgrove Bouquet, Penhaligon's

The recent release of the perfume, Highgrove Bouquet from Penhaligon's has relit my passion for discovering new perfume fragrances. I really enjoy wearing a different scent almost every day, sometimes even wearing one scent in the morning and a different one later in the day.   The happiness perfume brings into my life is hard to explain, but it can completely change my mood in an instant. If you're a perfume lover, you know what I … [Continue Reading...]

Ditching the Eyeglasses When I’m Out and About + New Workspace Glasses!

Welcome to the 731st Metamorphosis Monday! Do you wear glasses or contacts? Back in May 2017, the progressive glasses I had been wearing for quite a few years, broke apart right in the center. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it led me to a local eyeglass retailer/optometrist where for the first time ever I learned about "workstation" glasses.   To say my workstation (or workspace glasses as they called them during my recent eye … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful Puzzles That Have Me Dreaming of Spring

I just finished this "houseplants" puzzle that I shared with you in a recent post.   It was so much fun, one that I'm sure I'll do it again one day. I really appreciated that they included a picture of the puzzle with the names of all the plants listed on the back. (Houseplants puzzle is available here: Houseplants Puzzle.)   Cold weather really puts me in the mood for puzzling so as soon as I finished the houseplants puzzle, I started … [Continue Reading...]

These Plates Are Almost Too Beautiful For Dining!

Winter Table Setting with Lenox Winter Greetings Scenic Plates, Downy Woodpecker & House Finches

Welcome to the 748th Tablescape Thursday! I was so in the mood this week for a winter-themed table setting. One of my favorite dinnerware patterns that I love to use during the winter months is Lenox, Winter Greetings. It works beautifully for the holidays but is wonderful to use right through winter. Back in the day, Lenox made some stunningly beautiful accent plates to go with this pattern. I once shared images of those in a previous post many years ago, but I'm … [Continue Reading...]

All My December Favorites

Where has January gone? Has this month flown by for you, too? This has been such a fun, exciting morning. My son and daughter-in-law are in the middle of a full, down-to-the-studs kitchen renovation and they shared photos with me today of how the kitchen looks after it was completely demoed yesterday. I get so excited for renovations like that and this one is well overdue. My DIL said it hasn't been renovated in 60 years! Also, I heard from Heather, a lovely … [Continue Reading...]

A Great Way to Store Your Beautiful Headbands

Headbands, Beautiful Styles

Welcome to the 730th Metamorphosis Monday! I have become enamored with wearing headbands lately. I used to wear them many years ago but hadn't thought about wearing them again in ages. I noticed a YouTuber/Instagramer I sometimes follow began promoting a brand of handmade headbands made in the UK where she lives, and they look so nice on her, it revived my interest in trying them again. Unfortunately, the headband she was promoting was completely sold out and as … [Continue Reading...]

This Will Have You Dreaming Of Spring–Guaranteed!

Welcome to the 747th Tablescape Thursday! I've been working on a table but it's not ready for prime time, so yesterday I decided to take a little trip to my nearby Pottery Barn to scope out the new Valentine's Day, Easter/spring goodies. Currently, we are in a yucky, never-ending rain pattern here, so PB was the only store I visited. There was just 1 table set in PB and I didn't take any photos of it because it just didn't look very spring-like. When I got back … [Continue Reading...]

2 Electrical Updates: A Practical One For The Basement & A Bit Of Luxury For The Bath

This would make a great Metamorphosis Monday post, but I'm eager to share how the electrical work I had done yesterday turned out so let's just dive right on in. It was a good day for getting stuff done! So, remember when the unfinished side of the basement looked like this with insulation visible in the walls between the finished and unfinished side?   When I had the whole house surge protector added, the electrician faced it out into this side since … [Continue Reading...]

Have You Ever Tried Freezing Eggs?

Eggs Frozen in Freezer Bag

Welcome to the 729th Metamorphosis Monday! A few months back, I had the electrician who added lights to my basement stairway, install a whole-house surge protector. Unfortunately, when a drywall guy gave me a quote for drywall a few weeks ago, he told me that the surge protector had to be moved, otherwise, it would get covered up by the drywall. When I first had the surge protector installed, I told my electrician that I had plans to have drywalled installed … [Continue Reading...]