Vintage Hats and Doris Day: Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back

I’m a picky movie goer. I don’t like scary, sad or super intense movies.  Just give me something romantic, funny or inspiring and I’m happy.  A couple of years ago, I purchased this “Romance Collection” set of movies starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson.  It included three movies: Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers.

When the movies arrived, I was too busy to watch them so I tucked them into a drawer and promptly forgot all about ’em.  About a month or two ago, my movie craving returned and I had myself a Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie marathon weekend.  I’ll do a post soon showing the houses in the movies…they were a delight!

One of the most enjoyable parts of my movie marathon was gawking at all the wonderful hats and dresses Doris Day wore, particularly in the movies, Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back.  Today I thought we’d take a little hat tour.  I made an attempt to identify the various hat “styles” but I wasn’t able to find all of them in my  research online.  If you recognize some of the styles, please share the names in the comments and I’ll add that info. to the post.

If you enjoy this “hat” tour, you’ll find a post showing all the wonderful ensembles/outfits Doris wore in these two movies, Doris Day Movie Fashion.  You’ll also find this link at the end of this post, too.

Lover Come Back:  
Lover Come Back, starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson was released in 1961 and was their second film together.  Tony Randall also had a big part.  In the movie Carol Templeton (Doris Day) and Jerry Webster (Rock Hudson) are big time rivals, working for competing advertising agencies.    Much of the plot/fun in this movie revolves around the old theme of mistaken identity…which is also a big theme in the movie, Pillow Talk.

Doris is very much the career/business woman, and she has a wardrobe that must have made women seriously green with envy when this movie was released.  In today’s post, we’re just ogling the hats.  I can’t wait to hear what you think about these.  I’ve led a sheltered hat life…had no idea there were so many styles!  Here are just a few from the movie, Lover Come Back.

1.  Cloche Hat:  I believe this style is called the Cloche Hat.  It was apparently very popular because you can find them pretty easily online if you Google “vintage cloche hats.”


2.  Bubble Hat:  It’s pretty easy to understand where this hat got its name. 


It reminds me of a pillbox hat but much more poofy…like a big ole bubble.


A back view…


3.  Cloche Hat:  I’m thinking this is a cloche hat, but it reminds me a bit of a style known as the Lampshade.  No, I’m not making these crazy hat names up. That’s really a hat style.

Doris Day's Hats in Lover Come Back and Pillow Talk


Back view:


4.  No idea on this one…let’s call it a Straw Tassel Hat.  Did folks really wear hats like this to the beach in the ’60s?  See what I mean…this movie totally had me gawking in anticipation. What will Doris, I mean Carol, be wearing next?!

Hats worn by Doris Day in Movies, Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back


The back view…


5. Bucket Hat:  There was a hat during the 60’s called the “Bucket” hat and I think this could be that style.  Not the loveliest name for a hat, is it?  It is shaped very much like an upside down bucket.


Side view…


Back view…


6.  Straw/Woven hat:  Wow!  Don’t think you could pull this style off today.  It’s approaching the Minnie Pearl look, if you know what I mean. 🙂


7.  The shape of this hat reminds me of the purple tassel beach hat.  Doris donned this hat for a day of horse racing.

That’s it for the hat collection in Lover Come Back.  Let’s take a look at the hats Doris wore in Pillow Talk.

Pillow Talk:


This romantic comedy was the first movie Rock Hudson and Doris Day starred in together…actually, the first of three.  Tony Randall was also in Pillow Talk.  It won the Academy Award for Best Writing (Original Screenplay) and was nominated for several other awards.

Pillow Talk is set in New York city and Doris Day plays a very successful interior decorator named Jan Morrow. Unfortunately, Jan is stuck sharing a party line with Brad Allen, (Rock Hudson) who turns out to be a major lady’s man and quite the phone hog.

The sparks fly and insults are exchanged when Jan can barely squeeze a phone call in between Brad’s constant calls with all the women he’s playing courting.  Things get really interesting when Brad accidentally meets Jan and finds her to be much more attractive than he ever expected.  He pretends to be someone else, knowing she would have nothing to do with him if she knew who he really was.  They begin dating and you can just imagine what happens when Jan discovers he’s her party line Romeo.

Pillow Talk was named to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2009.  It was found to be “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant and it’s being preserved for those reasons.

8.  Breton:  Thanks to some savvy readers for sharing the name of this style hat.


9.  Leopard Hat:  Not sure about this little leopard number…could be a Bucket hat or perhaps it’s another Cloche hat.  What say you?


10.  Pillbox or Beret Hat:  Jackie O made the pill box hat famous.Would you say this is a Pill Box hat or a Beret?  I’m leaning toward Beret because folks tend to wear those at a slight slant/tilt like Doris is wearing this one.  I think Pillbox hats are normally pinned on straight, aren’t they?  Ummm, help me out.  Let me know what cha think.  Update:  You guys know your hats!   This is a soft sewn Beret that’s designed in a blocked shape like a Pillbox hat.  Thanks so much for your input!


11.  Bucket Hat:  Pretty sure this is another Bucket hat.  Doris wore this hat in both Lover Come Back and Pillow Talk.  It was the only hat I remembered seeing in both movies.  Love the handbag!  Throughout the movies Lover Come Back and Pillow Talk, all of Doris Day’s “outfits” were complete ensembles with coordinating hats, shoes, handbags and a multitude of matching coats.


Another view…


12.  Another fur hat…we’re going to assume this is fake fur, although in the 60’s fur hadn’t become such a controversial clothing option as it would be today.


Check out the matching muff for keeping the hands warm.  Again, Jan (Doris) is wearing a coordinating coat.


Okay, this hat is adorable on Doris Day, but I know I’d look like a complete dork in it.  lol


13.  I saved this one for last because I have absolutely no idea what style you would call this hat.


It’s different, isn’t it?


Did you see a style you really liked or perhaps one that is/was similar to one you own now or had once upon  a time? Can you identify some of the ones I wasn’t sure about?  I numbered each one, so if you have any ideas about the styles, please share them in your comments mentioning the number.  This movie definitely made me nostalgic.  I found myself wishing we all wore hats today like folks did back in the 60’s.

Click HERE to view all the wonderful ensembles/outfits Doris Day wore in Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back.

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  1. Oh, yes, this was fun! Hats, clothes & houses together, oh, my! Anything to do with Doris Day is going to be gorgeous, anyway. More, more!

  2. Oh I love Doris Day, and especially Pillow Talk. There is so much to take in from the outfits to their homes and interiors.

  3. Gillian Layne says

    Oh my goodness, how I smiled while reading this post! I own this box set as well and love nothing more than watching these movies on a quiet, rainy afternoon. Older movies are such a treat!

  4. Simply Debbie says

    Good morning and wowzer
    I love…love…really love this post but I love Doris Day and I love hats.
    I had forgotten how many hats she actually wore.
    This is my most favorite post I have read in a long time.
    You get an a++++…smiles
    hugs to you
    Simply Debbie

  5. I love Doris Day movies. Reading your blog this morning was a flash back to my childhood. My Mom would sing Que Sera Sera (DD sang in one of her movies, don't rememebr which one) to me all the time. I so loved that saying that at one time I scripted it on my living room wall. Thanks for the memories!
    Ruby Sugar

  6. Pine Tree Home says

    I adore the movie Pillow Talk. Great pick.

  7. The Toll House Cookie says

    What a fun post! All three movies are amongst my favorites as well. But I love your spin on the hats!!! Next time I watch one of these movies I'll definitely take notice!

  8. The straw tinsel hat is hilarious!! Upside down Easter basket!

    I love the Leopard hat. It looks great with the read coat she has one and looks fab on her.

    Loved the hat look from years ago. Wish that trend would come back in style. 🙂

  9. Some very interesting hats! Wow…that beach hat was something!

  10. Wow! I can't imagine wearing hats like that, either! The best I can pull off is a ballcap.

  11. I'm not sure I would call the one style a Fedora. The easiest way I can describe a Fedora is to say that they remind me of Dick Tracey's hat. My husband actually has one and my grandfather always wore one. I'd really love to have one too. I looked up a Matador hat because I thought it resembled one of those but again, it's not one of them. I'm stumped on some of these.

  12. Oh, Susan, I LOVE those movies. I had that same set of three movies on VHS many years ago–now you've got me wanting to watch them again! Pillow Talk is one of my favorite movies of all time. My other favorite Doris Day flick? That Touch of Mink–Doris Day and Cary Grant. Movie heaven!

    Doris looks smashing in every single one of these hats. Even the silly-looking ones look good on her!

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!
    I love hats!!
    Thank you!

  14. Do you notice how Tony Randall is always messing in their lives, too? I love all the old Doris Day movies. She always wore that 60's fashion perfectly and tried to show women they could be career women as well as wives and mothers. And she always appears soft, even when she's angry.

  15. Pattie @ Olla-Podrida says

    I'm with you, Susan, I love these movies. Throw in Tony Randall (as they often did) and I have an enjoyable evening of entertainment. Oh, and not to forget James Garner — "The Thrill of it All" was a favorite of my youth. The hats are wonderful. I am a long time lover of hats and really wish they'd make a comeback. Loved this post!

  16. TheChapeauChateau says

    Loved all of these movies and loved your showcasing the hats!

    The one you called a fedora is a Breton I believe with an upturned brim. Hard to tell from that shot, but not a fedora. May be a type of sailor hat.

    The beret/pillbox is a blocked beret. It is not like a soft sewn beret but blocked like a pillbox, so I can understand why you were confused.

    Fun Post! CarolinaJewel AKA The Chapeau Chateau

  17. You have such a knack for turning something you do into a most special "sharing" with your readers! Hats are one of my favorites, and Doris had some memorable ones, to say the least. Yes, we probably did wear the beach hat in the 60's….giggle. My most favorite hats, however, are from the 30, 40, and 50's….they had such class. Kate is setting a trend I think to make hats more appealing to women again. I am excited about that as I think hats are such a wonderful accessory to frame a woman's face and show off her beauty.

  18. Vintage clothing is making a comeback and I love it all!

  19. InMyOwnStyle says

    Doris Day is my absolute favorite. I have all of her movies and can watch them over and over. That Touch of Mink with Cary Grant and Gig Young and then of course Pillow Talk are my favs. The clothes she wore are to die for. My favorite is the beaded top she has on in the scene in Lover Come Back where Rex- Rock Hudson is over for dinner. It just sparkles just as she did on the screen. I totally agree with your choice of movies. They don't make many good ones any more. My youngest is an old and romantic movie lover, too. We recently saw Something Borrowed with Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin. We totally enjoyed it. The clothes are not as classic as the ones Doris wore though.

    My best- Diane

  20. Love Doris! I spotted the tasseled beach hat with a matching bag at a local antique mall a few weeks back. It stops you in your tracks!

  21. Lana K. W. Austin says

    Oh, I LOVED this DD movie/hat retrospective and can't wait to see the movies. when I'm home I'll have to have a marathon to watch with my daughters! We ALL love/wear hats in the Austin household!


  22. Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey says

    Awesome post! I love Doris Day and look at all those hats! I need to find a copy of all of those movies as I know I would love them all!
    Hugs and blessings.

  23. Before Jackie Kennedy, every well dressed woman had hats of all colors, styles, and sizes. Other than the pillbox and the cloche (think 1920s), I dont' think I ever knew the name of any of the styles. There were so many different hats and the designers were extremely creative! (Not unlike the designer hats we recently saw at the recent royal wedding.

    I love wearing hats and I'm fortunate to be able to wear a wide variety of styes and have them look good. I really think we all looked a lot classier and more "finished" with hat and gloves. I miss them.

    Jackie O didn't like hats very much (I think). She went without one more often than any stylish woman of the time.

    Coincidentally, for the Catholic Church, one of the changes that came out of Vatican II, was the elimination of the requirement that when inside a Catholic Church, womens' heads were to be covered as a sign of respect.

    Between the Church and Jackie, the millinary industry died practically overnight.

  24. This was so much fun, Susan. My mother used to wear hats, and many of these remind me of her.

  25. Love the hats, but I think ol's Doris needs to pull some of them down on her head-maybe she was afraid of "hat head" but I do adore the clothes, hats and gloves era. I remember my grandmother insisted that we dress up to go shopping downtown. Now when I go shopping I feel rather glamorous next the lady in her sleep-pants and slippers.

    The other thought that popped in my head when I was looking at beautiful Doris Day was the movie 'Grease' I bet a lot of us could sing along with Riz when is making fun of Sandy. "Watch it! Hey I'm Doris Day I was not brought up that way! Won't come across, Even Rock Hudson lost
    His heart to Doris Day!"

    Thanks for the hats information and movies!

  26. QuilterPattiO says

    Love these Doris Day movies. So glad others find them fun. And the clothes are fab! If you have a chance, catch Doris in "Midnight Lace" her style is the best.
    Now show us the houses. I may need to go back and watch them again. But I wouldn't mind that at all. PattiO

  27. {oc cottage} says

    Hee Hee! I have that set too! And I ADORE DD's clothes!!! But I have to admit I am glad we don't have to wear hats! I have enough trouble with my crazy hair without adding hat smooshing into the mix! {that bubble hat looks JUST like Jiffy Pop!!!!! ;}

    m ^..^

  28. Arleens favorite home says

    OH MY!!!!! When I graduated from an all girl school, I wore a hat, gloves, stockings with a seam going down the back of my legs, and high heals to work. I thought I was Doris Day,until I saw the pictures of her and Rock today.

  29. Arleens favorite home says

    OH MY!!!!! When I graduated from an all girl school, I wore a hat, gloves, stockings with a seam going down the back of my legs, and high heals to work. I thought I was Doris Day,until I saw the pictures of her and Rock today.

  30. Michele/Ohio says

    Oh what a delightful blog post!

    I remember watching those movies as a young child – Doris and Rock were so OLD then, and now look at them – so YOUNG! Hahaha.

    I have forgotten what a knockout she was, so classy and cute – what a gal!

    I think the only hat I liked was that beret pill box, as I cannot wear cloche or basket hats – don't look good on me….but I have a complete collection of tea hats and wear them often! My antique and vintage ones are my favs.

    Fun post of that pretty blue-eyes gal. Thank you for the stroll through Memory Lane, Susan!

  31. Ha Susan, I wore some of those hats!!!
    My friends and I used to watch all the Doris Day movies at the movie theatres. One of the best was when she played Calamity Jane. We used to sing and play act her parts in the garden!! 🙂
    Another good one, a serious one for a change is Midnight Lace, which was on t.v. not so long ago.
    *sigh*, so many memories!!

  32. omg I LOVE Doris Day! So funny, I was just watching her in 'the thrill of it all' the other night. My husband was not so impressed but I love her bubbliness and the outfits!! Really enjoyed your post!

  33. There is nothing like those old movies. I remember Sunday afternoons being spent watching them with my sister. I love the style of the clothes and the hats they wore. Doris Day always seemed like the "perfect lady" to me. She looked great in just about anything.

  34. love that Doris Day I love her singing too she was always so happy acting I hope she really was that happy

  35. LOVED this post, Susan! Please do one on Doris' outfits, too! I've seen ALL, and I mean ALL of Doris Day's movies! I absolutely love her acting. I've read her autobiography, Doris Day, Her Own Story, by A.E. Hotchner. I'm sorry to say her own life was nothing like her happy-go-lucky movies. Thanks again, Susan! Loved this!

  36. martinealison says

    Je ne connaissais pas, mais je suis persuadée que cela devait être amusant.
    gros bisous

  37. Andi's English Attic says

    The thing that strikes me is how high her hats were worn. I guess it's for the lighting, but cloche hats especially were worn much lower (in the 30's at least – perhaps it was different in the 50's/60's). xx

  38. I love Doris Day, not only for her acting ability, but she as a human being who has worked tiredlessly for animals all these years. She is adorable in these movies and I love her clothes. When I hear ladies today say they don't wear stockings/panty house when they wear a dress, I cringe. Good taste doesn't go out of style. My mom was that kind of dresser, gloves, hat, etc. When I was in the working world I always had shoes and purses to match in at least 5 different colors. I love to see people dressed to the 9's. Thanks for this fun post.


  39. Ann Butler says

    I am catching up on all your old posts while reading the new. I love vintage clothing, love Doris Day. I watch I Love Lucy too and would love for hats to come back into fashion.

  40. Hats are the answer to bad hair days! If you say you can’t wear a hat because it mashes your hair , your missing the best ,prettiest means of looking good without fixing your hair. I loved this post and thank you Susan so much.

  41. I lived in the 1960’s, and I think it was then that I fell in love with hats, probably from watching movies every Saturday at the neighborhood movie theatre. Doris Day was my absolute favorite movie star, and the romantic comedies were my favorite genre. I’m always amazed at how they could have all of those convoluted scenarios that were so hilarious. Aren’t we blessed that we can find and watch those movies through our tv nowadays? What I loved most about DD was how cute she looked when she got angry. Oh, and I loved her singing, her hair, and…oh heck, just every thing about her.

    I’ve got photos of myself back in the late 1960’s, as a teenager, wearing hats, and I still wear them today. I must have at least 30 stored in hat boxes and more hanging on hat racks on my walls. I lean toward the wide brim style, and I have one of those “Minnie Pearl” style that is my favorite – very flattering on my round face. Minnie, by the way, is my alter ego and I named my new Honda CRV Minnie. She is another of my favorite entertainers.

    I really enjoyed your posts about Doris Day. I’m so thankful for the joy she brought me through her movies and tv shows, too. I found some of those on Prime just this week.

  42. Karen movies says

    I was living in NYC in the 60’s and nobody seriously wore those kind of hats – think Jackie Kennedy’s neat pillbox as an “in” hat – maybe the Connecticut country club set wore those towers – but the reason they are so available on vintage sites is that they were never seriously worn so they were never worn out – don’t forget her ridiculous hats in her drama Midnight Lace versus how good she looked when dressed by Hitchcock in the Man Who Knew Too Much with a small hat

  43. ScottyGaGa says

    Thanks for doing this research. The reason I found this article is because I have the box set and have watched these movies over and over for years.
    Just happens that I am watching Lover Come Back and once and for thought I would try to figure the hats DD wears throughout the movie.

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