A Shopping Trip to Ikea

Remember all those pictures I had stuck on my phone, the ones I couldn’t download to share? Among them was a shopping trip I took to Ikea back in December.

Ikea is only about 30 minutes away from my home, but I so rarely drive in that direction it feels like it’s in another state sometimes. Do you ever shop there? I love checking out the unique pieces they get in. I had never been there around Christmas and the store had a lot of things in stock that they don’t carry during the rest of the year.

Here are just a few things I saw and snapped pics of with my cell phone. I’m always thinking about you and wondering, is this something you would like to see? See, you go with me everywhere, whether you know it or not! 🙂

Pretty blue and white bedding. It reminded me of…

Bedding from Ikea


…the bedding in my guest room.

Blue & White Guest Room


Love the paisley comforter.

Ikea Bedding


It looks like the reverse side is a cream and tan/khaki stripe.

Ikea Bedding 2


Wouldn’t this be cute in a little girl’s room? Cute bed, too!

Pink Check Bedding from Ikea


I’m always drawn to their white sofas, they are super reasonably priced.

White Ikea Sofa


I wish IKEA had been around when my son went off to college and we were looking for a reasonably priced sofa for his first apartment there. This plaid one was much prettier in person than it looks in this picture. This would be great in that first apartment at college or in a man’s study…or even in a family room with active children. Just looks like it would hide dirt very easily.

Ikea Plaid Sofa


A leafy chair…not sure about that upholstery but the shape of the side table is perfect for placing between two chairs in a grouping where the chairs slant slightly toward each other.

Ikea Chair


I was tempted to bring one of these window box/plant stands home. I’ve thought about putting something like this in the bay window of my breakfast area.

Ikea Window Planter


Remember these pillows I purchased a year or two ago from Ikea for my porch swing? Each year Ikea has a different style pillow. They are wonderful pillows with soft down inserts and only $19.99 each. I’m always curious what the pillow of the year will look like.

Wicker Swing with IKEA Pillows 3


Here’s this years. It’s called: Akerkulla. Actually, this may be the pillow for 2013. I’m not sure when they get their new pillow in each year…does anyone know?

Ikea Pillows


Of course, you know I had to take some pics of a tablescape I saw while there!

Table Settings and Dishware at Ikea2


Look closely at the pillar candle holders. Notice anything?

Red Lanterns from Ikea


They are overturned wine glasses with a rose inside. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Table Settings and Dishware at Ikea


Pretty silvery candle holders.

Ikea Silver Candlesticks


I was tempted by their cute Christmas ornament glasses.

Ikea Christmas Glasses


Does anyone know what this is? It looks like soda, doesn’t it? It says “Swedish Festive Drink” on the bottle.

Ikea Soda


Here’s a great table display, string lights inside lanterns. This would be really cute for a 4th of July party or cookout, especially late into the night after the sun goes down.

Red Lanterns from Ikea


Here’s the same lantern in white. I think the string lights were battery operated. You can see they were kinda snowflake shaped, which was perfect for Christmas. They had them in different shapes.

White Lanterns


These cuties caught my eye.  I kept trying to pick one up and they were pinned to the thing you see behind them, which I think was a blanket or throw…hard to remember now..

Okay, I just looked on their website and apparently you can purchase them separately without the blanket, too. The ones I saw were all attached to either a throw or blanket, I never saw the singles. Online, they have a panda bear, fox, dog, rabbit, and some other adorable critters.

Ikea Teddy Bears


So that was my Ikea shopping trip. What would you have brought home?

They didn’t have the white, wood hangers I was looking for (only had them in a natural wood color) so sadly I left empty-handed. I’ll go back in a month or two to see if they have them back in stock for summer. I’m gradually changing out all my wire hangers to pretty wood ones.

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  1. I would have brought that plant stand home for sure! I’d have to drive almost 2 hours though to get to Ikea….did you like that plant stand? Maybe when the weather warms up I’ll take a road trip! Enjoy your weekend! 😉

  2. Susan, I’d bought the laterns; that seems to be so popular is some of the decorating blogs I’ve seen.. You could have spray painted those wooden hangars white..Looks like that plant stand and those hangars are calling your name. I think the lanterns would be so neat out on your porch at night..you could even use battern operated candles if you would be leary of using real candles..There’s an Ikea about 20 miles from here. Only thing about Ikea, they tend to take you through every dept. while you’re there and it’s hard to find the way to an exit. A lot of walking. My DH and I got so tired, his legs were hurting from all the walking and we rode up/down the elevator with other couples trying to find an exit..Finally I asked a saleslady how to get out to the parking lot. She let us out with her key that she swiped to opened the door. She said they had to lock the door because people were stealing merchandise. Seemed that there were some fire code regulations being broken there. I asked her what would have happened had there been a fire or fire alarm went off? There would have been people running with no place to exit..isn’t that scary. I probably will never go there again for that reason, but I do like some of their bookcase units that I see a lot of bloggers using. There’s always the internet and let them deliver it by UPS.

    • Betty, once when I was there, I didn’t want to have to go through the whole floor to get to the section I wanted and a sales person opened a door I hadn’t noticed and there I was, over in the section I needed. They have sneaky routes that they know about. Yeah, that would be scary…hopefully they have something in place in case of a fire. It’s huge…I get tired when I go there. Def a place to wear your sneakers because it’s a hike!

    • Denise Lamb says

      In the store by us on Long Island you can get into the store on the first floor where they
      have the stuff for pickup. On that floor here they have all the kitchen and housewares.

      I just go in there and find what I need and then off to the cash registers.
      Granted you still have to go through the maze on that floor but at least you don’t
      have to go through all the floors.


  3. Susan, loved the blue bedding set, but then I have the same colours as you in my bedroom. The nearest Ikea to us is in Vancouver a five hour drive but when we go visit my daughter, or on a trip (we will be there next month on our way to Florida) we usually manage to come back with something.
    One time we came back with a glass cooktop as hubby had dropped the olive bottle on ours and cracked it.
    I love the kitchen things best and last time we were there, bought stainless stell buckets on a rod, also have these in my laundry room.
    I wish they would open one closer to me.
    BTW, if you are taking us with you where you go, can you please go to Hawaii? 🙂

  4. A friend and I were at one of the Ikea’s in the Philadelphia area. As we were walking around I noticed the Expedit unit had a discontinued sign on it. It was driving me crazy who I knew who had a lot of trouble installing one, but finally succeeded. I remembered the whole story like I was there and I asked my friend if it was a mutual friends of ours. When she said she didn’t know the person or the story, it made me even more nuts trying to remember. All of a sudden I said “it was Susan”. My friend looked at me with the look of “who?”. I then explained how I “knew” you. We had a good giggle and agreed sometimes you get so into blogs you do feel we are all friends. BTW, love the wine glass idea — thanks for sharing.

    • They can’t discontinue the Expedit! What if I ever move? I’ll never get that one I “willed” into my closet back out of there! lol Makes me want to run down there and buy one to store away, just in case. I love that thing!
      It’s so true, Denise…we do feel like we are all great friends. I think it’s because we are, we just have to do everything together virtually. 🙂

  5. The Swedish drink means Yule or Christmas juice. They only make it for the holidays. It tastes a little like malt. It is a soda. Coke sales go down in Sweden when this stuff comes out. – I am a big fan of IKEA and shopped for my son first College home many years ago. I lived very close to Potomac Mills, Va . This was one of the first stores. At Christmas their Christmas – trees where so reasonable $10- then after Christmas you would return them for a $10 store credit. I hope Susan you had a plate of Swedish meatballs in their Cafe. At one time the first 100 people got free chairs- people camped out over night. Now I live 2 and1/2 hours away, but when I go to DC I always stop by. I hope you had a fun IKEa day.

    • Oh, so that’s what it is! I wish I had gotten some now to try it! I’ll have to pick some up next Christmas. Wow, $10 is definitely a bargain! Amazing they will let you return them!

  6. My Happy Place!!!! I try to go to Ikea atleast once a month….they have the best stuff…love the pillows for $19.99 and I buy all my frames there….The best thing I got recently was a white Floor mirror….looks great in my sewing room with my white bead board walls…

  7. Looked up the drink….I’d like to try it!


  8. Love IKEA, It’s about 2 hours from me, but we try to go a couple of times a year. I’ve never been at Christmas time, so that’s a definite for this year. BTW, I just ordered resin candle covers for my DR fixture along with the
    thread spun bulbs you featured in one of your posts. And they still honored the 10% discount. 🙂

    • That’s cool! I’m glad they do that. I’m not an affiliate with them or anything, so it’s nice that they do the discount for BNOTP readers. 🙂 You are going to love what they do for your chandelier. I love mine, still! Just wish I had known about them years ago!

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ikea!! I recently moved into a newly renovated house and I bought a ton of stuff there (I’m lucky there is an IKEA only 10 miles away). I have Billy bookcases and a Stenstorp kitchen island, a Balkarp sofa bed, and tables & rugs from the store in my sewing room. In my LR/DR I have the Ektorp couch and chair. along with the Liatorp TV cabinet and an Ingtorp dining table and chairs. And my all the cabinets in my kitchen came from IKEA. I like going and walking through the entire store. You always see something new and I consider it my exercise some days. I spent so much time there this summer that I figured out all the shortcuts – there are several – which was helpful when I was in a hurry. I don’t think they are discontinuing the Expedit– it was probably just a certain finish or color that they were eliminating. If you have time you can see some before and after shots of my renovation and decorating at my blog — look at posts from Oct 2013.

    • So glad to hear that, Carol. When I looked online, it didn’t say anything about discontinuing them. They are so popular, there would probably be a mutiny if they did! If I ever buy that cottage I’m dreaming of, I may have to buy one of their white sofas. Have you been pleased with your couch?

      • hi Susan — I love the Ektorp couch. I also have 2 of the Ecktorp chairs – one in my LR and another in my sewing studio. The one in my sewing studio I’ve had for about 2 years and it has been very comfy. I have the Vellinge slipcover in beige in my LR and a navy blue Vellinge in the studio. I’m planning on switching the slipcovers in the Spring to a whiter shade in one of the linen-y fabrics. Eventually I’d like to get a red or dark green set of slipcovers for the holidays. I really enjoy your blog!

  10. poussière d'Argence says

    En France nous avons aussi IKEA, mon dernier achat chez eux est le canapé blanc que tu montres.
    J’ai vu sur ton post. une housse de couette qui me plait, je ne la connaissais pas ce doit être un nouvel article.
    Merci pour ce partage.
    Passe une agréable journée.
    Amitiés de France

  11. just visited Ikea a few weeks ago. I bought their larger lanterns to put on my mantel. I also bought the VIVIAN curtains. i could stay there for hours but I agree with the routes they make you take to get through the store. I know it is a marketing strategy for them but it’s scary!!

  12. ~Susan~
    Thanks for sharing, I have never been to a IKEA store 🙁 I will have to check to see where there is one close to Fort Wayne. Looks like a lot of wonderful items ! Did someone say they even have a cafe in the store?? wow must be an all day shopping trip !
    I like the blue and white bedding pretty !
    Have a good day !

    • Paula, yes they do have a café and really reasonable food. We always have something to eat there, as we are wandering around so long.

  13. I’m headed to Ikea this weekend. Mine is about 10-15 mins away and gets crazy crowded. Curious to see what’s new for spring there.


  14. Oh I love Ikea though I dont get there much since the closest one is now 2 hrs away. 🙁 I would have brought home way to much I am sure and I have no more room! LOL Thanks for sharing your trip, hoping you get your white hangers soon. 🙂

    • Thanks, Debra! One of the employees told me she thought they only had the white ones in the summer. I saw them online tonight, but hate to pay shipping so I’ll be making another trip back to see if they got them in.

  15. My mom, daughter, sister and myself made a little trip there right before Christmas. My sister had wanted the red lanterns for her front porch, but they were out of them. She ended up with the white ones, which actually ended up being better because she can change them for the seasons. We also found deals on battery operated taper candles, which my mom had been looking for. I bought a box, she bought several boxes. I love Ikea and never leave there completely empty handed!

  16. Thanks for the virtual shopping trip, I didn’t have to spend a penny. I would have gotten the pillows and a lantern or two. Will need to make a trip to Ikea soon now.

  17. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    I’m notorious for “shopping” and then putting everything back, so I probably would have returned home empty handed too. 😀 But if I were to get anything, I think it would have to be those bears. They look so cute and ‘real.’ They even appear to be holding hands. I love their expressions.

    • I noticed that when I was going through the pics…they do look like they are holding hands. 🙂 Their sweet faces even make them appear to have their own little personality. Cute!

  18. I love Ikea! But nearest to me is in Orlando 2.5hr drive so I do not visit often and I have a small car so I cant buy much WHICH IS GOOD ’cause I want it ALL….. Now I am going to absolutely have to look for those
    plant stands WAY TOO CUTE to let go off that idea…..they would be perfect on my front or back porch.
    I haven’t looked at Ikea on line…..probably a smart thing to do ….uh oh, there would go my tax return in one fell swoop…. And, I really like the pillows you have from a prior year. Pillows are so versatile and can easily change a look in a few minutes with a few throw pillows. Happy Weekend!

    • You may need to repaint them with an exterior paint, depending on the temps and weather where you live. They would be cute on a porch! I may have to buy one next time I’m there. 🙂 I love pillows, too. So far I like them better than any they’ve had. It’s funny how they produce a new one each year.

  19. SharonFromMichigan says

    Susan – I would have bought the window box planter/stand. I like how pots can’t fall off with the “rails”. You’re definitely right about their furniture – they are very reasonably priced. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to IKEA, but I do remember their sofas and chairs being very comfortable. Some of their furniture is a little too low to the ground for me (my knees just aren’t what they used to be!). I also remember how good the food smelled when we went in there. I’m thinking about going there to purchase a short butcher block countertop to use in my bathroom as a vanity top. I could cut it to size and then seal it real good and it would look great. Ah, it’s fun to dream!

  20. I love your guest room! Absolutely beautiful! Dana

  21. I’m 30 minutes from College Park, MD Ikea. My favorite place to go….it’s truly my happy place. My husband and I renovated our kitchen about 3 years ago. We purchased everything through Ikea…cabinets, sink (my dream sink- apron sink – double basin), refrigerator, stove (flat top ceramic), table, chairs, shelves. We bought it during their 20% off kitchen sale (I think they do it around May each year, maybe one more time throughout the year). With that 20% off, we actually got our refrigerator for FREE!. It only cost us about $4000 to renovate our entire kitchen. My dining room hutch is from Ikea. My son & daughter’s bedrooms are straight out of Ikea. Our king-size master bed & latex mattress is from Ikea. Love, love, love it there!

  22. I love Ikea!When we spent the winter’s in Florida with our son we shopped there. Always found so many items to bring home. Really missed shopping there. But I am so excited Ikea is coming to St. Louis and Kanas City. We are right in the middle between both. Still about 2 hours either way but hey that’s an outing! Lunch and great shopping.
    I can’t wait!

  23. My husband and I spent Valentine’s Day in a beautifully decorated bed and breakfast in Belgium a couple of years ago. Loved the decor so much, I looked around more closely. Yes, all IKEA. Totally, hooked and happy they are coming to Kansas City!

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