A Visit to the Pottery Barn Teen-Kids Store in Atlanta

Have you ever been inside a Pottery Barn Teen/Kid store? Since I ordered a desk chair from them years ago for my home office, I occasionally get their catalogs in the mail. (If you’re new to reading BNOTP, to see the office/chair, just click on the category My Nest and then click on Office/Craft Room where you’ll find links to bunches of office posts.)

Every time a PB Teen catalog arrives, I wish I was 30 again with a house full of kids so I would have the need to decorate about 2 or 10 children’s bedrooms. Seriously! I love the bedrooms they always show in the catalogs and online.

Recently, I was in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta and I stopped by the PB Teen/Kid store to just soak in all the fun. I snapped some pics since I knew there were hardly any actual locations/stores around. There used to just be three and Atlanta was one of the lucky spots with a store.

Well, apparently that is rapidly changing because when I got home and Googled to see where they have stores now, they have a lot more. I almost didn’t create this post when I saw how many more stores there are now but what the hay, I already had the pics and I decided you might enjoy a little tour anyway.

They were featuring this cute 4-poster bed in one of their store windows.  I love the “Call Home” pillow on the bed. lol Think giving that to a college student would make them remember?

Love the rug!  You know, that rug could go anywhere, not just in a kids room. Wonder how it would look in my office?  Ummmm.

Pottery Barn Teen & Kids Four Poster Bed

These pics were all taken with my cell phone, so please excuse some of the dim lighting.  I loved this bedding!

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 01_wm

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 02_wm

For a split second, I was trying to figure out if it would look ridiculous in a grown woman’s room.  I could get away with the sheets, right? They would be hidden under my grown-up bedding. πŸ™‚  No, I didn’t buy the sheets, but I was tempted!

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 03_wm

The bedskirt was really cute. Now this could totally be used on any bed, not just in a teen or kids room. Looks like you could just sew a white bedskirt with an overlay of organdy or organza and then trim it with satin ribbon or some kind of satin trim. Really loved this look!  It reminded me of the burlap and organza tableskirt I posted about in this post: Burlap and Organza Tableskirt.

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 09_wm

When my son was small, I could never, ever find bedding that I liked.  They have great stuff for boy’s rooms now.

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 04_wm

I’m especially fond of madras.

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 08_wm

Really I just love the whole “Ralph-Lauren-I-own-my-own-sailboat-and-wear-boat-shoes” look. πŸ™‚  Hey, we may not own a sailboat or a yacht, but we can dress our bodies or our beds that way, right?  lol

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 05_wm

Such a great rug for a boys room! It looks really good against dark hardwood flooring, doesn’t it?

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 06_wm

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 07_wm

More cute girls stuff…

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 11_wm

Actually, this store is split and one half is “Teen” and the other half is “Kids.”  I’m pretty sure this was over on the “kids” side.

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 12_wm

A pink owl lamp…cute, cute, cute!

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 13_wm

Cute bathroom display…

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 10_wm

I’ve always loved this set-up for a kid’s room. It would feel pretty cozy working under there, like you had your own little study room.

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 14_wm

The ends are designed with lots of storage/shelving.

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 16_wm

One last bed space before I quit gawking at all the cute spaces and headed back home.

Pottery Barn Teen and Kids Beds and Bedding 17_wm
Hope you enjoyed this little impromptu tour.

Oh, one more picture. After I left Lenox Square, I drove over to a neighborhood in Atlanta where the company I’m considering using to install sod in my yard, had installed Empire Zoysia.  I liked the Empire but I’m leaning toward Zeon because I’ve read it’s more shade tolerant.  Anyway, that’s another post for another day.

After I left the neighborhood which was very close to the North Fulton Golf Course, I turned to look across the golf course and saw this. Looks like a toy tree that just fell over, doesn’t it?  It was surreal seeing it laying there…kind of shocking and surreal.

North Fulton Golf Course Tree 3


You can tell it didn’t have much of a root system. The constant unending rain we’ve been getting just loosened it up, I guess. Probably a big gust of wind took it over.

North Fulton Golf Course Tree 2


See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Wow! It just fell right over! Glad no one was there when it happened, they could’ve been seriously hurt.
    Love the bedroom displays! Quite cozy and cute.

  2. I am SO with you, Susan, on the pottery barn kids’ bedding! I say go for those sheets. It will be your own private surprise every time you crawl between them & I bet you’ll be smiling. It’s these little things in life that make it fun.

    The tree falling over…such a sad picture. Here close to Charlotte, we’ve had fallen trees everywhere. Last week my hubs & I were rocking on the front porch during another thunderstorm. We heard a crack & a crash & knew a tree somewhere in the woods close by had fallen.

    Sending you hugs.

  3. What amazing kids bedding! I love the madras too. The organza bedskirt is wonderful. It’s good that tree didn’t ave a big root system, it would have lifted the cart path too:(

  4. Amy Davis says

    You might want to look into palisades zoysia grass. We re-sodded with it 5 years ago and have been very pleased.

    • Carolyn Price says

      I will check into that type of sod as well. I have nearly NO sun in the front yard on the NC coast. All live oaks and azaleas but I need some green grass … not this weedy mess left by the previous homeowner.
      Thanks for your comment about the palisades zoysia grass, Amy.

  5. There isn’t a Pottery Barn anywhere near me and I’d never heard of their Teen/Kids store, so I really enjoyed this post. Oh, the pinky girly stuff … I’m afraid I’ll never truly grow up. And I’m okay with that! πŸ˜‰ The first thing I thought of when I saw the fallen tree was root rot and hopefully no one was around when it fell. Poor thing. There are so few trees left in the world, each one that comes down makes me a little sad. Great post … as always. πŸ™‚

  6. Carolyn Price says

    Cute PB Teens-Kids stuff but, for me, I was most interested in your comment about Zeon. That’s the grass recommended for my uber shady location. I would love to hear more about that as your landscaping moves along. We have to sod in the fall. If that doesn’t work, synthetic lawn. Cannot stand the weedy “lawn” in our new location with lovely live oaks but no sun in the front yard! : /

  7. I love the feminine bedding!!

  8. I loved this post!! I have decided to go as feminine as I want in my hobby/office room. I am waiting on a delivery of the PB Teen bead board corner desk…for me!!! Also, there is a turquoise dotted office chair I might get.
    I am 57 years old….when did that happen??? Anyway, go for what you want!!!

    Thank goodness no one was hurt with the tree. I have never seen a root system that small on a tree that large.

  9. OMGosh too, too cute! I would have been tempted with both the sheets and that cute quilt but I don’t think DH would appreciated it! LOL! I love that netting hover the head of the bead… does anyone know what it is called – and where to get one? I’ve been wanting to do that for over my bed ever since I took down my canopy. I’ve never seen one of those shops before but not having children I guess I wouldn’t notice it… makes you want to be a kid again, almost! LOL!
    That poor tree… what is going on with this crazy weather?

  10. Oh how I wish we had a Pottery Barn or Pottery Barn Outlet closer to where I live. πŸ™

    Mary L

  11. Love the Pottery Barn kids stuff. I raised 3 boys and have had two grandsons for 12 years. My only grand daughter was born in 2004 so I kind of went crazy buying her stuff. She has two sets of Pottery Barn bedding and they are just wonderful. Not only cute but soft and silky. I have Pottery Barn bedskirt also. It’s not quite as cute as the organza one but it is voile and very full and very nice.

    • Kathy, that’s good to know the sheets are quality. I was wondering about that when I was so tempted by the birdie set. πŸ™‚ I have a feeling when I have some grandbabies, I may have to check out PB Kids again.

  12. You and I could so totally go shopping together!!! franki

  13. Just bought antique twin beds for my 2 grandsons & bought the madras twin bedding. I love their quilts!
    I had purchased madras pillow cover to go with daybed they had been using, so just bought quilts to match.
    Will try to add pic if possible. I had to get PB kids credit card to keep up with MY wants:)

  14. I hope you took Marie with you – it looks like her type of store. I am past the teen/kids days, but I have to say I like looking at the catalog and your little trip through the store. I loved those quilt and sheets. It would be nice to have a spare room to decorate for those days I feel like a child with long legs.

    Do you suppose that tree was an omen that confirmed you made the correct decision to take yours down? The minute I saw the photo I thought it could not be a clearer message.

    Thanks for the fun trip.

    • Ha, so funny you say that. I pulled over on a side street to take that picture and as I got back in my car, I thought, “Is that a sign?” God knows I have agonized over that tree in my front yard now for 22 years, so maybe he is trying to help me out. πŸ™‚ It definitely gave me pause.

  15. You are so right about boys rooms years ago – didn’t have much other than decorating with sports stuff.
    PB sure has wonderful items and some of them can be used in grown up rooms.
    That poor tree – to much water the ground is saturated. We sue could use some here in CA.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. I LOVE Pottery Barn Kids! Get those sheets…and those quilts…and….everything! Who cares if you don’t have kids in the house anymore. Let’s just all be Peter Pan and never grow up. I’m in.

  17. We have PB Teen stores here in Chicago, and I recently took a look at what they had, too. I loved their grey/cream zebra rug but it’s not on the web site anymore. Too bad — it was really cute.

  18. Susan, thanks for the pics. I’ve been wanting to go to Lenox and check that store out. I love the bedskirt!!!

    Regarding the zoysia, do yourself a favor and don’t buy the Zeon!! It is subject to attacks of fungus and if you aren’t like lightning treating it…..parts of your yard will die!! I have an entire yard in Zeon and I can NOT recommend!!! If you do get the Zeon, Home Depot sells fungus killer in spray and granular form.

    • Donna, that’s awful. The site I was reading made it sound less prone than some other zoysias. I think this year has been especially bad with all the rain. A neighbor of mine has a fungus in their emerald zoysia and one of the landscapers who came out here to give me an estimate said that something called Heritage will treat it. Have no idea what that is though. Might be worth Googling it because this landscaper is really good and knows his stuff.

  19. Anne Boykin says

    Pottery Barn for kids and teens does have the most delightful bedding! I’ve been tempted to buy some too. Thanks for the great post. That’s weird about that tree.

  20. Peggy Thal says

    Love all the kid/teen Pottery Barn decor. Enjoy shopping there for my Grandchild and the one on the way. Went to the one in Florida near Palm Beach. I also have a permanent crib in one of my guest rooms, so I got to go a little crazy. They sure have gorgeous things!– I live in Virginia and we see trees just like that. All this crazy rain and wind.

  21. That owl lamp would look pretty on vanity or side table in bedroom…..put some decorating books under it to give bit of height. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Sandi Lee says

    What a fun tour Susan! Thanks so much. I get their email newsletter but have never been to a store. Stay dry if you can.

  23. Betty819 says

    Folks, can you see Susan decorating a grandchild’s bedroom(whenever it happens)? We won’t be able to touch her with a ten foot pole when that happens!

    • πŸ™‚ Betty, you are too funny!

      • Betty819 says

        I know you will spoil any grandchild that blesses your family; female or male.
        What’s going on with the front yard landscaping project? Have I missed a sectment? Last I saw was the holly and river birch was removed..anymore?

        • Well, it’s been raining and raining so my tree guy got behind juggling all his jobs he had scheduled. He was finally able to get back out today. Tomorrow he will be back to finish up. Then he’s coming on Monday to ground out all the River Birch roots that stretch out across the lawn and to ground out all the stumps. Then it will be time to schedule sod installation. I’m taking my time because I’m having to make lots of decisions that are very important, like choosing the best sod. I’ve decided on that now though…so hopefully I can get that in before long. I will blog soon to catch folks up. Let’s hope the rain goes away for awhile. The landscapers are telling me, lawns are getting fungus because there’s been so much. πŸ™

  24. Susan, a few years ago when we needed to replace a small area of zoysia, we were sold an experimental grass that was only known by letters and a number, something like PB 2, out of Auburn University. (Of course I don’t remember either the letters or the number since it didn’t seem important at the time.) It was reported to be highly shade tolerant and need less watering than others, sounding much like the new Zeon. That was at least three years ago, and I hadn’t given it any thought until your post. The grass looks beautiful and blends in well with the rest of the grass. One thing I have noticed is that it doesn’t have any thatch build-up so far, which is great. That area does receive some afternoon sun. Another area that is in almost total shade is quite thin: No grass grows well there. So, if this is the same grass, and if you have some sun, it should be wonderful.

    • Thanks, Linda. I did read that Zeon has less thatch build up than Emerald, the other popular Zoysia for this area. The info I read said that you only get a lot of thatch if it’s fertilized too much, so that was encouraging. My biggest fear is it getting a fungus because that really ruins the look of grass. With all this rain lately, it does worry me. The landscaper said that they had some issues with that in early spring because the weather stayed really cool so much longer this year. It took spring forever to arrive here, so the cool coupled with a lot of rain led to a lot of folks getting fungus in their new zoysia lawns. I’m glad I didn’t sod earlier in the spring after what he told me.

  25. Loved the PB tour. I think you should definitely get the sheets I like them too. We lost a big old oak a few years ago like the one on the golf course. After days of rain a pretty good wind just blew it down. We were lucky it fell in the road and not on our or our neighbors house. The past few weeks have been very wet and we got more rain today. Praying that our three other big oaks will keep standing tall.

  26. Mary from Virginia says

    I’m always a day late and a dollar short! I love those pink and pastel birdie sheets! I am decorating my younger son’s old room as a guest room and have a oriental style rug in pinks, a little purple, maroon and blue. I am using a light weight white quilt but wanted some fun sheets. Those would have probably been too cute, but I like cute! Thanks for the fun tour to the PB Kids’ store. We have the adult PB πŸ˜‰

    Really looking forward to more landscape talk! Nosy people want to know what you are up to! πŸ˜€

  27. You had some beautiful Featured Posts this week & I had a thought about them. Can you just picture the “Dream Garden” outside the window of the “Pottery Barn Kids Bedroom”! That would be perfection! I receive PB Kids catalogs in the mail & look at them over & over. Thanks for bringing such pretty things to us this week.

  28. Loving the pottery barn kids/teen store! I’ve not been in one in ages but they are always so beautifully styled. Like you, I have lots of odd pieces scattered around the house. Accessorized right they don’t look kiddie at all. In fact, I have a slew of their plain coloured cotton blankets I use in the summer in pretty pastels of green and blue. No one has ever questioned that they are not “adult”.

  29. Yep! Down those trees go. Looking at the picture, the side where the roots were by the little roadway could have compromised the roots! Love Pottery-Barn and I do remember your chair – so much fun to window shop! Darling…maybe someday when I’m a grandma πŸ˜‰

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