Ice Chiller for Wine or Champagne: A Tutorial

I shared how to make this wine chiller last year, but I thought it would be fun to share that post again in case you're looking for something fun for your Christmas table or for your New Year's eve celebration.  It's easy to'll just need a couple of containers, water and cranberries.  Sliced lemons and limes would work, too. Tutorial:  Make a wine chiller: Last year I received a catalog in … [Read more...]

Decorating for Halloween

The gas lantern is lit... Sharing some pics from last year... Have a fun Halloween! … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Welcome to the 77th Tablescape Thursday! With Valentine's Day only four days away, I thought I'd post a Valentine's tablescape I created last year. When I put this tablescape together, I couldn't decide if I wanted it in my breakfast room or dining I decided to put it in both! It was a bit of work to set it up in two different rooms, but what a neat opportunity to really see how the room decor … [Read more...]

Designing and Building a Porch

Welcome to the 55th Metamorphosis Monday! It snuck up on me...the anniversary of Metamorphosis Monday...Met Monday turned 1 year old on January 4th. We've had a full year of sharing fabulous "Before and Afters" and I have been inspired and amazed by all the creative and ambitious "Before and Afters" you have shared every Monday here at BNOTP. I am so looking forward to another awesome … [Read more...]

Beach Tablescape on the Porch

Welcome to the 52nd Tablescape Thursday! If you've stopped by the porch earlier in the week, you know there's a celebration going on! Tuesday was the 1 year Blogoversary of Between Naps on the Porch, and we're celebrating all week long! BNOTP is hosting a brand new give-a-way every day this week for Blogoversary Week (Monday through Friday) August 17th through August 21st. If you missed Monday, … [Read more...]

Table Setting with Crocheted Linens

My Mom crocheted this luncheon set during the period she was awaiting my arrival. Despite many forays into antique shops over the years, I've never seen another one like it.   Here's one of the few pictures I have of my Mom and was taken right around the time she would have been completing the luncheon set. Unfortunately, I never got to know my Mom very well.  She became sick when I … [Read more...]

Tablescaping With Blue Willow

Welcome to the 48th Tablescape Thursday! Tablescape 1: Dinner by Candlelight, on the Porch... I can't help myself...when it's this nice outside, all my tablescapes end up here on the porch. The trees are all dressed in their best spring-green... I'm using my Churchill Blue Willow this evening... Salad plates are by's part of a large set from Big Lots... White … [Read more...]

Hiding Metal Swing Chains

Welcome to the 5th Metamorphosis Monday! Of all the transformations I've ever made in my home, the one I'm about to share may be the easiest and least expensive for the largest impact or improvement. While my screened-in porch was under construction, I searched high and low online and locally for a white, outdoor wicker, swing. I finally found one I loved online at Wicker Paradise.   When it arrived, it … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Tablescape

Welcome to the 25th Tablescape Thursday! Last week I posted a Valentine's tablescape that was fairly traditional...with lots of that bold color, RED. You can view that post by clicking HERE. This week's table is all about the color, PINK, and I'm going for silly and whimsical. I pulled my inspiration from this little dish I found on sale right after Valentine's Day last year at Kohls. Do you see … [Read more...]

Decorating a Staircase with Vintage Photos and Mirrors

For many years after moving into my current home, I occasionally pondered the decorating dilemma of the long, seemingly endless wall that runs the length of the main stairway of my home. Eventually, a creaky little cob-webbed door opened ip in my befuddled brain and I recalled a visit to a friend's home many years before. I could see it now, her stairway wall was much shorter than mine, but is was covered … [Read more...]