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Can you believe it’s been almost a full year since I first began sharing favorite books from my decor library. In that time I’ve shared 118 of my favorite books on the topics of Decorating/Design, Entertaining, and Gardening! Thanks so much to the four thousand BNOTP readers who have subscribed to receive, In The BNOTP Library posts! You are the reason creating these posts is so much fun!

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I still have quite a few books left to share so there will be many more posts to look forward to, but since we’re approaching our 1 year anniversary, I thought it would be fun to share the books I’ve previously posted in a slightly different way. I’ve noticed many of the books I’ve shared seemed to fall under a particular theme or subject, so I’ve created categories to make it easier to find similar books.

Below you’ll find previously shared books separated into categories by subject matter. You’ll notice some books actually fit into more than one category. Please note: The categories below won’t cover every book I’ve shared since some didn’t quite fit into a particular category, but most of the books shared did land in a category. (To see ALL of the books shared over this past year, click on the category Decor Library at the top of the blog.)

The categories are: Antiques, Beach Houses & Beach Decor, Books About Books, Christmas, Cottage Style, Crafting & Craft Studios, Designers At Home, English Design, Entertaining & Tablescapes, Food & Recipes, French Design, Gardening, Porches & Outdoor Spaces and Southern Living.

To view a particular book or group of books for a category, click on the category name or the picture collage itself, and you’ll be taken to that category page where you can read about any book in that category.

Hope you find this helpful. Happy reading!


Books About Antiques


Beach Houses and Beach Decor

Beach Houses and Beach Decor


Books About Books

Books About Books



Books About Christmas

Cottage Style 

Books About Cottages


Crafting and Craft StudiosBooks About Crafting


Designers At Home 

Books About Designer's Homes 1
Books About Designer's Homes 2
Books About Designer's Homes 3


English Design

English Design


Entertaining & Tablescapes

Entertaining & Tablescapes 1 Entertaining & Tablescapes 2

Food & Recipes

Food & Recipes

  French Design

Books About French Design





 Porches & Outdoor Spaces

Porches & Outdoor Spaces

Southern Living

Southern Living

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  1. Mary from Virginia says

    I always love reading your book posts! You have such great collection.

  2. Susan, I’m an avid reader of this series, and having this summary with links is fantastic. You are a terrific librarian! Thank you!

  3. Susan…your posts have inspired me to actually purchase so many books that I have to avoid reading your blog posts sometimes…and I mean that in a positive way. Thanks!

    Jane xx

  4. Penny Bohlen says

    Susan, as a retired librarian you have done masterful job. I have always enjoyed you book selections. Retired I am limited on purchases, however my local library has interlibrary loaned all my request. I have never been disappointed. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much, Penny! That is such a smart way to enjoy books. I know several BNOTP readers have mentioned doing that, getting them from their local libraries. I hope we always have our community libraries!

  5. I’ve enjoyed every book review and look forward to many more. And don’t you think many of the book covers would make wonderful puzzles? πŸ˜‰

    • Definitely! Mia, I was thinking recently how much I wish someone would make this picture taken inside Shakespeare and Company in Paris, into a puzzle! I would buy it immediately and it would be a fun one to do! Shakespeare and Company, Paris

  6. crumpety cottage says

    Wow! 118 books in less than a year. That’s impressive! πŸ™‚ You have a huge home and decor library! Makes me wonder what other sorts of books you have lurking. Maybe we’ll see those next. πŸ˜€

  7. So tell us about the little man teapot. He’s so cute!!

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