In The BNOTP Library: P. Allen Smith’s Container Gardens

I love container gardening during the summer months because it let’s you grow your fave flowers where you can really see and enjoy them, right on your porch, patio, balcony or deck. After this morning’s post filled with lots of container gardening, I thought I’d share a book I’ve had for a while on this subject. It’s another one by one of my favorite authors…can you guess who?

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In the BNOTP Library: P. Allen Smith’s Container Gardens: 60 Container Recipes to Accent Your Garden
Author: P. Allen Smith
Hardcover: 224 pages
Book size: 11.1 x 8.8 x 0.9

P. Allen Smiths, Container Gardens by P. Allen Smith


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • Lots (60!) of examples of various combinations of plants you can combine to create a beautiful container garden, including color photos and diagrams showing how to arrange the various plants to achieve the look in the picture.  Truly a tutorial book for container gardening.
  • Wide variety of container gardens, from formal to casual and all in between
  • Lots of information and practical advice in the chapter called, The Well-Appointed Potting Shed

You can read more about this book, P. Allen Smith’s Container Gardens: 60 Container Recipes to Accent Your Garden and preview it at Amazon where I normally buy my books, via the picture link below.


You’ll find previously featured books from the BNTOP library here: In The BNOTP Library, including another one of my favorites by P. Allen Smith, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home: Creating a Garden for Everyday Living. Click image below to see all the books previously featured from the BNOTP library.

In the BNOTP Library


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  1. Susan, yet another book that we both have on our shelves. It’s one of my favorite gardening books for the same reason you stated. I had the privilege of meeting P Allen Smith a few years ago. He is charming and so knowledgable. I’ve heard him called the Martha Stewart of the South. 😉
    Thank you for doing this Bookshelf Series. I’ve enjoyed reading each of your posts. I want to get my books more organized and get a good inventory list made. Then I’m going to begin adding some you’ve mentioned that I don’t have.

    • That is so cool, Sarah! I met him briefly many years ago when I drove down to Macon, Georgia to hear him speak there. He has the best sense of humor, doesn’t he? He had us all laughing. He was just so down to earth and nice. Oh, and like you said, charming and knowledgable! HA! I like that…the Martha Stewart of the South…pretty good description!
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. I’ve gotten lots of good feedback which is wonderful since I love sharing my wonderful books about as much as I love creating table settings! 🙂 His books are so inexpensive on Amazon now. I bought several a few months ago at once because they were such a good deal. So you’ll have a lot of good ones to choose from. Oh, Sarah…you just reminded me, I came across an article recently naming a gazillion apps that exist now for cataloging libraries or book collections. If you have a smart phone or table, you may want to check into that. I keep meaning to do that and keep forgetting. Here’s a list of a bunch of them:

  2. I love this book. I have bought this book about four times. I have gifted my children and my sister with them.

  3. A wealth of information…and fun, too!! franki

  4. Enjoyed his shows last weekend and hope you did also. I don’t have any of his books, but have always enjoyed his shows.

  5. Merri Jo says

    I, also love this book! It’s one gardening book that rarely sits on the shelf. I really miss his tv programs. In the past I could watch two programs he had on PBS & HGTV. I wonder why there aren’t any gardening shows on here in the Chicago area. I miss them!

  6. Thank you for showcasing this book. I love P.Allen Smith’s TV shows, so I know I would enjoy his books. I have several of his home’s interiors pinned on Pinterest. I love his decorating style too.

    • Mary, I do too! He is sooo talented! Would love to see his new home in person, it looks spectacular in the photos. I hope he kept his Victorian cottage, the gardens are just amazing!

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