The Georgia Trust Historic Home Tour, Rome Georgia

Hi Everyone! Hope you’ve had a fantastic day! I’ve been enjoying your talent and creativity as I’ve visit many of the fabulous “Before and Afters” you linked for Metamorphosis Monday. Quite a few new links were added even today…check them out and you will come away inspired to tackle your own home projects.

I have a great tour to share with you today.  Last month, I had the opportunity to tour a beautiful historic home when a friend and I went on The Georgia Trust Spring Ramble. This year, the spring ramble was in Rome, Georgia. The Georgia Trust spring and fall rambles are always fantastic tours, providing a chance to tour a large number of private residences in the city where the tour is being held. My friends and I always buy the one day, Saturday ticket…which seems a bit pricey until you factor in that it includes 3 meals for the day. Plus, supper is always a catered affair with delicious food and an open bar. If you live in or near Georgia, visit Georgia Trust website to read about their upcoming fall tour. The fall tour will be in Atlanta and the spring 2011 tour will be held in Macon. If you love historic homes, you will love The Georgia Trust tours!

I took a lot of pics of the homes we toured in the district known as, “Between the Rivers.” I’ll share those sometime soon. Update:  Tour the historic district known as Between the Rivers, HERE.  For this post, I’m taking you inside the last place we toured that day. Dinner was held on the grounds of the Colonial Heights Plantation, a beautiful historic home located near Cave Spring, Georgia.

The gardens around Colonial Heights were really pretty…

Colonial Heights in Cave Spring, Georgia



Here’s the front of the home…


The side…

Colonial Heights Plantation Cave Spring Georgia


The back view…


This room was on the lower level.  I think it was the room where the children would have played and the family would have spent much of their time.


The dining room was across the hall. It was beautifully furnished. I lingered there a long time and then came back and drooled some more before heading home for the day.


Another view of the dining room…

Colonial Heights, Cave Spring GA


I don’t remember now if this was called a parlor or a music room…but I will never forget what I experienced here. One of the grandchildren of the owners was playing the object you see on the table called a cylinder music box. It filled the room with the most beautiful, rich sounds of music. It was truly unlike anything I’ve ever heard before! I was shocked to hear the wonderful music coming out of that relatively small box. Have you ever heard a music box before? This one was truly special…the whole tour was worth just those few moments listening in this beautiful room.

Colonial Heights, Cave Spring GA


One of the bedrooms…

Colonial Heights, Cave Spring GA


Downstairs hallway….

Colonial Heights, Cave Spring GA


Living Room…perhaps called a drawing room back in the day…or maybe it was the men’s parlor.


First floor hallway/foyer…


Another bedroom/playroom…


We dined on smoked barbecue under huge white tents, out on the lawn. The food was fantastic!


These cuties were outside in a fenced-in area. The friend I was with kept insisting they were sheep. (LOL) Even this city girl knew these were cows.


They had the sweetest faces.


Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Colonial Heights Plantation.

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  1. amazing ,beautiful home and the floors to die for..

  2. Can't believe it, this is my home town. I have visited this plantation. The man who ownes it will allow visitors sometimes on the weekends. Saw it with a friend GREAT. come back for another visit to Rome Ga. Have a good evening.

  3. I noticed the floors too – beautiful herringbone brick!!

  4. Christina says

    Beautiful place! My mom was born in Rome, GA.

  5. Love the pictures, thank you for posting them, makes my heart hurt for the south! I LOOOVE touring those old homes. I have learned soo much about them,like the front and back door is designed to be opposite from each other so the breeze would be able to go through, also they used to tax on the number of doors a home had, that is why a lot of homes did not have closets, cool huh? I used to know so much about the houses, you've got my mind thinking….thanks for the tour!!!! I really enjoyed it!

  6. Sailing Simply says

    Beautiful historic home and wonderful tour! The tour of all the homes sounds so exciting! I loved the floors too!

  7. Susan, Thank you for taking us on tour with you. I LOVE LOVE old homes. Colonial Heights Plantation is lovely… and the veranda(s) is/are to die for. Hmmm is the lower one called a veranda also?
    Thanks for a lovely post.

  8. Beautiful home. I loved the cows. I have never seen any like that before, I can see how at a distance you would confuse them with sheep:-)

  9. Thanks for the tour, Susan! It's always fun getting to peak in and get ideas.
    I also love the Houzz album. I feel like I spend my life trying to conceal things so this made my day : )

  10. My niece and her family live in Cave Spring, moving there from Rome, GA! They got married in Rome (GA) and it was such a pretty little town. I might have to visit her in Cave Spring and check out this gorgeous home.


  11. Moo!!! Sheep. That is too funny. You need to take your friend to a petting zoo to show her the difference.
    Thanks for the tour of this fabulous old home. She is beautiful.
    Love the bi-fold door idea for the office space.

  12. LAnderson (Southern Stitches) says

    Absolutely lovely! I especially LOVE the baby cradle!!! I MUST find one of those for my daughter who is having her first baby in October!

  13. Moo!!! Sheep. That is too funny. You need to take your friend to a petting zoo to show her the difference.
    Thanks for the tour of this fabulous old home. She is beautiful.
    Love the bi-fold door idea for the office space.

  14. Creations By Cindy says

    Beautiful home that is for sure. And….you are cracking me up with the cows and sheep! Be blessed. Cindy

  15. Elizabeth says

    Thanks for the tour,I loved it and hope to visit there myself!

  16. Girl with the Curlz says

    What beautiful pictures.

  17. i love the outside of the home!

  18. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    Love the lambs!

    Please stop by an enter my French Basketeer tote giveaway.

  19. I really loved seeing your tour pictures! I love home tours!!


  20. Wow Susan thanks for sharing these photos…I never get tired of seeing historic homes. Those grand staircases going into the homes and the brick floors on the bottom floors. To think of living back then with no electricity and air conditioning…oh my…makes me want to take a nap in the afternoons to avoid the heat…lol

  21. The Quintessential Magpie says

    That was some house, Susan! Just amazing. And I loved your slideshow. NOW I know what I can with my antique typewriter. That idea might just have to crop up somewhere else! LOL!

    Okay, I'm going to go look at pictures and decide which one to post with my tablescape. I think maybe the one of Claudie in the chair. Not sure how it would look tiny, though. LOL!


    Sheila 🙂

  22. Hi Susan! Oh, what a lovely house! I just love home tours! But those little cow faces have stolen the show!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  23. Hi Susan…great house hour…I loved those amazing brick floors especially in the dining room…they were so beautifully glazed…

  24. I miss Georgia so much. Every time I read something on your blog, I wish I was back home in Georgia.

  25. The Shiny Pebble says

    We are planning on building a mock bookcase to hide the stairs off the kitchen. Lots of homes in my neighborhood have little hidden rooms in the house. fun!

    The floors in the historic home are fabulous!

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