Welcome to My Town

A few weekends ago, a friend and I drove the short distance to the town square. We walked all around looking at some of the historic homes up close…you know, the ones we tend to whiz by in our car each day. I wasn’t able to get to a street that had some of my favs, but here are a few that caught my eye this day.

This one was still all decked out from Memorial Day…perfect since July 4th is just around the corner! I thought I smelled apple pie baking as we passed by.

Doesn’t it just say all-American home town! The sign on the door said, “God Bless, America.”
There’s a house on this particular street that I used to stalk on a regular basis. I would drive by on my lunch hour some days, reaaaallly slowly…yea, I’m sick that way. This isn’t it, it’s posted at the end, but this intriguing gate is just down the street. I’d never noticed this partially hidden, wrought iron gate…until this day. There is definitely something to be said for a walking tour.

I couldn’t see the house, so I thought I’d torture you, too. I’m nice that way. Aren’t we just dying to know what’s up that walkway and around the bend?!

You’ll see a lot of cute cottages today…I spent much of my time walking in neighborhoods full of delightful, little cottages…

I love the vine growing along under the eave of the porch.

This house is the kind of house that always speaks to me. It’s saying, Hey, Susan…come rescue me. Look at all the angels/pitches of my roof line…you know you’re a sucker for that. Come save me from this awful window A/C unit that is ruining my good looks. Just look at my porch, you could string garland at Christmas time. And how about my poor neglected yard…come make some pretty gardens for those who pass by to enjoy.

Next door to my stalker house, sits this house. I’ve always loved it because it sprawls down the side of it’s corner lot, with multiple side porches. I wasn’t able to photograph the porches for you this day due to a tall fence that has been erected. But at least we can drool over the front.

Do you see the stained glass window in the center of the peak…love the little picket fence and swinging gate.

This Tudor is on a busy main road off the square…never been able to really get a good gander at it as I’ve zoomed by. On this day, it was really bugging me that they had a massive piece of furniture right in the front window…behind that wreath. I’m imagining it’s a gorgeous, antique highboy or linen press that’s just been moved their temporarily while a repair is being made to a wall…or the room is being painted. Yea, that’s it…gotta be temporary. πŸ™‚

Thanks to my zoom lens, I didn’t have to risk being arrested to snag a pic of the wonderful front door. I love the ferns on either side. Doesn’t it feel like the entry to a magical fairytale? Β  They just don’t make doorways like this anymore…

A large home on the busy main road…I toured this one during a Christmas home tour once.

Another beautiful, intriguing gate…except this time, we actually get to see what awaits us on the other side. Come on up the steps with me and let’s peak in…

Yep, this will do…where do I sign? I love the double front doors and it looks like there are screened doors to let in the nice, cool breezes.

I once walked through this house when it was up for sale. Nice house, but I was a little disappointed because it lacks a foyer/entry. When you enter the front door, you find yourself immediately in the living room. Wouldn’t you expect an entry on a house this huge? It has a cool back stairway, though and a great view from the kitchen.

This little cottage has been for sale for a long time. I’ve been inside…yep, another home tour. It’s really cute inside and has a wonderful back yard..

I’m not sure what the front of this house looks like, but here’s the back. It was visible from another street and I just stopped when I saw it. My friend took this pic from the car. I’m guessing a house burned down or something and these folks just bought the lot and extended their back yard. Pretty, isn’t it?

Another lovely cottage…it’s my favorite kind with the multiple pitched roof lines, dormers and peaks.

I think this house has amazing potential…but I just wasn’t feeling the stark black and white paint job. It looks cold and a bit scary, even in the daylight. It could be amazing with the right paint colors.

There is something about yellow houses…I already know I like the folks who live inside.

Beautiful Greek Revival…at least that’s what I usually call the ones with the huge columns out front. Β I think I see Miss Scarlet coming down the front steps now.

Oh…I like this one, A LOT! It’s just a block or two down the street from the historic home where my garden club meets. Check out the semi-hidden second floor porch. You could stow away up there on a Sunday afternoon and listen to the neighbors gossiping as they stroll by on the sidewalk. πŸ™‚ I love the way it’s painted, you notice all the beautiful architectural accents and design, without it being too garish. Yep, this could become a fav… I will not stalk, I will not stalk, I will not stalk.

Toured this house one Christmas…they had gorgeous, large, square, boxwood wreaths hanging on the lower section of each of the front windows. I ooohed and ahhhed and then came home and did a Christmas post for the blog showing a square wreath.

They looked something like this, but bigger and prettier!

A sweet cottage….I love the wavy siding.

And another cute cottage…but why are they hiding all that cuteness behind that huge hedge? No underground utilities in these historic areas.

I think this is a Dutch Colonial…isn’t it wonderful?

Ok, ready to stalk? Here it is…do you hear Jaws music?

There it is…just beyond the ivy and past the magnolias. It’s on a dead end street and sits nicely back off the road…very private. And I know they are Georgia fans ’cause I’ve seen a big Georgia concrete Bulldog out front on their steps.

I’ve always stalked it from the road, but my crazy, brave…did I mention crazy…friend who was with me this day, walked up their driveway (YES, he did) to get a couple of pics for you, my blog buddies.

I love the double porches, the eyebrow-arched window. This house used to be painted a pale pink…not good. Fortunately, the new owners gave it a new dress. When it had been up for sale, I checked the price…it was just under a million. ~~~Sigh~~~ Oh well, I’m really in search of that quaint darling cottage anyway, this is way more house than I need. Now, what I really want to know is…when is this baby going to be on the Christmas tour? We want in people! Don’t make me stalk you forever!
Today, I was almost certain I was in Mayberry…I kept waiting to bump into Andy, Opie and Aunt Bea. The neighborhoods and houses melted into my heart…as did this sweet tree swing just on the other side of a white picket fence.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Olive Rue says

    So I'm scrolling through the photos and I'm thinking to myself…hmmm these look familiar. Then, it hits me these are the homes off the Marietta square. My old stomping ground. Lol. I have meant to stop and take pics of these homes for years now. You finally beat me to it. And for some reason I was thinking that you lived in Alpharetta. My favorite one is the white picket fence.

  2. Jadehollow says

    They certainly are gorgeous homes.. remind me of the ones here in Covington and Madison. Ashley and I went out the other day and did just what y'all did.. took pictures for a My Hometown Party in blogland next week. We weren't as gutsy as your friend lol but did manage to get some great shots.
    Have a great week.

  3. Enchanted Rose Studio says

    What a wonderful tour! Let's see, I'll take that one, no, wait, I want that one..hang on..that one! lol

    I really enjoyed it! More, defintely more tours are in order please. And be sure to take your friend…the one with the paparazzi blood in his veins!

    Thanks so much!

  4. I can't believe these are all in the same area! Such beauty in one place and not to mention the history. The thought of it makes me giddy.

    I wish that we had more neighborhoods like this on the central coast of CA.

  5. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    Susan, this was awesome. Oh my, yellow houses with big porches – be still my heart!

    I LOVE house tours!!!! I'm ready whenever you are too! Oh yeah, I want you to go in too!!! ☺ Diane

  6. Susan,
    Thanks for the wonderful tour.
    I used to live really close to the square on a street called Vance Circle. Do you know that street?
    We went by there a few years ago, and the house is still there. I loved that house.

  7. Every one of these houses are fantastic. I just love that backyard…and the houses with the porches. I like to stalk, particularly at night, when the lights are on, to see INSIDE!!
    But the best pic…the last. That is priceless!

  8. The "Old South" definately has the lions share of beautiful old homes… I miss seeing them everywhere… thanks for a stoll down memory lane for me and for sharing the most beautiful photos of these special homes.

    have a great rest of the week!

  9. Thanks for the great tour! I love peeking through gates to see what lies beyond. I could move right into the white house that had the square wreaths. I can picture it all decked out for Christmas!

  10. Our shabby old house needs to be painted and it thrills me to see old Victorians and the colors that are used. So thank you for the tour.
    Is the first house green or gray?
    Love it

  11. Sarah Anderson says

    Susan, I cast my vote for more home tours. It's fun to see other neighborhoods across the country. Beautiful homes in your historic area. When were most of these homes built? Like you, I'd love to take a tour inside these houses.

  12. imjacobsmom says

    Be still my heart, if I lived nearby, I'd be considered a stalker, too. If you got more homes to tour – bring'em on! ~ Robyn

  13. Great houses in your little town. I think we need a "Home Tour" day so we can share houses we admire whether in our town or some other place that we've been.

  14. Oh wow, what gorgeous homes. I loved the tour. Did you ever take us on a tour of the front and yard of your home? If so I missed it, but would love to see it. Hugs, Marty

  15. The Toll House Cookie says

    Thanks for sharing your hometown tour. I loved seeing the homes-many reminded me of homes found on Martha's Vineyard. You have me thinking I should take more notice of the beauty in the homes around my town. As soon as the sunshine returns-I will do just that.

  16. Michelle says

    Hi Susan! I like "your town"! Such an array of styles, all of them beautiful (except for the Munster residence, JK) I've only been in Atlanta on business trips, thanks for the tour!
    P.S. I enlarged my first photo tonight and I was totally excited! I did it! Thanks for that post about how to do it!

  17. tardevil says

    I'll take any one of those houses, please! :O) Hope you're having a good summer!

  18. Wow those are a handful of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen. I have serious house envy.

  19. Susan, this was great! I loved the tour.Thank-u so much for sharing! Have a great week! Blessings

  20. Susan,
    What a neat tour of town.
    Cute, cute houses.
    Can you believe that Christmas is almost here again? I really enjoy the Christmas Tours.


    Susan – I too am a stalker of houses. I loved your post today because I am debating painting my front door and I am looking at different colors.

    We are going to be on our local Christmas House Tour this year. I am already working on ideas. I keep checking the past posts on all my favorite blogs for "Christmas Past".

    Thanks as always for shairng your wonderful experiences.


  22. abeachcottage says

    wowza to the last one with the double porch! one day I will own one like this…one day

    love the swing and the picket fence too looks like a movie set


  23. Really Rainey says

    What beautiful homes live in your town! Hope your week is going well…
    ~Really Rainey~

  24. More more more! This is exactly what I love doing – rubber-necking at other peoples' houses. It's funny how we always think someone else's is nicer than our own. Your houses in America are soooo different from ours in England and it's great to get a tour with you.

    Angie, xx

  25. Terri and Bob says

    That was so much fun!! I love houses like that too but Bob has convinced me (slightly) that I wouldn't love the upkeep. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  26. I enjoyed the tour! Any time you want to show us more would be great!

  27. What beautiful houses! I can totally see why you stalk them. I'd love to have an older home like that someday. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in my early '70s colonial.

    And, yes, please take us on more tours of beautiful homes like that!

  28. Loved the tour, can't wait for more!

  29. Oooh, love the houses. I especially like the tudor and the cottage!

  30. Beautiful – all of them.
    We used to live in Pinehurst, NC & my friend and I would walk thru taking pictures of everything.
    So quaint.

  31. Susan, What a great walking tour, thanks for taking me along. How wonderful to live in a place with some many beautiful homes.

    Have a great day and come to see me.


  32. Susan, What a great walking tour, thanks for taking me along. How wonderful to live in a place with some many beautiful homes.

    Have a great day and come to see me.


  33. Thank you so much for the tour of the beautiful homes. Yep, I beleive I could join you in stalking.
    jean in virginia

  34. Southerncook says

    OMG, Susan, I loved, loved, loved the home tour. I am crazy about old houses. Wish I had one but when we built ours 28 years ago (I think that makes it old now?) I built it to look old or an older looking charm was what I was after. Next time I am in Atlanta I will definitely have to go take a look at these houses. Plus you have inspired me to go take a home tour of some beautiful homes in our area.

    I must say that thinking of you as a stalker was too funny. Great post.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  35. What beautiful houses. Thank you for sharing them with us.


  36. Crystal Rose Cottage says

    What pretty homes! The one neglected home I could just envision it so pretty….so sad when someone doesn't take pride in their home..Thanks for sharing!

  37. Girl this was absolutley wonderful!!!!! Ohhhh the feelings it brings up inside makes me all teary eyed….I loved this and some of those houses I just had to stop and sigh…sigh some more….make a wish and then move on to the next one! lol Gorgeous post…please do this again sometime!!!!

  38. Susan that was one spectacular tour! I love old homes and old yards. The trees make all the difference.

    You know what? My dad lives in a house that is 100 years old. He is three years into the refurbishing process with another year to go. People he doesn't know regularly come to his door. He loves to let them in. πŸ™‚

  39. What a wonderful tour! Put my mark in the 'yes' column for another tour!

  40. lilsista says

    Ohhhhhhhhh….how I wish I had one of those houses!!!! Aren't they just beautiful??? There is something so soothing and calming about them…something that says "everything's going to be okay" How did we ever loose that design feeling in the homes we build today? Nice post….Smiles!

  41. Oh, I would be stalking,too, if I had these beauties to look at…. Thank you for the wonderful tour of homes- and yes, you can do it again sometime for us! πŸ™‚ Sue

  42. Oh, Susan! I loved my tour of historic homes with you! Beautiful! It would be hard to pick one – I loved them all!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  43. lucia.hames says

    Yes, we DO have wonderful houses in Marietta! Ya'll come stalk us anytime! I live right down the street from most of these cottages!

  44. * sigh *
    They sure are beautiful. I am a sucker for wrap around porches.

  45. Thank you so much for the eye candy. I am such a sucker for cottages!

  46. I am so glad you are stalker!:) Wow- thanks for the tour of all of these wonderful homes!

    I do feel like I've been to Mayberry- and I think that was Thelma Lou in the drugstore:)…

    Happy Wednesday!

    Linda C

  47. salmagundi says

    Great pictures of gorgeous homes! Thanks for the tour. Sally

  48. Dirt Princess says

    I LOVE everyone of them! I would galdly have any of them!

  49. This was wonderful. I'll be happy to go on your tours any time.

    And, I do love them all.

  50. Ahhh Susan, one of my favorites of your postings! I love old homes, and that thrilling bit of voyeurism that comes with semi-stalking these treasures! LOL My first home was a 1920's English Tudor cottage,rounded wood front door, small… but I loved it sooo much! This post makes me want to move again. Are you really looking for a new place? I have really enjoyed your posts this last week. Take care, Jan

  51. P.S. meant to say I loved all the homes but the one where you asked, "where do I sign?" was my fav, with the yellow one being a close second. The scary one needs some softening up, doesn't it? Reminds me of the Norman Bates house!

  52. Valerie's Pieces says

    I soooo badly want to live there, we don't really have any little towns quite this beautiful in Houston. Where in the world do you live, I am moving there! Thanks so much,I have always dreamed of living in a place like that.

  53. Brittany says

    LOVE the photos! It makes me want to get outside and spruce up our lawn – thanks for the inspiration!

  54. **swoons** No words needed. Simply beautiful. Thank you for the tour.

  55. ButterYum says

    Lovely, lovely, lovely – thanks for the tour of your quaint town.

  56. cedwards55 says

    Don't make me pick a favorite. The word that keeps coming to mind is CHARMING! I so enjoyed this post. I love stalking houses but thought I was the only one who did it and I was afraid I needed a 12 step program or an intervention. Glad to have your company in my affliction! I wanna see more!!!!

  57. someplace in thyme says

    Oh Susan, when my husband was serving his country and was stationed in Atlanta, we lived in Marietta. Not being from the south, but born and raised in CA, I didn't know what to expect when this assignment came up. At the time, we were living in Germany. The olympics were coming to Atlanta and everyone was so excited. Needless to say, and to make a long story short, we LOVED the south AND loved Georgia. We never wanted to leave and thought we would return when he retired. We are now in the desert of AZ, that's another long story, but you took me back and often do when I read your posts. I thankyou so much for a little slice of heaven every once in awhile. Like they say, "thanks for the memories", Char

  58. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Some beautiful old houses. Thanks for the tour.

  59. I have to share this post with several friends. These are beautiful and what a great tour! Thank you.

    You have good taste in stalking!!

  60. The Tablescaper says

    Wow!!! Amazing and so fun. It really made you feel like you were there. I too would LOVE to see inside. It's so tempting. Thanks for all of the stalking. Please let us know about the Christmas tour. It would be a bit of journey for me from NY, but you never know. Now that would be a road trip – or maybe a chance to find good air fare! Thank you so much for sharing. – The Tablescaper

  61. City Bloggers Online says

    Thanks for taking the time to do the walking tour and sharing the pictures. I just love these older homes. They have such character and if they could talk surely would have so much to say.

    I had requested the name of the white openwork chargers that you had in one of your tablesetting on your porch, but hadn't heard from you. I believe you said they were from Neiman Marcus online, but I cannot find them there. Perhaps I could locate them if I had the name of the pattern and Company?


  62. I could so be your stalking buddy. Love each and every home you showcased. I can't pick a favorite because I would be happy to call any of them home.

    Please go do more stalking. Love the home tours.


  63. Anonymous says

    what a treat to see these houses

    the vine growing on the porches and across the front – is jackson vine
    my sister has it in tennessee

  64. Dana and Daisy says

    Oh I think we should have a hometown tour party!

    the black and white one looks haunted.

    My favorite one is the peachy coral colored one with the giant black walnut tree in the front yard. it just has my name written all over it!

    And yes, i would have expected a foyer open to the stairs right i the middle of that one house that you said you walk right into the living room.

  65. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Susan, this is absolutely charming! I would love to go touring with you again. This is delightful. You should be hooked up to Outdoor Wednesday. This is amazing, and I know they would love it!


    Sheila πŸ™‚

  66. Oh Susan, that was such a wonderful tour! thanks so much for taking us along, and I would love to see more!!!

  67. Frugal Fine Living says

    What gorgeous homes! I couldn't even pick a favorite, because they were all beautiful. Thanks for the tour.


  68. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    Beautiful homes, I don't blame you for stalking! Too funny.


  69. The Stylish House says

    These are all so lovely! It looks like a great place to take a long walk on a summer day.

  70. I would live in any of the smallish ones. I am more the cottage girl myself, and wouldn't want wasted space. I love the detail they added to the architectural elements. So beautiful, Susan! But oh, I can't see you leaving that wonderful house you have with that darling porch!

  71. Ahhhhhhh…these are so gorgeous! Makes me ache and SIGH just looking! I scrolled through several times just to dream! I love your stalker house…so grand and elegant! My favorite is the cottage with the white picket fence and stone pathway. I've always dreamed of living in a quaint cottage! YES~ bring on the tours so we can all collectively SIGH again! πŸ™‚ L~

  72. printersdevil says

    Beautiful tour! You should link these to the great American Hometown Tour over at Huckleberry Prairies blog.

  73. I could never choose! Loved them all. The house without the foyer reminds me of the Father of the Bride house.

  74. Kathleen says

    That was great! I loved the tour..all of the homes lovely in their own way.
    Thank you for a lovely look at Hotlanta!

  75. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of Marietta looked like this….I love these homes but especially the Tudor one…I love the big straw like wreath that has always hung in the window and that fablous side porch….I would love to peek inside it someday…..The huge bric one with the carriage house is another favorite….You sure made our town look beautiful

  76. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Enjoyed seeing these lovely homes. Thanks for a great tour (and I didn't even have to get in the car or walk down the sidewalk). laurie

  77. Loved this house blog. I'm ready for the next one. I'm a sucker house tours. Really beautiful homes. It's fun wondering about the people who own them.

  78. Nancy Holte says

    Loved the tour. They just don't have homes like that in the north. Oh, there are some beautiful homes, mind you, they just aren't the same as in the south. Thanks for the tour. Let's go another one soon!

  79. Anonymous says

    OK….I'm drooling! Toni

  80. Oh Susan, catching up on your blog posts a bit, Wow what a tour. Amazing homes, I am ready to move into them all or at least see inside too, since the outsides are so gorgeous! I have a thing about old yellow houses and just old houses in general!
    Thanks, so fun to see.

  81. TheOldPostRoad says

    We lived in Marietta for a while. In Madison, now – similar houses. I love the dutch colonial.

  82. Allidink says

    Wow you live in a great neighborhood I would give anything to live in one of those neat houses. Wow. So neat!

    All the best,

  83. Tammy of Yarborough House says

    Love it. I live in a historic district and it is amazing how much more you see when you walk. We try to walk alot and let the kids ride their bikes. There is something to be said to historic districts as they really do take you a step back in time. Not just the homes but the demeanor of the neighborhood. The people themselves. The activities are geared to more of the days of long ago.
    I love my home and love to look at others in the area. Might have to get out and photograph my hometown…

  84. honeysuckle says

    I absolutely loved this post with all the adorable cottages. Are all these near you? You are a lucky one. They are just what I would love to live in. thanks for sharing them with us.

  85. What a fun post! I tend to be drawn to yellow or blue houses. Did live in a blue one once. I keep hoping some day I will live in one of those type of beauties. Maybe not a huge one, a cottage perhaps. Thanks for sharing!

  86. Sharing with Sherri says

    Hi Susan,

    What a nice tour of the charming homes in your area… I especially loved the one with the green iron gate!


  87. Ahhh historic Marietta! Love it Susan.
    You did a beautiful job capturing the charm of the city.
    I just bought a book at Costco with a couple hundred pics the homes and businesses off the square…old pictures and a little history on some of the homes too! You probably have it but I'd love to send you one if not!
    Thank you, I soooo enjoyed this~
    All Things Heart and HOme

  88. Oh my goodness Susan, you sure live in a beautiful town. Those houses are to die for!!

  89. LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango says

    I thought they were all just fabulous! I really like the arched wooden front door….have a thing for arches! LOL! Susan, could you tell what the blog title was for the post you did about how to make your photos larger. I have had some inquiries and would like to refer them to your blog if it's still listed? Thanks a bunch for explaining it so well! I thought it was quite easy and I'm not computer savvy! LOL! Luanne

  90. Not the Good Scissors! says

    We have the same taste in homes. I love every single one of them.

  91. Miss Janice says

    I really, really liked this tour Susan. I'm gonna do a vine under our porch eave…husband's not gonna like it though! These Southern homes are just gorgeous!

  92. mbkatc230 says

    These are all gorgeous Susan. I would definitely vote for another home tour! If I had to choose, I think I would choose the yellow one. It just looks like "home" and I love the cheerful yellow paint. Although I would love to get my hands on that poor neglected cottage. It really could be a showplace with some TLC (and a LOT of hard work). Thanks for the tour. Kathy

  93. Jadehollow says

    Looks like you found the Town Tour Party.. Once again.. Beautiful Homes.. I do love that first one.

  94. Michelle@Fromhousetohome says

    Thrilled to go on this tour with you. Such beautiful homes, all with such character. It's like they all have their own personalities like people. I'd pick a favorite but that would be too difficult!

  95. Melissa Marie says

    These houses are beyond beautiful… they are absolutely dreamy. Thanks for linking up with my town tour party! πŸ™‚ haha…you are so right! The squirrel IS packing heat. haha…I cracked up when I read that!! πŸ™‚

  96. Liberty :) says

    Ah you have such beautiful houses in America!! Carmel-by-the-sea has the most delightful cottages, which inspired the name for my blog "Liberty Cottage!"

    This is a great blog, new here but got it on RSS now πŸ™‚

  97. Amy Lynne says

    I would love to go on another tour with you! Those houses were so cute, but then again I am a sucker for porches!

  98. Loved the tour! Thanks!

  99. Johnson A GoGo! says

    Hi, Susan! I loved looking at all the pictures! I, too, live in Marietta and recognized many of the houses. However, there were several I have never seen before – what street were you walking on your tour?? I would love to check them out, too!


  100. Hands down, this is the best virtual house tour I've ever been on! It took me forever to get through this post! I kept stopping to stare at all the details of every place! Thank you for sharing!

  101. Marjorie says

    Susan, what a wonderful surprise to see pictures of historic Marietta! I found your blog last week and love it. I thought you might be in Georgia, but didn't know you were right down the road. We just love the Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth area! We went down for pizza (MPC) and the concert on the square last weekend and got caught in a pop up storm. Had to take cover at the new Strand Theatre. Great city, great pictures!

  102. Simply Susan says

    Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous houses! I am also glad to know that there are other "sick" people like me who love to look at other peoples houses and imagine decorating them ;o)

  103. Absolutely beautiful homes. My nephew plays baseball at SPSU so hopefully I can come there to watch him play next Spring and see these homes in person!
    Beautiful town, thanks so much for sharing.
    Blessings always,
    Matthew 21:22

  104. Graceful Moments says

    Loved the tour. I live a bit north of Marietta and have seen many of these lovely cottages when driving by. It was delightful to get to see them up close.
    It's a good thing you didn't give me the street name, I might have become a stalker too!
    Lovely blog…btw, found you via Southern Hospitality!
    I'll be back!

  105. I love this post (I'm a new reader, via Southern Hospitality via Buzzings of a Queen Bee)…I grew up in Marietta..moved away when I married in 95, and have always loved the houses near the square (I was born at Kennestone, and lived in the 0067 til I moved 5000 miles away when I married).

    Now I'm in Oklahoma, and while it has its share of beautiful old homes…there's something special about a place you grew up loving and longing to walk in (my pediatrician, my sisters' orthopedist–they were alllll near the square…and with the way you had/have to drive to get to their offices…sigh…I got a look every.single.time.

    Beautiful homes, lovely pictures…I'm going to save this page as a favorite just so I can go back when I'm feeling blue and a bit homesick (I moved to Oklahoma a year ago, and so I'm not likely to get back to Marietta any time soon…).

    Thanks for sharing Marietta with the world…

  106. its so very cheri says

    Thanks so much for sharing. I love old homes, they have so much character. You wish the walls could talk and tell you tales from the past.


  107. Oh wow, loved those houses!!! Thanks for posting them.

  108. 4littlepilgrims says

    Hi! I stumbled upon your post from Southern Hospitality. Thanks for the photos. I thought that I might just see my cousins house on there. They just redid and historic home on Wright Street a couple of years ago and it is beautiful. I just love the swing on their front porch. Makes me wish I had one here in Tennessee. Thanks for all of the wonderful pictures!

  109. Gorgeous! If you have never made the drive to stalk the homes in Cartersville you should, the Rose Lawn museum is one of the prettiest homes/best tour I have ever been on!

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