Wish I Had Discovered These 2 Years Ago–Such A Time and Labor Saver!

Thanks so much for all your comments, advice, and input in the comments of Monday’s post! From reading your comments, I can see so many of us have had similar experiences. I’ve heard from several BNOTP readers who’ve said that reading about your experiences has helped them so much! So thank you for sharing those–you’ve definitely helped others by doing that! ♥

If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you probably know I don’t really enjoy cooking unless I have family or friends visiting, so I am always looking for shortcuts to make cooking more fun. Discovering air fryers a few years back was a happy day! I think I first encountered an air fryer while visiting with my son and daughter-in-law who are great cooks. I ended up purchasing an air fryer shortly after that visit and I find I use it as much (if not more) than I use my microwave!

Love My Air Fryer


The one I purchased has two baskets which I really love because I can air fry more than one thing at a time. (This 2-basket air fryer is available here: Two-Basket Ninja Air Fryer.) The only thing I don’t like about air fryers, and this exists with most cooking, is the clean-up part. It can be a little tricky cleaning the grates inside the fryer.


Recently, on a lark, I did a search to see if anyone made a liner that could be used in a air fryer and was pleasantly surprised they do exist! Wish I had known about these two years ago! These were designed to fit air fryers that are similar to mine.

Air Fryer Parchment Liners


Today was the first day I decided to give it a try. I made a grocery store run yesterday and purchased some seasoned meatballs that were made in-store at Publix. Wish I’d thought to take a photo of those. I placed 5 of the 10 meatballs inside because the info on the liner box said to place enough food inside that the liner won’t get blown around inside the fryer. Though smaller than a burger or a piece of chicken, I think 4 meatballs would have been enough, as well. Here’s how it looks when the meatballs were done.

Air Fryer Liner after cooking beef, meatballs


Here’s how the grate looked afterward. This will be so much easier to clean than it normally is when I cook beef inside!

Air Fryer After Cooking with a Parchment Liner


And here’s how the bottom looked, almost no mess at all. I know it’s kinda convenient to have all the grease drip through to the bottom, but I really dislike having to clean out all the stuff that drips through. Ugh. I don’t mind if the meatballs or burgers are cooked in the grease–that’s fine with me. If anything, I think it helped keep the meatballs that I made a lot juicer because I have a tendency to overcook everything. I don’t like “rare” burgers and I’m always leery of undercooking chicken, so I have a tendency to cook meat a bit longer than I probably should.

Air Fryer After Cooking with Parchment Liner


I may be the last person on earth to learn about air fryer liners (Ha!) but I wanted to share these with you in case you could use something similar when you cook in your air fryer. The food-safe, parchment liners I purchased are available here: Air Fryer Liner. You’ll find them in a lot of different sizes and shapes for all types of air fryers here: Liners for Air Fryers.

Air Fryer Parchment Liners


Did you already know about these? Wish I had known about these years ago! What a time and labor saver!

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  1. Nancy Lou Hauge says

    I got an airfryer for Christmas a couple years ago and proceeded to follow the directions at to temp and time…I overcooked everything and made it hard and tasteless…So, needless to say I don’t use it much. But when I did I used the pop up foil pieces you can buy at the 99 cent store and places like it. I love these things for my little toaster oven etc. Can’t put them in the microwave but since my oven computer is broken and I cannot get parts and I refuse to buy a $900 oven to replace it as it will probably have a computer also…( this hate of computers in everything is something I learned after buying a $900 maytag washer that did not put enough water in to wash the clothes plus broke down 2 years after purchase…yes it was the computer…it is now in the shed and I am using my mother in laws old washer..NOcomputer )plus the computer in my car, then the computer in my oven…my last Maytag lasted almost 30 years and that is why I bought another. In Calif you have no choice…What happened to appliances that worked for many many many years??? The manufacturer cannot make bookoo bucks with an appliance that lasts is the answer! I know I am ranting but just cannot help myself as I am sure there are many more like me out there. The younger generation has no clue! Do you set your temp and time by instructions from the manufacturer? Everyone told me how wonderful these air fryers were…what am I doing wrong?

    • Tina W Reynolds says

      I know just how you feel! I often say, “why do things have to be more complicated, work less well and be “throw-away”?” I prize functionality and durability. My son and his wife also had a Maytag top-loading/no agitator type washer. It also had problems with not enough water, taking excessive amounts of time to wash, etc. My son, an engineer who is exceptionally mechanical, had obtained parts and repaired it twice, then, computer issues struck and it could not be made right. It was also only 2 years old. He was extremely frustrated. The expense of a new one was not what his little family needed at the time. Needless to say, they switched brands when they purchased the new one! I wish you luck with your appliances! We just installed a new garbage disposal…only to have to replace it one month later with a more expensive model. Arrggh!

    • irene m pine says

      Yes, and yes again to your post on good ole fashion no computer nonsense. I tell yeah, I will continue to purchase reconditioned ole appliances.

    • YES! I know this is off the topic of air fryer liners but when you bring up the computerization of EVERYTHING I perk up. I cannot stand my washer for tor so many reasons, It doesn’t fill up, it LOCKS, you cannot advance it if you want to. and MOST of all you have to wait forever to stop and open it! I don’t have time to play the games the idiots that made this thing decided I would want to. Now I hear a certain group(think Climate) are out to do MORE so called energy saving washing machine changes, should be horrid!Whoever is designing these appliances these days,I will include the touchscreens in our cars has no care about the user. They love all the bells and whistles and are more concerned with Climate but how junking things after a year , how that works for that , I don’t know. Please give us simple Non digital long lasting machines with knobs back!!

  2. My air fryer is the same as yours and I didn’t know they had liners in that shape, so thanks for this tip, I’m going to try them! One question: I was looking at your post with the recipe for “Devils on Horseback” appetizers. Do you think it would work well to cook those in the air fryer (vs. the oven)?

    • I bet they could be made in an air fryer. I think anything that you make in an oven that will fit in the basket, can be cooked in an air fryer. I use mine constantly for air-frying chicken, breaded shrimp, and burgers. I’ve also cooked vegetables in it. I love it! If I had to choose between keeping my air fryer or my microwave, I would choose my air fryer every time!

  3. This is so cool! How in the world do you find these things, Susan? I have yet to purchase or attempt to use an air fryer, but a friend recently has and she told me how good food tastes when prepared in one. I do not especially like to cook, and there are only two of us, so I love anything that makes food preparation easier. I will have to buy one. Do you have a recommendation for a particular one? Thanks.

    • I really love mine! Having 2 baskets is so awesome for cooking several things at once. I definitely recommend it. I bought mine here: https://amzn.to/3TkW9xL

      They are so easy to use, even for someone who rarely cooks, like me. I always say I’m a lazy cook! lol

    • irene m pine says

      I bought 100 white, and they have in yellow. air fryer liners from TEMU for few dollars

  4. Tina W Reynolds says

    We’ve been thinking of getting an air fryer. I am the type to live without the extras, but now I really think the liners would be a deal-maker! I am looking to make something (anything!) a little easier in life. Recently someone also suggested that slow-cooker liners are quite helpful, too. Yay for easier clean-ups!

  5. I thought the parchment liners needed to have holes. However, I see that yours did not. I use a slice of old bread under the grate to help absorb grease.

    • Tammie, I was thinking last night, I’m going to place the liner under the grate next time…into the bottom of the basket. I’ll still have to clean the grate, but I won’t have to clean the basket. I think I’ll see how that works.

  6. If the liner is parchment paper, why can’t one tear off a piece from a box of parchment paper to make a liner. It is probably cheaper that way.

    I don’t own an air fryer. Can’t decide if I want one. I don’t want it sitting on my counter when not in use, and all my storage space is taken. I could clean out and discard. But that is a comment and task for another day.

    • As long as it will stay up against the sides and dosen’t move around inside or get sucked into anything. There are instructions on the liners explaining the correct way to use them…so you def want to make sure the parchment paper doesn’t move around.

  7. It took me awhile to get on board with buying an air fryer but so glad I did. Do you know you can make a small batch of cookies (4) in it. So much quicker than heating up the oven for just a few cookies. I always mix up a batch of cookies and then freeze individual portions then just pull out a few at a time to bake. You can also make a cheesecake in the air fryer. Who knew? America’s Test Kitchen has a cookbook for airfryers and has some wonderful recipes in it.

  8. Shari Kleczka says

    When you don’t use paper liners, Dawn Powerwash works great to dissolve any grease residue. Just spray on an leave for a couple minutes, then sponge off with soapy water. It also works great for greasy baking pans and cookware. A game changer.

    • Shari, I recently ran out of my regular Dawn liquid and came so close to buying the powerwash. I just ordered it after I saw your comment…I want to try it. So it’s more powerful than regular Dawn dishwashing liquid? Thanks for mentioning it!

      • Shari Kleczka says

        Hi Susan, It’s much more effective than Dawn liquid on greasy, baked on messes. It’s not a replacement for regular Dawn Liquid which I use for most hand washed dishes. I use it on all my baking sheets, baking dishes and air fryer baskets. It leaves them grease-free. Just remember to leave it sit on the surface a few minutes before sponging off. I hope you love it as much as I do. Happy air-frying!

  9. I love my Ninja double basket air fryer. It gets used just about every day. I use unbleached parchment paper when reheating pizza or burritos, or cooking eggs. Sometimes I roast a whole small chicken, delicious.

  10. Yep, there are “filters” for the air fryer! I got them for my son, when he moved out I left him take our Ninja air fryer. So I saw the filters and know how he hates cleaning the air fryer when he was home-he didn’t! So got them for him. All the grease collects on it, it’s not like you are eating the grease and they sure make clean up a whole lot easier! Sorry you didn’t know about them, but now you do! Hugs, Brenda

    • Brenda, it dawned on me yesterday, maybe I should place the liner underneath the grate, into the bottom of the basket. I may try that next time. I’ll have to clean the grate but I want have to clean the bottom of the basket. Do you place the liner under the grate on the bottom of the basket, or do you place it on top? Or do you just leave the grate out.

  11. The comments about the newer washing machines are exactly why I went with a no-frills Speed Queen top loader. It lets me use as much water as I want and gets our clothes clean. That’s good enough for me! As far as an air fryer, our daughter gave us one a few Christmases ago. It took me two years to get it out of the box and try it! It has worked pretty well on the few things I’ve tried, but I honestly prefer the results I get baking things in my oven. I know I’m in the minority, though.

    • I went with Speed Queen too! I love that I can choose the water level and the dial selector is something that can be repaired easily as opposed to the “computer” mother boards.

    • I’m still using the first washing machine I ever purchased. It’s 42 years old now. I’ll check out the Speed Queens when it finally goes. It may outlive me! 🙂

  12. Lynneferd says

    Thanks for writing about the sad state of our appliances! I’m with the gal buying a no frills Speed Queen. It is easy to work and I’ve had no trouble with mine. My dryer is over twenty years old and seems fine. Unfortunately, I’m moving into an older home. The appliances work, but are needing to be replaced. So I’ll be buying new ones. I had good luck with GE Cafe appliances. So will stick with those for my wall oven. I need a downdraft for the range top, so must use a Jenn Air. Hopefully it will work well. Anyway, it is hard to know what appliances to invest in! Wishing everyone good luck!

  13. I had to replace my stove during the Pandemic and was stuck with what was in the store. A “smart” stove. I hate it. I paid so much I decided I have to keep it for at least 5 years (while I use my toaster oven) and then I hope to replace it with a no frills, no computer cheapo model with coils instead of a glass top which has two choices – rapid boil or barely heat.

  14. I got an air fryer for Christmas 3 years ago and we use it most every day. It came w/3 racks, enabling us to cook several things at once. The drip pan is in the bottom and clean-up is a breeze. It’s one of those things I didn’t think I wanted until I got it! To me, the racks seem more versatile and accommodating than the baskets. Of course, this is just my opinion.

  15. I have a Black and Decker basket type air fryer and use it mostly for cooking meat, hot dogs, fish, chicken and even reheat fried foods (better than microwave). I don’t like the cleanup so much and didn’t know about liners. I think I will try and make my own liner with parchment paper. I don’t mine the grease pan part as it wipes out and then I wash with Dawn. I don’t like the basket as it is coated with baked on grease after so many years. I did buy a second toaster oven/air fryer by Black and Decker and use it for French fries and fish sticks, hash browns…no meat…less clean up! Thanks for the tip, Susan!

  16. I can’t be without my air fryer, and we use it almost every day. Clean up is a breeze, especially since my husband does it. LOL

  17. I ran out of space on my above post and wanted to say that my air fryer cleans up so easily. It’s all teflon lined and I wipe out any grease and pop the grates in the dishwasher and they come out perfectly clean, Maybe i have’t made anything that would cause me to have to work hard to get the grate clean, though.

  18. I am thinking about getting an air fryer. I looked at the one you bought. Did you purchase the smaller or larger one? My husband and I are retired. Thinking the smaller is all we need.

    • I bought the smaller one, I don’t think the bigger one was available yet when I bought mine. I can cook 3 good size chicken breasts in one basket–if that helps to know.

  19. My comment yesterday was wiped out again. I think its my phone. I know Walmart sells the liners. Somewhere on Pinterest I saw silicone liners or maybe it’s the thing for liners to fit in. About appliances. They are so awful today. When I bought my house I bought a Kenmore top loading washer. If you don’t buy an overpriced warranty, all is lost. They don’t even want to talk to you. I think the clueless dept. manager was afraid to come out and talk to me. The pump broke and wouldn’t pump the water out. No help because you didn’t buy the warranty.
    At this point a used washer would be better. I don’t have anything nice to say about the refrigerator that came from Lowes either.

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