A Bit of Antiquing & An Update on the Beautiful Embroidered Fall Leaf/Acorn Cords

Yesterday, I stopped by a local antique shop to browse for a few minutes. I didn’t have a lot of time to shop but I snapped a few photos to share. This dining table with 3 leaves and 6 chairs was marked at $650. The chairs are really pretty. Hard to see in the photo below, but the armchair on this end had some pretty carvings on the arms.


Do geese like carrots? I didn’t know they were into carrots.


Stopped by Flourish Antiques while I was there and took a few pictures of some of David’s latest creations. I thought I snapped a picture of the info/price for this lamp but it ended up being for the table it was on, so I don’t have additional info for this particular lamp.


Italian Porcelain Parrott Table Lamp, $275. Many of David’s lamps are one-of-a-kind since he creates them himself with beautiful pieces that he finds. The info for this lamp said:


Murano Glass, Birds of a Feather, $395. This lamp would be beautiful in a romantic Mario Buatta bedroom. The colors are so soft–really pretty.


One last lamp, I think I remember seeing this one the last time I stopped in.


Tiffany-Style Lamp, $475. In another booth, I saw this really large tiffany style lamp. I always picture lamps like this in a historical Victorian home, probably because I’ve seen similar lamps in Victorian homes during Christmas home tours.


I don’t normally look at these style clocks but they caught my eye this time since there were three of them on display. The info for each clock (starting on the far left) stated: Seth Thomas Blonde Mantle Clock, Circa 1911, 4 Pillars, Rare: $325; Ingraham Black & Green Mantle Clock, Circa 1918: $195; Seth Thomas Black & Green Mantle Clock, Circa 1900, Egyptian Version, Rare: $270.


Antique Mantle Clock w/key & pendulum, In working order, $80.


Antique Console with cast metal ornamental trim, 2 pcs, $725. I wonder how this piece would have been used, back in the day. If it were a little bit deeper, it would have made a great desk, but it seems a bit too shallow for that. Do you know how this piece would have been used?


Antique Hall Tree, $450. Beautiful hall tree!


I saw a lot of dishware during my brief visit.


Jacobean Buffet, $650. I just did a search for “What is the difference between a sideboard and a buffet?” Apparently, they are pretty much the same thing except a buffet tends to be larger.

Antique Sideboard


Burled Walnut Chest-on-Chest, Circa 1760, George II, England, $3795. This was my favorite piece that I saw this day. In person, it looks darker than it appears here, the lighting kinda freaked out my camera phone. You definitely don’t find furniture this beautiful being made today, do you? Can furniture craftsmen, even buy the wood to make a piece like this today? Whatever home this chest-on-chest ultimately goes to, it will be the star of the room it graces!

Burled Walnut, Chest on Chest


Changing topics…you may remember these corduroy pants I shared recently with the beautifully embroidered autumn leaf and acorn design.

Corduroy Pants with Acorn Fall Embroidery


I ordered a pair in my usual size and when they arrived yesterday, they were too small. I remembered having seen a coupon code that Talbots sent out for 40% off so I reordered them in the next size up using the code “Fall” and got 40% off! That’s even better than the 25% off sale I caught the first time I ordered them. Update on 10/03: Everything on the site is 40% off today only.

Corduroy Pants with Acorn Design


So if you order these pants, you may find you need to size up one size. Not sure why these are sized differently than all the other corduroy pants that I’ve ordered this season. I don’t expect these to be around long because they are so nice and the embroidery is beautiful. You’ll find them available here: Embroidered Corduroy Pants.

Corduroy Pants with Acorn Design


See you tomorrow for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Lots of pretty things! Could you tell me the name of the shop in the top photo of the table and chairs and where located? Thanks!

  2. Love the chest on chest. The handles almost look like crowns.

  3. Loved the antiques you have shown. Some were so reasonable Thanks

    • They go quickly, too. It’s one of those places you have to visit frequently to catch the best items. A Classy Flea used to be that way before they closed.

  4. I think the Antique Console with cast metal ornamental trim may be a marriage of two different pieces. The wood looks different. Lots of lovely goodies in that shop!

  5. Carolyn Price says

    The parrot lamp brought back lovely memories of one of my first trip to Rome. I was surprised Rome had parrots. Not sure why l was surprised … just unexpected, I guess.

  6. I always enjoy your posts, I never know what I might learn, like the post regarding LED lights for the garage. Purchased them and what a difference!
    I too shop at Talbots and have for many years, I am glad to know that the corduroy pants run small, I have noticed this for years and you just confirmed it for me so now I know I am not crazy. I am wondering and plan to look into if they come in curvy because the size up is a little big for me. They are so soft and warm I want to find the perfect fit. I will keep trying. Thanks for your input

    • So glad that helped, Deborah! Were you having issue with interference with your garage door opener, or did they just really brighten things up? I love the pure white light they put out.
      Yeah, I think the cords are sized a bit different. I really do like their curvy fit, not sure why they don’t carry it in the store. I don’t think a lot of people who shop in the stores even know about it.

    • Deborah, they do make their regular corduroy pants in the curvy style…wanted to make sure you knew about those. You can see them here: https://bit.ly/3SXqWj1
      I don’t think the embroidered ones come in curvy, but at least they are designed to have some stretch in them, so that should help.

  7. Beautiful pieces. Thanks for the pics. I especially love the lamps. My mother loved antiques and growing up we had a hall tree like this one. My child me hated it. My friends laughed about it. Now I’m like – I wonder what happened to it. At some point in moving to different places, it disappeared.

  8. Carolyn Price says

    Oops! Should have read: … on my first trip to Rome.
    The retired teacher in me is mortified.
    Sinus headache has me off my game. : /

  9. Peggy McCormick says

    Susan, I enjoy your post! I was surprised to see the Tiffany style lamp! I have that lamp in a floor model. I’m partial to some Tiffany style lamps and have collected quite a few. They aren’t limited to any particular decor or style. If it speaks to you (like art), Enjoy!

  10. Gayle Kesinger says

    I have a question for frequent Talbot shoppers. Have you noticed a decrease in quality in some items? I am surprised by the negative comments I am seeing plus having ordered several shirts recently, I have seen a difference in the quality of the fabric.
    Also, Susan, I am loving my Fortnum & Mason trunk now a side table. Plus the cookies I ordered were delicious. Thank you for the great idea!

  11. Love it when you browse the antique shops. My grandmother had a buffet and she had shelves above it to display her china. Lovely lamps. Glad to see “brown” furniture is still finding homes.

  12. Linda B. Nixon says

    I always thought sideboards were tall and ready full of food when the fox hunters came through on their horses. Made taller as the horses were tall.

  13. SharonFromMichigan says

    I adore the mantle clock! I’ve developed a soft spot a couple years ago for the old clocks in estate sales. (I have 3 of them already :)!

  14. The clocks are gorgeous. My mother bought one similar to these years ago and removed the black and gold paint to leave a pretty, almost ivory color wood (though I remember as a young girl really liking the black/gold and wishing she’d left it). She still has it on her family room mantel today.

    For what it’s worth, I was always told a sideboard has high legs with a lot of space between the floor and the bottom of the piece, and a buffet has very short legs with the bottom of the piece only a few inches above the floor. The top of a sideboard is usually higher than the top of a buffet.

  15. Tina W Reynolds says

    Antiquing is so much better in the South! I am swooning over that chest-on-chest. So many pretty things.
    Thank you for the tip on those slacks. Argh! I wish sizing was easier! Especially in a world where we must shop online, even for basics!

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