Antiquing on Mother’s Day Weekend

Every time I go antiquing, I wonder why it’s taken me so long. I’m always so surprised and amazed by all the wonderful things I find and how reasonably priced they are, especially compared to what supposedly passes as good furniture these days. Today, I visited the Queen of Hearts location that’s just 3–4 miles from my home. Just inside the front door I saw so many beautiful furniture pieces, including this beautiful antique, carved, oak buffet.


Here’s a closer view of all the wonderful carving. It was originally priced at$3,800, but the tag showed that it has been reduced to $3,150. Where would you find anything made from solid oak and carved like this today?


Another beautiful piece! The tag described it as a “French Sideboard.”

French Sideboard


I love the quirky shaped, beveled, glass panes in the doors and the beautiful carving!


Here’s a close up of the lower part. This sideboard was priced at$2,200. I would definitely pay that if I had the need and room for a piece like this.


I couldn’t believe this gorgeous desk was only $395! Wish I had a spot for a piece like this!


This vintage buffet with beautiful burl wood on the drawers and doors was originally $599, now reduced to $499. Sooo pretty!


This piece was described as an “Antique English Cupboard/hutch (2 pieces)” and was originally priced at $699.99, but is now reduced to $599.99.


Not sure why this photo came out so blurry, but I got a close up of the lower half, so wanted to at least give you an idea how the top half looked.


Here’s a close up of the lower part. This antique shop is lit with fluorescent lighting, and it kept making the wood furniture pieces look very orange in my photos, but they really are not this orange. They were more of a beautiful, warm brown. So please keep that in mind as you view these photos. This beautiful China cabinet with the burl wood on the front was priced at $595.


I’ve always had the yearning to create a guest bedroom with beautiful twin beds. I only saw one of these, I wonder if there was a second one at one time? On its tag, this bed was described as a late 19th century, walnut, French Rococo, carved twin bed. It was priced at $375.

19th Century Walnut French Rococo Carved Twin Bed


The fluorescent lighting made the green paintings on these two small chests look really bright, but in person the color was more subdued and really pretty! These were only $269 for the set, if I’m remembering correctly.


These Highland House French Country armchairs were really nice and in beautiful condition. Highland House is the company that made the sofa and chairs in my upstairs family room


Here’s a closer view of the fabric. This set, along with the ottoman, was $1,299.


I’m always drawn to vintage/antique wicker furniture. This antique wicker chair was designed with springs in the seat and was price at $125.


You could just about furnish a sun porch with all the wicker pieces I kept coming across. This table was newly painted and priced at $249.


One last wicker piece that I saw during my visit…priced at $35. It would be great alongside a chair. I’d probably have a piece of glass cut to fit on the inner part so it would easily hold a glass of iced tea without it tipping over.


Wouldn’t this be great on a porch for the 4th of July? I love hand-crafted wooden flags like this. This one was priced at $25, such a great price! If you would like to make a similar flag, I shared how I made one in this previous post: Easy Way To Make a Wood Flag For Your Home Or Porch.


I have this book and it’s a good one! Love all of Mary Carol Garrity’s books! I wonder if she has written any in recent years, I need to check and see. If you don’t have this one, you’ll find it available here: Nell Hill’s Style at Home.


These Churchill Verdigris ivy plates were available in a set of 12 for $94.99.


They had a lot of unique lighting in this booth. I like the pheasant lamp, including its finial.


If I had a spot that needed an accent lamp, I would have been very tempted by this one. It was priced at $87.95. I mostly try to buy lamps with white or ivory colored shades. I like the look of lamps with darker shades, but I’ve found over the years that they don’t light up a room very well, at least not like a lamp with a white or ivory shade. But if you have a spot where you don’t require a lot of light, and really just want a decorative accent piece, that’s where I like to use lamps with shades like this one.


Another really cute lamp for a great price! It was marked $98.99.


One last lamp—this armillary-style lamp was just $78.99.


I hope you enjoyed this little escape to the Queen of Hearts. I promise I’ll do better about taking us antiquing more often in the future—I really do miss it! It was hard to not bring some of the furniture pieces home with me, but I just didn’t have a spot for them. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and do something good for yourself. You deserve it!

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  1. Nancy Brantley says

    Unfortunately this style furniture has not been selling for a few years. Modern, contemporary furniture is being purchased from low end manufacturers!! I read couple of months ago that antique and quality furniture was starting to be purchased again. Trends have a way of how some people purchase furniture. Not me…

  2. SharonFromMichigan says

    I love the 2 piece hutch. I’ve been wanting to add bookshelves to my dining/living room for books. I’ve been thinking of using something like the 2 piece hutch you saw to use the shelves for a bookcase. I love that the bottom part has taller legs instead of a cabinet bottom. Antiques are a good way to recycle too. The pieces are not only made so much better than new ones, but help the environment too. (I’m already talking myself into this :))

  3. Thanks for taking us along. It’s much safer this way. In the photo with the twin bed was a cup on a dessert plate that looks Bavarian.Such beautiful carved pieces, and probably worth a lot more. I would want to “save them”
    Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  4. Sheryl R says

    Wow, Susan!! Beautiful pieces and great prices!!! On my next trip to Atlanta I’ve got to find Queen of Hearts antiques!!!

    Sheryl i’m putting

  5. Virginia says

    The picture with the twin bed headboard and foot board: Like Myrna posted, the cup and dessert plate is beautiful. I have 3 sets of a dessert and cup place settings (4 in a set). Not this particular pattern depicted in the photo. I have used my sets for tea and finger sandwiches, coffee and a small dessert like cookies. The 3 sets are at least 70 years old and in great condition. One set was obtained in Japan. This was quite a trip into the world of antiques and ‘possibilities’. If I visited that store, I could NOT leave the store empty-handed!

  6. Julie Stephens says

    Where is this Queen of Hearts? I have visited the one in Alpharetta and Marietta but did not think either would be that close to your house. Just wanted to know so I could go to see these beautiful pieces you showcased.

  7. Antique stores offer many unique and interesting furniture pieces, accessories, etc. Always fun to shop! I find that mixing antiques with modern pieces is fun. But, it’s also a great source of gift ideas too – especially if you’re looking for a theme or something special that a friend or relative likes.

  8. I noticed there are 3 locations around Atlanta. Do you mind if I ask which location this one was? The Buford location is the nearest for me, but am wondering if there are any major differences between the three.


    • The one I visited is in Marietta. I don’t know how to compares the one in Buford but it is smaller than the one in Alpharetta. Periodically I do go and visit that one since it is a good bit bigger. I love mixing antiques in with everyday furniture too.

  9. Franceil Parde says

    Well…YOU got my heart pumping a little faster!! Oh, these surely did “speak to me…the stories those pieces could tell!!” And, yet I live in a small log cabin so…I’ll “dream on.” HAPPY MOM’S DAY, SUSAN!!!” ❤️ franki

  10. mary ellen murphy says

    You introduced me to Queen of Hearts a few years ago and now I make at least one stop there whenever visiting friends in Roswell. It is truly one of the best antique malls I have ever visited and there have been many. I never leave empty handed. Southern Comforts Consignment in Roswell is also a great source for furniture & other home decor. Thank you for always sharing your fabulous finds with us!

  11. Sherry B says

    You are so lucky to have great antique shop near you. I love to wander and search for “goodies” and remember when the items I see were part of our family home. Lucky me that I was able to save lots of things from my Grandmother, Mom and sister. None all that valuable, but every item sentimental. When I see or touch these treasures I know that they had been loved by them. My daughters do not feel the same way about my things and prefer the younger form of purchasing their belongings. I have accepted this and am hoping my grand-daughters may one day want something that I had loved. Each generation develops the style that works for them, it saddens me that our society has such a disposable practice. Loved your photos and I would purchase the two Country French chairs and ottoman with the painted side tables in a minute. So pretty. Thank you for sharing your finds. Happy Mother’s Day.

  12. Melanie Emshoff says

    Don’t know if you’re aware, but Mary Carol sold Nell Hills to a young couple in late 2018. They have done a great job of maintaining the legacy that Mary Carol established. Recently Mary Carol and a partner opened a much, much smaller retail space called Diebolts.

    • I remember hearing that she had sold it. That’s great that the new owners are maintaining and growing what she built—love hearing that. I bet Mary Carol Garrity loves that, too! I didn’t know that she opened another store, I wonder if they have a website. I will definitely look for that. Thanks for letting me know, Melanie!

  13. Michele M. says

    WOW! Thanks for sharing, Susan. What fun. Most of it isn’t my style – but man oh man I adore that bunny lamp! It is SO cute. It’d be so cute in your porch!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.

  14. What a fun way to spend the day! Absolutely love the Churchill Cook Club green plates. I’d buy them in a heartbeat!
    Rosie @ the Magic Hutch

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