So Many Beautiful Lamps from One of My Favorite Local Designers!

If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a bit, you probably know I’m a completely lamp-obsessed woman. My living room alone contains 7 lamps. Five are visible in this view and there are two more on the bookcases to the left but not visible in the photo. I love lamps almost as much as I love handbags. Almost.

Paneled Living Room, Judges Paneling


I’m definitely not a fan of overhead lighting. If overhead lighting is dim, it has a tendency to dull down the beauty of a room. If it’s really bright, it can feel harsh and clinical. Four to five lamps placed strategically around a room can make the space feel warm and inviting, not to mention it can soften or hide little flaws that our older, well-loved furniture may have. Just as we humans look better in soft lighting, so often do our rooms.

When I’m out antiquing, I’m always on the lookout for quality lamps. I love stopping by David’s booth in the Marietta Antique Mall to see what new lamps he has available for purchase. David designs and makes a lot of the lamps he has on display in his space. He really understands scale and has such a great eye for creating beautiful lamps. (By the way, David has no idea I’m sharing his booth and I’ve never received a discount or any compensation or discounts. So not sponsored, no discounts–just a big fan of his work.)

Beautiful Custom Designed Table Lamps


Bamboo Table with Glass Top & Shelf with Door, $575. Before we step into David’s booth, check out this bamboo table that was positioned at the front of the booth. I thought it was so unique, like something you would find in a home in an exotic locale. It just feels very tropical.

It had a “door” on the front that opened up, so things could actually be stored inside and underneath the table. What would you store in there? A throw for chilly nights? Books? Maybe a tea set on a tray for afternoon teatime? There’s a lot of room under there so the possibilities are endless.


Here’s how the surface looked…such a neat piece! Okay, let’s check out all the beautiful lamps!


Sailboat, Lucite, $425. I think the lamps with cards attached saying “One of a Kind” are the ones specifically designed and crafted by David himself. This Sailboat lamp appeared to be one of his lovely creations. It would be perfect in a seaside cottage or lake house or a great gift for anyone who loves sailing.


Murano Glass Birds, Sculpture by Designer Andrea Tagliapietra, $650


I really like the base David chose for this lamp, doesn’t detract or pull the focus away from the beautiful Murano glass birds.


I need a beach house so I have an excuse to buy lamps like this!


I forgot to get the price on this one.


Handmade Copper Fish Table lamp with Linen Shade, $500. Another amazing lamp designed by David. Notice the finial on top!


Porcelain Stylized Bird Table Lamp, $145


So elegant and great for an interior in blues and pinks…maybe a pretty bedroom.


Bronze Geese in Flight on Wood Base with Linen Shade, $475.


My favorite lamps by David are the ones that feature wildlife like this one. Love those so much!


Bronze Moose Table Lamp. $600.


Wouldn’t this be wonderful in a mountain cabin–or a cozy living room or study. The base is so pretty…again I love David’s aesthetic, he just has the best eye for knowing what works!


This lamp had me thinking of my trip to Egypt. Love the base David chose for it!


Parrot Lamp, $135. We’ll end our lamp tour with a summer vibe! This lamp makes me want to plan a tropical vacation someplace. Right now…like right this minute!


Did you have a favorite lamp? I don’t think I could choose but I really loved the Geese in Flight, the Moose, and the Parrot lamp!

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  1. All those lamps are so phenomenal! I am torn between the sailboat and the 2 water birds (not sure what they are exactly). Don’t you have a bird bath in your yard? You could put the bird lamp in a space within view of that. Or swap the parrot one for a wintry one for the season. Works for me!

    • I have one on my deck outside the kitchen. I don’t really have room for one of those in that area. I really like the parrot one. I would probably see if he could change the shade, though. Most of the lamps had drum shades–not my favorite style shade.

  2. Sandra Browning says

    Hi…. I love reading your posts. So many great ideas! I love these lamps…the parrot and the geese (that just might be cranes)! I have a lot of Asian accents in my home and could see these as great additions. Do you have any contact information for David? Thanks!! Sandy.

  3. Roxanne Bernard says

    Oh how I love beautiful lamps also! I cannot stand overhead lighting, it actually makes me feel agitated…plus it is so ugly. David’s lamps are exquisite. My husband and I hand carried blanc de chine statues home from Hong Kong that we had made into one-of-a- lamps for our home. They are such lovely reminders of our trip!

  4. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Yes, Susan, I, too, love lamps! The base, the finial and the shade shape are very important to me. Thanks for posting on lamps. David is a wonderful artist.

  5. Nancy Lou Hauge says

    Who the heck says you need a beach house to buy that lamp? Matchy Matchy is so cliche and boring…if you love it buy it and display it with pride!

    • You don’t have to have a beach house, but I sure would love to have one if only to decorate it! lol I agree…matchy, matchy is boring for sure.

  6. Oh, those lamps are incredible. This artisan’s booth is like a lamp museum. What a great place to be able to shop, Susan!

  7. Beautiful lamps! I just love the lucite sailboat…and I don’t even sail or go boating. LOL

  8. Love the porcelain lamp as a porcelain collector. I love the paneling in your often featured room and am looking for a source for similar paneling for a family room or advice where to go after looking locally for a source. Any suggestions welcome or advice as need to replace grasscloth wall coverings because of cat scratch marks. Love Georgian style interiors and love your walls.

    • Thanks, Vicki! I wish I knew where to recommend. This house was built around 1982-1983, so that’s when the paneling was installed. I purchased it when it was 8 years old, so it was already here. A lot of the homes on my street have either 1/2 or full judges paneling, I think most have it halfway up. You don’t see it in living rooms much anymore, mostly just studies or libraries, but I do very much love it in a family room. It’s super cozy in the evening and for movie watching. I know you would love it–it was def one of the selling features for me. There should be someone in your area, depending on how close you are to a larger city, that can source paneling for you. It ranges in all prices depending on the kind of wood that’s used.

  9. Jane Obermoeller says

    I am a big fan of your blog. Several months ago you showed a lovely booth at an antique store with hundreds of glassware. I save your articles for a while and then discard. I am looking for someone to buy some antique glassware and thought they might be interested but no longer have it.
    Can you please provide me with their name again? My favorite is you antique shopping and seeing pictures of your lovely home. Thank you.

    • Jane, it could have been the Marietta Antique Mall, Queen of Hearts or maybe Woodstock Antiques…not sure since we have so many antique shops around here. All those places have websites so just Google those for their contact numbers.

  10. Joanne STEELE says

    That bamboo table!!! The cage is a chicken cage!! I have one that I got just for fun but it is in my garage, minus the table….just the cage. Maybe I should give it a make over!

  11. I really like his work too. He usually has a booth each month at Scott Antique Market and I always look forward to seeing the lamps he has made. Such a creative artist.

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