A Challenge: Can You Tell Me What Year This Home Was Decorated?

Have you had a chance to check out all the tablescapes posted for Tablescape Thursday? If so, I’m jealous! I haven’t had a chance to visit around very much, yet. Working full-time is such a bummer. It puts a real crimp in my blog reading, if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

Some of you already know I work investigating abuse, neglect and exploitation of those who are elderly or disabled. It is demanding and often stressful work…some weeks more so than others. Blogging each evening is a wonderful respite and about as opposite from my day job as can be…and I love it! πŸ™‚

I’m so hoping to do some tablescaping viewing tomorrow (Saturday). πŸ™‚ Please forgive me if I don’t visit as often as I wish I could. Just know, I would love nothing more than to visit every single person who participates, every single week. That would make me beyond happy!
For those of you who leave a comment here faithfully each week, thank you for being the caring, generous souls that you are. I know your names and I smile when I see your faces…you are the best and very much appreciated!

A Fun Challenge for You:

Back in April, I attended The Georgia Trust’s Spring Ramble, and this year it was held in Rome, Georgia. The Trust hosts these amazing, historic home tours/rambles every spring and fall…and they are always awesome!

Of course, 99.99 percent of the homes we toured the day of the ramble were fully furnished. That’s because they are private homes, open to the public for this brief time frame, just for the tour. However, there was one home that wasn’t furnished because it was on the market for sale, so I was able to take pics inside to share with you. And it’s only taken me since April to do it. πŸ˜‰

This home just sort of grabbed me. I think it’s because it was a little bit of a time capsule…not the kind that transports you wayyyy back to horse and buggy days…but the kind that takes you back to another era of your own life time. It had me feeling a bit nostalgic, thinking back to a time when I was newly married.

We were still living in an apartment and my husband and I had to stop by the home of a friend or associates of his to pick something up. When we walked into the home, I noticed almost every single room in the home was wallpapered. I remember thinking I wanted my home, some day, to have the “feel” of that home…cozy, family oriented and like “home” in every sense of the word. I’m not sure why, but wallpaper has a way of making me feel warm, safe and in some way, comforted. Weird, huh? πŸ™‚ Much of the decorating I do is “emotional” decorating…it’s all about the way I want my home to feel…not the way I want it to look.

So, hop into the time machine with me and let’s check out this house. When we’re all done, tell me what year(s) you think this home was decorated. You don’t have to be specific…just go for a five year range…like 1980-1985…or something like that.

Actually, I love this kind of decor. If I moved into this home or a home like it, I just might leave some of these wallpapers in place…probably even keep the draperies.

Let’s start with this wonderful sun room: I totally love the blue and white tiled floor…although, it needs a repair here and there. Now, notice anything in this room that might give a hint to the era in which it was decorated…like the fabric on the wicker settee…ummm, little clues, little clues.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a great shot of the wallpaper in this room. I took this tour right about the time I was getting a chandelier hung in my bedroom, so I was slightly chandelier obsessed. (LOL) And this house had wonderful chandeliers!!! I love the draperies…I really do!

Another room: Forgotten what room this was…maybe a dining room. Doesn’t this wallpaper feel like a Thibaut paper? Who else makes paper like this? Before you guys knew me, and long before BNOTP existed, I had wall paper with a very similar design in my dining room, but the colors were different. Do you like this paper? Are you getting a feel for when this home was decorated, yet? Based on what I’ve seen at the online Thibaut site, this could be in the homes of today.

A little close-up…

Another chandelier…

Now, I totally LOVE this wallpaper. That brass ceiling fan is another BIG clue…wouldn’t you say?

Here’s a close-up of the paper. I bet these were some fairly expensive papers in their day. I’ve been hearing wallpaper is making a big return…what do you think?

Another amazing chandelier. Really, I could title this post…”The Chandelier Tour.” There were so many great light fixtures in this home. I see, yet another wallpaper in the background…do you see it? A lovely damask design, I believe. I would LOVE a paper like this neutral damask in my front hallway and up the front stairway…behind all those old photos and mirrors I have there.

Another room…I think this was a bedroom…

Close-up of the paper, definitely feels like bedroom paper to me.

Another wallpaper in a bathroom of the home. This has a masculine feel, doesn’t it? I don’t remember which room this bathroom was off of now.

This was the fabric of the draperies in one of the rooms. Remember when this fabric was sooo popular? I still love it. It wasn’t as faded as the pic makes it feel…it’s just the windows were huge and the sun was pouring in. It was a gorgeous day. The draperies were heavy and beautifully made.

One of my favorite light fixtures in this house…

A slightly different view…I love the color. This room confused me a bit because the light fixture felt perfect for a nursery…but the wallpaper looks like fishing lures. ??? Ummm, what do you think?

Another great light fixture…I love this one!

Here’s a close-up. I love the color and the warmth of this fixture…it was a deep red. I’ve never seen a light fixture like this one before. I would love it in a study…one lined with bookshelves. As I recall, it was in the HUGE landing at the top of the stairs. The landing was big enough to be a study or library…but I don’t think it had bookshelves. I think there were two of these chandeliers in this room, due to it’s size. Wish I had taken more pics so I could remember. I see more paper in the background.

The stairs going up: I’ve been wanting to do this to my stairway for years…add a runner right up the center. But it’s a tad expensive to do. I’m not sure if I’d go with something oriental or something less busy. The great thing about wool oriental rugs is they wear like iron and they hide dirt well. Of course, natural fiber rugs are very popular right now as runners down staircases.

Ok, what do you think? Did you notice virtually every room was wallpapered? I think that’s a big clue to the time frame during which this home was decorated. Personally, I do not know what year it was decorated, but I have an idea.

So, tell me…what year range, within 5 years, do you think this home was decorated?

Would you leave any of the of the decor if you bought this house, or would everything have to go? How do you feel about wallpaper? Would you keep any of these wallpapers are would you strip everything and paint? What about the drapes? The light fixtures? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

You may see more of this tour of historic homes in Rome, Georgia, HERE and HERE.


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  1. The Inspired Nest says

    I love this era too! I am guessing late 70's early 80's. I will say approx 1983? I have several decor books with homes like this with great wallpaper, coordinating window treatments and great chandeliers. I can't wait to see the real time frame! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kim @ Savvy Southern Style says

    Susan, I think 1990 to 95 with all the wallpaper and the valances on most of the windows.

  3. What a collection of gorgeous chandys!!!!!!!!!! I, personally used to love wallpaper but a few years ago took it ALL down, just got tired of it. I would entertain the idea of maybe some in a bathroom or powder room but right now, like my painted walls. The colors I have I LOVE! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XO, Pinky

  4. I am going to guess 1968! I'm going by the wall paper pattern mostly.

  5. I'm going to guess 1995 – 2000 based on the navy plaid fabric. I had several friends that decorated using that same fabric during those years.

  6. I'm going to guess 1975 – 1980. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the chandeliers and I would keep them all except the ceiling fan. All of the wallpaper would have to go.

  7. Tardevil says

    I'm with Kim, think it was gtom 1988 to 1995. Built our 1st home in 1991 and picked out a very similar crystal chandy for the dining room (w/ brass). Also very similar prints/colors in the wallpaper. Would keep the taupey wallpaper (that you like) and would consider the paisley-ish one, if I could find the right accessories. Also like the wooden & pony chandeliers. That deer wallpaper gots ta go. LOL!

  8. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says

    Judging by the color combinations, i.e., the hunter green/peach and dusty rose/wedgewood blue combinations, my guess would be 1992-1996.


  9. Seeing the first few pics, I had 1968 in mind. I see Shirley left a comment of that year as well.

    Wallpaper is coming back? I didn't know it left. πŸ™‚ I love wallpaper.


  10. I'm going to say 1986-1988. I don't like any of the wallpaper except the Thibaut style. I've never even heard of that though. I like all of the light fixtures except the brass ceiling fan (which by the way I have one of those in my dining room and kitchen, eek!). I think my house was remodeled between 86-89 and some really bad wallpaper was in the kitchen that I removed. Lovely home though. I'd have to do some major redecorating.

  11. i would guess 1978-83. the crazy thing is that some of it also looks almost 1890s. if you tour the biltmore estate in asheville, every room has intricately designed wallpaper, and the fabrics of all the furnishings match that rooms wallpaper. the effect is stunning, but sometimes a little much. it just shows that almost everything comes back into fashion eventually.

  12. Patricia Torres says

    Cant figure out … if its historic or romantic.. Sure sets my heart on flutters… the ceilings.. the walls.. the fans.. the chandiliers.. Gosh!!

  13. Entertaining Women says

    The black chintz on the wicker settee reminded me of Mario Buatta, who had his heyday in the 80's and early 90's. Another clue might be all the brass door knobs, an 80's standard. I really like the French repeat pattern paper by Thibaut. In the right setting, most of them could be wonderful. I still think of the awful flocked papers from the 60's & early 70's when I see those damask patterns. I know they're back, but I. don't. know. I kind of always place them right along side that old bathroom paper that featured French Poodles with powder puffs and the Eiffel Tower. Ick! Do you remember that? Besides the crystal chandeliers, I think that many of the light fixtures might have come at a later time. They don't remind me of fixtures of the 80's. Such a fun conundrum. Thank you for sharing the tour. Cherry Kay

  14. Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage says

    This house was decorated in the late 80s-early 90s. The wallpaper in the 7th photo is fabulous!

  15. Mary Anne Komar says

    Definitely 1980-1985! Lot's of wonderful wallpaper then, we were living in England at the time and ton's of wallpaper everywhere,lots of different borders too, but when we lived inIreland in the mid 90's there was still a lot of wall paper. Laura Ashley was so popular in the 80's and 90's, it was very sweet! Did you know she fell off a chair doing some decorating and passed away from the fall!

  16. Sue at Beach Bungalow says

    I say 1975-80.

    I must say if I had my choice, everything would go!


  17. Frugal Mama says

    I love wallpaper. Don't have a piece of it in my current home, but our first home was a 1888 Victorian with a tin ceiling in the kitchen and wallpaper in every room except the mahogany paneled library. Boy do I miss that house!

    I'm going to guess that the year span this home could have been decorated in is 1978 – 1983.

    I would actually keep some of the wallpaper in that home and I love the chandys!

  18. Ridgely (a/k/a Grandma J) says

    I think this could be mid-sixties. A bit earlier than '68. I can remember sitting in my friend's TV room on a white wicker settee like that watching the Monkees. Her family had a color TV, but we hadn't gotten one yet!

  19. Those chandeliers are absolutely stunning!

  20. 1978….just a wild guess…no reason behind it I don't think it;s from the 90's like alot of comments suggested……I loved the horse chandelier…it would be perfect in a childs room…and I do love wallpaper…I still think bathrooms and kitchens should have it….

  21. Lori @ Projects Plenty says

    My guess would be early 1970's (the damask and floral wallpapers and turquoise carpet) to 1980 at the latest (the plaid, hunt club colors/motif.) Hey, thanks for the post.

  22. Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE says

    I think 80-85—I do love wallpaper and love those drapes, can they ever go out of style…like the fireplace and the chandliers are just stunning, I also had curtains like those that I made with shades I made to match, later on I had upolstered walls that I did when mario Buato was all thel rage with his wonderful chintz…ah the memories, have a great weekend…can't wait to find out what era…Phyllis

  23. The wallpaper would have to leave before I moved in. Ugh. I would guess 1985-1990.

  24. The wallpaper would have to leave before I moved in. Ugh. I would guess 1985-1990.

  25. Debra@Common Ground says

    I'm in the '92 to 97 range. I decorated a house in 95 and those papers were very similar to what I was seeing. Even though I still like these, most would come off and neutral paint would go up. But in a house of this era, wallpaper is fitting. I just redid my dining room in a damask and I really love it. I've heard from many people that wallpaper is coming back.

  26. I am going to say 1999 based on the deer wallpaper. We used that paper with the matching fabric for curtains, in the copper color way, for the ball room of our golf course called 'Bucks Run'. Our banquete staff, that hosts many weddings in that room, say the brides complain about it all the time because it clashes with their wedding decor, but I still love it.
    Every house I have lived in has been fully wallpapered. This one is getting there slowly but surely. I never cared if it was in or out of style.

  27. Traci at ThreeDogsAtHome says

    I am going to guess 1979 to 1983. The light fixtures are beautiful and I love the red one too.

  28. I am going to say 1985-1990, too. I think the brass ceiling fan is a dead giveaway.;-)
    I like the green wallpaper in the dining room. I recently took down the last of my wallpaper in my home. After the hard time I was given by the border in my son's room, (it came down in dime size pieces and took me a week) I swore I would never put another piece of wallpaper up again. But I do like some of the new wallpaper coming out. If I do decide to put up more wallpaper, I'll have to kill my husband because he said that the only way more wallpaper will come into our home is over his dead body!LOL!

  29. My guess is 1985.

    I do NOT like wallpaper at all and wouldn't hang it up unless it was a neutral toile or damask, etc. I think in it's day this house was probably 2die4. I just need more rest for my weary eyes and the paper here is soooo busy I can't seem to find that place of calm.

    Fun Post!

    Love to you~


  30. I would say about 1975-80, that's what the British homes looked like about then. Watching home make over shows on British television now the designers are all for chandeliers and wallpapers again!!!

    Jackie in UK.

  31. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    Susan, I could move right in and be a happy girl in this beautiful home!

    My guess is late 70's to mid 80's, because I recognize paper styles/patterns that were used in one of my homes, during that era.

  32. It's hard to pick a 5 year range. Some of the rooms give a 1940's feel, others a more modern look. I'm going with my first guess, 1950-1955 Probably way off.

  33. From the wallpaper and drapery treatments, I'd say 1990-1995. I love the wallpaper and chandeliers.

  34. We had a brass ceiling fan in 1980 so I'm going to say 78-83. Wallpaper in the early 80's were the mini prints which I don't see in this house so the wallpaper could be earlier. The balloon shade in one window makes me think 80's too. So I think the home is probably a bit 60'-70's and a bit 80's as well. Do love wallpaper in bathrooms and entryways.

  35. The Blackwood Cottage says

    Okay, I'm going with 1990-95. The colors, patterns and chandys remind me of those years.

  36. The Wild World of Richmond says

    I'm guessing about 80-85. Hmmmm…wallpaper…not sure i'm ready to go back to that…but it does seem to be coming back.

  37. My opinion is way different — I would say that period just after the war — late 40's or early 50's — (47 to 55) —

  38. Because of my personal experience, I wouldn't have a clue when this was decorated, although I love it's look. On the other hand, if I were moving into that house, I would probably change all the walls, even though it might be with more wallpaper.

    When we moved into the family farm house (we were the 4th generation), we decided to re-do it in our version of Victorian, which among other things meant lots of busy wallpapers. We had a great time doing that house! Memorably a guest stood in a back hallway where he could see — the back stairway, our master bathroom, our bedroom, through a door into a sitting room, and through that room's door into the front hall beyond. He was amazed, "I can see five different wallpapers from here!!" Decorating that house was some of the most fun I have had in my whole life. Thanks for these pictures which brought back all those fond memories. πŸ™‚

  39. inner_child says

    I'd say it was done in 1994. I remember the Thibaut wallpaper. The papers in this house remind me of the Historic Natchez wallpapers from Shumaker. I had many of them in my previous house. Although I bought wallpaper to put up in a bathroom and borders to go up in the kitchen, dining and a powder room, they never made it up. Partly because the color scheme changed before I put up the borders. I am not opposed to wallpaper in appropriate doses, but it is pricey to purchase and install. So I find it curious that wallpaper is making a comeback in this economy.
    Maybe it is just me, but when I look back at the Faudree-Buatta heyday, I can't see anything but Victoriana.
    Paula ~ Mise en scène

  40. Jackie K. says

    This one's a little tough to nail down! Circa my first home, indeed! (Okay, all the models were done in modern Miami Vice pastel turquoise and pink, but the decor magazines were traditional plaid and country)Certainly reminiscent of the mid to late 1980's with all the wallpaper, but the sunroom tile floor feels 70's to me. I'm sticking with 1988 give or take 5 years!

  41. I used wallpaper exactly like those green/blue plaid drapes in my son's room sometime around mid-90's. (only on one wall) Also had matching bed linens and window valances.

  42. Teresa Hatfield says

    Love, love your blog! I am going to say that this home was built between 1985 and 1990.
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  43. Anonymous says

    I agree – 1987-92. I have an updated version of the tone-on-tone paper in my open kitchen area: Tommy Bahama for York. Large soft gold abstract flowers on a light yellow/tan background. With white cabinets & dark wood floors, it's smashing.

  44. Sharlotte says

    Hi Susan,

    What a gorgeous home. I too love tradtional decorating, it makes me feel warm, cozy, and safe. I've always loved wallpaper and was sad to see it "off" the popular decorating demand years back. However, I still have it in my kitchen and bathrooms.

    I wouldn't change much in this home, only the flowered blue wall paper in the bedroom, IF it was in the master. If it was in a secondary bedroom, it would stay. I LOVE all the lighting too as well as the drapery.

    We'll be in the market for a new home in a couple of years so I've had a great time already browsing. This would definitely be a keeper on my list {if only for decorating purposes ~ I'm sure it's out of my budget!}

    My guess would be in the 70's…75-80?

    Thanks for always being so inspirational and informational. Did you know you're the reason I began my little blog? I found you at RMS about a year ago and have had such a great time reading, learning, and sharing!


  45. basketlover93 says

    I am going to say between 1966 – 1971.

  46. Treasures Evermore says

    I'm going to say between late 1930's to mid 1940's..so maybe "'35-44'ish.

    I personally would get rid of the wallpaper but try and keep everything else. I would need to spend time in the home and get a feel for it and then make my decision whether to keep the light figures…maybe get rid of chandelliers, as I"m not a fan of them anymore.

  47. shannon i olson says

    Hard one. Not sure the age of the home….that deer paper and horse light look more late 20's, but the build ins look more 40's. I would guess 1940-44.
    I have to say it isn't my taste over all but I love the daintiness of the light paper but I think I prefer paint.

  48. Hmmm, I think some of the wallpaper and colors look very early 1900s. Someone mentioned Biltmore House, 1890s, and there are very similar treatments (windows/wallpaper) there. Then I think some of it looks a little 1984, but I'm not sure it is. I remember a lot of "mauve and blue" in the 80s. Interesting! I love some of the wallpapers, and pretty much everything would go with my early 1900s antiques but I would want some lighter window treatments. I would LOVE working with it, lol!

  49. Cynthia@ITLLDO says

    I would say the home was decorated in 1979ish. I still love that paisley wallpaper!

  50. Barbara Anne says

    Love all of the lighting and most of the wallpapers. These classic wallpapers are difficult to date and I'd like to have seen more. Perhaps I'll take the tour from the links you kindly provided.

    What a great house! I'm not moving to Rome, GA, but I wonder if it has sold yet?


  51. Well, actually I think I could live with all of it except the flowery bedroom paper. That would definitely have to go but the rest of the rooms look very classic and in colors that are still popular today. Whoever decorated this did an excellent job years ago. Isn't that the goal of every great decorator? To design something timeless that will look good for years? Depending on what room the fishing lure paper is in, I think I could even live with it for a while. The only things needed to update these rooms are new window treatments, floor coverings and maybe replace a couple of light fixtures. Like you, I really, really like most of the light fixtures though. I could move in today!!!

  52. vignette design says

    It's funny, some of it is mid 1980's, but then those plaid drapes threw me a curve as did that chandelier with the carousel horse. Maybe they were added later?
    I actually didn't mind some of the wallpaper in this house and love the chandeliers! Thanks for sharing Susan!

  53. Ok my husband says 72-74. I say 76 there ya go, can't wait to see what year this was!

  54. Suzanne@Meridian Road says

    I'd say 1986. I have nothing to base this on, that's just the year that popped into my head. πŸ™‚

    I'd get rid of a lot of the wallpaper, but I like the light fixtures. I'd maybe paint that wooden chandelier~lighten in up. Fun tour!

  55. β™₯ Sonny β™₯ says

    looks my my Mom;s old home..


  56. Anonymous says

    I'm going to say 1968-1973. I wouldn't change a thing. I would move in as is!!

  57. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Everything looks in very good shape, so I wouldn't go too far back. I'd say 1985-1990. The balloon shade/valance would fit that time period as well as the large floral on the wicker piece. I do like some of the wallpapers, but I would probably remove most of them. I'm not really a wallpaper person. The light fixtures are amazing and I just love them.

  58. I'm also all about decorating my home to provoke a "feeling" instead of a "look".

    I'm in love with all the light fixtures, and I haven't a clue as to when this might have been decorated.

    First visit… I love it!

  59. Deborah Leavelle says

    I'd say 1973-78. I love the wallpaper and even have wallpaper in my Kitchen now. Those Chandeliers…to die for. I'd leave as much as possible. Great post.

  60. Anonymous says

    In 1971 I made drapes for my sons room using blue/green plaid fabric like that shown. I guess this house to have been decorated sometime between 1968 and 1973.

  61. My guess is 1992!

  62. Mommy of Monkeyshines says

    1987-1992 would be my guess.

    The deer paper…I think I would keep! The chandelier's…definitely! Everything else? Stripped, painted, and updated!

    That was fun!

  63. Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek says

    I have no idea, but I want a stair runner like that, too. When Dh saw the price, he about flipped! So no stair runner for me, either.

  64. Miss Merry says

    My guess is 1970-1975. I got married in 1976 and I know we were gaga for wallpaper!

  65. Lots of good guesses! I will guess too. The wallpapers, the brass, and crystal chadys all seem to be from the early 80's during the Colonial Revival that lasted about 10 years from our celebration of the bicentennial, but I agree with Vignette Design the thing that throws me is the carousel lighting and the plaid curtains. These tend to be more 90's. The plaid curtains are so English Country/Ralph Lauren. The wicker piece in the sunroom is also very early 90's. The 90's had a big English Country surge. I like some of the wallpapers, the crystal and brass fixtures are wonderful. I might paint a few walls and new floors. Love decorating guessing games. Thanks for posting.

  66. Anonymous says


  67. Wild guess solely based on the textiles, trims, window dressing used; I will say early 1950. (ie: Tartan, Cut 'n Loop Fringe, Chintz, Austrian Shades, decorative Valances). Plus, wallpaper gained refound popularity back then.

    The lighting fixtures are absolutely amazing and though I am all for conserving energy; the very thought of them ever having to be mandatory dressed with CFLs makes me want to run out of the room screaming. πŸ™‚


  68. I think the majority of the wall paper is 78-83. However I think there is some older wall paper mixed in The Deer. My daughter (Preppy Beach Girl) was born in 1989 and I remember putting up wall paper in her nursery and then adding some to our house 92/93, she loved to go to the wall papers stores and look through the books.

  69. Life-Rhythms says

    I would guess 1980-1985. There are a few looks that are timeless, but most of that wallpaper looks like it is from the "Yikes!" collection!

  70. Susan, hope you are enjoying this Saturday afternoon sitting in front of your computer. It's too hot here to do much else. LOL I don't work full time, but I don't get as much computer time as I'd like. I find that it can take over my life if I let it. LOL

    I guess this house was decorated in the late 70's or early 80s. I'm a fan of wall paper and would leave some of it if I moved into the house. We purchased our current home in the mid 90s and used wallpaper in several rooms. Actually left the wallpaper that was there in one of the guest baths.

    Enjoy your weekend! ~ Sarah

  71. Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss says

    Hmmm…my first thought was the very late 1970s to early 1980s. My daughter would probably flip over that horse chandelier!

    Also wanted to mention it sounds like you do the same type of work as my hubby. He retired from our local police dept. after 32 years of service and is now investigating abuse/neglect/exploitation cases for the State of Florida.

  72. Holy Cow Susan! Looks like you've asked a million dollar question….66 comments?! You were afraid you couldn't get to all the TT posts, good luck with these comments!
    I do not know how you do do all you do. I'm a Floral Designer by day and try to do my Brown Gingham Creations….(I'm not sure if you've ever seen my things,one more to put on your list..Lol..pop over to my blog and visit my 2 Etsy sites and website)…by night and squeeze in blogging πŸ˜‰ I have a real hard time doing TT more than once a month, but I try.
    Anyway, this house may have been decorated between 1977 and 1982. Th house is beautiful, but I'm more a country/victorian/cottage in warm colors.

  73. Lipstick Momma says

    That fabric is totally 80's! I love it! I'll guess 1984. Thanks for sharing!!!

  74. Pamie G. says

    1982 — move the chandalier into a bathroom, the rest could go!! Pamie G.

  75. 1982…i can just feel it.

  76. I would say 1978-1983 also. I used to love wallpaper! Dori

  77. i don't care for wallpaper. love all of the light fixtures. i'm from Rome will have to see if I can locate this house.Have a good Sunday

  78. Lovely home! I think it is from the time around 1987. Love that last chandelier!

  79. The Tattered Cottage says

    I am going to say 1972 – 1977. Definitely mid '70's

  80. Hi Susan,
    My guess is the house evolved over time, I would love to have seen it with the furnishings to get a better idea. The ceiling fan looks early 80's, the paper is traditional so it could be from any era but the colors say early 80's to me as well. Since it's such a traditional house the wallpaper seems to work, and it was obviously good quality and appllied correctly. Just not my style, but someone loved it!
    Sorry you're working so hard right now, but glad you love your work AND your blogging!!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  81. I think the tile is some pattern of Mexican Talavera. The are famous for the Blue and White tile.

  82. Ana Maria says

    I don't think the house was decorate all at one time. I think the decor began in the mid 70's and continued through the 80's. (Very Mario Buatta).
    It is obviously a grand house and was decorated "grandly". I have never care for that style of drapes and valances, but I remember them from the 70's.

    The chandeliers are amazing and contrary to what most everyone thinks, I believe I could work some up-to-date decor around several of the wallpapers, provided they are still in good condition. The green paper with the stags could definitely work with a Ralph Lauren look, as could the plaid curtains.

    Love your blog!

  83. I guess this house was decorated between 1983-1988. How I remembered the blue tartan fabric. Lots of folks I knew had a sofa in that fabric. Somehow, I managed to miss that one,lol!

  84. Don't know about in America but in England I'm sure it would have been 1970-75

  85. Anonymous says

    My guess is 1978. I adore the chandeliers especially the red one and the carousel horse one.
    Victoria C.

  86. '75-'80 – looks like it's got a touch of the early '80's with lots of the '70's left over.

  87. I'm guessing 1980's. Loved the chandeliers, the dining room wall paper.

  88. This home is beautiful and the light fixtures are beyond fabulous! My guess is around 1985-90. I love that deer wallpaper but I don't think I want wallpaper again. So much trouble to change it once you get tired of it!

  89. 9405018--Pat says

    Hi Susan, great post today. I'm going to guess mid 70's…Love the chandeler's…not a big fan of wall paper…thanks for sharing…Pat H

  90. mustard seeds says

    I guess 1978. the last home we lived in was built that year, and it had a very similar tile in the entryway as that sunroom. However some of those wallpapers look newer than that. I like wallpaper, but don't want to use it, because it is such a pain to remove. I do hear it is making a comeback, though.

  91. Michelle says

    I'm going out on a limb here after reading a few of the other comments. I think it's 1918-1927 or so. The reason I say this is because we have historic tours here where I live and sometimes during the remodel they find these great looking (still) wallpapers underneath whatever it is they are taking off in the remodel. The fact that these wallpapers look so fresh and great and yet authentic really make me think this might be the real thing – a pristine version of what once was. Anyhow, I certainly hope so. Thanks for the great blog.

  92. diane@onlinefabricstore says

    Hard to tell since the house is decorated in sort of a period style. Wallpaper was in during the 80s and 90s and in again today. In fact, some of those papers look like they could have been purchased recently. Interesting post. thanks

  93. ’58-’63 with influences from 1890’s and updates in late ’70s

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