Hidden Away at the End of the Lane…

To date, the best historic home tour that I’ve ever taken (and I’ve taken a lot!) was a ramble (that’s what they call them) I took with The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation to Newnan, Georgia. I’ve never seen so many beautiful old homes in a single day as we did on that trip.

I’m used to historic home tours where there’s one or two knock-your-socks-off homes on the tour, along with 3 or 4 other interesting homes, but this was the first tour I’ve ever taken where ever home on the tour was just unbelievable. These were the kind of homes you drive by and think, I would give anything to see inside that home! Or, they were the homes at the end of those mystery driveways you pass and always wonder what the home looks like at the end of the lane.

Newnan is a special place and it was truly a magical day that ended with a wonderful barbecue and an open bar. I didn’t partake much from the open bar since I was driving later that evening, but when have you ever been on a historic home tour that ended with an outdoor barbecue and open bar?  I would love to go on another Georgia Trust ramble one day. It’s been quite a few years since I did one of those.

Recently, I came across this beautiful home that’s currently for sale in Madison, Georgia. I think The Georgia Trust has done a Ramble there, as well. (Update: They have done rambles in Madison. Just found some info online about one they had in fall 2013.)

I bet this is one of those homes that makes the passerby crane their necks in hope of a better look, wondering what’s it’s really like inside. Are the rooms decorated? Is it filled with gorgeous antiques? Let’s go inside and see!


I love the flag flying from the upstairs balcony!


Such a beautiful entry! I love an entry with wallpaper. I’ve been so tempted to wallpaper mine, just not sure where to stop the paper since there’s not a good stopping point at the staircase.


This home is quite large and I had a little trouble figuring out all the rooms. This beautiful living room is to the right as you enter in through the front door.


This is such an interesting view…standing on the far end of the room looking back through the foyer into what I’m calling the music room. I would love to know what color paint that is on the walls. It reminds me of my favorite yellow, Duron Sugar Cookie.


The music room…


This little sitting room appears to be right off the living room. Not sure how it’s used since I don’t see a TV. Very pretty, though.


I’ve always dreamed of one day having a dining room with a fireplace. In a perfect world it would be a wood-burning fireplace and would happily maintain itself so the fire would stay burning all throughout dinner without any help. Hey, it’s my dream…that could happen!


So, I have to tell you something that really surprised me. I am not a fan of kitchens with stained cabinets. I am a lover of white kitchens. But I have to say, I love this kitchen! The color of the wood is so warm and  inviting! I would totally be happy in a kitchen like this.


It doesn’t feel one bit “formal” or gloomy like some kitchens with stained cabinets can feel. It just feels very warm and cozy. I love the flooring, too. It looks like it would hide anything that got tracked in–my kind of kitchen floor!


In the photo above of the kitchen, you can see this cozy room in the background. I guess it’s a Keeping Room. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a fan of big, huge open interiors, but I do love a kitchen that’s open to a Keeping Room, especially when that room has a fireplace.


Just off of the Keeping Room is a sun-filled breakfast room. Imagine dining here with these views every morning! Notice anything unusual or special about the table? I missed it the first time I looked at the pictures.

Hint: Check out the bowl in the center of the table.


It has a very cute occupant! ♥


I’m guessing this is the den or TV room here off of the breakfast area, although I don’t see a TV from this angle.


Let’s go upstairs and check out the bedrooms. I love the windows on the landing!


The bed in this room definitely looks like an antique. Love how high it is! So interesting that the floor is painted in this room.


Another beautiful room! Just imagine having a fireplace in your bedroom! I would go nuts decorating all the mantels at Christmastime!


I am not sure if this room is a bedroom or not. Look at that beautiful coffered ceiling!


There’s a wonderful sunroom. It appears to have the same stone/brick flooring we saw in the kitchen.


The back porch…


I love pools that look like natural water features in a backyard. What a great place for an outdoor party!


Here’s the back view of this beautiful Madison, Georgia home. What a lovely backyard!

If you would like to see the other rooms in this home that I didn’t include in this post, along with the rest of the property, you’ll find the listing for this home here: Madison, Georgia Home for Sale.

And if you ever see Newnan or Madison, Georgia listed as a Spring or Fall Ramble with The Georgia Trust, take it! Call me first though, so I can go with you!

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  1. I went and looked at the other pictures …what do you think that other pool like thing is used for? That’s a lot of gardening work to do but I guess if you can afford a 2million plus home you can hire someone to do the outside and inside work.. At age 74 it’s a little beyond my scope of activity. But it is a very beautiful house. rls

    • I think that’s just a reflecting pool. If you Google “reflecting pools in garden” you’ll see a bunch different kinds. They are usually just a pretty water feature in a garden and sometimes they will reflect a nearby feature. I like the placement of the bench near that one, would be a nice place to sit and read on a pretty day.

  2. *Gulp* it is difficult to even imagine living in such a fine home. It would make the most amazing B and B!!!!!!! I would love to do southern home tours such as that. Wow. Thank you, Susan!!!!

    • I kept thinking that, too although I always hate to see a home turned into B & Bs since they sometime badly alter the rooms to fit in bathrooms. I’ve even seen it where they’ve drilled holes through the hardwood flooring to add a bathtub right there in the room itself. So I hope it doesn’t end up a B & B.

  3. I like the back view quite a lot; I wouldn’t have guessed it wasn’t the front. The ramble sounds like a great adventure. Did you post about it?

  4. I was fortunate enough to tour Thurleston on a Madison Homes tour. We were told it had been featured in several films and tc shows. One of the owners is a master gardener and restored and added to the magnificent grounds. My favorite feature had to be the long boxwood allee in front of the house….did you notice the lovely house across the street was sited perfectly in a true line of sight position to increase the sense of proportion? truly a gem.

    • I could see that house and was wondering if it was directly across the street. Thanks for that perspective! They look beautiful facing each other down allee. I love that!
      I was wondering if those were boxwoods on either side because they look so different in the first picture of this post. Maybe they hadn’t been trimmed when that photo was taken. I love how they look through the open door. So awesome that you able to tour the home!

  5. Cyndi Raines says

    What a beautiful house! Oh MY! I loved the kitty in the bowl, trying to catch a few zzzz’s and gain some good vitamin D with the pretty sun streaming in, doing his “between naps on the porch”, hehe. Yes, the kitchen is warm and inviting and glad you like it. When we built our house my husband insisted on stained, honey oak cupboards and I wanted white. I had just moved back from living in Dallas and all the beautiful homes had white. We went round and round on that and he won, ha. Now 23 years later, I have come to enjoy my stained cupboards as it does take on a warm glow especially with our new tile and granite. (But I still love the white cupboards too, lol). Of course now a lot of new homes have very dark stain, which is pretty, but I’m content with what I have. (You can drive yourself nuts trying to keep up with the Joneses, there is a lot to be said for contentment.) Thanks for the beautiful tour.

  6. Definitely a beautiful home and surroundings. I feel it does need a bit of an update, though. It screams 90’s and if that’s your vibe, great. But, whoever buys it will probably bring it into the 2000’s, if that’s their thing. I am an interior designer and if I could count how many of those scarf type double fabric window treatments I’ve done, it would be a lot! Thanks for the tour, I used to live in Fort Benning, Georgia and have some fond memories.

  7. Brenda Lawrence says

    For this little poor country bumpkin, this house it definitely what dreams are made of! lol I love your dream Susan, of the fireplace in the dinning room staying going all through dinner without any help. lol I’d want that in the bedroom at night on cold nights. I’ve never seen a home with so many rooms other than a mansion, I don’t think Elvis Presley’s mansion, Graceland, had this many rooms in it! I wish I lived in that area as I would love to take a Ramble and I would definitely call you to go along! Hugs, Brenda

  8. I went into this beautiful home several years ago with friends when the home was on a tour. It is so, so pretty. I used to be a member of the Georgia Trust and always wanted to go on a ramble, but it never worked out. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  9. Kathy Allen says

    What a great home to get to see. Thank you for taking all of us on it! I love your articles! Kathy

  10. Ohhhh…that kitten curled up in the bowl is the coup de gras!!! Breathtaking property. franki

  11. It’s beautiful! Thanks for the tour.

  12. I love the sunroom and oh, that amazing back porch!

  13. My goodness, I love a traditional home that is still livable, though this is a very large home. I’m in love with the slate/rock floor on the sunroom. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I’m curious to know if this house was on the Friday only tour this year at Christmas. There was one for sale that only did Friday. When you hear of another Ramble I hope you’ll post it since I, too, would love to tour some of the beautiful homes. This home is beautiful but over the top for me.

  15. I’m curious to know if this house was on the Friday only tour this year at Christmas. There was one for sale that only did Friday. When you hear of another Ramble I hope you’ll post it since I, too, would love to tour some of the beautiful homes. This home is beautiful but over the top for me.

  16. For some reason I can no longer comment on your posts. After I comment and hit post, the box comes up that says I have already posted that comment which I have not! Any ideas?

  17. Wow – what a gorgeous place! You could have guests all the time and still never run out of extra rooms for hobbies. If you could tear yourself away from the kitchen, that is! 🙂 Thanks for the tour Susan. If anyone calls you for a ramble, call me next! ❤️

  18. Bobbi Duncan says

    This is truly one of Madison’s finest. When I lived in Marietta I went to every open house tour Madison put on–such a pretty little town! I know where Newnan is, but never realized there were beautiful historic homes there. I so wish I had discovered that before moving away. I like both stained cabinetry and creamy white, just depends on the style of the cabinets, the embellishments and what mood you wish reflected. The Madison home’s open kitchen/keeping room looks so cozy because of all the stained mill work and brick fireplace. That’s the problem with most new homes– where you want a cozy home, yet all the trim is white, so it never achieves that moody look. That’s why I love judges paneling so. Our present “fox hunt room” doesn’t look nearly as nice with painted walls as it did in our last home with paneled walls and stained trim, but this was not one of our custom or historic homes. Our retirement home will definitely have a much warmer feel to certain rooms. Thanks for always including us on your house tours! Hugs!


    What a beautiful house! I live in Newnan, look me up if you ever come this way again-I would love to go with you!

  20. Beautiful home with lots of rooms for book reading or quiet time. There sure are plenty of garden spots. I viewed more pics on the realtor’s site and would like to “see” what is above the garage. There are so many out buildings on the property including a greenhouse!

  21. Oh my! What a great home! When I saw those miles of granite island countertop I was so envious. I bake a lot and long for lots and lots of room for kneading my homemade breads & rolling out my pie crusts! Sigh! Yes it needs some updating but what a wonderful problem to have! The new buyer will have a field day! Thank you, Susan!

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