A Late Summer Table Setting–Sunflower Inspired

Welcome to the 778th Tablescape Thursday! Did you know sunflowers normally bloom starting in July and can bloom all the way into October? I didn’t realize that until I researched it today. I love sunflowers so much! The info I found online said that you can have non-stop flowers from July through October if you sow new seeds/plants every couple of weeks. I wish my backyard wasn’t so shady because I would love to do that! Maybe I can find a place in my front yard to do that next summer. I know the birds would love it, too! Today’s table was inspired by big, beautiful sunflowers!

Fall-Autumn Table, Transitioning for Tall


I know this table may appear a little fall-ish, but it’s really a “late summer” table setting celebrating the beauty of sunflowers. This table could easily transition into autumn, though.

Acorn Soup Tureens in Autumn Sunflower Tablescape


I brought out my cute, acorn tureens for today’s tablescape, a wonderful find in Pier 1 many years ago. So miss shopping in their stores in person. I always found great tablescaping goodies there.

Sunflower Table, Transition to Fall


I kept the centerpiece simple with a tall Colonial Candle lantern. Its amber-gold glass insert works nicely with the other colors in this table setting.

An Autumn Candle Centerpiece


You may remember when I first used them this past April in this beach-themed table setting.

Lighthouse Style Lantern for a Nautical Seaside Themed Table Setting


View more of this table setting here: Dining Seaside.

Shorebirds for a Beach Themed Tablescape, Lighthouse Lantern


These square rattan chargers were originally purchased here: Square Rattan Charger Plates, Set of 8. If they are out of stock, check that link again later since they could get more in later. I’m tempted to purchase a set of these darker chargers here: Square Rattan Charger Plates, Set of 4. Those would come in handy for future autumn table settings.

Square Rattan Charger Plates, Late Summer Table


I like how the green leaf on the lid of the tureen mimics the green leaves on the square dinner plates. I didn’t notice that until just now. Funny how we notice things in photos that we often miss in person.

Sunflowers and Accorns, Autumn Table Setting


I paired the square dinner plates with these sunflower salad plates–you’ll understand why once you see the dinner plate.

Sunflower Salad Plates, Late Summer Table Setting


The sunflower plates were a find in HomeGoods, I think–been so long, it’s hard to remember. They are by Maxcera and say “Flowers” on the back.


Sunflower Salad Plates, Maxcera Flowers


Now you can see why I chose the sunflower salad plates for today’s table setting. Love the sunflowers on these square dinner plates.

Square Sunflower Dinner Plates, Summer Table Setting


This dinner plate is also by Maxcera and on the back, they are hallmarked “Maxcera, Terra Cotta Sunflowers.”

Maxcera, Terra Cotta Sunflowers, Square Dinner Plate


I loved the colors in these check napkins when I first discovered them back in October of last year. The colors work great for any autumn table setting. You’ll find them still available here: Check Napkins in Autumn Colors. I think the rustic acorns were an ornament originally–had them for so many years, hard to remember now. With a little ribbon, they become napkin rings and nicely complement the acorn soup tureens.

Rustic Acorn Napkin Rings, Autumn Check Napkins


I couldn’t decide which napkin I wanted on top, so I ended up alternating the gold napkin and the check napkin around the table. Which do you like best–the gold napkin on the outside or the check napkin on the outside?

Sunflower Table, Transition to Fall


Happy late summer! Summer is still very much with us, at least for another month–and even longer than that for us here in the South. Are you looking forward to autumn and some cooler weather? I just can’t go there yet, but I know it’s coming.

Fall-Autumn Table, Transitioning for Tall


A little candlelight…

Candlelight Late Summer Table Setting


Late Summer Table Setting by Candlelight


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  1. Franceil Parde says

    This, this is one if my favorites!! So happy, so stylish…what a wonderful “setting!!” I’m currently “making sparkle sunflower” napkin rings. These hot, humid days look better from the inside out!! franki

  2. My daughter absolutely LOVES sunflowers, I can’t wait to show her your lovely table scape. Fall comes earlier in the North East, looking forward to cooler temps and all these wonderful Fall colors!

  3. I don’t remember ever seeing those dinner plates in a tablescape here before. They are beautiful! Love the colors. And I prefer the solid napkin on the outside with the buffalo check, inside. It just seems to be a smoother look / transition with the dinner dishes and tureens. But please don’t say this is your last summer tablescape!! We need at least a month’s more.

    • Thanks, Pam! You know, I may not have used those plates for Tablescape Thursday since 2010! I just looked back and this was the only table I could find.
      Maybe it’s because I didn’t have square chargers that would work with the plates until recently. About time I finally used them again! lol Don’t worry, I’m still in summer mode! 🙂

      • Wow, that tablescape just screamed sunflowers! 😀 You had just bought those plates, too. I really love them and hope we’ll see them again next summer (I almost said, again ‘soon’ but I know you wouldn’t want to repeat them again this summer.) And the napkin rings you used in that tablescape were so pretty. The chicken salt and pepper shakers were new to me, too. I think I found you in around 11 or 12, so I missed a lot, though I do sometimes look through old posts when I get a chance. It’s fun to see how the blog has progressed through the years. It saddens me that you don’t get as many posts as you did back then. So many people used to leave comments. It’s fun reading them. I guess people just don’t follow blogs as much these days, but I don’t know why. Anyway, I’m glad you dug those plates out and they work great with the square chargers.

        • Yeah, folks just don’t leave comments that much now, maybe because there are so many blogs to visit and read. When I had a developer move my blog from Blogger to WordPress in 2010, a lot of the comments on posts didn’t transfer over. In fact, some of the posts didn’t transfer and I had to hand copy them over. I think there were around 20 posts that didn’t transfer. I copied over the comments on some posts but didn’t copy over my replies since it would have taken a long time to copy them all over. So that’s why there are no replies from me on that post. I can’t believe I’ve had those plates that long. The years are flying by!

  4. I can’t wait for fall after seeing your tablescape! So pretty

  5. So pretty ! Love the sunflower dishes. I just snagged 5 sunflower chargers at Hobby Lobby at 70 % off. Used them for lunch with my sister last week…and used the extra one as a base for centerpiece. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  6. Lovely sunflower table Susan – I’m holding onto summer too! I love the square and flower-shaped plates. They’re a perfect combination. Thanks for much for the late summer inspiration, and for hosting, as always! Hope you get lots of nice warm days till fall! (Oh, and I think I like the checks on the inside best!) 🙂

  7. Sabrina Holmes says

    Love the tablescape! I think I like the checks peaking out of the gold napkins.

  8. That table setting has such a warm glow, like from a late summer sunset or from a late afternoon in fall. Very transitional.

  9. Susan – I LOVE your sunflower table setting! Love everything about it. Really like the square dinner plates! My personal preference s the checked napkins to the inside with the yellow gold one on the outside. But I really like both napkins. Great job!!!
    Sheryl S

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