Dining Seaside: A Beachy, Nautical-Themed Tablescape & 2 Adorable Shorebirds

Welcome to the 760th Tablescape Thursday! It was in the 70s yesterday so I couldn’t resist setting a table here on the porch. There was a fresh, light layer of pollen on the surface of the table that had to be cleaned away first. Be glad when pollen season is over. I think we’re on the tail end of it now.

Beachy Themed Table, Screened Porch


I started out with plans to use these sunflower napkins I shared recently. In the process of looking for my sunflower salad plates, I got totally distracted and ended up spending quite a bit of time reorganizing a kitchen pantry where I store a lot of my dishes. I really just wanted to keep doing that all day (I love playing in the dishes) but I kept reminding myself that I was supposed to be setting a table. lol Do you ever do that–start out with one intention and get totally off track?

New Napkin Purchases, Sunflower, Bee and Pizza Theme


While trying to decide what charger I wanted to use for my sunflower table, I spotted these square-shaped, rattan chargers inside the cabinet where I store all my chargers. Screeeecch! That sound is the brakes in my brain screeching to a halt and doing a 180° turn. I’ve been wanting to use these square chargers in a table ever since I purchased them many, many months ago. (Charger plates are available here: Rattan Charger Plates.)

Square Rattan Charger


So we’re headed to the beach this week. I know it’s still a little chilly for a beach trip, but we’ll pretend we’re in Palm Beach or someplace where it’s nice and warm. Or maybe we’re at the Gulf where the ocean water is always a lot warmer. Are you with me? Let’s go!

Between Naps On The Porch, Tablescape Thursday


These were the chargers that were paired with the dinnerware I’m using today, back when I first purchased it in 2008. I love the design but I’ve always felt over the years that they were a bit too small to really act as a charger plate.


In this previous table, you can see how they are just barely larger than the dinner plate itself!

Beach House Dinnerware, Shoreline Collection by Home Studio


So I couldn’t wait to see how the new chargers would work with this beachy dinnerware I’ve had for so many years.

Lighthouse Style Lantern for a Nautical Seaside Themed Table Setting


Do you remember the post a while back where I shared how I was storing a lot of my dinnerware after just having added three new cabinets to the garage? In that post, I shared how I was able to get all of this beachy dinnerware together in one cabinet. In the past, the glassware had been stored separately in another area. I really like having this entire set all together in one cabinet for the first time.

Beachy China Dinnerware


This dinnerware is the “Shoreline Collection” from Home/Studio and was a find in Kohl’s back in 2008 around the time the screened porch was being completed. I only had 3 or 4 sets of china back then and I wanted something really different and fun for porch dining.

Nautical Seaside Table Setting, Shell-Themed Dinnerware


You may recognize the napkins I’m using from when I shared them recently in this post: How I Store/Organize my Napkins + Some New Additions for Spring and Summer.

New Napkin Purchases, Tropical and Nautical


I paired them with an aqua and white buffalo-check napkin, a purchase from last summer. I’ve never used either of these napkins in a tablescape before–we’re breaking out all the new stuff today!

Aqua Buffalo-Check Napkin for Beach Themed Table Setting, Aqua Flatware


I didn’t do a great job of capturing it, but there are actually touches of aqua here and there throughout the nautical napkins. I was surprised by how well they paired with the aqua color in the buffalo plaid napkins and the dinnerware. (The nautical napkins are still available here: Nautical Napkins. The aqua and white buffalo plaid napkins are available and on sale for 30% off, here: Buffalo Plaid Napkins.)

Nautical Napkins, Blue Beachy Flatware


Since some of the napkin designs are on sale, I just purchased two new sets today. I love the designs and their generous size! The aqua shell napkin rings were from Cracker Barrel several summers ago.

Nautical Napkins, Blue Beachy Flatware


This dinnerware set was offered with two salad plate options–a starfish design and this shell salad plate pictured below. I loved them both so ended up purchasing some of both. I decided to go with the shell plates for today’s table.

Shorebirds for a Beach Themed Tablescape, Lighthouse Lantern


The aqua-blue wine glasses are from Pier 1 many years ago. The flatware is also from Kohl’s I think. I believe I purchased it in 2008 around the same time I purchased the dinnerware.

Shell Salad Plate, Beach-Themed Table


I hadn’t planned on sharing this photo since I wasn’t crazy about the angle, but I just realized, you really don’t see the cute shorebird that’s on this end of the table in any of the other photos.

Shore Birds in a Beach-Themed Table Setting


I love collecting these adorable little sea birds whenever I spot them in HomeGoods or Marshalls. They are so fun to decorate with during the summer months and look great perched on a stack of beach house books or alongside a basket of seashells.

Cute Shore Birds


Do you see the shorebird at the other end of the table?

Shell Themed Dinnerware, Seaside Nautical Tablescape


Here’s a better photo of him from a previous table setting. He was the first little seabird I ever purchased and kicked off a small obsession collection. Ha!

Seabird for a Nautical Beach Table Setting


Do you have a seaside vacation or a beach trip planned anytime soon?

Shell Seaside Dinnerware for a Nautical Beach Table Setting


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  1. Very pretty Susan! I adore beach themed tablescapes and your shore bird is adorable! Happy Thursday~

  2. Thanks for taking us to the beach, Susan. Now, if only Mother Nature would get with the program. I love all your natural textures and and pops of aqua amidst the mix of blues, especially the flatware that reminds me of sea glass. The seabird and painted driftwood garland really sell it. I’ll bet you’re thrilled with how those chargers work with your fabulous shells dinnerware. You’re an inspiration once again.

    • I hadn’t thought about that but the flatware does really make me think of sea glass, too! Love that! Thanks so much, Aris! I do very much like the new chargers, been searching for the right square shaped ones for many years.

  3. I loved going to the beach on your porch Susan! What a fun table setting. Who can resist a beach table anyway?! The chargers are just beautiful and work so well with your gorgeous dishes. I love the napkins and of course those cute beach birds! Well done and I had a great time! LOL Hugs, Brenda

  4. Tina Reynolds says

    I A. So, I tell myself that it is time well spent.

    I ALWAYS get distracted when I am putting things away. Then I spend way too much time “playing dishes”, napkins, tablecloths! It is such a happy distraction! I do believe that it causes me to look at things with a new eye, a new perspective, when I re-organize things. I re-imagine new ways to use my old stuff. I remember once when my grandson was about 4 years old, upon seeing a pile of dishes on the counter and an empty cabinet above he said, “Grandma, are you disorganizing things again?” Ha! Accurate.
    I am just in love with your screened porch. It is perfect in every way.

    • I swear, the older I get, the worse I am about getting distracted! I just have way too many things I want to do and do all at once. So I get it, Tina! I like what your grandson said, that describes me yesterday very well! lol

  5. Just a darling table! I love the shell plates and Buffalo plaid napkins. The square chargers are perfect. The shore birds are the perfect touch of whimsy too! Makes it feel like summer is here! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks so much, Toni! I wish the aqua sections in the nautical napkins were more visible. They were hard to capture with my camera. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s just April, I keep thinking it’s already summer. I need to slow down and just enjoy spring. 🙂

  6. Just returned from a trip to the Gulf and was missing it. Love these colors, especially with the touch of rattan. I also get so distracted with decor-related tasks. My hubby calls it the “Squirrel!” syndrome.

  7. SO cute – I do feel like I’ve had a little beach trip! 🙂 I love those chargers too, and the square shape is so fun. Thanks as always, for hosting, and for inspiring me with your lovely pieces and great ideas!

  8. franki Parde says

    Yes, & yes…all the time, however, I do get things done that way rather than the ones I intended!! Your tablescape IS an escape!! BON VOYAGE…franki

  9. Beautiful. I like how you remove the chair and photograph. This literally brings us right up to view tablescape as a guest ready to be served.
    The blend of cool and warm colors is masterful.

  10. So, so pretty—I can hear the surf & smell the coconut oil! I wish I was headed to warmer climes! I’ve been having a little pity party because all 4 of my closest girlfriends & our kids & grandkids have all been to sunny beaches while we’re here in the gloom. (Insert Eyeore- like groan here!)
    I appreciate your pretty escape to the beach!

  11. Michele M. says

    Absolutely adore your shore-themed tablescape today, Susan! Makes me want to call my travel agent and get to a beach now!

    Ok, today it is 82 degrees. Monday is snowed and the week before that was mid 70s. Ohio, bless her little heart. My elder daughter is in Puerta Villarta right now enjoying a beach. Wish I were there too!!!!

    • Thanks so much, Michele! Wow, 82–that’s awesome! Ohio weather sounds as crazy as Georgia…we get extremes like that sometimes.
      Me, too! That sounds like a wonderful place to vacation!

  12. I love it when you take us along on a trip; especially to the beach. I have porch envy. Aside from the table, I really liked how you stacked the napkins in the cabinet with one folded down to show the design. What a time saver. Home Goods sells large packages of white cloth hotel size napkins. With newer sewing machines, you can put all kinds of designs on them. Yes, we all love to play, I mean organize, our dishes. Sometimes you find forgotten treasures or things that suddenly go together from years of hoarding, sorry, collecting.

  13. Love the nautical look! Just returned from Charleston and I’m still dreaming of warmer weather than what I found when I returned back home. By the way I love those bee napkins you have!

  14. Charmaine Wolhuter says

    Very pretty table setting. Winter fast approaching in South Africa. Cool mornings and evenings. Johannesburg, Gauteng province, has the best weather, all year round. Now, 10h45 Friday morning – a lovely 21 deg C. To see the sea, I have to travel to KwaZulu Natal, or to the Cape Province. Your post has inspired me to have some friends over, find suitable crockery in my stash, and set a seaside tablescape.

    • Thanks so much, Charmaine! Ohh, so your weather is like Australia, I guess. They are heading into fall/winter. I would love to visit that area one day. I’ve never been to South Africa or any of the ocean/seaside areas. Yes! Celebrate before the colder weather arrives.

  15. Susan, your table is gorgeous! I am so ready for summer after our very long winter. The new chargers look fabulous with your shell dinner plates and I love the aqua stemware and flatware. Its all so pretty and makes me want to set a beach tablescape too (even though it has snowed here every day this week lol). Thanks for sharing your inspiration and happy Friday to you!

    • Thanks so much, Kim! Oh my gosh, still snowing?! I hope that’s your last snowfall and your spring arrives soon! Thankfully the pollen is finally starting to let up here.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Cowgirl Diva says

    One of my favorites.! SO…creative…colorful…FUN..!! And…those adorable little beach birds are just the touch..!! THANK YOU for sharing..!!

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