Summer Dining with an Edible Flower Garden Centerpiece

Welcome to the 258th Tablescape Thursday!

Summer is winding down but it’s not over yet. Are the stores in your area still stocked with yummy watermelons? They are still available here. It just isn’t summer without cutting up a juicy, sweet watermelon or ten!

I read an article the other day where someone made the claim that seedless watermelons don’t taste as good as watermelons with seeds because they are genetically modified. The claim was pretty soundly rebuffed in the article.  What do you think? Have you ever noticed any difference in flavor between watermelons with seeds and watermelons without?

My tablescape is out on the porch this week and it features a watermelon centerpiece.

Summer Table with Watermelon Centerpiece_wm


The dishware and napkins reflect the colors found in the centerpiece: red and yellow.

Summer Dining with a Watermelon Centerpiece


For this table setting I created a little flower garden using two kinds of watermelon and a cantaloupe. I’ll share a tutorial soon showing the details for creating this edible centerpiece. It’s super easy!

Summer Table, Carved Watermelon Centerpiece, Ant Plates, Lemon Glasses


I surrounded the garden with a white picket fence–you know I love a white picket fence!

Watermelon Centerpiece for Summer Table Setting


I had a hard time deciding what flatware I wanted to use for this setting. I finally settled on a soft green flatware since the color worked well with the watermelon and the flower stems.

Summer Table Setting with Yellow Plates, Red Plaid Napkins and Green Flatware


The yellow dinner plate is Colorwave by Noritake. Colorwave is available in lots of pretty colors. I love this sunshine yellow color called, “Mustard.”

Do you recognize the watermelon napkin rings?

Summer Tablescape with Red Check Ant Plates


They were previously used in this summer table setting featuring a “whale” of a centerpiece. (Tutorial for carving the whale can be found here:  Tutorial: Carved Watermelon Party Centerpiece)

Carved Whale Watermelon Centerpiece for a Summer Tablescape


Where there’s a watermelon, there are bound to be some ants!



Glassware is from Dollar Tree, found several years ago.

Lemonade Glasses


I’ve used this lemony glassware for lots of  Tablescape Thursdays.  (View tablescape here: Lemonade for Summer Parties)

Lemonade Server for Parties._wm


Recently I stopped by Dollar Tree and they have the lemon glasses back in stock. (View tablescape here: Lemonade Days on the Porch)

Lemonade Server for Porch Parties_wm


Back to our table setting, come a bit closer and check out our edible centerpiece.

Flower Garden Carved from Watermelon Centerpiece


I had so much fun making it!

Centerpiece Flower Garden Carved from Watermelon


Everything is edible except the stems, leaves and the little butterfly antennae.

A Flower Garden Carved from Watermelon Centerpiece for a Summer Table Setting


An overhead view…

Flower Garden Carved from Watermelon Centerpiece for a Summer Table Setting


Carved Watermelon Flower-Garden Centerpiece


There are lots of flowers and butterflies in our little garden.

Flower Garden Carved from Watermelon Centerpiece for a Summer Table Scape


Peeking through the picket fence, we see the ground below the garden is filled with even more flowers and butterflies.

Watermelon Carved for a Summer Table Setting Centerpiece


The yellow flowers were made from a yellow meat watermelon, the pink from a regular seeded watermelon and the orange flowers are made from cantaloupe.

Flower Garden Carved from Watermelon Centerpiece for a Summer Table Setting Tablescape


Let’s celebrate these last precious days of summer! I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Watermelon Centerpiece for Summer Table Setting


Looking forward to the tables posted for this Tablescape Thursday!

Summer Table with Watermelon Centerpiece_wm



Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Susan, a darling table. I was going to say those glasses are back in stock, but you covered that. Love them. They remind me of the jelly glasses we had as kids. Only larger. The table looks perfect for summer. Love the ants parading across the plate. A great screened in picnic. Thanks for hosting.. xo marlis

  2. WOW Susan…that centerpiece steals the show…you did an amazing job with that watermelon…
    Thanks for hosting the party…
    Love, Mona
    p.s. I always go for the seedless watermelon..I don’t think there is any difference in the taste… 🙂

  3. Hi Susan,
    Your centerpiece is brilliant! I just love it! The fruits, lemon glasses (great!), red napkins and of course the cute ants all say summer in such a happy way. Thanks for hosting! Linda

  4. Thanks so much for hosting, Susan!

  5. Susan, this is just the most fun table ever! I love your edible flowers in the watermelon with the cute picket fence around it. What a brilliant idea! Your brightly colored dishes and the ant plates are so much fun. This is the perfect way to say good-bye to summer. Thank you for hosting the linkup. laurie

  6. OMG, the ANT plates are just adorable! Susan, all your tablescapes are wonderful, but this one raises the cute and clever bar! If you ever find yourself in Omaha, NE, you have a standing invitation to come to tea at my house! 🙂

  7. Love it Susan! The picket fence really makes the whole thing! I have a friend that owned an Edible Arrangements for a while, she was always bringing her fruit bouquets over. Your butterflies are a great touch! Your watermelon whale is awesome also! I need to get my knife out!

  8. I am totally stealing this idea! (and pinning it) I got a small heart cookie cutter from a bridal shower and there’s so much that can be done with crisp fruit. Thanks for hosting and sharing your beautiful and practical table and centerpiece.

  9. That is so cute! Now I need watermelon.

  10. Susan, the colors on your summer table perfectly coordinate with the chair cushions. It’s all cool and refreshing, just as a summer table should be. Your watermelon centerpiece is adorable. I clicked back over to the whale again. We celebrate our wedding anniversary end of August, and we had a watermelon boat at our morning wedding reception. Oh, the memories! Thanks for hosting and for sharing this pretty table.

  11. Thank you so much for the idea, it’s adorable! I love, love the picket fence centerpiece, it’s awesome! Thank you for hosting this fabulous party dear Susan, as tablescaping is my fav thing to blog and to see!!!
    Big hugs,

  12. This is darling! I love that you added the orange pop of the cantaloupe to the arrangement. Smiles all around on this one! Thanks for hosting us and for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  13. Peggy Thal says

    Just the cutest!! Would love your idea for my Garden Club. Susan, you always have the best tables. I look forward every week for the next one. Thanks so much!

  14. I love it! I am already trying to figure out how to use the cantaloupe since it’s orange for a Halloween fenced in cemetery for appetizers.

  15. This is so cute! Love the “flowers” in the watermelon! The napkins and napkin ring are adorable!

    Thanks for hosting!


  16. Susan, now I know why you were trying to find some flower-shaped cookie cutters! Next time check with me because I have tons of cookie cutters! Your centerpiece is so incredible and the entire tablescape is a real tribute to summer! I love it, love it, love it!

  17. This is sooooooooo cute!!! And such a fun table scape!!! Love the centerpiece, that is adorable, looks like you spent a lot of time making that, and come on now, I know you had fun too!!! The fence is perfect…….I’ve got to try this one….

  18. That is such a simple tablescape, but absolutely positively adorable. (I realize the watermelon centerpiece is not “simple”, but you know what I mean, right???). I just love it. It does say SUMMER! Great job, as always. Lori Lucas

  19. 258 tables and you never run out of ideas or new presentations. It’s fun to be a part of your creativity.

  20. This centerpiece is a work of art — not sure I would want anyone to mess it up!!

    The whole table is darling. Aren’t those DT tumblers the cutest? I love mine.


  21. Susan, this is one of my favorites. It is absolutely darling!♥

  22. Susan, I would love to spend the afternoon on your porch sipping lemonade and nibbling on your centerpiece! How cute is that, especially with the adorable picket fence. The watermelon napkin rings are wonderful and I love the “ant” plates – such fun!

  23. So much fun! I’ve been gathering ‘watermellon pieces’ for a talbescape and I love the flower garden! I always thought that the seeded ones had more flavor, and for awhile, you couldn’t find one with seeds at the market! I didn’t know they were genetically altered. I just assumed the seedless ones tasted, well, different.

  24. Fab-B00 dahling! That tablescape is just tooooo cute! I have to admit that I find watermelons with seeds sweeter. I’m also fairly certain that has nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with my sweet melon picking skills. Catch as can, at best. Nonetheless….I still say seeded are sweeter….and more fun to spit! Spitting fruit at a can is just not the same! HA!

    • Yeah…. completely forgetful! I got side tracked and forgot to ask if you would post a tutorial on the revolving link party spots? Probably did not say that right at all, but hopefully you can read befuddled……Thank you!

      • Diana, do you mean a tutorial to show how to set it up for revolving? If so, it’s just a setting at InLinkz. When you create the party at Inlinkz, under the heading “Sort Order of Links” click on the toggle button and choose “random” (instead of “normal”) and that’s it. The links will display in a random order with each visit.

        • SEE! You do read/understand befuddled! That is exactly what I meant. I don’t blog (YET) and am trying to learn things all the time. I follow several blogs, but haven’t seen any that revolve. Very cool feature! Thank you for your time and attention Susan, you are daBomb!

  25. Looks fantastic….

  26. Boy does this being back fond mom use to make a basket with a watermelon and fill it with other fruit balls…she would have LOVED yours with the flowers..she was an avid my grandfather was too..veggie & flower..too bad we haven’t had color photography from 1900..I have some fantastic black n white’s of my grandfathers gardens..or I should rooms..really something!!

  27. Hi, Susan….
    The table is just adorable – now I know what you needed those flower & butterfly cookie cutters for! They are really cute and creative! But then ALL of your tablescapes are creative & beautiful! Fun way to say Goodbye to summer (although here in FL, we’ll have several more months of “summer”!!). Thanks for hosting!

  28. Love your table! Those lemon glasses are so cute. Need to check my DT. Love the edible centerpieces!!

  29. Oh Susan your table is delightful, so full of color and light and whimsy and summer, I just love it, who couldn’t smile after seeing such a lovely setting…love the touches of yellow and of course the wonderful fruit cut outs are just so creative and fresh…I will be right over for a lovely lunch…We are not ready to say goodbye to summer here in California…not until mid September, then we just give it up, just a little…never all the way….Phyllis

  30. Susan,
    A D O R A B L E tablescape, dear friend!!!
    The centerpiece reminds me of Fourth of July celebrations
    on my husband’s family farm during our early years of marriage!!!
    Lots of watermelon was shared at those traditional family gatherings!!!
    I adore the plates with the ants. . .can’t have a picnic “proper” without em’! Ha!
    The watermelon napkin rings and the lemon glasses take the centerpiece
    theme to the greatest limits!!! Love the striped straws!!!
    The overhead photo of the watermelon with all the flowers in the bottom made me oohand aah!!!
    Thanks for sharing this amazing tablescape with us!!!
    I’ll be back soon to see the tutorial on how to make the fruity edible flowers!!!
    Also, thanks for hosting Tablescape Thursday, each week!
    P.S. My entry this week refers to your napkin tutorial!
    Several comments mention your napkin fold!!!

  31. Love your blooming and fluttering watermelon garden Susan! It’s too pretty to eat!

  32. Hi Susan,
    You always have such great tablescape ideas and this one is no exception! I love the colors you chose, as well as the watermelon garden centerpiece! That is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing and for hosting the Tablescape Thursdays – I love your ideas & creativity and love looking at all of the different tablescapes.
    Blessings to you,

  33. How adorable that watermelon is! I love it. I saw one recently that was a baby buggy for a baby shower. So cute. I shared this week one of my favorite miniature dollhouse tables capes. I have loved decorating tables so much it only seems right to do it in a dollhouse setting! I’ve gotten a great deal of my ideas from napkins here, plates there…but my favorite is your porch! When ever you do settings there my heart swoons. Hahaha.

  34. Love, love, love everything in this tablescape!!!

  35. Your centerpiece is GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore it! Did you use cookie cutters? I also have the same lemon glasses since you shared where you got them several years ago I ran right out to get some:) I want to thank you agan for randomizing the links. I LOVE that feature. Have a great weekend, Susan. XO

  36. Oh so beautiful, Susan. Love the centerpiece! Of course the mix of plates are so pretty too….Christine

  37. Do you know how they get water in a watermelon?? They plant it in the spring…bada bing…your table is DeLish! franki

  38. This is absolutely adorable, Susan! Can’t wait to see the tutorial.

    We haven’t had any watermelons in our area yet. We buy all our fresh produce from a local organic farmer (one of the reasons is avoiding the GMO or non-GMO dilemma), and because of our late snow storms in April, everything is about a month behind the normal schedule. Hope he will have some watermelons soon, before the summer is over.

  39. Susan,

    Oh my gosh!
    You must have spent so much time planning this because it is fantastic.
    I can really feel how much effort you put into this.

    I am truly inspired because it totally is a summer feel.

    I am sure everyone is as impressed as I am, if not even more.



  40. Mary from Virginia says

    What a CUTE centerpiece, and all the better that it can be eaten! At the beginning of the summer our local grocery store was carrying watermelons from Georgia that were the BEST I have eaten in years. Now they aren’t carrying them any longer.

    Cute lemon glasses and ant plates! Fun table!

    You are one creative chick.

  41. I’m going to revisit this post in January to chase away the winter blues!

  42. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Cute! And the table scape goes perfectly with your seat cushions. 🙂 Yum, that really does look good — melon seems so refreshing in the summer. But please stay away from anything genetically modified. That is some bad stuff there! Look into it if you’re not sure. God made great food for us, no need for Monsanto or anybody else to ‘modify,’ it. 🙁

    • Don’t worry, Pam…they aren’t genetically modified. Sometimes folks think they are, but they aren’t. 🙂 I totally agree about staying away from that stuff!

      • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

        Well you said they were you little fathead! Haha. 😀 I’m glad to know they’re not. And I’m glad you know to stay away from that stuff. Please spread the word! A lot of people still don’t realize what they are eating and the damage it is causing. Really, that this is going on in our country is a travesty. I love the little garden theme. Those flowers look so pretty and yummily refreshing. Is yummily a word? Oh well, it is now!

  43. Susan, This is a beautiful table. I look forward to the tutorial. I used those same glasses last week. I have been trying to find the green polka dot glasses. They only had two and I have been trying for weeks to catch them again.
    I love the little ants on the plate, too cute. I have never tasted any difference in the seedless melon. I just LOVE it

  44. Wow, that was lots of work! Charming! Your table is, as always, wonderful. I viewed all your links and saw the watermelon carving post and then the pumpkin carving post, those were wonderful and fun to see! Lemonade is my most favorite, and I am in love with your lemon glasses! What a surprise they are from Dollar Tree! I only go in there to get gift bags and tissue paper, I never look around! Now I will be on the hunt for those cute USA made glasses! Every time I see your beautiful napkins in their special napkin rings, I imagine my grandmothers paper napkin tucked in there 🙂 How is the garden growing? Any new garden guests?

  45. Susan, you are so danged clever- how adorable is that???

    That is one awesome table – so fun and welcoming and whimsical – just begs for inviting close friends over to celebrate that it is still summertime…………………I am holding on for dear life – I do not want it to be fall yet. No No No.

    There’s time still to enjoy this summer. Sept, Oct. and Nov are fall – so I am waiting.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  46. I love your fruit flower garden!! Such a great centerpiece. This table is just what your sign says – a Summer Breeze – that makes me feel fine! I love the way your chair cushions even match your table 🙂 Looks like the perfect place to spend a summer Saturday afternoon.

  47. Linda Hastings says

    Susan, this is such a cute tablescape! You have so much talent and imagination! Can you teleport some of that to me? Love your website and it gives me lots of creative ideas! I wonder at one thing though……..I have that same Madeline flatware but have been so frustrated in that I cannot find the teaspoon size spoons. I could only find the soup spoons. I’ve even contacted World Market’s Customer Service but have been unsuccessful in finding the teaspoons. Did you just get lucky that your World Market store had them or did you find them somewhere else? When we make the three hour trip to Atlanta, we always stop at the World Market store to check things out.

    • Thanks so much, Linda! I can’t remember where I found that flatware, now. I bet it was either HomeGoods or Tuesday Morning…I’m leaning toward Tuesday Morning. Any time I come across flatware in a unique color I don’t already have, if it’s very reasonable in price (like $20 per set) I’ll usually buy it since I do so many table settings for the blog. It has to be a great price though since color limits what you can use it with.
      I remember that flatware came in a boxed set of four place settings and each place setting had five pieces: knife, dinner fork, salad fork, oval soup spoon and teaspoon. I almost never buy flatware unless it has a dinner fork, salad fork, knife and teaspoon. So many companies these days are making sets with just a knife, teaspoon and dinner fork and I always like having a salad fork, too. I wish I could remember the name brand on the box. I should start saving the box lids when I buy flatware since I can never remember later. If I come across it again while shopping, I’ll come back and leave another comment here for you with the name. I bought it back at the start of spring, may have even been late winter, thinking it would go great with a spring or summer tablescape.

      • LINDA HASTINGS says

        Thanks Susan. I’ll check my local Tuesday morning. I am often in TJMaxx, Marshall’s and Ross. We don’t have a Home Goods in my area yet…..Keep hoping though. I’ve found a few pieces used in my tablescapes at Tuesday Morning. Most recently some Villeroy Boch Toscana Flowers plates. I bought my Madeline Green flatware at World Market in Smyrna last year thinking it would be good in so many settings…..Spring, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Summer, Fall and Christmas. World Market had the individual pieces but no teaspoons. I thought I could order the teaspoons online but discovered they had all BUT the teaspoons. It is nice flatware and maybe I will just have to wait to see if I can find the teaspoons somewhere someday. For now, I still use it but just open wide and use the soup spoon… home we can be more relaxed about formal dining etiquette :-)))

        If you find it somewhere…..please let me know! I would LOVE to complete the set I have. Guess I’ll have to learn this lesson the old hard headed way. Thanks again for all the inspiration! I still wish I could teleport you and your imagination!

        • Will def let you know if I see it. That is so odd that they didn’t have the teaspoons. I don’t shop in World Market that often but when I do, I’ll keep my eye out for you. Have you called the other WMs to see if they have the teaspoons?

          • LINDA HASTINGS says

            Yes, I have a friend in Charleston and she checked there for me. The nearest one to me is Lexington, SC and they did not have them either. I checked online and finally contacted the Customer Service staff thinking maybe they could tell me when they might have them back in but that was not much help. When we come to the Atlanta area, we usually try to stay near the Cumberland Mall so I’m am very close to the Home Goods, World Market and Ross or Marshalls there. We have a trip planned in a few months to Douglasville so that will be an opportunity for me to try those stores again. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me!

  48. I wondered the other day what you would be making with those cookie cutters. How cute. Now I will have to see if I can find the box with my cookie cutters so I can make a centerpiece like yours too. But I better wait until I read your tutorial. I’m not sure about the skewers. Are they tinted with food coloring? The ants on the red checked plates are really cute too. So much fun to look at!

  49. Such an extremely happy garden party table…love, love the centerpiece of fruit florals!!!..Another gorgeous table Susan!

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