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Remember the ice storm we had a couple of weeks ago–you know, the one we had right before we had two earthquakes? Yeah, life’s been interesting around here lately. 

I kept worrying during the storm that my magnolia would lose its top for the third time. Ice storms are its only nemesis.

Ice Storm in Georgia, 2014 13


It fared much better this time, only lost one small limb. Not bad at all.

Magnolia Branch Broken During Storm Damage


My clay pots on the deck normally weather our winters just fine. Not so, ice storms. Looks like I’ll be shopping for a new clay pot this spring. Fortunately most of them were already in the garage where I’ve been trying to over-winter a few plants.

Flower Pot Damaged from Cold Weather


During the ice storm I ventured outside and braved the ice to take a few pics, and got fussed at by you! Thanks for caring enough to fuss at me! 😉 Remember this pic I shared of one of the boxwoods topiaries out front. I was really worried if it would be okay because it looked like a boxwood popsicle.

Ice Storm in Georgia, 2014 14


Both boxwoods did great except the strangest thing occured.  I noticed a few days ago, it looked like someone had taken the clippers to them. Some branches in front were literally sliced right off. They were just sort of hanging there and when I lifted them away, it left a bare spot. You can see down to the stem, now. Ummm, how did that happen?

Boxwood Topiaries Ice Damage1


The boxwood topiary on the other side had the same issue…a random chunk of boxwood cut out right in front. It was a mystery until….

Boxwood Topiaries Ice Damage2


I looked up. Apparently sheets of ice slid right off the roof and gave the boxwoods an unwanted trimming. I guess the boxwoods will grow back out in those spots. Since we rarely get bad ice storms, I’m hoping that won’t happen again anytime soon.

So that’s all the ice storm damage I had, at least that I’ve discovered so far. I think I got off pretty easy this time around.

Boxwood Topiaries Ice Damage


I’ve been working on a project the last couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to sharing it real soon. It’s one that has taken me completely out of my comfort zone. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I want to surprise you. But I can say, it’s got wheels! 🙂

Today I ORB’d the shiny, silver part of the wheels. You can see in the pic below how the wheels looked before I spray painted them with Rustoleum’s Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Three are sprayed and one is still silver in the picture. I love how they turned out.

When I was shopping for the ORB paint, there was a nice customer in the paint section of the hardware store who seemed really knowledgeable. In fact, the employee who was helping me asked him some questions…they apparently knew each other.

He told me I should remove any oil residue on the silver part of the wheel with denatured alcohol or acetone before spray painting them. So glad he was there because I never would have known or thought to do that. I didn’t have either product so I purchased some acetone, which is similar to nail polish remover but stronger. Just sharing that in case you ever need to spray paint something that may have a bit of oil residue on it.



I’ll be back in the morning with a Mardi Gras table setting…see you in just a few hours for Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. Susan, I hate that your topiaries were slightly damaged but I think they’ll recover eventually. I have no idea what you’re working on but you’ve certainly piqued my interest! A bar cart?

  2. Ok, so now I’m curious ;). Is it a kitchen island? Do tell. lol

  3. Linda S. in NE says

    It does look like you lucked out in that ice storm as far as damage goes. Did those sheets of ice on your roof scare you when you looked up? I would worry about them coming down at the worst possible time, like when guests are coming up the walk. I really have no suggestions as how to remove them from the roof, so I’m not much help, just asking you to be careful.

    • Linda, they did scare me! I’m so glad no one visited my home when they were falling off. It was a warm day the day I was out looking up at them, so I knew the other two would fall off soon and they did. I need to come up with a plan in case we get another ice storm sometime. Maybe I can open the window above the porch and use a broom or something to shove the ice off as soon as the temps begin to warm. If they can slice small boxwood branches off, I bet they could be dangerous if someone got hit on the head or face.

  4. I live in Michigan and we can’t keep the clay pots outside.
    You can use these in the ground with potted annuals with fresh dirt.
    They will grow great.
    And will you will be able to lift them out easily and just throw the dirt back in the hole. 0:)

  5. Love the oil rubbed bronze spray, did all my door hinges, actually taped off the shiny faux brass shower surround and sprayed turned out fab, can’t wait to see what the wheels are on, coffee table, garden cart, kitchen island or possibly something for the porch, a serving cart…can’t wait…

    • You won’t have to wait too long, Phyllis…hope to finish it soon. I’ve been thinking about changing out the builder grade brass knobs on my interior doors. I love quality brass, like Baldwin or Virginia Metalcrafters but the builder grade door knobs dent and are kind of, well…cheap looking. Did you spray your knobs, too?

  6. I’m glad your boxwoods made it through the ice storm. But falling ice? Didn’t see that one coming….bet you didn’t either! Wheels? Did you take up motorcycling? 😉

  7. They are predicting more of the same in 10 days or so. I’m from Central GA. I felt the first earthquake but not the second.

    • Yuck! I don’t want more ice! I didn’t feel the second one either…just read about it. I think I was out running errands in the car when that one hit. I believe they said it was an after shock.

  8. Thought I would let you know if you did not buy white wooden hangers yet they have them at home goods. Phyllis

  9. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Eek, Susan … I *may* have been one of those who fussed at you. Hee. 😀 But that ice stuff is nothing to fool around with! I still think of what you went through with that bout of e-coli and I couldn’t bare to think of you out on your back deck, on your cushy place, unable to move, whilst freezing and calling out for help, and having to resort to snacking on the bird seed you intended to scatter. (I have a vivid imagination, lol.)

    The wheels … hmm … what could it be? Btw, I love the paint! In fact, I have that oil rubbed bronze hardware on all my doors and even some sinks. I’m glad to learn about the paint, just in case I need a touch up. In fact, you know those plates that fit around the stopper at the bottom of your bathroom sink? Mine are peeling! :0 I know those faucets cost a small fortune. You would think they wouldn’t peel! Maybe that paint would be the solution. Learned something again from you!

    Btw, I just discovered an interesting British series I thought I’d share with you. It’s called, The Bletchley Circle and is a period piece set in the 1940’s. It’s about a group of women who were code breakers during the war. They meet again several years later and wind up using their skills to solve a murder case. I know you’re sensitive about scary things and it’s not too scary, though there is some suspense, so watch it during the day if you decide to watch it, lol. The first series is only 3 episodes and they’ve done 2 series so far. Also, I know you love Martin Clunes and I just discovered him in another show, filmed before Doc Martin called William and Mary. I’ve only seen the first episode so far, but he is quite lovable. Both are available free to watch, online.

    Okay, if we guess what the wheels are for do we get a prize? 😀

    • lol Yes, surviving on birdseed on a frozen deck is not my idea of fun! I’ll have to check that out…during the daytime. Shows like are always scarier at night…wonder why that is?
      Was the Martin Clunes show a comedy show where he is married and works in an office…was it an advertising firm? I watched all the available episodes of that on Netflix and it was really funny! Can’t remember the name of it now.

  10. Poussière d'Argence says

    Il fait très froid chez vous.
    Ici c’est le printemps, un grand soleil réchauffe le jardin et les premières fleurs (pensées, jonquilles primevères etc…) viennent l’illuminer de leurs couleurs.
    je te souhaite une douce journée.

  11. Carolyn Price says

    Good ORB paint tip, Susan. I have a lamp I may be refinishing.
    My question is … What tape do you like to use to protect when spray painting or brush painting projects? Have a redo i am ready to tackle and would appreciate knowing the brand you prefer to use.
    Thanks for any info!

    • Carolyn Price says

      I enlarged the photo and made out the word “blue” on the tape. Is it available at Lowe’s or Home Depot or do I need to go to a paint store like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore?
      Also: Have a redo I am ready to tackle …. : /

    • Hi Carolyn, I always use whatever tape strikes my fancy at the time…just whatever I see that looks good in the hardware store where I am. The tape you saw was some I had by Scotch…you can see it here:
      I’ve also used FROG tape. Both those work great. Actually, for what I was doing, regular ole masking tape would have worked. I probably should have saved the blue tape for when I’m painting trim and walls instead of wasting it on this project. I think I bought those at Home Depot or Lowes, probably Home Depot since it’s so close to my home.
      Hope that helps. Good luck with your redo…sounds interesting! 🙂

      • Carolyn Price says

        Thanks for the info, Susan. The lamp redo is an outdoor floor lamp with a nautical, coastal vibe. It has a bright golden yellow globe interior. The yellow cast of the lighting it produces is not relaxing or pleasing to the eye at all. It must be painted white.
        The lamp is a great HomeGoods find but with a more calming redo in the works.

  12. SharonFromMichigan says

    Susan – I too wish this winter stuff would end! Weather man is predicting another polar vortex of cold frigid air for next week – yuck. Anyway, don’t worry about your boxwoods, we have them up north and they take quite a beating in the winter and still look regal in the summer. On your clay pot – have you considered grouting it and using broken china pieces to make it pretty? It would be a small enough project and not very expensive if you buy some china plates at a thrift store and break them up (you could maybe do a separate post on it). Stay Warm and Safe!
    Hugs, Sharon

  13. Bonnie Gutierrez says

    I am obsessed with bar carts. Many months ago I set up a Pinterest Board featuring bar carts and other creative home setups for our libations and to have a little fun called it Setting Up the Hooch! I thought I was just being a goof but now realize I was watching a popular trend grow! I hope your project is a bar cart. If it is, no doubt it will be spectacular. In fact, no matter what it is ,we all know it will be stellar!

    Glad your boxwoods survived major damage.

  14. Linda C in Seattle says

    I’ll throw my 2 cents in and say….
    Are you spraying the wheels to your new office chair?
    I know you won’t tell yet.
    Looking forward to the post.
    Hope there is no more ice storms.
    We are getting a little snow tonight.

  15. Ooooh, oil rubbed bronze….you’re speaking my language, kiddo!! franki

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