A Hoppy Picture for Your Evening

Sorry, couldn’t resist that post title.  It will make more sense by the end of the post.

Old Time Pottery Giveaway:  Picking A New Winner

Remember the Giveaway we had a while back for Old Time Pottery?


I e-mailed the original winner several times and never heard back.  The winner didn’t leave an e-mail address in her comment and she doesn’t have a blog, but WordPress is designed where you have to enter your e-mail before you can leave a comment.  Despite e-mailing the winner multiple times over the last three-four weeks at the e-mail entered when the comment was left,  I sadly never heard back.

Old Time Pottery really wants someone to enjoy a fabulous $100 shopping spree!  So I ran the random number generator once more and it selected a new winner:  Shirley with Housepitality Designs.  Congrats Shirley!

Thanks again to all who entered and please don’t forget when you enter a giveaway and you enter your e-mail to leave your comment, please be sure to enter an e-mail you do check so you can be notified if/when you win.


Eleanor Brown Boutique:
Didn’t win the Giveaway for Old Time Pottery?  Take heart because Eleanor Brown Boutique is currently offering a fabulous giveaway shopping spree right now!


You’ll find the Giveaway here: Win a $75 Shopping Spree for Eleanor Brown Boutique!  The last day to enter is Thursday, August 23rd.


Random 95th Tablescape Thursday Sighting:

Did you receive a random two year old Tablescape Thursday post in your feed or e-mail today?  Where’s a blushing, embarrassed smiley face when you need one?   I’ve had this happen a couple of times before…an old post changing its date to the current date when being edited.  I think I finally figured out how this is occurring.  Apparently, if you just go into an old post and edit it and click “update” all goes as it should and the old post updates correctly and doesn’t change the posting date.

However, it appears if you go into an old post in WordPress and instead of editing it right there, you save it to a draft and then edit it, when you repost it, it publishes it for the current date and time.  UGH.   I have to remember that!

So, please excuse today’s random Tablescape Thursday post that may have spontaneously streaked across your screen.  I noticed the post had published anew when comments started appearing for it.  It removed all the original comments when it reposted.  Thanks to the dearhearts who humored that random post and left comments…it needed some after that little mishap.   It’s now been returned to its rightful June 2010 spot.  😉

Lots of folks mentioned they had never seen that post because they weren’t following BNOTP back then.  If you love tablescapes and would like to see some of those you may have missed, click on the Tablescape category at the top of BNOTP and you’ll find all the tablescapes I’ve posted over these last four years.  They are grouped according to Holidays, Occasions, Themes, etc…

Speaking of Streaking:

A few days ago as I was pulling into my driveway, a streak of gray ran across in front of me.  I stopped in the driveway and looked to my left and here’s what I saw in my perennial garden.  Do you see my sweet visitor?  It was getting dark rapidly but I was able to snap a quick pic with my iPad through the open window of the car.  It had been raining during the day and you can see the rain drops still on the flowers.

Bunny in Perennial Garden


I shared this photo on the Between Naps on the Porch Facebook page HERE several days ago, but I thought I’d share it here in case you missed it.

If you haven’t joined BNOTP on Facebook yet, come on over!  We have a good time there and the discussions are always so interesting.  If I’m sharing something exciting or important, you’ll most likely hear it on the BNOTP Facebook page first because it’s so easy to share “breaking news” on FB than it is to create a whole new post.

Okay, I know a bunny isn’t breaking news but a website stealing hundreds and hundreds of posts from BNOTP and several other blogs definitely was.   I shared information about protecting yourself (if you have a blog) from such disasters, as well as site address where you can report such evil doings.

Bunny in Perennial Garden


I’ll create a post sometime soon explaining some of the steps you can take to protect yourself.  This is a growing crime due to software that let’s the bad guys “scape” all your content straight from your feed.  If you aren’t watermarking your photos, start tonight!  I’ll write a post with more details soon.

See you over on Facebook!

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  1. Congrats Shirley! I am so happy she won. Too bad for the first winner but yay Shirley! 🙂 I love OTP.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the theft of your work. I have been reading a lot about the scrapers. I read where one person had her whole site stolen and she could not log in. They took her site and re-registered it in China. Somehow the FBI got involved. She said she was months trying to get it back. How did you find out? I can’t wait to hear everything.

    • Madonna, I’ll go into more detail in the post I plan to write, but I found out when I was looking at some stats and saw a referral from the site. I clicked on the site to see who had sent the visit to BNOTP and discovered the bad site. Apparently, someone had Googled for a subject, found my stolen post on that subject at the bad site. Fortunately, I had linked back in that post to a previous post I had written, and the visitor clicked on that backlink and landed at my blog. Sad to think the bad site was getting all the Google traffic that my site should have been getting. Often the bad sites will rank higher than your own site because it’s easy to have a great site that’s ranked high when you’re stealing all your posts from other blogs. This bad site had sooo much content…hundreds of posts published per month…all belonging to other blogs. They are gone now…Google shut them down, thank goodness.

  3. Love the picture of the bunny!
    I am so sorry that some of your traffic was diverted, so sad that there are people out there who would steal someone else’s hard work. Thank goodness it has been shut down.

  4. I wish I knew HOW to watermark my pictures! I would love to do it but haven’t a clue how! I did get the old post and was wonderig how:) XO, Pinky

    • Pinky,
      I use Visual Watermark and I LOVE it. You pay $20 onetime and you got it. You can create all kinds of watermarks, all sizes, all colors even upload one a designer creates for you to use. It batch watermarks so I can watermark 50 pics in seconds. I love it!

  5. Michele from Finch Rest says

    That is enough to make a stomach churn, oh my WORD, Susan – that is awful. I am SO GLAD you discovered it – wow, just such a shame.

    Dishonestly sure leaves a bitter taste, doesn’t it? Dang!

  6. Is nothing sacred in this world of Scammers, Trolls and Thieves? Sorry you had to go through that Susan but at least you can let others know to be prepared.
    Love your little bunny, so sweet.

  7. Hi Susan,
    We are interested in the content stealing that you mentioned. That is scary. Any info that you share will be appreciated. Thanks. OH, the bunny is really cute.

  8. Sorry that happened to you, makes me angry. Bloggers put a lot of love, time and money into their blogs and for someone to steal that is disgusting to say the least!!
    Hoppy is a cutie! The name of this post really grabbed me, we had a Hoppy once, she was amazing!!! Our Hoppy was not a rabbit though!

  9. Congrats to Shirley!

  10. I’m sorry that happened to you, Susan, but relieved you discovered it. The bunny is so sweet. Thank you for all the tips, warnings and beautiful post entries and photos! Best of luck with this new platform.

  11. Oh my….I won!!!…thanks so much Susan!

    I am sorry to hear about all the trouble you have experienced with someone pirating your posts….I “watermark” thru Flickr, but definitely going to check out the Visual Watermark. Cute bunny :)….

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