Atlanta Like You’ve Never Seen It!

Have you heard about the flooding around Metro Atlanta?

Clarkdale Elementary School:

Another subdivision:

I’ve ridden this roller coaster at Six Flags over Georgia many times. I don’t think I could hold my breath long enough to ride it today.

I was lucky…here’s my only casualty

To see more views of the flooding around Metro Atlanta, click HERE and HERE.

If you wish to help somehow, the only organization I know to contact is the Red Cross. They are trying to assist flood victims right now.

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  1. This flooding is crazy, isn't it?! My boss' sister lost her home on the Chatahoochie (sp?) River this week…just after it was completely remodeled last year. I live three and a half hours north of Atlanta and we haven't seen a drop.

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  2. Susan, so glad to know you and yours are OK; with no damage! I posted a few local pictures earlier this week too. My daughters school parking lot was flooded out. We have 19 roads damaged throughout the county. So county schools are still out today. It's been chaos!

  3. how sad is that,it just terrible,i'm glad to know you are ok.i just hope people are getting the help they need….thanks for posting .


  4. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Oh gosh, Susan, I can't even imagine the damage to these homes and businesses. I'm glad to hear you weren't hit badly by this.

  5. Just awful; hopfully it will not rain anymore for a while. Glad to see that your damage was limited.
    So sad for others.

  6. Beeutiful by Design says

    Glad to hear you were spared most of the flood damage. We've received such an enourmous amount of rainfall this summer. Guess it beats snow!

  7. Cass @ That Old House says

    I am very glad to see that your worst damage is replaceable. I have been thinking of you and other Atlanta-area people during this crisis — our last house was along a river, and we had several floods, but nothing along the lines of this; we had a flooded basement and some water in the street.

    Floods are so frightening and powerful. And relentless. And leave a stinky mess behind, too. I hope the waters recede quickly and cleanly; time for the Red Cross and FEMA to roll up their sleeves. Good luck to everyone in your region!

  8. We've been seeing these images on the news. It really is horrible. I can imagine how horrible the clean up will be with all that mud. I'm so sorry for people who will have lots of damage. We are having the first close fire to us in Southern California that started yesterday. This one is in the next community inland from us. It won't reach us but the smoke and ash will…

  9. Alison Gibbs says

    I have read it on a few blogs tonight but these are the first photos I have seen
    Such a terrible thing to happen and so many people are affected by it

  10. I have been watching all of this on the news. It looks terrible. I am so glad that you have managed to stay relatively safe…I am sorry about the tree.

    All of my prayers are with you and the others living through this mess.

    God bless you and your family.

  11. I just found out about the flooding in Atlanta yesterday, and I wondered if you were okay. My cousin works in Atlanta, and lives right out of town, and his house is flooded almost to the ceiling. It's such a shame.

    I'm glad you only lost a tree!

  12. Susan-I have been watching this on the news and thinking about you. I am glad you are okay with only a minor (comparatively) problem. I don't think I ever remember rain for this long before. I am keeping those people who have lost their homes in my prayers. Thanks for the pictures,

  13. food with style says

    oh that is so tragic… i am glad you are doing ok with minimal loss, it is just devastating to see so many people in trouble… i hope things drain quickly and no more woes for everyone.

    i read it was your 100 year storm, we have been thru that here in ca. i just pray they are right when they say 100, and we never have to experince that again in our lifetime…

  14. Southerncook says


    I have been watching this on the news and I am so shocked. Last year about this time I was in Atlanta staying at the Marriot next to Lenox and there were signs in the room to please conserve on water since the Atlanta metro area was experiencing a severe drought. My DH and I were talking about that just last night. It's just amazing the extremes y'all have been experiencing.

    My DH has several manfacturing plants in the area that have had to close. The employees can't even get to work because of the flooded streets.

    I am so glad to know that you are safe and am praying that y'all get a break from all the rain.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  15. Wow- I used to live in the Atlanta area and wow! And I highly doubt those homeowners have flood insurance- so sad!

  16. Susan: I just live 2.5 hours from you and we have been following this! It is such a tragedy and I am so glad you have been spared the brunt of these torrential rains that we have been having!! When I saw the Scream Machine on the news last night I just could not believe it!! The sun is shining today and hopefully the water will start to recede and at least those that have a home full of water can begin to assess the damage!

    Hope you have a sunny day!

    Lou Cinda

  17. That's awful. Our town in NC survived flooding like that after Hurricane Floyd 10 yrs ago & it changes the town forever. Buildings sit empty & grungy or have to be torn down. Just awful.
    Glad you don't have much damage.

  18. I went to Clarkdale Elementary very sad. I heard they will not rebuild it. I know the kids that attend there now are going be divided between two schools.

  19. SmilingSally says

    I cannot believe the rain you guys have gotten. That tree is sooo tall and beautiful. I wonder if you'll be able to prop it up and save it.

  20. Nancy @ Live love laugh says

    I heard it on the news here about the terrible flooding and was wondering if someone would mention being affected by it. Awful! Sorry for your damage, but thankfully and hopefully not more than that. I will click & view Atlanta now…

  21. prof en retraite says

    Hasn't this been crazy, Susan? It was nice to see some sun yesterday! Let's keep our fingers crossed that what's on the way is limited! It makes me want to cry to look at Clarkdale Elementary. I would hate to lose all of my files like that…years of teacher created bulletin boards and little games and handouts, not to mention the history of the school. 🙁 I just have a very squishy yard. Glad you are OK! Sorry about your tree! If I know you, you will take advantage of the loss to figure out something interesting to do in that spot!! Stay dry…hugs…Debbie

  22. My goodness. Too much water now. I hope it all dries up soon and people can get their homes cleaned up. We change planes in Atlanta on our to trip to and from Florida next month.

  23. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    Oh it just makes your heart break to see all the property that is just being ruined with all the flooding. I am so glad you were spared. Hugs, Marty

  24. Blondie's Journal says

    We just feel so bad about the devastation in the Atlanta area. I have been watching it on the news and I know I have friends down there now, so I am more concerened than normal. Thank goodness for you that you only had the tree come down.

    If the Red Cross or any organization is accepting donations of any kind, let us know.


  25. I live in Douglas County. We haven't had water since Monday at 5am. They say we may not have it until early next week!!! The flooding is CRAZY!!!!

  26. Robin's Nesting Place says

    That is just unbelievable! I read in the news this morning about the woman who drowned. So very sad. Glad that you were spared.

  27. Thoughts and prayers to everyone who has been impacted. So sad to see the damage and know that so many lives are affected. Glad you are OK.

  28. We were very fortunate to not have any damage/water. However, many of our neighbors and friends have suffered major water damage…mainly to finished basements! My oldest daughter is a student at Kennesaw State University, they have cancelled classes for 3 days now and still do not know when they can reopen. Several buildings were flooded as well as parking lots. Her roommates car is totaled! Fortunately, when the water was at its highest my daughter was sitting for a little girl she is a nanny for downtown and avoided the mess!! My heart goes out to all who have suffered a loss, especially those who've lost loved ones.

  29. Oh, Lieve God, this is terrible ! O those dear peoples and animals…all those lovely belongings…How can this happen ? Are there no dams or dikes ? Is there no flood-return like our Maaslandkering ? I don't know about any casualties, I think this was not on the news over here. But indeed, my heart goes out to those who suffered this. Thank God for you it was this three, bad enough I think..
    Be well
    Godeliva van Ariadone

  30. Nancy @ La Chambre Rose says

    Thank you for sharing these. With only 3 inches of water in her house during Katrina, my sister lost almost everything and had to gut the interior. These poor people are going to need lots of help and support. I hope we all can do something.

  31. Hi Susan,
    I've been very concerned about you as I watched these images of Atlanta's flooding being broadcast on CNN. Sorry about your beautiful tree, but very glad to know you're OK. Be careful and stay safe!


  32. I live in New York and it's been all over the news here. So sorry for the devastation to so many! They are in my prayers.
    Glad it hasn't affected you too adversely but I'm sorry for the loss of your tree.
    Stay safe.
    All the best,

  33. Hi Susan,
    I didn't know about the flooding until I read your blog. It's unbelievable.
    Glad to hear your beautiful porch is still intact!
    a bientot

  34. Love the Decor! says

    Until one experiences this you cannot fully comprehend the devastation it brings. So very glad you were spared

  35. Laura Ingalls Gunn says

    My husband is currently working in Georgia and we have many friends that were made while we lived there.
    Luckily, he is staying relatively dry but it is just awful. I am keeping these people in my prayers.

  36. Oh my goodness. This post gave me chills and I did not realize that it was this bad! I will pray for the people of Georgia. I am originally from Columbus, Georgia myself and lived close to the Chattahochee River, went to 6 Flags on vacation as a child. I am horrified to see these pictures.
    However, thank you for letting us know so I can pray! I just don't watch the news like I used to, things were so bad, but I miss out on opportunities to pray for folks when I do not know things.
    Love Lilly

  37. Oh Susan! Though I have been talking about the rain and flooding with my son on a daily basis, your photos today bring it to a new reality. Please take care.

  38. Wow…I feel so bad for all those people…still haven't heard from my friend who lives there…I'm so happy yours is okay!

  39. OMG Susan …I'm going to stop complaining about how hot it is here in California … God Bless you all.
    Hugz …Betty

  40. So sad!

  41. We are a couple hours south of you. While the rain has not been as bad as in Atlanta, our riverwalk has been flooded.

    I am so glad you were spared.

  42. Amazing! We know a thing about high water here in New Orleans!
    Hope you and yours and all in Atlanta come out of this mess soon.
    I kiss a prayer up to you from New Orleans.
    xo xo

  43. Linda (Nina's Nest) says

    Susan, Isn't it mind boggling! I am so glad to see the sun today! I don't think Six Flags will be safe for a while. I worry about the foundations of all those water-soaked rides! Linda

  44. hope ur okay.
    sorry 4 the huge mess & loss.

  45. St. Michael's Wife says

    I am so glad you are safe and sound! St. Michael and I lost everything to flood waters in Hurricane Alicia years ago and have helped with the rebuilding efforts here on the Texas Gulfcoast since Hurricane Ike. (Many of my students remain displaced.) Our heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with the folks of Atlanta and the surrounding areas during this time.

    Folks wanting to donate funds or lend a helping hand once the waters recede should contact churches local to the area. Most of them will have disaster relief teams or will know how to put you in touch with one.


  46. The Bliss Journey says

    OMG, I didn't know it was that bad. I don't get to hear the news with school and work. I'm glad the only problem you had was the tree.

  47. Hi Susan,
    I can't believe I haven't seen one mention of this in our local paper. We've been dealing with fires instead of water, but whichever disaster – losing a home is devastating. I am thankful you didn't suffer greater losses, the tree can easily be replaced.
    Crisis like these remind us how fortunate we are, and how much HOME means to us.
    I will keep you and your neighbors in my thoughts.
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  48. Glad to hear you are safe Susan, the flooding is awful to see, and here we are in TX in a serious drought. Praying for the safety of all.

  49. Glad you and your family are o.k.
    God bless all the families who are struggeling with the flood water right now, those pics really bring it into focus.

  50. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    I just heard about the flooding last night but didn't see any pictures. My thoughts & prayers are with those who are flooded.

    I'm sorry to see you've lost a tree, but you could replace it with another giant magnolia! ☺

  51. Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey says

    Oh my goodness ! i live near Chattanooga, Tn. and I didn't know ya'll were having this much flooding down there . I haven't listened to the news in 2 or 3 days.I know we sure had our share of some flooding here also.See you tomorrow !

  52. Susan, I've been watching this on the news. Years of drought and then this. I heard from Debbie and she said she is high and dry. Glad you are too. Sorry to see that you lost a huge tree. Stay in doors as much as you can. I'm thinking about all of you there in Atlanta. ~ Sarah

  53. Oh my, how awful! When the waters recede the devastation will really become clear. I'm so sorry for these poor people! Glad you are safe!

  54. Rebecca @ Belle Blog says

    WOW!! That is crazy. Thank goodness I've never seen anything like that in Connecticut. We've had minor flooding, but nothing like that.
    ♥ Rebecca

  55. Susan, these photos are just heartbreaking. I truly feel for all those involved!

  56. I can't imagine the craziness and hurt. Thoughts & prayers go out to all of those that are affected by the flooding.

  57. 9405018--Pat says

    Susan, so glad to know that you and your family are OK! I have been watching all this on the news…Pat H

  58. nannykim spindle cottage says

    Wow..thankfully you are fine—the rest need prayer!

  59. Susan, I visit your porch often to see your beautiful tablescapes, I am in southeast Georgia, it is so crazy about the flooding, I remember not long ago it was a drought…That tree was a beauty, maybe it can be saved…Blessing too you, and so glad yall are ok.
    Looking forward to tomorrows tablescape.Jo May from DOWNLOBLOLLYLANE

  60. Someone's Mom says

    We've been watching closely. We are vacationing in Florida and planned to drive home through Atlanta on Sunday. I think it will be okay to do so. The images are so sad. Such beautiful homes with water pouring out of them. I don't know how long it will take to get Six Flags back to normal.


  61. Susan,

    I have a brother and niece in the Atlanta area, and I am thanking God that they, along with you and your family, are safe. I pray for those who have greatly suffered.

  62. Did you substain any property damage? I have a cousin that lives in Roswell and my husband has a cousin over in Dunwoody. We've heard from the Roswell gang, so guess I'll try to email the Dunwoody gang.

  63. We suffered devastating floods here in Cedar Rapids last year that they are saying will take us ten years to recover from. What is so sad is that unlike fires or tornadoes, so many people don't have flood insurance.

    I have never been to Atlanta but I am sure it is shocking to see these images of your hometown. When it affects people and places you know the emotional toll is taken to a whole new level. Prayers for you and your community.

    If you have time check out my post:
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa The News Trucks Have Left but We're still Here at

  64. This is so sad, how devastating for all those families. Glad to hear that you've had only minor damage. The photo from Six Flags is unbelievable when you realize how tall that ride is. We had some minor flooding last week (after a 3 year drought) but not nearly anything of this magnitude. Our prayers will be with all those who have lost so much. Kathy

  65. My hearts are with all of you. I have ridden that roller coaster too.

  66. Oh my, that is awful. The pictures are, as someone else put it,'chilling'. I cannot imagine the despair of those homeowners and the cleanup they will face for so long. And the school…displaced students, and all the mold they will have to eradicate from the building! So sad. I am glad it was just a tree you lost, and hope it didn't cause a lot of damage. The news of the casualties as well, is heart- wrenching. Thanks for sharing this with us, Jan

  67. Denise Marie says

    Susan, TFS. I hadn't even heard and I got right on Facebook to make sure my cousin's home is ok.

    I'm glad you only lost the 1 tree.

    shocking photo of SixFlags coaster. We keep threatening every year to stop there on the way to North Carolina from Texas.

  68. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says

    I have been watching this on the news and praying for the flood victims. I can't imagine having something like that happen to our home. I'm glad to hear your damage was minimal, Susan.


  69. My parents lost two retaining walls and had some minor basement flooding, but I'm blown away by Dad's pictures of Noonday Creek over the cul-de-sac and coming up the road. Apparently, there were 12-15 houses flooded in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, 90 and sunny here in rainy Oregon.

  70. That is INSANE!

  71. That is INSANE!

  72. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    Glad to know that you're ok and not paddling down river on your porch!

  73. Wow!!

    Glad you are minimally affected by the flooding.

  74. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    This is just awful. I've seen it on the news and it is just heartbreaking. Surely, the rain will end soon!


  75. Oh my goodness, Susan! I had no idea it was that bad!

  76. Oh my goodness, Susan! I am glad you are ok…Christine

  77. Southern Aspirations says

    It is insane! I posted some pics with the pics of the drought last year. Hard to believe it's the same city.

  78. Chatty Crone says

    Man you have a lot of friends and comments. I was given you blog address from RUE MOUFFETARD. She gave me a couple of blogs of people who live in the Atlanta area like I do.
    The rains were bad. Still have a little water in my back yard and our neighborhood entrance way was washed out.
    Things geting back to normal now – in time for some more rain.

  79. My Carolina Kitchen says

    We live just north of Atlanta in the mountains of western North Carolina. I can not believe the damage in Atlanta. Heartbreaking. Will the rain ever go away?
    Seem like only yesterday (actually about a year ago) that Atlanta was running out of drinking water due to the drought.

  80. The Raggedy Girl says

    Your photos are amazing. I heard it on the news but a picture is worth a thousand words. How sad. I love your table, very sweet farmhouse.

    The Raggedy Girl

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