A Visit to Marie’s on All Hallows’ Eve

I’m working on a little project inside one of the closets in my bedroom, and as usual, I’ve run into a little snag. It wouldn’t be one of my projects without at least one complication popping up involving a need for a mere 1/4 inch. It’s always those little quarter inches that get me! lol Looking forward to sharing this little update soon.

Closet Project, Shoe Storage


In the meantime, let’s go visit my friend, Marie! Marie decorates her home for Halloween in the most amazing fashion. Kids come from everywhere to experience walking under the lit orbs hanging overhead in the trees and to visit her beautiful home each year. Marie’s circular driveway is literally a non-stop stream of cars on Halloween night.

Victorian Home Decorated for Halloween


Ghosts, zombies and all kinds of frightful apparitions will soon glide down the front walkway calling out, “Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat!” What an exciting night it is each year!

Victorian Home Decorated for Halloween, 2017


But today it’s our turn to visit and experience what it must be like to be 10 years old again, trick or treating on All Hallows’ Eve. Are you afraid of dragons? These guys come to life on Halloween, beating their wings furiously, trying to hoard all the candy for themselves!  😉


Witches have gathered on the lawn in anticipation of our visit. Eeek!

Decorate the Lawn and Porch for Halloween


I think I see ghosts, too!

Decorate for Halloween


I love the lanterns Marie added this year…aren’t these amazing! They are even more beautiful at night!

Halloween Lantern


The walkway is lined with luminaries to light the way. A very large spider waits overhead for those brave enough to make it all the way to the porch.

Halloween Lanterns for Walkway


Past the ghosts….

Halloween Front Porch


Past the witches circling their brew…

Witches on the Lawn for Halloween


…under the spider up onto the porch where another witch comes to life, talking and stirring her cauldron when anyone comes near. Ha!

Halloween Decorations for the Porch


Everything is even more magical after dark, especially against a blue hour sky!

Halloween Lights Against a Blue Hour Sky


The trees glow purple and orange overhead.

Lit Orbs in Trees for Halloween


The house glows with a warm Halloween welcome.

Lights and Decorations for Halloween


Dragons beat their wings, adding to the excitement of the night.

Decorate with Lights for Halloween


So pretty against the blue-hour sky!

Victorian Home with Halloween Lights


Ohhh, the lanterns! I need to ask Marie where she found these.

Halloween Lantern Lit Up at Night


Here’s a better photo of the ghosts from last year…sooo spooky!


My camera can’t completely capture this wonderful fantasy! It all makes me wish I was 10 again!

Halloween Lights Against a Blue Hour Sky


Happy Halloween, dear Friends!

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  1. The witches and ghosts are awesome! Has she shared how she made them or where she got them?

  2. Helen Peterson says

    Oh My Wow. So glorious. Takes me from 68 back to 8.

  3. Be still my heart! Marie outdoes herself every year. Just fabulous. Those dragons are to die for! It makes me wish I was 8 again, dressed as a gypsy and trick or treating up her walkway. Chills & Thrills.
    Happy Halloween~ Marie & Susan.

  4. The dragons are crazy neat, as well as the ghosts and witches groupings. Definitely a welcoming kind of scary place!

  5. Absolutely as fantastic as always!! I so enjoy seeing Marie’s beautiful home decorated for the Holidays!!
    Thanks so much for sharing and thanks to Marie as well!! I am a huge fan of hers!!


    LOVE! Thanks you for sharing! Do you know where she got the lanterns! They are so cool! BOOO,Elizabeth

  7. Your photos brought back to mind a very large Victorian house when we lived in Ridgefield, CT….. The side walk was covered in drapery up and into the house where there was a remake of “Phantom”!

  8. I hope she has lots of help when holidays come.

  9. What a beautiful home and thank you for sharing!!!! It makes me want to decorate our home for Halloween. Now that the children are grown, there isn’t the same excitement about this holiday. Love this!!

  10. Marie continues to outdo herself. She is really amazing. We don’t get any trick or treaters here so we go to our daughters to take Colleen out now. SO much fun! Marie’s house is just fabulous! Thanks for the tour!!!

  11. Can you ask her where she got the luninaries that line the walk way?

    • Marie said she found those in HomeGoods several years ago. She said they had them again this year with floral Day of the Dead ghosts on them.

  12. Susan, I agree to be 10 and trick or treating at Marie’s house would truly be amazing! She does a fabulous job!

  13. Those dragons are really something! Love it all. I love to decorate for Halloween.

  14. Love Marie’s decor, esp those lanterns. They look like either Frontgate or Grandinroad.

  15. Jane Franks says

    That’s amazing! What fun for the kids. . . and you!! 🙂 Have a great night!! Jane xo

  16. Absolutely amazing!! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love looking and looking and looking again…I see something different every time. Beautiful work.

  17. Wowsers! Wish we lived closer to visit this display. Those dragons are pretty amazing and love all of it. Thanks for taking the time to get photos for us, Marie does a community service with her seasonal decor.

  18. Oh this is just so much fun! I would love to trick and treat there even as an adult! haha!! I saw those dragons at the store – they are so BIG and awesome. Thank you for sharing her fabulous house.

  19. It is always such a treat to see Marie’s house!!! … I love it all..and that circle of ghosts are so cute! …. One of the best Halloween houses I have seen! You did a fantastic job at photographing the house at night!! Thanks for the tour Susan!

  20. So nice that they do such elaborate decor for the kids to enjoy, and a few parents, too!

  21. Rose Marie Biddle says

    Where did she find the dragons?

  22. This just looks like so much fun! If I lived closer I would put on a costume and trick or treat at Marie’s.

  23. I think every town needs at least one homeowner like Marie! I lived in a town in California were a guy loved to decorate for the holidays and people loved to drive by and be mesmerized. Except, apparently one of his neighbors who didn’t share his sense of fun. This neighbor tried everything you could imagine to prevent the revelry. The decorating homeowner got the final word with a giant blow-up of the Grinch and pointed it you know where!!!

  24. All I can say is WOW !!!!

  25. She must have a huge storage building to put all her decorations in.

  26. WOW! WHat a display! How many people/ hours does it take to get this all done? I feel she must have a large staff of workers behind the scenes. I’m amazed at all of her efforts! I hope her children/ grandchildren appreciate how lucky they are to have grown up in such a fun house.

  27. Marie’s house looks amazing! The kids in the area must really look forward to Trick or Treating at her house. I look forward to you sharing her decorations each Holiday!

  28. WOW and then WOW! I would have been soooo excited as a child to see this (and as an adult)! Those giant dragons make quite a statement! Thank you for sharing!

  29. Both the photography and display are fantastic!!!!! With much appreciation ladies. -Brenda-

  30. Nona Brouillette says

    I just love love love to read your articles and look at pics also study your pics. You are wonderful

  31. I agree with a couple of people that commented above. Why do you have to be 8 or 10? Let’s all dress up & go trick-or-treating over by Marie! I love Halloween!

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