Autumn Foliage, Sunshine Puddles & Last Minute Inspiration for Your Halloween Porch

Happy Autumn! It’s definitely looking like fall here in Ohio. Our unseasonably warm temps have vanished and we’re back to cooler weather now. The trees are so beautiful, they take my breath away!


I love driving down the tree-lined neighborhood streets and soaking in all this glorious autumn color!


Speaking of autumn colors, Hobbes, one of my son’s kitties, is dressed for the season. Actually, he’s dressed for fall all year round. Ha!


A puddle of sunshine stopped him in his tracks yesterday and a nap attack ensued.


With Halloween just six days away, I thought I’d share a few ideas for some easy, last-minute decorating to get ready for those ghosts and goblins who’ll soon be calling.  One year I covered my front door with bats and I think it’s still my favorite way to decorate for Halloween. It took me a long time to cut out all these bats, but I have an easier idea if you would like to do something similar.


Bats of all sizes and shapes are plentiful online this year. If you want to turn your front door into a bat cave, check out these: Bats for Halloween. You’ll find quite a few more styles here: Halloween Bats.


Another year, the spiders attacked!

Decorate with Spiders for Halloween


I love these gigantic spiders! One thing I wish I had done differently is I should have fluffed out the hairy legs on the spider closest to my front door. So if you buy some of these monster-size spiders for your home, take a moment to fluff the legs out for the best effect. You’ll find bunches of big scary spiders available here:  Halloween Spiders.

Halloween Night Porch, Spiders


A third option to consider for your front door or porch could be a whimsical wreath. This one cracked me up! You’ll find it available here: Halloween Door Decoration.


Happy Fall and Happy Halloween! See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Tina W Reynolds says

    With my only grandkid away at college this year and finding myself overwhelmed with other projects, I decided that I would not do Halloween decorating this year. I just put out some colorful mums. You know, just this once, it is looking very peaceful with just the mums and no other stuff. I am throwing myself into last minute yard work when the rain stops, and then onward to the big holidays! I love the bats, though! And, I treated myself to a glass pumpkin! I guess the little kid days are officially over at my house!

    • Tina, don’t give up! In a few years you might have a great-grand and you’ll want to bring out all that little kiddle stuff again!

  2. Love the bats and adore the big spiders! What a very pretty kitty. I have taken down all the halloween except the fall decor on the front porch and marching on with the holiday theme… which seems to take so much longer in my older age! Love the fall neighborhood photos, hope you will also do the same with Christmas decor.We drive around all the time in December enjoying the lights and decorations.

  3. Bobbi Duncan says

    Just returned from a little trip to see fall colors, in perfect time to see ours at peak…so gorgeous! Our colors truly do rival New England’s. Just finished putting on the outdoor Halloween lights today and will put out a few decorative things on the front porch tomorrow, but never did get the Halloween village out w/ the trip and all. I so love fall and wish it would last far longer (sigh!). I love the bats/spiders, and all your lovely porch displays for that matter. I just got caught up on the blogs I missed while we were away…wow, you’ve been a busy bee w/ all the projects, but everything will look so beautiful. Isn’t it funny how finishing one part of your home can really get you motivated to do more? We had to put off doing quite a bit around here w/ Covid. Hopefully, we’ll complete the projects before next fall. Hugs!

  4. The trees in the N. GA mountains have been exceptionally pretty this year, too. I have enjoyed my daily commute (all 10 minutes of it) to and from work even more than usual! I’m also one that has switched to “fall” decor rather than Halloween specific, although I still have a box of Halloween stuff in my basement. No spiders for me, though, I can’t stand them even as Halloween decorations! Enjoy the time with your family.

  5. Surprisingly, because we are in a drought here, our trees were beautiful and full of long-lived colors! We still have little pockets of trees with lots of leaves on them…..enjoy this glorious time of year!

  6. Dawn Marie Pinnataro says

    Talking about autumn in Ohio brings back memories! I was born and raised in Ohio (born in Lakewood, lived in Parma as a young girl, then Strongsville, Brunswick, Medina, and West Salem as a young woman / bride) and always loved autumn in Ohio. I also lived in New Hampshire as a teen and LOVE autumn in New England too. Many a cold and frosty halloween in Ohio!!

  7. Susan, Hobbs really is the color of Hobbs! How funny. Is his co-conspirator named Calvin? I was just thinking of C & H today as I fondly remembered the hours and hours of fun my son and I had cozying up and reading those together when he was a little guy. He would howl at the funny faces Calvin made.

    One of my neighbors went all out with the giant spiders this year. I had so many kids last year, I ran out of candy. That has NEVER happened before! Reminds me, I better go stock up before the stores are depleted. I hope you’re having fun with family. You certainly have beautiful weather and scenery to enjoy!

  8. Karen Loiacono says

    What is the name of the Weather Station you purchased on Amazon? Do you still like it? Thought it would be a great gift for my sister in Texas.

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