Candlelier Silhouetted Against a Blue Hour Sky

From time to time I’ve shared this deck that’s located to the left of the screened-in porch. This deck area is underneath a pergola and has a large candlelier hanging above. I really love this outdoor fixture. I bought it right after I added the porch and decks HERE a few years ago. It came from a store (Smith & Hawken) that has unfortunately gone out of business. You can still buy some of their products in Target.

I had a mischievous raccoon break one of the glass globes. πŸ™ You can read about that HERE.)

This picture was taken during that magical and somewhat elusive time, the “blue hour.”

Recently, I received some wonderful photos from Debbie, a reader of BNOTP. I LOVE it when you share your wonderful photos! Debbie was inspired by the pics of my candlelier. In her e-mail she wrote: “You were a real inspiration in this acquisition! We didn’t have any fixture hanging over our porch table for the years before, but I started reading your blog and saw how homey your porch looked. I really wanted the Smith & Hawken candlelier like yours, but sadly they had gone out of business and someone else beat me to the sale-of-one-floor-sample.”

Debbie said, “Shortly after that, we found this one hanging in a store on a trip to Ohio’s Amish Country. ( I don’t remember the name of the store)It was the only one they had and it had an aluminum-like finish. I painted it a similar color to that of our porch walls and voila!”

Debbie took her photos during the blue hour and WOW, her lantern looks stunning against the blue hour sky.

Absolutely beautiful! Debbie, thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous lantern and wonderful blue hour photos. If you here from Layla’s “How To” party and you would like to know more about the blue hour and when it “happens” in your area of the world, you’ll find exact directions in this post, HERE.

I’m joining in Layla’s “How To” Party today with this post. Just click on the link above to read all about the art of taking photos during the “Blue Hour.”

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  1. Connie the crafterbug says

    How beautiful! It all looks so relaxing!

  2. Beautiful! I love the simplicity of it all.

  3. Your blue hour photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. What a wonderful time of day to photograph. Everything looks so romantic. πŸ™‚

  5. I have a question about your pergola. Does it actually offer any shade? Our deck is not covered and gets lots of sun during the day. It gets so hot out there we can't even enjoy it once summer comes. I am trying to think of a solution and I was wondering about a pergola. Your advice would be very much appreciated…I love everything that you do.

  6. Gorgeous blue hour photos. If I could find the right outdoor fixture, I'd like to hang a light above our table on the terrace. These photos offer more incentive to keep looking. ~ Sarah

  7. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Thanks, Cheri. It offers some shade if the sun is coming in at an angle, which of course it is most of the time unless it's high noon. So, yes I think it does. Some folks grow vines, roses, etc…overhead and that will really add some shade. I didn't want to block out too much light into my breakfast area so I've decided to not grow anything on top. πŸ™‚

  8. Pretty! I have a NEW CAMERA!!!! I had forgotten to try this with it!!!! You may have just given me something to look forward to, to get me through this afternoon! THANK YOU!

  9. laxsupermom says

    Gorgeous pics! I just snagged a lantern style candelier from Home Goods that I plan on hanging outside from the gazebo peak as soon as winter goes away. I envy those of you who are already enjoying Spring. Thanks for sharing these pics.

  10. Sue (Someone's Mom) says

    I love them both and doesn't everything just look better during the Blue Hour? You are so good at capturing it!

  11. Clementina says

    bellissime immagini!

  12. The Old Block House says

    Absolutely gorgeous! Now to convince the bf that we need to remove the old bare yellow bulbed monstrosity from the deck ceiling.

  13. Both chandeliers look fantastic. I'd love to have one on my porch but I haven't found the right one yet. This post is certainly inspiring.

  14. That is so sweet that your lovely home and decorating talents have inspired Debbie who also has a lovely home! Thank you both for such a wonderful view from your windows!

    Beautiful lantern Debbie!

    From Virginia

  15. Both your chandy and Debbies lanterns are wonderful. Beautiful photos. I have been looking for a rustic looking chandy while out thrifting to put on the front porch at our cabin.

  16. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says

    I didn't know about the blue hour until I read your post. Can't wait to give it a try. Recently I saw an outdoor chandelier at KMart, of all places. It was on the small side but that's what I need for the place I want to put it. Haven't bought it yet, though. Thought other readers might want to know KMart had some.

  17. It is beautiful, but what happens when it rains? I would think the entire fixture would rust and the glass globes would be a mess. Just wondering.

  18. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Patsy, it's designed for outdoors so apparently it's painted or made of something that won't rust. Mine has been outside for 3 years and hasn't rusted, yet. The globes don't seem to get that messy. During the spring, summer and fall months, I will clean them occasionally. I don't leave them out during the winter. I don't keep mine out there right now because I have a raccoon that comes around and he broke one globe. I need to find a replacement. I always put the globes out when I have parties on the porch or just when I want to enjoy them. If it wasn't for the raccoon, I'd leave them out full time. You can use it without the globes, too. Hope that info. helps.

  19. Beautiful fixtures & beautiful photos of those beautiful fixtures. Love the porches.

  20. martinealison says

    TrΓ¨s bel endroit pour se relaxer…
    magnifiques photos.

  21. Love your porch! Wonderful! We have a very small screened porch, just big enough for 3 chairs, a swing and 2 small tables. I would love to put a lamp out there but my husband says the rain coming in might cause a short in the lamp and cause a fire. Since I don't know anything about this sort of thing, can you advise, please? Are there such things as "rainproof lamps"? Thanks in advance!

  22. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Mary,
    They actually do make outdoor lamps, lamps that can be used outside on a deck or patio. I saw them at Home Depot and didn't like how they looked.
    The electrician who installed all my outlets on the porch and out on the deck used some type of outdoor outlets…they have little boxes over them. Some day soon I'll do a post and show those, in case that's helpful.
    I just use normal lamps on the porch and haven't had any problems. Two of the lamps on the porch are well away from the screened windows, only one is near the window and it is made of wicker that was painted by someone prior to me buying it. After three years of going through the elements, it is starting to show a little wear. I may need to spray paint it this summer or next summer. The other two lamps are still fine. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  23. Thanks for addressing my concerns. LOL those darn raccoons are bad aren't they?

    Where I live we have some violent thunderstorms sometime and anytime I see something as dainty as that candelier I think to myself, it would be a block away after one of the storms. I like the idea of leaving the globes off till you have company or a party.

    During the Christmas holidays every time we'd have a bad thunderstorm I'd have to go out and pick up Christmas decorations that were blown all over the place. I wish I lived in a climate that allowed more outdoor decor.

  24. ~CC Catherine says

    Susan, you are always teaching me something! πŸ™‚ The "Blue Hour" ~ I have to read your other post on that so I can learn more. From the sights of these pics taken in the blue hour, it's my favorite time of the day. πŸ™‚ Hope you're having a great week.

  25. Terry @ La Bella Vie says

    Susan, Love this post…if you ever get to Portland, Oregon there is a restaurant in the heart of the Pearl district called "Blue Hour". Its a fantastic place and I always wondered where they got the name…now I know!
    Thanks for sharing,

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