Backyard Paradise

Y’all, Phyllis from Around the Househas been holding out on us! I’ve got the goods on her now, though. Phyllis spends her days blogging in a beautiful paradise and it’s right in her own backyard. Come along for a little garden tour…and try to not be as jealous as I am! πŸ˜‰

What a gorgeous way to use a fountain!

Let’s go for a stroll in her lush garden.

This waterfall must sound heavenly on a hot summer’s day.

So pretty! Now, I’ve been saving the best for last. You might want to sit down for this!

Pool party at Phyllis’s house! Phyllis, you don’t mind if a few thousand of your closest blogging friends drop by for a dip, do you? πŸ˜‰ Now I ask, would you ever leave this spot? This is where you’d find me all the live long day. πŸ™‚

Phyllis, thanks for sharing your beautiful backyard paradise! Tina =^..^= is living the good life!

See you this evening for Tablescape Thursday.

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  1. The White Farmhouse says

    Who needs a house with a yard like that? I don't think that I would get much done except for lazing about that pool. Just beautiful!

  2. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    I've missed Phyllis' posts, Susan! I do hope she is enjoying her beautiful yard and garden though. Love your new blog header, too!

  3. Oh my gosh! That's the most beautiful pool area ever!!! I love it! I could live there all day long! Her gardens are absolutely gorgeous and I especially love all the water features. thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  4. Susan, thanks for sharing the garden photos. As one who is spending time with my garden these days, it's fun to see what another has done. I love seeing white flowers in a garden and add more and more to my space each season. ~ Sarah

  5. S. Ferguson says

    Love the spring blog header! Welcome spring. Our dogwoods are just about to pop!

  6. On Crooked Creek says

    Truly a beautifu garden, indeed. Sorry, I am an indoors lady and would prefer to sit near a huge window or patio door to blog! By the way, your picket fence in the Spring header and bicycle took me home again in my mind. Thank you for the lovely memory!

  7. Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage says

    Her yard is beautiful! I love her side yard the best! You will have to go back to her blog to see it! πŸ™‚


  8. Gorgeous garden and setting. I am packing my bathing suit!! πŸ™‚

  9. Frog Hollow Farm Girl says

    Sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. What a beautiful setting – it must surely reflect Phyllis's elegance and welcoming personality! Thank you for sharing, and oh, that plant in the fountain is definitely a great idea! Is that stephanotis (sp) in the fountain? Ciao, bella!

  10. Beautiful! She must live in a warm climate!

  11. Debbie @ says

    I want to visit this place! It is gorgeous. I agree with the other comments…who needs a house with a backyard beauty like this one! I love it. Great post Susan.

  12. I hope there is plenty of Sweet Tea.
    Booking a flight from Seattle now!

  13. Sarah Howe says

    JEALOUSY! Oh goodness! That is simply heaven

  14. laxsupermom says

    Gorgeous gardens! I see all the lovely garden pics everyone's been sharing, and it just makes me want to run out and plop a "For Sale" sign in my front yard. There was a gorgeous home for sale around the corner from my parents the last time we were down visiting, but hubs says he could never live someplace so hot.(They're in Atlanta, too)

    Thanks for sharing Tina's garden with us

  15. From one Phyllis to another Phyllis, I could move right in and enjoy your gardens and beyond gorgeous pool area! It is breath-takingly beautiful!…..I am happy for you.

  16. oooo weeeee. That back yard is "stylin." Thanks for sharing, Susan. Phyllis is one lucky lady. Susan

  17. lvroftiques says

    No kidding! I'd be living right there at the pool! Vanna

  18. Ok, I'm jealous! Gorgeous patio and garden. Thanks for sharing photos.

  19. Jealous! I don't even have a decent yard for a garden. That's an absolutely stunning garden. I want to live in her backyard. πŸ˜›

  20. Wow!, Phyllis, why have you been hiding this from us? And I thought our backyard is lush. But ours is nothing compared to this. I blogged about our pool too, our first pool party for this yaer. Come and see when you have a chance! It'll be my Tablescape Th. contribution too….Christine

  21. Yes. Jealous…of the sun & green! It's cold, rainy & brown here.

  22. This is a dream house! Caroline

  23. Alycia Nichols says

    Yup! I'm as jealous as you are!!! What a beautiful backyard!!! Such lush plantings! I wish my husband would loosen his wallet and let me go wild in ours!!! Beautiful!

  24. Diann @ The Thrifty Groove says

    Oh My! Just gorgeous!

  25. robyn from whimages says

    One word…SWOON!

  26. Barb@curlywillowdiy says


  27. ~CC Catherine says

    Susan, I would lather myself up with my new best friend, Ms. Sunscreen TOTAL BLOCK, and stay out there ALL DAY LONG. My goodness that is a lovely outside living area. Thanks for sharing!

  28. I truly appreciate this post and beautiful gardens. I'm so happy you shared. The garden is one of my favorite places to be as well.

    Blessings – Debbie

  29. FABBY'S LIVING says

    OMG! It's heavenly and yes…I'M GREEN WITH ENVY! lol Totally right, I would be hiding there everyday blogging and been lazy and stress free, for sure! Congrats Phyllis!
    Have a great weekend in your garden of paradise.

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