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Charles Faudree is hands down, my absolute favorite designer when it comes to French Country design. Traditional Home magazine used to do a full feature on him approximately every two years and I always pulled those issues aside to relish over and over again. No one does French Country like Charles Faudree!

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In the BNOTP Library: Charles Faudree’s French Country Signature
Author: Charles Faudree
Hardcover: 176 pages

Charles Faudree's French Country Signature


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • When Charles Faudree passed away in 2013, we lost a decorating genius. His interiors are so beautiful, so rich in heart and soul, they envelop you like a soft, warm throw on the coldest of nights. I could sit and just stare for hours at the rooms featured in this book and his follow-up book, Country French Living. I wish I had a print of some of his rooms, they are that beautiful.
  • Charles Faudree used to always say, “too much is never enough.” That always made me smile because it perfectly describes the exuberance that comes across in his decorating style. His rooms are always rich in color and ornamentation…in other words, lots of lovely collections, pillows, decorative pieces, etc… and always tastefully done. You can learn so much about decorating by just looking at how he combines different fabrics, colors, and textures. In later years, he seemed to tone it down a bit. I think his first two books (this book and Country French Living) will always be my favorites, although I love them all.
  • This book is filled with tons of pictures, many from Faudree’s own home. Faudree’s style of decorating, though very beautiful, never feels stuffy or pretentious. You can picture real people living and raising a family in these homes. If you love dogs, you’re in for a treat. Faudree loved dogs and there are always plenty of snoozing furry faces sprinkled throughout Faudree’s books.


You can read more about this book, Charles Faudree’s French Country Signature at Amazon where I normally buy my books, via the picture link below.


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  1. He is such a wonderful designer- timeless. Love this book to look at over and over again.

  2. This book looks so charming. I’ll have to check it out. I love the French Country style.

  3. I really want to get this book. I LOVE his style too and like you said every room he did was gorgeous. Thanks for the link. Have a great weekend, Susan.

  4. Thank you Susan for sharing this book. I could set for hours and look at inspiring decorating books by the masters of design. Have a wonderful day!

  5. You picked a great one today Susan. Did you get a chance to read Sharon’s My French Country Home’s post today? It is all about French Country also. I love this style. Charles Faudree will be missed.

    • No, I’ll have to check it out. Yes, he will be. Makes me sad whenever I remember he’s gone. I lived for the features in Traditional Home before he wrote his books.

  6. This is one of my favorite Charles Faudree books (I have most of them). I had the pleasure of meeting this delightful gentleman several years ago when he spoke at a luncheon at the annual antiques show at the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha. I’m sorry to hear of his passing…he was a treasure.

    • Carole, I was just thinking today how I wish I could have met him before he passed away. So glad you got, too! I’ve read that he is extremely gracious and made each person feel he met feel special. He sounded like a lovely person in addition to being a wonderful designer.

  7. Beverly Cook says

    I bought two other early books of Faudree’s and have spent hours learning from and enjoying them. As this is his first one, and you enjoyed it so much, I just ordered it! Thanks for featuring it.

  8. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, this looks like another wonderful book. Charles Faudree is another designer I was introduced to by you. 🙂 And speaking of the French, our landscape architect is originally from France. Though he has lived in the states for over 30 years and married a local woman and raised a family here, he still has such a strong accent, he sounds as though he just stepped off the Concorde, lol. (I wish they were still flying.) Anyway, what I was going to say is that in speaking to him, he mentioned that the house he grew up in was 750 years old. That is not a typo, lol. I just about had to pick my jaw up off the floor. I really can’t even imagine what that would be like to grow up in a house that age … But if Charles Faudree designed the interior, I’m sure it would be beautiful.

    • Pam, we talk about our historic houses here and I know the folks in Europe must giggle at that. They have the real historic houses. 🙂 I bet your landscape is amazing!

  9. This is one of my all time favorite books also and I have all of his books. Yes, a true genius and missed. I bought a tri-color Cavalier as a result of his books I was so charmed by the breed. I also went on a hunt for an antique French Pastry Table as a result of his books, found it. I had an opportunity to meet Charles some years ago since he was a guest lecturer at an antique show that I go to every year, became ill and was unable to make it to his lecture. I have regretted that so much. I will be pulling out his book this evening for more inspiration. Thanks.

    • Carolyn, he made me wish for one…his doggies always look soooo sweet. You know they must have adored him as much as adored them. That’s wonderful that you found an antique French Pastry table…I know those are hard to find! I would love to have met him, too. Always heard so many wonderful things about him. I bet he was amazing to hear in person.

  10. I love French Country, French anything. I was fortunate enough to tour Provence two years ago and I really fell in love with it, I so want to go back.
    My bedroom and main bathroom have a French flare. I bought two beautiful tablecloths home with me from France.
    I cannot describe the feeling I had when in Provence, it was as if I had come home.
    Peter Mayle, who wrote *A Year in Provence*, was my inspiration for going there and it so happened, the owner of the converted convent we stayed in, was a friend of his.
    The book looks beautiful, Susan, will check it out at the library as I do many books you have recommended. My shelves are too full to buy all these. 🙂

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Megan, that sounds wonderful. I bet you have some amazing photographs of the scenery and villages. I wish you would share them with Susan so we could all see them. She could start another feature, ‘Postcards from the nappers on Holiday.” 😀

      • Hi Pam: I shared some photos with Susan, on the final end of the trip, in England. She posted the dinner silver from Chatsworth House.
        I am not sure whether I sent her any from Provence, but I have them should she wish to see them.
        Pam, do you have a blog, I have tried Crumpety Cottage before, but had not luck.

        • Megan, I don’t think I have seen the Provence pics…just remember seeing Chatsworth. Yep, please share them…would love to see them! Hope I get there in person one day. 🙂

        • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

          Megan, I’m so sorry. I don’t know how I missed this post but I am only just now seeing it. I don’t have a blog. I am too busy drooling over Susan’s blog on a daily basis to have time to make one myself. 😀 Haha. But if you’d like to communicate, I’m sure Susan would be kind enough to give you my email address. 🙂 Thanks!

  11. I have great memories of his shop at Shepard Mall in Oklahoma City. I was just out of college when I discovered this wonderful shop. At Christmas he always had music box Christmas music playing. I could only window shop in those days but loved all the wonderful offerings in his shop. Then I moved to Tulsa and so did he! He did wonderful decorating in Tulsa.

  12. Hi Susan,
    I have every one of Charles Faudree’s books and love them all! I’m with you, this is one of my favorites. You may already know, a new book will be out in April. It is being done by his long time photographer, Jenifer Jordan. Amazon has it for pre order, this is from their site:

    “Celebrating the lifework of the much-loved icon of Country French design. New photography features Faudree’s most recent decorating projects, plus some of the best photos from his previous books make this a cherished volume in honor and memory of a star among interior decorators”..

    Can’t wait to receive it!

  13. bobbi duncan says

    Sure wish I would have met Mr. Faudree when he had his shop in the Cherry Street District of Tulsa, OK. My youngest resides there now, but didn’t move there until just after Mr. Faudree passed. I’ve heard from people that he was a wonderful human being–kind to everyone. Such a loss of a good man and a great designer! His shop has been taken over by Linda James Antiques, who sells French Country pieces as well. I’ve had English Country and formal furniture most of my life, but I have a weakness for French Country as well, so we’re doing our master bedroom in that style. Can’t wait for the room to be completely finished. Wish Mr. Faudree could be here to put his magic touches on the room but, of course, we probably wouldn’t be able to afford that luxury. I’m sure many are missing him. It is sad to see things and people become “in the past”. Same goes for Colonial Homes. I wonder why they stopped publishing when so many loved that magazine. I kept every one I ever ordered, but lost them all to a basement flood at a rental while we were in between homes–boy, was I ever sad because I had loved to just while away a day now and then pouring over all the photos and stories. We love you, Mr. Faudree!

  14. I came back to tell you I just ordered Country French Living. After reading your review (and others on Amazon), I can hardly wait to see this treasure of a book. Thank you for sharing this decorator’s books today!

    • Kim, you can really hear the passion and love Faudree’s fans have for this work in the reviews on Amazon. can’t you? It’s hard to not gush when talking about his rooms and books because the rooms he creates evoke so much emotion when you see them. It’s hard to explain. I don’t know how he achieves that…guess it’s the magic of Charles Faudree. Just wish he was still with us to keep the magic going. So glad we at least have the books. I just noticed they are releasing a new one soon that will showcase his last designs before he passed, in addition to some of his previous work. I’ll probably end up ordering it eventually.

  15. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Since you love the classic styles so much, have you ever subscribed to English Home magazine?

  16. Absolutely one of my faves also…I have used his books many times as “dream” planners. His little dogs….I wonder if any of them outlived him and what happened to them? I have dogs and cats and know that they would surely mourn us if we suddenly disappeared out of their lives.

    • I bet they miss him terribly. I know he had a partner that he had been with for a very long time, so I’m guessing he may be still caring for the dogs. Hopefully the dogs bring him some amount of comfort and vice versa.

  17. Certain wish i would have met Mr. Faudree when he had his store in the Cherry avenue District of Tulsa, adequate. My youngest resides there now, but didn’t move there except just after Mr. Faudree handed. I’ve heard from persons that he was once a exclusive human being–type to everybody. This type of lack of a good man and a quality dressmaker! His store has been taken over by using Linda James Antiques, who sells French country pieces as good. I’ve had English country and formal furniture most of my lifestyles, however i have a weakness for French country as good, so we’re doing our master suite in that form. Can’t watch for the room to be entirely completed. Want Mr. Faudree would be here to position his magic touches on the room but, of path, we most commonly wouldn’t be in a position to find the money for that luxury. I’m definite many are lacking him. It’s sad to see matters and individuals grow to be “prior to now”. Equal goes for Colonial houses. I wonder why they stopped publishing when so many cherished that journal. I kept one and all I ever ordered, however lost all of them to a basement flood at a condo even as we had been in between homes–boy, used to be I ever unhappy due to the fact I had loved to only at the same time away a day now and then pouring over the entire photographs and experiences

    • I’ve read the same thing about him, that he had a way of making each person feel very special and gave them his complete attention. I would love to have met him in person, too…sounded like a lovely man. I know, so wish they would bring back Colonial Homes or Classic Homes as it was called before it ceased publication. It was a great magazine!

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