In The BNOTP Library: P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home

I used to love watching P. Allen Smith when he was on TV. He may still be on TV, does anyone know? Many years ago when he was the speaker at a spring garden tour in Macon, Georgia, I drove down with a friend to attend the tour and hear him speak. I was so impressed with how down-to-earth and nice he was. Over the years I’ve purchase a number of his books and the one I’m sharing today is my favorite because it’s about his home and garden, a home he saved from being torn down.

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In the BNOTP Library: P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home: Creating a Garden for Everyday Living
Author: P. Allen Smith
Hardcover: 224 pages
Book size: 11.1 x 8.8 x 1 inches



3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • This book is all about P. Allen Smith’s amazing feat of having a 1904 Colonial Revival Cottage that was about to be torn down moved to an historic neighborhood, then designing and building the most amazing gardens all around it.
  • You don’t see the inside of the home in this book because the focus is on designing and creating the beautiful garden “rooms” that surround the home. I think this was the first time I really understand what creating a “room” in the garden meant. The Before and After pictures are absolutely amazing!
  • This book has a lot of practical advice for the gardener, especially if you want to learn how a garden is planned and designed. If you love gardening, you will love this book. I only dream of having a garden like the one that Allen creates! This book also made me want to have chickens running around in the garden. 🙂

You can see some of his garden in this wonderful video:

You can read more about this book, P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home: Creating a Garden for Everyday Living and preview it at Amazon where I normally buy my books, via the picture link below.

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  1. In our area he has a cooking show, a garden show and one about eco building on PBS. Sometimes they are on very early in the morning.

    Hope you have someone to share mother’s day with.

  2. Carol, I need to see if I can find him on TV here…always loved his programs. I’d love to see more of the home he had built. I’ve just read a little bit about it online. I hope he kept the home featured in this book, too.

  3. Thanks for the review…and yes he is still on tv…PBS…”The Garden Home” and “From Garden to Table” …I love his approach to gardening and interior design. Very simple ..down to earth…He actually makes you beleive you can pull it off. I will definatly check this book out. You can also catch him on You tube….Thank you again..

  4. Hi Susan, I went into Amazon and read through what they had on his book. It was really interesting, especially as I know about Arley.
    Have a Happy Mother’s Day, I too am far away from the one daughter, but she will be calling also.

  5. Susan – I sure am enjoying your series…and subsequently adding to my own library through some of your wonderful recommendations. Thank you – very informative. It’s very nice to learn you heard PA Smith speak, what a wonderful opportunity.

    Have a wonderful Mother’ Day weekend.

  6. I believe I have this book. Also, watch his program where he has built a new home that looks like an older style. He has planned every detail down to what ducks he has, what animals, and what trees and plants he will have. The irrigation system uses captured water. Oh, and his house is yellow.:)

  7. I use to enjoy his program too. I just toured his web page and there are links to various things around his home. He’s first class on everything he does. I guess you can tour his home and grounds and they even hosts special events including weddings. Wouldn’t that be a fabulous place for a backdrop to a wedding! I should get this book – I’m sure it’s worth every penny!

  8. Hi, Susan,
    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all you do to brighten the lives of so many with your entertaining and informative posts full of creativity, beautiful photos and fun! Rosie

  9. I also enjoy his show. It is still aired here on PBS.
    Wishing you a Very Happy Mother’s Day.

  10. In my area, Long. Island, NY, he is on periodically on our channel 133 also called.Create TV. It’s. A great channel, for cooking, gardening, travel. I tape whatever I want to, and watch when I can.

  11. I subscribe to his blog and he is so inspirational!! Have you seen his “farm”…WOW!! franki

  12. In Birmingham Al. he is on Create a wonderful PBS channel. Love P. Allen Smith and his voice.

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