Decorate a Porch for the 4th of July!

Happy Weekend! Hope you are having a wonderful one! Recently, my friend, Marie, and I got together for a lunch date.  Marie has her home beautifully decorated for the Independence Day.

Victorian Home Decorated for the 4th of July


Pictures just never do Marie’s home justice, everything is so much prettier and grander in person.

4th of July Porch Decorating Ideas


I loved the red, white and blue bunting running down the entire length of the porch.

4th of July Porch Ideas


The bunting is woven in and out between each of the porch banisters. Love this look! I would love how it looks with the white garland lit at night. If I am in her area after dark some night, I’ll stop and take photos. I know it must be so pretty lit up at night!

Decorate your porch for Independence Day


The front porch is so welcoming and feels very festive for the upcoming holiday!

Porch Decorating, Independence Day


I just noticed the USA sign above the door, I bet that also lights up at night. I can’t wait to take you inside to see how Marie has decorated inside. I’ll get those photos sorted and will share those for Metamorphosis Monday.

4th of July Decorating, Southern Porch


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  1. Marie’s decorations are as fun to look at and beautiful. I can’t wait to see what she has done inside.

  2. Cindy Lou says

    Cool! Love the ribbon woven in between the porch posts ! Thanks for the pics ! Happy Fourth To you !

  3. Can you tell me where Marie gets the large Uncle Sam nutcrackers?
    I love how she decorates her house. Always wonderful to see!

    • Marie Barnes says

      I bought them at Home Goods about two years ago and stored them so well I forgot I had them until this year.

  4. Sally E Biondo says

    WOW! I love this! Thank you for sharing this beautifully decorated home. Happy 4th!

  5. We drove by there last week and there were several figurines lined up on the driveway waiting to be put into position.

  6. Teresa in TX says

    I really enjoy when you take us on a visit to her home. The patriotic theme is gorgeous and looks like a page out of a decor magazine.
    What is the behind the scenes? Where does Marie store everything? Does she have a service or is it all DIY?

    • Marie Barnes says

      I have everything stored in my basement. I turned 70 this year so I have turned to a younger friend who brings her elves and does most of the decorating now. Just a little afraid of climbing ladders now. Up to now I had done most all the decorating myself

      • Teresa in TX says

        It must take hours and your friend with her elves does an amazing job. I’m sure your friends and family are happy not to see you on the ladders too. Thanks for letting us see your home. Happy 4th

  7. Karen Likens says

    Do you know where she finds her wonderful decorations?

    • Marie Barnes says

      Pier one, home goods, Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning and on line eBay, Amazon, Wayfair. Search Google you will be surprised what is out there.

  8. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Marie is certainly an inspiration. Does she decorate the interior of her home for the Fourth?

    Because the local real estate agents always place a flag in front of every house in the area, over the years I’ve acquire quite the collection. And, of course, who can resist showing off a collection? *L*

    • Marie Barnes says

      Yes I do decorate inside and Susan has a post of the inside. If I we not technology challenged I would provide you a link.

  9. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    Thank you for sharing!
    Tell me, tell me, please WHERE I can buy the chicken/rooster????

    • Marie Barnes says

      I would love to tell you but my daughter’s family gave that to me for my birthday several years ago and she couldn’t remember the name of the place she bought it.

  10. Marie, thanks for sharing all this wonderful porch decor. It is so patriotic and just, well, grand 🙂 That horizontal bunting running through the railings is really clever and not one I’ve seen before. Americana done well.

  11. Okay!!! franki

  12. Love these decorations! Where do you suppose Marie found the huge “bunting ribbon”! Just perfect!!

  13. Susan, I’ll be eager to see Marie’s inside decor. I’m a patriotic loving girl! Love, love, love the way she wove the bunting through the porch posts. She has such a gorgeous home, it’s always a treat when you share.

  14. Can’t wait! I always look forward to seeing what Marie has done!!

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    What a neat idea! Weaving a patriotic “ribbon” through the porch spindles! Love that! Wonder where she purchased it? Do you think you could ask her? I currently have large buntings hanging down on either side of my porch ceiling and love the look, but the ribbon is awesome too! I have a real neat Uncle Sam made from a landscaping beam that my husband and I made and we get lots of compliments on him. He stands at attention in front of my garage waving his flag. Can’t wait to see everything inside! Thanks Susan! Happy 4th!

  16. Kathleen says

    Love the porch decorations. Bet it does look great at night! White lights and maybe the USA is in color? Look forward to inside view.

  17. WOW…what an amazing home! Just amazing and decorated so nicely for the 4th! LOVE IT ALL.

  18. She always does a fabulous job decorating their home. I like the way the bunting was woven in and out of the railings. It must be fun to live near their home to witness all the seasonal changes she makes!

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