Planning a Last-Minute 4th of July Table-Celebration, So Many Wonderful Finds!

Welcome to the 770th Tablescape Thursday! It has been a crazy week around here. The plumber has been here checking to see if I can move my washer connections to another wall in the laundry room for a possible future laundry room renovation, and he’s coming back today for a follow-up. The roof cleaning company is also coming back today to touch up a few places that didn’t come clean when they were here before. Hopefully, that will finish off the roof-cleaning job for good!

For this week’s Tablescape Thursday, with so much going on, including me being away from home for part of the week, I had planned to share some of my previous 4th of July tables. (If you would like to see those for a bit of Independence Day inspiration, you’ll find the table settings here: 4th of July Tablescapes and some 4th of July Decor/Craft ideas here: 4th of July Decor/Craft Ideas.)

But then I got another idea! I thought I’d attempt putting together a 4th of July table with items that are all considered “Prime” items at Amazon, thus available for 2-day delivery just in case you are looking for some last-minute inspiration for your 4th of July celebrations. The items I’m sharing are those that are 2-day delivery for my area, but if you’re ordering them to use this year, double check to make sure they are available for 2-day delivery in your city/town, too. I’ve ordered a few of these for myself!

To start off our table, I really like this matte blue stoneware set that’s just $67.99 for 12 pieces. I love the color and it would make a great dinnerware for not only the 4th of July, but really any time of year. It’s available here: Blue Stoneware with Prime One Day Delivery, and free returns.

Blue Dinnerware, 4th of July


Another great choice that could also be used throughout the year is this beautiful red, white, and blue stoneware set. It’s $59.99, but there’s a 15% off coupon that will reduce the price to around $51 for the set. You’ll find it available here: Red, White, and Blue Stoneware Set.



If you’ll be dining outside or around a pool and would prefer something non-breakable, I really like these melamine dinner plates. You’ll find them in sets of 6 here: Set of 6 Stars/Stripes Melamine Dinner Plates.


I am so excited about this flatware! Even though I already have striped/patriotic flatware, I need this set! It’s super reasonably priced and so dang cute! It’s perfect for a 4th of July celebration! I just ordered two sets and opted for the “Overnight” delivery, so it should be here tomorrow morning. The reviews for this set look great, too! You’ll find it available here: Patriotic Flatware.

4th of July Flatware


Love this table skirt! This would be especially great for an outdoor event. It’s available in sets of two here: Table Skirts.


Need some colorful, patriotic salt and pepper shakers for your table? Love these! You’ll find this set available here: Salt and Pepper Shaker. If you’re having a big party, you may want to order a few sets.

Lots of napkin choices from which to choose! I really like these and may order a set. These are available here: Red, White, and Blue Striped Napkins.


I have these and love them! They are just a bright and colorful as they appear in this photo, too! You’ll find them available here: Red, White, and Blue Buffalo Check Napkins.

Buffalo Plaid Napkins, Red, White and Blue


I just discovered these this year and love the design! You’ll find these available here: Stars and Stripes Napkins.


Need a platter for serving up those hamburgers and hotdogs? You’ll find this large, 13-inch glass platter on sale here: Serving Platter.



We need a centerpiece for our table. I came across these mason jar decorations and thought how much fun these would be to make! I would love to make some of these to use as votive holders! I love how they don’t look perfect but have a hand-crafted feel. If you don’t have time to paint mason jars this year, you’ll find these available here: 6 Flag Mason Jars for a 4th of July Centerpiece.



A while back I shared some of my fun Nora Fleming serving pieces and the whimsical “minis” I’ve purchased for the platters over the years.

My Nora Fleming Mini Collection


Several years back I purchased this cute “flag” mini for my Nora Fleming cake platter.

Nora Fleming Mini, Flag


If you already have a Nora Fleming service piece or wish to purchase one, you’ll find the serving pieces here: Nora Fleming Serving Platters, and the flag minis here:  Hand-painted Flag for Nora Fleming Platters. There are so many cute minis–they are addictive to collect. Ha! I just ordered a baseball mitt since my grandson is into baseball these days.

Nora Fleming Flag Mini in Memorial Day Centerpiece


This would probably not be a great option for this year since they most likely wouldn’t arrive in time, but the Warren Kimble dinnerware that I so often use for 4th of July tables is currently available “New in Bow” here: Warren Kimble Colonial Dinnerware, New in Box. I think they even have two sets! This dinnerware is no longer being produced, so if you’ve always wanted a set, that’s a great find!


I hope you found these suggestions helpful as you prepare for your 4th of July celebrations! Happy Independence Day to our great country!

Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! (If you enjoyed this post, subscribe for email updates when a new post is up here: Subscribe for post updates.)

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  1. Love that flag platter! I have several Nora Fleming pieces too, it’s so much fun to change out the little mini decorations! Thanks Susan and have a great 4th!

  2. Love your blog and am not trying to second-guess your choices on things but, if I were in your shoes, I would update the bathrooms before tackling the laundry room. I spend more time taking showers, etc. than I do doing the laundry. If your laundry room is not a pass-through on the way to the garage, and is in an isolated location, I wouldn’t care what it looked like. But, whatever you decide to do, I always look forward to the updates on your home!

    • Thanks, Nicki! I know you’re right and I really should do the bathrooms first. I may end up redoing the flooring in my kitchen sometime soon…like in the next year, so that’s why I was thinking of doing the laundry room since they would both be getting the same flooring. But I really haven’t decided yet if I’m changing to tile or staying with hardwoods in the kitchen. It will be a while before I do anything, gotta save up, so lots of time to think it over. The plumber is just helping me determine if I can move the location of the washer and get both the washer and dryer to fit down inside the niche in the laundry room.

  3. warren giering says

    Great tablescape — it all works so well. I have tried and tried to come up with a 4th tablescape but they alway either amateurish or cartoonish. Nice job, Susan.

  4. Such great 4th of July supplies – those little salt and peppers are just darling! Thanks for doing such a wonderful job of shopping for us! 🙂 Love your table too. Thanks so much for hosting, and hope you have a fun &/or relaxing holiday!

  5. What a fun idea! Usually, it’s too late to order the adorable things that I see posted, but not this time! My husband teases me that Jeff Bezos will be calling him to see what’s wrong if my regular Amazon order doesn’t go in on time …

  6. That was an awesome idea – thank you from all the procrastinators!

  7. Carol Norton says

    Oh whine. Was all ready to order the 3-tiered tray, and in the teeny fine print at the bottom, the tray isn’t included after all. The goodies are really cute, but As last minute as it is–I’ll just wait and get a head start earlier next year.
    Happy 4th everyone. I’m volunteering at the 4th of July celebration a couple blocks from my house, here in Nashville.

  8. Lisa Reed says

    Susan, thought you’d want to know…the tiered tray with 4th of July decorations for $9 is actually just the decorations. It doesn’t include the tiered tray. It was a little misleading the way it was described on Amazon.

    • Thanks, Lisa! Appreciate you letting me know–I removed it from the post. I wondered why that price was so great…I should have ready the small print. Argggh.

  9. franki parde says

    Clever post!! Go Fourth!! franki

  10. Gorgeous table Susan! You have done the red, white, and blue proud. I love the Warren Kimble plates and you have showcased them beautifully. I’m sure that whatever you decide to do with the laundry room vs the bathroom will fantastic and I can’t wait to see what you decide. Happy 4th of July to you!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your new Stars and Stripes flatware!! I had just been thinking that I needed to find a cute set of Patriotic flatware, as there are so many times it is possible to use it!! The very next day I saw this post, and loved your flatware, and ordered it right away!! thanks so much for sharing. Thanks too for hosting Tablescape Thursday! I love seeing so many great tablescapes each week! Happy Belated 4th to you!

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