Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

Welcome to the 309th Metamorphosis Monday!

How was your holiday? Did you spend it with family? Did Santa bring you a new toy or two? πŸ™‚

I was with family in New Hampshire for the week so there was a fair amount of time spent in airports, on airplanes and in rental cars on the way there and back. The in-between part with family was wonderful, though.

Flying Into Boston


I loved my time in New Hampshire. Have you ever been to the beach there? It looks so different from the beaches here in Georgia and those I’ve visited in Florida. It was high tide when this picture was taken in Rye, so the beach was almost non-existent. The water was really that color blue!

Beach in Rye New Hampshire


The historic homes in the Rye area are wonderful! I was oohing and ahhing around every bend in the road! I only had my cell phone with me and it was almost dead, but I snapped a few pics before it totally croaked. I want to go back during the summer and do some house stalking. Such a beautiful area!

Historic Homes in Rye


I hope your Christmas was wonderful! Leave me a comment and tell me about it. I missed you so much while I was gone!

Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

You know that old saying about turning lemons into lemonade? That’s exactly what Christy did when the now-infamous, defective polybutylene pipe in the walls of her master bedroom burst, gushing water into the master bath and raining down into the kitchen below. Christy was thankfully able to shut the water off at the street before it got to the hardwood flooring in the other rooms of her home, but the bath and the kitchen had to be gutted back to the studs.

Christy said, “The kitchen and the master bath were a total loss – torn out to the studs to replace the soaked insulation in the walls and ceiling.”

The photo below was taken after the collapsed ceiling was removed and before the restoration/renovation got fully underway. The walls were previously wallpapered and the countertops were white laminate.



The previous cabinets were a light-colored stained.



You can see the old cabinets a bit better behind Christy in this photo taken on her birthday. Christy said, “The ceiling collapsed in the kitchen, the cabinets were warped, but the silver lining is that I have my dream kitchen and master bath now!

Kitchen Before Renovation



A set of Fire King Jadeite coffee mugs inherited from an aunt was the inspiration for the color scheme Christy chose for her kitchen. Christy said, “These mugs set the whole color scheme for my kitchen, which is usually decorated in jadeite green and soft blue.  I also collect Luray dishes from the 50’s in these two colors.” Christy went with a beadboard ceiling in her farmhouse style kitchen.



Over the years, Christy had been collecting photos of her favorite kitchen designs, so though this was completely unexpected, she knew the direction she wanted to go with her renovation. Christy said, “I call my kitchen “modern farmhouse” and the showpiece is my Big Chill retro refrigerator.

Kitchen Renovation with Big Chill Refrigerator in Jadite Green


“I had seen the Big Chill brand in several magazines and then in Rachael Ray’s kitchen.  The color of my refrigerator is called Jadeite.”  Christy had the kitchen island and range hood painted a custom color to match her Big Chill refrigerator!

Big Chill Refrigerator in Jadite Green


Christy chose honed marble for her countertops and white, subway tile for her backsplash.



I love the honed marble…so beautiful! I asked Christy if she has had any issues with stains on her marble. She said her countertop is really well-sealed so after 5 years, it still looks great. Love the Santa mugs and pitcher peeking through the glass cabinet door.

Honed Marble Countertops Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation


I asked Christy what was hiding behind this door. Can you guess? If you guessed a microwave, you’re right! The door lifts up and slides back when needed. Love that the microwave can be made to completely disappear whenever it’s not in use.



As you might expect, Christy chose a farmhouse sink for her new kitchen.



This time of year, the kitchen window holds a tiny Christmas village. Love the greenhouse window, perfect spot for an herb garden!



The kitchen has a built-in plate rack for convenient storage of everyday dishes..



The soft, blue wall color chosen for the kitchen is Sherwin Williams, “Something In Blue.” Christy chose pine for the island countertop.



Christy changes out this two-tiered tray found in Target, for the holidays and seasons. I love that idea!

Two-Tiered Tray


The light fixture over the kitchen table is from the Martha Stewart Collection.

At Christmastime, Christy decorates her kitchen in a gingerbread theme.



A mason jar centerpiece is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen. Gingerbread-house placemats adorn the table.



Christy’s adorable Christmas dishware is Folk Craft Gingerbread by Tienshan.



Christy decorates her hutch in a gingerbread theme in keeping with the other decorations in the kitchen.

Christmas Hutch


No details were missed in this beautiful restoration/renovation. A beautiful honed-marble desk with built-in bookshelves adds great function to this corner of the kitchen.



I’m in love with this kitchen makeover! You know that cottage I’m always dreaming of…wouldn’t it be perfect with a Big Chill refrigerator! πŸ™‚

Kitchen Renovation with Big Chill Refrigerator in Jadite Green


Thanks so much to Christy for sharing this amazing kitchen makeover! I couldn’t wait to share it with you for Met Monday!

Have you renovated your kitchen or another room in your home in recent years? Send me 5-10 large, bright, clear pictures taken without a flash, and if possible, I’ll share them here on BNOTP. Photos can be e-mailed to [email protected].  I always love seeing and sharing your fabulous renovations!

Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful Before and After for this Met Monday!

Met Monday


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  1. Glad you had a lovely Christmas, the kitchen renovation is fabulous, I love the jade retro fridge, it makes me want to get started on my own kitchen.

  2. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a nice Christmas holiday. Isn’t New Hampshire wonderful? I love this kitchen! So many great ideas. My kitchen has a “country kitchen” look and I hope to remodel it once I retire and this kitchen makeover has given me lots of ideas. I love the beadboard ceiling. Plus the marble countertop is gorgeous. Love the sink! And the plate rack! I am saving this BNOTP issue so I won’t forget these ideas. Since I just bought a french door refrigerator, I will have to forego The Big Chill refrigerator even though that movie is one of my most favorites and I love the refrigerator. I remember the scene of the “morning after” when Jeff Goldbloom is staring into the open refrigerator when a hungover blank look on his face and Mary Kay Place (I think or could have been Glenn Close) said “That’s the trouble with those things. You gotta watch them.” Happy New Year! My friend, Debbie, and I are starting the new year off right with a quick trip to Natchitoches, Louisiana on Jan 2 to piddle around in the shops and probably tour a plantation home or two. Wish you could join us.

  3. Hi Susan, New Hampshire looks beautiful, I’ve always wanted to visit that part of New England. LOVE Christy’s Bill Chill fridge and painted hood & island! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. Sounds like your Christmas was enjoyable, Susan – I’ve only been to NH one time, but it was a fun New England trip. Christy certainly went to extremes to get her dream kitchen, didn’t she, lol? Her kitchen would be right at home with my jadeite collection (notice I didn’t state that the other way around, hehe). Love that retro fridge!
    My sister & I’ve been packing/unpacking decor for the last two months, non-stop, both at home and our antique mall booth spaces, I can’t even count the number of B&As we’ve gone through, so I’m sharing a bit of our booth space frenzy this week.
    Whatever your plans are for partying on NYE, thank you for hosting Met Monday – it’s always one of the best parties around! Happy New Year!

  5. Sounds like a fun trip [minus the travel time] with lots of eye candy Susan! Love the coastal mansions~Also love love the story behind the new kitchen! We lost the roof of our beach house during a hurricane and even though it was a nightmare at the time, it allowed us to rebuild, remodel and now we have a brand new house with higher ceilings and a modern open kitchen. My husband says the hurricane was the best thing that ever happened! However, I don’t recommend hurricanes for any reason πŸ™‚ Thanks for the party and have a wonderful 2015!

  6. What a lovely “transformation” kitchen…charming as can be!! I especially like the way the “kick area” on the island has been carved to look more like a “piece of furniture.” We did the same with out island and “customized it all over the place!” Didn’t this holiday just…evaporate?!?!? franki

  7. Christy’s kitchen is beautiful! I love the fridge, the cabinets with all their detailed work and of course the gorgeous accent color.

  8. What a great way to turn lemons into lemonade! That refrigerator is so much fun, and there are some wonderful details in this kitchen. Thank you, Susan and Christy, for sharing this great re-do. laurie

  9. Susan, you just got back from where I’m headed tonight! The beach in NH was my summer playground all through my growing up years. My family still has a home there. That’s where my heart is! You must try to visit n the summer months, it’s the best. The ride along the coast in Rye is beautiful and the Beach Plum has a lobster roll that’s unbeatable!

  10. Lovely photos – New Hampshire is always so beautiful, especially in winter! Thanks for hosting Metamorphosis Monday – it’s my first time joining and I’m joining with a post that’s more about changing yourself than crafts, but hopefully it fits in some weird way! Happy New Year!

  11. What a beautiful transformation! I LOVE the fridge and the countertops. I am not a granite fan nut love the marble. I would love to have that in my own kitchen. I have always wanted a vintage style fridge. Too cute!

  12. Hi Susan, New Hampshire looks beautiful. Hope you are well rested! The kitchen renovation is awesome…what she did from her inspiration cups is amazing. Thank you so much for hosting Metamorphosis Monday!

  13. BEAUTIFUL kitchen!! Thanks so much for hosting Susan!

  14. Wow what a fun trip! No I have never been there but hope to some day! Oh my…what a gorgeous kitchen! It’s a shame what happened to her original kitchen…but it was worth it getting that gorgeous new one! Love her color choice too! Thanks so much for hosting Susan,hope you have a wonderful new year!

  15. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I’m glad to hear you are enjoying your jet-setting holiday. I didn’t know you had relatives in New Hampshire. I absolutely love the Lake Winnipesaukee area and all the quaint surrounding towns.

    Christy truly did make lemonade! What no doubt felt like a disaster turned out to be a blessing with her beautiful new dream kitchen. And you’d never know it’s already 5 years old! I love the fridge. So cute. And the glass front cabinets. The desk area is both pretty and functional. I love the book shelves, dish racks and the micro-wave cubby. Looks like she really thought it through.

    Thanks, Christy, for sharing your dream kitchen. And Susan, you be careful in all your travels. πŸ™‚

  16. Oh I love that green! Thank you for hosting and Happy New Year!

  17. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!…beautiful kitchen makeover…I love jadeite and how wonderful that Christy chose that color to accent her kitchen…love the refrigerator…have always admired Rachel Ray’s…I have never been to Rye..on my bucket list..the photos of the homes are beautiful…loved the one on the water…so enjoyed seeing the rocky coast of Maine and hope to see those of New Hampshire too…

  18. This is a fabulous before and after! I too love the Big Chill fridge. It really makes her kitchen.

  19. What a gorgeous kitchen makeover – that fridge is simply perfect !
    New Hampshire is just beautiful ( we live near the Vermont border – which is pretty spectacular too ! )
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas ( even if much of it was spent in planes – look at the view you got LOL )
    Happy to be back !

  20. Did I say thanks for the party ???

  21. Susan ~ Wow! I gotta get out more! Such a pretty place to visit. I love the pine countertop on her island, also love blues and greens. The fridge looks a little lighter than her painted cabinets, love it. I am neck deep in taking down Christmas decorations, the un-fun part of it all. Thanks for the party!

  22. Love Christy’s kitchen remodel – really love the Jadeite color! Her kitchen looks so cozy and welcoming. You are right a Big Chill fridge would look great in a beach house.
    Happy New Year!

  23. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Glad you’re home safe and sound. Thanks for sharing this lovely kitchen. I think my mom had a refrigerator like this, maybe white. She also had a green Chambers oven complete with a broiler on the left and a bean well on the back right corner which I wish I still had. It was in the garage for years after we moved into a new house with built-ins. Happy New Year to everyone!

    • crumpety cottage says

      A bean well?

      • Elizabeth Roderick says

        It could have just been called a well..I don’t know. It was round and had a silver lid that fit into the hole. Mom only cooked baked beans in a brown ceramic jar with lid, in this lidded well. Knowing my mother, it could have been called something completely different but ‘bean well’ suited her. Maybe it was used so as not to heat up the big oven. You can google green chambers oven and see images of it. It’s the first on the 2nd row.

        • crumpety cottage says

          Oh Elizabeth, you’ll have to excuse me. I didn’t read that right. And I swear, I hadn’t been into the egg nog, lol. I read where you said you’re mom had a fridge like that and then completely skipped over the ‘green Chambers oven,’ part somehow and went straight to the bean well. I was imagining this ‘bean well’ off the back/side of a refrigerator and trying to figure out how that worked! Thanks for replying. I looked up the Chambers ovens as you suggested and they put me in mine of my Aga. Similar look. Thanks. πŸ™‚ Happy New Year.

  24. Thanks for sharing that adorable kitchen. I love Jadite green.

  25. Welcome back Susan, pleased you had a good Christmas. New Hampshire….would love to go there!
    The kitchen is lovely, just love that fridge and the built in bookcase and desk.
    Thank you and Christie for sharing this with us.

  26. Christy Keyton says

    Hello everyone! Thank you for all the nice comments on my kitchen. A couple of you have mentioned that the green on the island and range hood seem to be different from the refrigerator. That is just the lighting in the photos. In “real life” the fridge is an exact match to the green on the island and range hood. I made sure of that! The very first photo of the newly renovated kitchen in this post is closest to capturing the true color. The last photo makes the two colors look different. Lighting is always hard when trying to capture true colors!

    • Could you please share the color and brand of Jadeite green paint used in your kitchen? It is such a hard shade to match! I want to paint my kitchen in jadeite green, but I have discovered that not all pieces of jadeite are created equally. Fire king jadeite has more of a yellow green tone. And then there are other pieces that look almost turquoise. The shade in your kitchen seems to be the exact shade of vintage green I’m looking for.

      • Hi Emily, unfortunately this is a custom color that was mixed at Sherwin Williams to be an exact match to my Big Chill refrigerator, so I can’t give you a color name. You can get a sample from Big Chill of their refrigerator colors. I took the sample to my local paint store and they mixed the green for me.

  27. Great Kitchen!!

    Thanks for the party!!

    Happy New Year!!


  28. Hi Susan! Glad you had a nice visit. Airports = no fun, but getting to your destination is worth it. What a beautiful farmhouse kitchen – love the island and refrigerator. Thanks for hosting and my wishes for a happy new year to you! Jane

  29. Susan what a delightful kitchen remodel. I LOVE the fridge to pieces. I hope that you and your family had a very merry holiday.

  30. beautiful kitchen! love the green!

  31. Love the kitchen! What a great trip to New Hampshire, it is beautiful up there for sure! Thanks for the party!!

  32. Oh my gosh Susan! I am just getting around to seeing this, but I’m in love with Christy’s kitchen! Please tell her thank you for sharing it. Someday I hope we can enlarge and remodel our kitchen and I got so many good ideas from seeing this one! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas and I’m wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  33. Thanks for hosting the party. Happy New Year!

  34. Renee Cook says

    Happy New Year, Susan! I’m glad you enjoyed Christmas in New Hampshire! New England is such a beautiful and interesting place. We spent ours with family in Jacksonville, FL. Thanks for sharing Christy’s lovely kitchen. I saw so many features that I dream of having in my kitchen one day. For one, I saw she seemed to have all drawers, instead of cabinets, down below. I think lower drawers are so much more practical. I like the unique shape of the island. I see she has space for extra storage at the ends, while leaving a space to tuck away the stools. I also like the greenhouse window. Over the years, it has been hard to settle on one favorite style of dΓ©cor, but I am finding myself drawn to the farmhouse look more and more. I enjoyed this every much. May your 2015 be wonderful in every way!

  35. Would love to know the name and manufacturer of the kitchen cabinets, just what I’m looking for! Thanks

    • Hi Liz, I emailed Christy and asked her about her cabinets…here’s what she replied back: “My cabinets were custom by a carpenter here in Dothan. Yes, it was expensive, but I got just the look I wanted. We measured my plates for the plate rack and I was able to specify the footing, glass or no glass, etc. I have told people that if you plan to be in your house for a long time, like we do, custom cabinets are worth it!”
      Perhaps you could show a picture from this post to a cabinet maker in your area and they could build them for you. Usually a good tradesman can build something if he has a picture to go on. That’s how my front porch was built…the carpenter built it from a photo I had.

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