It’s Been a Whirlwind Month: Lots of Cleaning, Painting and the Doors Arrived!

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If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you probably know I spent much of summer and the start of the school year helping with my grandchildren in Ohio. School is still just 3 hours a day there so it definitely makes it challenging for working Moms and Dads. Once I returned back home, it was full steam ahead! I had just been diagnosed with pneumonia 5 days before I returned home, but the antibiotic was doing its job, so it was time to get busy and make up for the lost time.

I’ve been back home for about a month now and during that time I’ve had the whole house, decks, driveway, walkway, brick mailbox pressure washed, a deck restained, some touch-up painting done in areas that needed it and the front porch completely repainted.

I replaced all the window locks throughout the whole house, purchased and learned how to cook in an Air Fryer,  purchased a retro refrigerator for my home office and managed to get it out of my SUV and up the stairs into my home office by myself. lol That was a challenge!  I can’t wait to share it with you in a post…it’s sooo cute!

I also loaded up the large desk and chair from my son’s old bedroom and drove it back up to Ohio where I’m currently writing this post. It’s been a busy month!

While I was home, the screened doors that were being custom made in Ohio for the porch, arrived. You know my history with jinxed deliveries. Well, this one was no different. One door arrived with the entire end of the crate missing! The sides of the crate were flapping like a  loose sole on the bottom of a shoe!

Since the whole end of the crate was missing, all the hardware for that door was missing, as well. Thankfully the Wooden Screened Door Company replaced the missing hardware.


Both doors are currently awaiting installation in my garage. I may wait until spring to have that done. I need to do a bit of research to determine who I’ll be using for the installation. I want to make sure it’s done carefully since these doors were an investment, for sure.


There was some damage to the doors during shipment. The door housed in the badly damaged crate, the crate that was missing its entire end, was chipped slightly and scrubbed in a few places. Fortunately, that should be hidden once it’s installed and painted.


The other door arrived with a torn screen. The screen is currently being rescreened in a local screening shop.


The other project I worked on this past month involved the window sash locks throughout my home. I’m a big fan of Baldwin Brass, love their polished brass in their Lifetime finish. All my exterior doors have Baldwin Brass hardware in the Lifetime finish and they have held up beautifully.

Psst: Find a tutorial for adding bats to your front porch/door here: Eeek, Add Bats for a Fun Halloween Entry.


Here’s a bit better view of the handle/lock on the front door.

(See more of this front porch decor and how to hangle triple wreaths here: Decorate with Triple Wreaths for Christmas and here: Easy Way to Hang Triple Wreaths.)


Last year when I was hanging all the wreaths on the windows a few weeks before Christmas, one of the sash locks snapped right in half. It was late at night and suddenly I found myself with a window that didn’t want to stay up and I had no way to lock it. Ugh. The majority of the window locks in my home were original with only a few having been replaced over the years as they’ve snapped from old age.

Christmas House with Wreaths in Snow


I didn’t want a repeat of what happened last year when I start hanging the wreaths this year, so I decided to replace all the sash locks with Baldwin Brass Lifetime-Finish locks. Those are the old ones in the bag below. I’ll donate those to Goodwill just in case someone can use them. That’s one of the new ones in the top right of the photo.

I had purchased a single Baldwin Brass Lifetime Finish lock from Amazon last year, but this year they weren’t available. I ended up finding them at Suwanee Decorative Hardware online. At $12.39 per lock, it cost a little over $300 to replace all the locks throughout my home, but at least I don’t have to ever worry about another surprise broken window lock when I’m hanging wreaths.

The Lifetime Finish locks come in all styles/colors. I stayed with polished brass since I love how that looks against the white paint of my windows and plantation shutters.

Changing out old sash window locks to Baldwin Brass Lifetime Finish Sash Locks


I really haven’t done a lot of fall decorating this year since there was so much going on with the pressure washing and painting. I’ve kept it simple with just a fall wreath on the door.

Decorate Door for Fall with Pumpkin Wreath


Inside, I added a few cozy pumpkins here and there. I also purchased this leopard print throw that had excellent reviews. The reviews indicated that it was very similar to the Barefoot Dreams throw for a lot less $$$.

Tartan Bedding, Leopard Throw


I love how it looks with my tartan bedding and it is super cozy! I purchased the throw in Queen size so I could use it here on my bed or as an oversized throw. You’ll find it available in several sizes, colors and prints here: Throw.

BTW, the tartan bedding is back again this year and it’s currently on sale! I always like to pick up another piece in this tartan pattern each year. I’m never sure how long they’ll keep bringing it back, I’m amazed they’ve brought it back as many years as they have! If you love tartan, you’ll find it currently on sale here: Tartan Bedding.

Mixing Plaid and Leopard


I’ll be decorating the front porch as soon as the painters are completely finished with their work on the front porch. Looking forward to sharing that real soon.

Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. franki parde says

    Whew!!! I need a nap on your porch!!!I I, too, luv “Baldwin brass!” Their candle holders, etc. Your home will be Grand Spankin New…again!! franki

  2. I would not have liked the job of putting 24 locks on windows. However, you did have an aged guideline to follow. I am like you, I had rather be safe than sorry.

  3. Rhonda Bridges says

    I have ordered 4 of these throws!! Love them! We did 2 of the Brown zebra in twin, one gray leopard in queen (the first one we ordered!) and a blue leopard in king! The twins will be perfect for covering up on the porch when (if!!) the weather turns cooler. My hubby likes them because they are warm but lightweight. He can’t stand any pressure On his legs because of his arthritis. So thank you for the recommendation!

    • I love how light they are, too. I don’t like a lot of weight on my feet, just don’t like how it feels. It’s amazing how warm this blanket is without being heavy. So glad they are working out so well for you and your hubby! I think I may order a few as gifts this Christmas.

  4. Susan, you have accomplished so much in a month. I also love Baldwin Brass, it is always lovely hardware. Stay well.

    • Thanks, Pam! The painting was supposed to have been done back in May but this crazy time we’re all going through def threw a wrench in my plans. Glad to finally get it done. Thanks! I still love it too…after all these years. When I ordered the locks, I mentioned to the associate that they probably didn’t have that many orders for polished brass these days. She told me that I would be surprised, that a lot of folks still love it.

  5. to bad about the doors, I was wondering is the shipping company going to pay for the screens to be replaced (I think they should) I don’t think you should have to do that. I would of thought the people who made your doors would of reinforced those boxes of little better, like putting styrofoam around all the edges and then put them in a box for shipping. Well, hope it all works out for you.
    given the fact that when you buy a cheap picture frame from Michael’s the corners all have reinforcement around the corners. rls.

    • They did, it’s just one screen that got ripped somehow and they are reimbursing me for it. The owner said that it’s really rare for them to arrive damaged. I don’t know why but I seemed to be snakebit with deliveries of anything large like furniture, etc… Something always seems to go awry.

  6. I’m so sorry about your doors. I’ve been so looking forward to seeing them installed. I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer. Enjoy your darling grandchildren and stay healthy. Love, Kay

    • Thanks, Kay! I may get them installed this fall/winter. Just not sure I’ll have a chance with the holidays upon us. I would love to see them in real soon, just have to find a company I can really trust. Then the paint company will come back out to paint them once they are in place.

  7. Wow, Susan, you have been one busy lady!! I admire your spunk and energy level…especially after battling pneumonia! I can’t wait to see all the “reveals” including your decorations and new screen doors. Glad you’re back with family on “Grandma Duty”: more time to make memories! Take care.

    • lol Yes, Grandma duty will only be for a week this time so I’ll be back home very soon. I know, I was thinking about that. This time we are all going through is stressful but I sure have loved spending so much time with my son, dil and grandsons.

  8. Thank you Susan, and wow, you have been busy!

  9. I can imagine the joy of checking all those things off your list in your planner! Nothing more satisfying! Good for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve followed your advice on things and always appreciate your practical and honest reviews on products, solutions to things, proper storage of items, etc. I could go on and on. I think you were the first blog I followed many years ago. Then you were so kind to feature my kitchen update years ago. Anyway…it’s just a joy to follow you and wanted you to know that!

    • Oh, that makes me so happy to hear that, Toni! I try to only recommend things I really love and feel are worth checking out. I remember your beautiful kitchen and I appreciate so much that you allowed me to share it!
      Hope you are having a wonderful autumn. The leaves have already changed and are falling here in Ohio. Back home, the trees were still all green! Amazing the difference traveling 500 miles north can make!

  10. Hi susan,A personal question and the reason I’m asking is that it seems you do all this work by yourself.Are you married?

  11. I’ve admired your tartan bed so a while, so today I ordered my own. Plus on your recommendation, I also ordered the throw. Thanks for all the great ideas. Enjoy your family!

    • I hope you enjoy it, Carolyn! I do love the tartan so much, especially during fall and winter. It really warms up the room so much. Happy autumn to you!

  12. You carried a refrigerator up a flight of stairs? Can’t wait to see how you accomplished that impressive feat! That is really something about the shipping of the screen doors. I really thought for the price you paid the shipping would have been extra special. Since the damage was extreme was it too much trouble to return them? You having to have one rescreened doesn’t seem fair. I never thought about plastic wearing out. On my single hung windows that tilt there is a plastic part that holds the window in and it failed. My window was literally sitting in the frame unsupported!

    • lol It was one step at a time, up my back stairway which is carpeted. I know, apparently, doors normally do well shipped that way, per the owner. I don’t know what FedEx did to those crates between Maine and Georgia! It didn’t seem that bad, just the small chip at the top and the ripped screen. The chip won’t be visible once they are installed and painted and the screen is being replaced. So they should be fine in the end.
      I never thought about plastic wearing out either. My windows are the original wood, double-hung, true divided light windows and I do still love them. I don’t plan to ever replace them.

  13. Linda Nixon says

    Have you seen the beautiful concrete deer at Ballard Design. I ordered the lying down deer for my foyer. My daughter is using hers on the hearth of her fireplace. Since I love deer for Christmas I love your deer head on your Christmas door wreath. Did it come on your wreath or was it an add on. I would be interested on one like it if you would share how you purchased it. My goodness I get tired just reading all you do and get done and with pneumonia, What is your secret? Share that also. Love everything you do. Linda/

    • No, I’ll have to check him out. No, I bought the deer several years back from Horchow online. He used to hang in my office. I still have him around here somewhere, although he’s not currently hanging anywhere.
      It was really weird getting over pneumonia. Sleep was the best medicine. I took 3-4 hour naps every day and that helped tremendously. I could really tell when I turned the corner around the 2 week mark, my energy came back quickly after that. I’ve never had pneumonia before, so that was weird that I got it from what I guess was a sinus infection. So strange.

  14. Susan…you surely do not live a boring life! Hope the doors turn out OK. Speaking of doors, I am looking forward to your Christmas door this year!
    Take care and be careful going up and down the stairs with heavy objects!

  15. Unfortunately Baldwin Brass has been made in the USA in quite a while. Like so many other former quality items it is now made in Mexico and China.

    • I noticed all the locks said they were made in China. Not sure when they stopped being made here. Hopefully, more of our manufacturing will be returning to the U.S. I love it when something is made here, happy to pay more for it since I know it’s helping create jobs right here.

  16. Correction…Baldwin Brass HASN’T been mad in the USA

  17. Wow – you HAVE been busy! Amazing that your doors were damaged – there must be great big pot holes on the delivery route to your house or something! But that aside – I’m looking forward to seeing them up! 🙂 Hope you have a relaxing time till you have to drive again! Thanks so much for hosting!!

    • Really! Someone needs to put a hidden camera on all large packages coming to my home so we can see exactly what FedEx and UPS do to them! 😉
      Thanks, Barbara! Will there be trick or treating in your neighborhood this year? I think it will be happening in mine, hope it does.

  18. Suzanne Patterson says

    Looks like the red tartan bedding is no longer available. Ever since I saw yours I wanted to purchase, especially since it’s on sale.

    • Oh, I didn’t realize it wasn’t available. Suzanne, keep an eye out, it may just be temporarily out of stock. I’ll check every so often, as well. Hopefully, they will get it back in soon.

  19. BOBBI DUNCAN says

    Whew! You are the busy bee for sure, but such a great feeling to get so many things taken care of. Always love seeing your tartan bedding…so beautiful, and definitely in my “Tartan Love” Pinterest board, as are many of your lovely decor projects. Sorry to learn about the screen doors, but they’ll get fixed and will look great on the porch. Our trees have gorgeous color now and we are enjoying our backroad drives to see them all….just LOVE fall! Hugs!

    • Thanks, Bobbi! I saw some really pretty color coming north on I-75. The further north I went, the more colorful it became. That’s so wonderful that you are getting out and enjoying it…love that! It’s those simple pleasures that are the best sometimes!

  20. Thanks so much for hosting each week!! It is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  21. Love the fuzzy pumpkins and the cozy throw! And yes, you have definitely been busy. The doors are gorgeous and can’t wait to see them up! So pretty.
    Thanks as always for hosting!

  22. Cyndi Raines says

    Boy, girl your burning quite the path back and forth from Georgia to Ohio! Hehe. Glad you’re back up north and I know family is too! Doesn’t it feel great to check off long awaited projects that are now done. That’s how it was for us this past summer, redoing 2 large flower beds, restaining both decks, repairing and painting the fencing and archway between the garage and house and painting the south garden fences. We still have two sections that are waiting to be replaced with the new sections already painted and waiting to be installed, however by August we had to take a break. My goal is by the end of October to get it done. Then we can stay busy with all the fall clean up, lol. Always something to be done, but I guess we can be thankful we are healthy enough to be able to do it. Will you be planning a Halloween stay at home night for the grands? I think most of the trick or treating events are cancelled due to Covid, but wondered if you and Nancy will be doing something creative for the boys? If so, what will your costume be?

    • lol I know, I just keep hoping my old car doesn’t break down coming or going one day! So far, it’s hanging in there!
      Wow, you’ve gotten a ton done this summer! That’s impressive! Houses and gardens are just continuous maintenance, aren’t they?! One good thing about winter is it does tend to force us to take a break and just enjoy our homes for a bit. lol
      I won’t be here (in Ohio) for Halloween this year, but I think they plan to Trick or Treat here in the neighborhood. Back home, I’ve seen emails suggesting several options including placing a table on the driveway with candy. I guess that’s to limit contact as much as possible. Someone else suggested that those who wish to participate just leave their porch light on. So I’m not sure if my neighborhood has come to a final agreement. I may leave my porch light on with candy out on the porch in bags. That may make parents feel a bit safer. Personally, I’m not worried for myself.
      I think my grandsons are going to be a vampire and werewolf. My son/dil have a Halloween costume party they are attending this weekend, it’s one they go to every year. I know they have something “interesting” planned for their costumes but they’ve been keeping it a secret. I can’t wait to see what they do because it’s always something awesome every year. I’ll try to get a picture to share. 🙂

  23. I can’t wait to see your retro fridge!

  24. Your home will be all set for the holidays! I love the three wreaths on the door…so different. Also, I am so sorry for the damage to your screen doors…you were so looking forward to them. Regarding the Baldwin Brass window locks…sad that they are no longer made in the USA. I think there might still be a plant in PA, but maybe not making the locks. But…it made me smile to see the name Baldwin Brass. Before retiring, I was a Middle School Librarian. I worked with the 6th grade on a huge project called Children of the Holocaust. It was a sad and fascinating time to see my students learn of this horrible era. The best part of the unit was having a Holocaust survivor come to speak to our students. Severin Fayerman – the founder of Baldwin Brass – was that survivor. In his 90’s, he was full of energy and wit and would speak to the children and answer their questions. The story of his survival and his family business is told in his book “A Survivor’s Story, 171952. That was the number of his tattoo…he would let the children touch it to ensure “that would never happen again”. The reason I tell you this is that in his speech he would mention being so proud that Baldwin Brass was used in the White House and in the homes of many former presidents. How special that you get to enjoy it in your home…no matter where it was made. He passed away a few years ago…some of our students attended the memorial and made an honor guard for him. So….your mention of Baldwin Brass brought a smile to my face…his story lives on.

    • Thanks, Ann! I think that’s the factory we toured back in the early 80s when my husband was attending the Judge Advocate General’s School in Charlottesville, VA. I remember we toured a Baldwin Brass Outlet Factory and I bought my first piece of Baldwin Brass there: a very small door knocker.

      So wonderful that you got to meet the founder, I would love to have met him! What an amazing story he must have shared! You have to truly admire anyone who survived what he did and went on to found such a great company. I still love brass and decorate with it throughout my home. It’s beautiful at any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. You can see a few of the pieces I’ve collected over the years in this previous post:
      I’m not sure if I shared any of my Baldwin Brass pieces in that previous post (I have both Baldwin Brass and Virginia Metalcrafters) but I have a pretty BB wall sconce in my living room and several BB candlesticks. The doorknocker on my front door is Baldwin Brass, as well.
      Thanks for sharing that history about the founder of Baldwin Brass, I’ll treasure the pieces I own even that much more knowing the story behind the company.

  25. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    So many people have been complaining about the way their larger packages are arriving. People just don’t take pride in their work anymore, including some of the postal people. It’s a shame, but a sign of the times we are living in. People want money, but don’t want to have to work for it. My postal carrier won’t even bring my packages up to the porch half the time, she will just throw them out in the driveway. It’s crazy. Glad the door was ok and only had some minor scuffs on it. Just a shame it has to be this way. You have been having a lot done and doing a lot yourself! Can’t wait to see the doors in and I’m sure you feel so much better now that you replaced the locks on the windows. Can’t believe you are back in Ohio. lol You don’t let any grass grow under your feet Susan! Yes, having children distant learning and parents working from home is a challenge. They are lucky to have you to help them Susan! Please stay healthy this time and don’t have a relapse with the pneumonia because you have had it now so chances are greater that you can get it again. So stay healthy!!!! Hugs, Brenda

    • Oh, wow! I would be so ticked if my postal person did that. Years ago, I did have them leave a package perched on the top of my arched mailbox where I found it teetering back and forth in the wind when I got home. It’s a miracle it didn’t fall off into the road and get run over. I know, I hadn’t planned to come back quite so soon. lol
      I was thinking about that, seems like people I’ve known who have had pneumonia seemed to be prone to getting it with colds and such. I hope I don’t start having that issue since it’s never happened before. I think the biggest thing is to not let it get too far gone. The doctor told me I only had it in the lower part of my right lung, so it hadn’t progressed to both. Maybe that’s why I was able to recover as quickly as I did.
      I will and you stay healthy, too! We are just entering into flu season, maybe it will be milder this year since everyone is staying in more right now.

  26. Susan, your energy level amazes me! My 81-yr-old mom is the same way! My husband just retired & we have been working ourselves ragged to het our large Chicagoland home ready to sell to downsize. My mom has said more than once, she wishes she could come & help me clean, so I wouldn’t get so tired! I’ve told her that I’d like to have 1/2 her energy & Id take some of yours,too!
    My door knocker was my first Baldwin brass, also. I received some lovely candlesticks for our 1980 wedding & when we moved to our center entry colonial 25 yrs ago, we splurged on Baldwin brass handles & lock sets on all of the exterior doors, as well as handles on all interior doors. If a buyer doesn’t like the brass, I suppose they’ll replace them with a current trend, but they are still as gorgeous against my red front door & white interior doors as the day we had them installed! I’m off to sand & paint my laundry cabinets.

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