For Sinus Sufferers: I Finally Found Something That Works

Welcome to the 758th Metamorphosis Monday! I hope you had an awesome weekend!

For this week’s Met Monday, I wanted to share a recent discovery I made that has really helped so much with my never-ending sinus issues. I’ve had sinus problems for many years, so long I can’t even remember when they first started. If I catch a cold, I’m guaranteed a sinus infection will follow, but even when I don’t have a cold, my sinuses are always blocking up on one side or the other. It seems to especially happen when I lay down at night to go to sleep. I’ve tried various things over the years to help with this issue and to try to avoid getting sinus infections, but nothing seems to work consistently. I even tried the infamous Neti pot. I only tried it once because it gave me an excruciating headache that lasted for several minutes. I was too terrified to ever use one again after that awful experience.

Thankfully, right now, I do not have a sinus infection and I’ve been hoping to find a way to avoid getting another one. A few weeks ago I started wondering if anyone had invented a steamer for sinuses. After doing a quick search online, I discovered that there is such a thing! I ordered this one below since it had such great reviews. I’m happy to say, it has helped tremendously. I try to remember to use it at least once a day since I’ve seen such a big improvement. I also find it a pleasant experience to use–it kinda feels like I’m getting a nice, steamy facial. It only takes a few minutes to use and I normally do it while watching a video online. I’ve been using distilled water with it since I know that’s always better for machines like humidifiers. It uses so little water to create steam–only a few tablespoons, so the gallon jug of distilled water I’m using will last a very long time.

Sinus Steam Inhaler, Affordable and Works Great


I’ve been keeping it on my desk in my office so I don’t forget to use it at least once a day. I normally use it right before bedtime since that’s the time my sinuses seem to usually block up. Right now, I’m not having any issues, which is wonderful! I’m hoping if I get a cold this winter, this little steamer will keep it from turning into a full-blown sinus infection. Just had to share how much I’m enjoying this little sinus steamer/inhaler since it has helped so much! I purchased my steamer here: Sinus Steam Inhaler.

Sinus Steam Inhaler, Affordable and Works Great


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  1. Susan, thanks so much for the info on the sinus steam inhaler. I am definitely going to give it a try. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Do you use the medicated pads with your steamer?

  3. Oh I hope this will really help! Thanks for the party and the info on this inhaler~

  4. Kimberly Absher says

    What a great find! I also have sinus issues so this seems like a wonderful relief.
    Yes, ALWAYS use distilled water. People have died from using tap water with neti pots and the like. Better to be safe!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. So glad that worked for you! I hope it continues to keep you healthy and comfortable! 🙂 Thanks so much as always, for hosting!

  6. That is so smart to start using it before you really need it. I hope it works for you especially for the after-cold infection. Remember to take it with you when visiting Ohio. Kids, germs. You know.

  7. When our daughter was diagnosed with allergenic sinusitis we purchased a similar (same brand) steamer. (and removed all carpeting in our home). She is almost 40 now…and still suffers with sinus allergies. She has a prescription spray she uses daily….and recently purchased a new nasal steamer. They are great as well…when colds strike!

  8. I was quite curious about this as, like you, I’ve had sinus issues for longer than I can remember. I’ve just stopped asking a doctor for antibiotics because they don’t seem to do anything and I just take regular drugstore sinus meds or cold and sinus. I also found that neti pots just drove congestion into my ear canal and made things far worse. I will look into this steamer and see if it’s offered in Canada. – Jenn

  9. I feel your pain Susan. Definitely looking into this. I found if I take an allergy pill every day vs when things get worse it helped. This year was better until recently. I have asthma too and figured out one side of my nose collapses at night. Hopefully, this works well for you. I can’t find Zephyrhills distilled water anywhere because I drink it and it’s good for my cats. It’s a better tasting distilled water.
    Please follow up on this one.

  10. Hi Susan,
    I have sinus issues at times too, and last winter I kept having headaches with a cold, so hubby went and bought me a vaporizer (as thats what they used for him as a kid when he had asthma) anyway, it worked great, and we would run it all night, and we both felt like we could breathe better. Your’s is a lil more compact which is nice and you can put it right near your face too. Glad you found something that works cause those sinus symptoms are no fun.
    Take care, Nellie

  11. Susan, I also have had sinus issues for years and am interested in your post. I have a question on how you clean it as some humidifiers and air purifiers are difficult to keep clean. Thanks, you always do a great job on researching items we need!

    • The top part unscrews from the lower half and you’ll see the heating element in there. If you’re using distilled water, I think the element will stay clean without any mineral buildup. I don’t see any on mine so far. So there really isn’t anything much to clean. The area that holds the water around the heating element is very small…only holds a small amount of water to produce the steam, so I haven’t had to clean mine at all. Definitely use distilled water though because you don’t want mineral build up on the heating element which would be hard to get off.

  12. Karen Lovell says

    I had no idea Vicks makes a steam inhaler. I noticed that it has some “steam” pads that can be used with it. I suggest getting one set of pads and then do your own, which will really then be 100% genuine essential oils and not chemicals. (A good oil – strong but really works – is Eucalyptus Radiata oil. I buy mine from Plant Prana Oils). Sounds like i might be a good product. However, if this is something lingering, you may need a blood test for a mold/fungal infection which may be systemic but flaring with certain weather.

  13. This looks like a great product. Glad you found it! Hope it helps this winter. Thanks so much for having us over.

  14. Oh thank you Susan, I will be getting one of these then maybe I won’t have to wear the nose strips so much! Yep, nighttime is when I get stuff, once I lay down to go to sleep. Flipping all night long to drain, not fun. Glad this is working for you. I will definitely be trying it myself! Could have used it when I was sick a few weeks ago. LOL Hugs, Brenda

  15. Biodynamic Barb says

    Have you read the book, BREATH, by James Nestor? It might cure you!

  16. This looks great. I have issues during the summer…allergies. I will second the suggestion to try essential oils. You can search “essential oils to help sinus conditions” etc. I have used essential oils for many things for 50 years. Plus they make the house smell wonderful. You could also use them in a vaporizer made for oils and benefit all day. Glad you are finding some relief.

  17. please take a blood test to see what foods you are allergic to, dairy makes my nose close , I have a medium allergy dairy , but high allergic to yeast and if I eat some I will do a lot of coughing from flem

    • I have had all of that done twice, where they prick you with hundreds of needles on your back and it showed nothing both times. I think it’s probably preservatives or the additives that are added to food because I noticed most of the blockages occur often right after I’ve eaten.

    • I think dairy and cheese may be a trigger for me too. Bread may also be because this morning I had an egg that I fixed on a biscuit and my nose blocked up but it was short-lived thank goodness. So it could be eggs or bread. It seems like everything I want to eat causes some kind of issue.

  18. Susan,
    I hope you feel better soon….
    Thanks again for hosting this wonderful party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! I hope you have a great week!

  19. Just like you, there is no such thing as a simple cold for me. My sinuses always end up getting infected whenever I’m sick with anything. I’m guessing your neti pot hurt because the water didn’t have any or not enough saline powder mixed in it. Hurts like hell if there’s no salt or saline in it. My newest ENT is great. Although she’s a fan of irrigation, she doesn’t feel neti pots have enough force to push everything out. She prefers using something stronger like a rinse syringe or a squeeze tube (resembles a turkey baster.) Oral Antibiotics stopped working for me so whenever I get sick now she prescribes an antibiotic saline wash for me. I administer with the syringe. Works wonderfully.

  20. Susan I always look forward to your Monday morning posts so much. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I too suffered from chronic sinusitis for many years. I took sinus medications daily. About four years ago I eliminated all added sugar and flour from my diet. I started reading all labels on foods. If it had added sugar or flour or starch, I no longer bought it. Now, I no longer eat processed foods. My diet consists of whole grains, lean beef, fish, chicken and pork, lots of vegetables, fruits, some dairy such as greek yogurt and cottage cheese, eggs, and very limited oils for cooking or salads. I no longer take sinus meds. I do have seasonal allergies such as pollen and cottonwood and take allergy meds. My health has dramatically improved and impressed my doctors, as well as I lost weight. It was worth it, giving up sugar and flour.

  21. Sandra D, Jol says

    Well, I’ll pop one in my cart. Lifelong sufferer here. I remember putting my face over a pan of boiled water with a towel on my head. I’ve used humidifiers and I use the Neti bottle for deep cleansing. I’ve had a surgery to open both sinus openings and it helped tremendously with infections but the left nostril still has issues but not as often. I’m asthmatic, have a deviated septum and the insurance paid for me to get a nebulizer. Everything seems to be a pain to use/clean. You Tube has a lot of solutions (using food grade 3% alcohol if I remember correctly )you can put in a nebulizer but I’m trying this gadget first. I have hard water so I’ll definitely use distilled water. Thanks

  22. Cindy Handy says

    How do I get accepted to post on your linky party, without having to be accepted each time?

    • Cindy, as long as you are adding a link in your blog post back to party, it should let you join the blog party. I do ask everyone who joins the party to add a link in their blog post back to the party here at BNOTP. That way, all the blogs participating will get lots of visits, including readers from the other blogs that have joined. I have directions at the end of my post sharing how to get the link that you’ll want to include somewhere in your post, so you’ll readers will know how to find the blog party to find the other participants. Hope this helps explain.

  23. Yep…sinus infections are no fun, and like you – always blocked at bed time on one side or the other. Have been thinking about one of these and now with your review I am going to get one. Thanks !

  24. My daughter had the same thing happen to her the first time she used the Epi Pot. She threw it away vowing never again. The problem was that she had a real, honest -to-goodness sinus infection and the salt really hurt. I did that too, and then learned to start off with warm , plain water. Use this once or twice and if still needed use the salt. Sorry, you had such a terrible experience.

  25. Have you seen an ENT to find out if you have a deviated septum?

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