Popcorn Party & Game Night with Trivial Pursuit

Welcome to the 26th Tablescape Thursday!

It’s game night, grab a Coke and come join in. In pursuit of some fun, I’m hoping you won’t think it too trivial if I share this little tablescape, and a little tale of a night I’ll never forget.

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


Many, many years ago, when my DH was a Captain in the U.S. Army, Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG Corps), we were invited to dinner at the home of one of my DH’s superiors, a Colonel, who was also an Officer in the JAG Corps. After dinner, the Colonel and his wife eagerly suggested a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


They suggested we team up…”them” against “us.” Though I knew my DH was one smart cookie, so was the Colonel and his wife. He was an Attorney, like my DH, and she had her PhD in Psychology. Plus, they were both licensed pilots…we were just a little bit intimidated.

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


You could sense their excitement…they made a point to tell us they had NEVER, EVER lost a game of Trivial Pursuit. Well, up until that night, neither had my husband. I, on the other hand, have a memory like a sieve!

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


I knew I was probably going to be next to useless in answering questions throughout the game. However, I had complete confidence in my DH. I had often accused him of being a “walking set of encyclopedias.” This was before the days of Google or I would have accused him of being a “walking Google!”

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


The game commenced and we were holding our own, thanks to my DH. Each couple was allowed to confer with their partner when their turn came up. As I had anticipated, I was of little help to my DH throughout the game.

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


We had been playing for what seemed like FOREVER! The Colonel and his wife were getting edgy because we were tied, neck and neck.

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


We had each been in the center once. And now, as the dice was rolled by my DH, we were in the center again, needing just one last pie slice to win the game. With raised eyebrow, the Colonel read the question…you could have cut the tension with a knife!

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


I don’t remember the exact wording of that final question…but it basically went like this: What substance, sometimes used as a sweetener, can also be used as an antiseptic for a cut or wound?

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


FINALLY, I KNEW ONE! I eagerly leaned over and whispered into my DH’s ear…it’s “honey”…the answer is “honey.” He looked at me like I was nuts and asked, “Are you sure?” “YES, yes,” I whispered. “The answer is honey!”

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


My DH didn’t know what to think; he slowly and somewhat reluctantly turned to the Colonel and his wife and asked, more than stated, “honey?”

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


I will never forget the look on their faces. It was all we could do to keep from jumping onto their table and doing a little jig right there! As my Father-in-Law was often known to say, “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then.” That would pretty much describe my talents at Trivial Pursuit.

Trivial Pursuit Game Night Party


Hope you enjoyed this tale of Trivial Pursuit. Please take time to visit each of the tablescape links posted above. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful tablescapes on this Tablescape Thursday!

Several folks have asked about the Trivial Pursuit paper plates and napkins used in this little tablescape.  So sorry, I’m not sure now where I purchased those because they were bought so many years ago.

Friday is the first Foodie Friday and I’m joining in with my Tablescape Thursday post. Ok, I know I’m just serving up good ole Coca-Colas and Popcorn…but I can’t miss out on the first ever Foodie Friday, hosted by Michael at Designs by Gollum. To view some wonderful foods that weren’t popped in a microwave or poured from a bottle  just click HERE.

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  1. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    This is great Susan! Perhaps this would work for Gollum’s event too!

  2. Hi Susan…Hey..I’m the first to post…I hope I did it right. Your table is so very cute…love the Coke bottles..gee, I wonder why?? Thanks for hosting this event, I had a ton of fun with my table…Sue.

  3. What a great story and Trivial Scape Susan. I like it!!

  4. prof en retraite says

    What a funny story, Susan! I loved your popcorn containers! And the Coke in a bottle really looked good…I could almost taste it! I see Mr. Max had to join in, too. They are so curious, aren’t they? As soon as I start a tablescape, Baby Kitty comes to see what’s going on! Have a great evening…Debbie

  5. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Susan,what a fun post..I loved the story..and naturally you know I “love” the popcorn waiting for me to reach right in and take a handful.. lol. Maxx sure looks quite content, waiting oh so patiently for a bite..Thanks for hosting another great Tablescape Thursday!
    hugs ~lynne~

  6. Kathleen Ellis says

    That is funny! It’s always interesting playing games with highly competitive people, isn’t it?!
    Great tablescape, too! Your kitty looks pretty interested in those game pieces…or is it the popcorn?! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for hosting this fun event, Susan!
    Have a fabulous rest of the week!

  7. Janie's World says

    I love your story! I am also completely useless at this game. Good idea for a fun game night.

  8. What a great story! Congrtulations on your win! And your cute tablescape! I love it.

  9. I loved this story. I remember those days of Trivial Pursuit quite well. lol
    Your tablescape is so pretty it should be in a magazine!
    Bring your popcorn to Foodie Friday.

  10. LaurenFaythe says

    What a fun setting! Makes me want to go make some popcorn!

    Thanks for hosting!

  11. Susan,
    That is such a great story! I sure love your inviting game table setting and your darling cat! Cindy

  12. carolinajewel says

    Great table and great story! I love Trivial Pursuit. I was on my high school’s High IQ Bowl team as the specialist in Social Studies and Trivia long ago. πŸ˜€ Jewel

  13. What a great tablescape and the story was great. Love Trivial Pursuit and you can partner up with me anytime. I happen to know that you are brilliant and could win a game all on your own. This “partyscape” just makes me happy and that popcorn plain makes me hungry!
    Happy Thursday!

  14. Hi Susan! Love the fun table and the story!! You’re the best! I know so much stuff that is completely of no use to anyone! lol
    I see little sweetie pie peeking in there wanting some popcorn!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ™‚

  15. Linda/ "Mom..."/ aka "MOAGS" says

    * Delightful story, Susan! (And I suspect they did NOT tell the "outcome" of THIS particular evening to many people!!!) ~~~ It's MORE than embarrassing to even THINK of all I have "forgotten" over the years (or just plain ol' "still don't KNOW!), but ODDLY ENOUGH, I CAN STILL REMEMBER the very first COLONEL'S QUARTERS that WE visited, too… and I mean every last inch of that house at Ft. Benning, Georgia! It was sooooo beautiful to this then-young Army Lieutenant's wife, & those "big mansions" on their tree-lined streets were certainly "worlds away" from US at THAT point! And, EVERYTHING seemed "SOOOO B-I-G!!!"~~~ Fast forward 100 years: Visited friends (stationed @ Benning & living in one of those houses) mannny years later, when both our DH's were then Colonels, and OMG, I HAD remembered the entire floor plan EXACTLY, but Susan, all of the sudden it wasn't THAT big… it was a "nice, charming ol' house"! (Ahhhhh, time does "mysterious things" to the brain, huh?) Thanks, this was a fun read AND a fun trip down memory lane of days at Ft. Benning! Appreciate it, SS!!! Love, Linda

  16. Congrats on the win! And what a fun game and tablescape. I love playing games and my favorite is Guesstures. If you have not played it, you should!…Christine

  17. That was funny. I like your game night table! Going off to see some more!

  18. Susan, That's an awesome story & a great tablescape! Thanks for sharing it. I was sitting on the edge of my seat & holding my breath while reading your story. Good one! β™₯ Diane

  19. I joined the fun via Sue. Thanks for hosting!

  20. Thank you for the fun story! I love your tablescape this week!

  21. Great story, didn’t it make you feel just great to have the final winning answer. The popcorn, coke bottles and tray are all so cute and really do remind me of game night. Hugs, marty

  22. ~CC Catherine says

    “honey”…uh, uh…sorry, couldn’t resist Susan! This is the cutest story…and I felt like I was there with you while you were telling it! lol Your tablescape fits right in with Trivial Pursuit too! Very cute! ~CC Catherine πŸ˜‰

  23. You are truly amazing! I am completely engulfed by your blog! FABULOUS!!! Just fabulous!

  24. I “wuv” Trivial Pursuit and your tablescape is spot on. Love it!

  25. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Love the story and the popcorn looks so good right now. πŸ™‚


    Hi back at you Carol!
    Thanks for the kind words of support today. It has been a rough few weeks but I now have breathing room to do the things I love like blogging and checking in with friends.
    That is the cutest story. I guess you had the last laugh on that one.
    Lisa & Alfie

  27. Love your story.. my TP story is similar with a Chief Petty Officer and his wife…. my question… “who is last country to march into olympics”.. answer.. Zimbabwee (sic?).. don’t know where I pulled that answer from but the shock was well… unspeakable! Loved your telling of the story… and your great, fun tablescape to boot! I always love you posts. hugs. Dixie

  28. Susan what a great story! Congratulations on your win! I love your tablescape it is so much fun and I love playing Trivial Pursuit too… But sadly not too many people that I know like to play… Where did you ever get the plates & napkins with the game on them… I really thought that was a great idea.

  29. Barb @ GritsandGlamour says

    Susan – I loved that feeling. I remember well those events at superior officer’s homes. eek! Loved your story. I too am useless at TP. Oh well! Loved your coffee table set-up…your kitty cracked me up. Hugs, Barb

  30. Lady Katherine says

    Oh, what fun! We use to play games all the time, with snacks or dinner. Those were fun days! I sure they were for you.

  31. Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com says

    Susan that is a great story! Don’t you love moments like that? Hahaha. What a great post, and great pictures. It feels fun and looks great. Thank you again. Susan even though I don’t post every time, I love your blog and visit often. You are very inspiring and a joy to visit and ready about your life and interests!

  32. Really Rainey says

    Thanks again for another wonderful time at Tablescape Thursday!

    Your game night is SO much fun!

    I am hoping to visit everyone’s posts in the morning… But my daughter is having contractions tonight… could be false labor… but labor is labor! She keeps calling ME! Hehehehe… daughters… Bless them.

    I’ll keep you posted…

    Thanks again!


  33. Susan,

    Well, i’m on your list. not sure how i did what though.

    I did my T in 2 posts, so listed them both. Hope i did not make a mess of it all after i worked so hard.

    Will try to do better next time.

    Blessings, and sure some beautiful tables out there.

    Barbara Jean

  34. Great photos, Susan! And I love the story behind it. I have yet to own a Trivial Pursuit game.

    Good morning!


  35. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    What a fun story, and how cleverly you tied it into your tablescape. I could feel the tension and excitement of the game. (You won't believe this, my tablescape has popcorn and popcorn containers in it today, but not nearly as cute as yours & I sure don't have a fun story to share with my tablescape). laurie

  36. Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn says

    Very cute stuff! I love the pink tablescape also..actually long for a set of four…!!!!

  37. Love this “Trivia Scape” What a fun idea for game night. So glad that Max could join, such a handsome addition to the table lol. Love your story, DH and I are the reigning trivia pursuit champs around here! Kathy

  38. Mom in High Heels says

    That is an awesome story! Dh would probably never play games with his commander in a social situation. He’d be too afraid of winning. Now work events are a whole different story!
    I love your table scape. It is so cute. I want to come over and play board games!
    I did my first table scape (based on one you recently did!) for a dinner party we held on V-day!

  39. What fun! Loved the story, just goes to prove women know alot about alot of things!

  40. Terri and Bob says

    Darling tablescape but FABULOUS story! I was on the edge of my seat!

    I didn’t know that about honey… I learned something new!

    Are those paper plates and whereever did you find them??

  41. What a fun tablescape!

  42. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says

    What a great story! And your table looked so fun! I haven’t played Trivial Pursuit in years–maybe because I was never very good at it. πŸ™‚

    This is the first time I’ve had a chance to participate in Tablescape Thursday. Thanks for hosting!

  43. Mornin’ Susan and Happy Tablescape Thursday…

    What a darling table…it’s perfect for some Trivial Pursuit fun!!! But I must tell you, as much as I enjoyed seeing your darling tablescape…I loved reading your story even more!!! Girl, I was “rootin'” for you and your husband all the way through…hehe!!! You just gotta love life when it offers these little sweet victories!!!

    Have a wonderful Thursday, my friend!
    Love ya,

  44. Raggedy Girl says

    Darling photos and a great story.

    Roberta Anne

  45. Donna@designson47thstreet says

    Susan, what a great story! I’m sure that will truly stick with you for the rest of your life. I loved the ending! I remember in my young days being intimidated with Colonels and their wives. LOL!

    What an attractive tablescape you placed before our eyes. I could just snatch your sweet kitty up and love it to pieces.

    Thanks for starting this tablescape theme. I truly look forward to Thursdays because of you! πŸ™‚


  46. Walking Google. A perfect description. I would never even think of trying to play Trivial Pursuit against Jr. or III. That’s a game guaranteed to end in a loss!

  47. Cami @ Creating Myself says

    Oh susan, what a fun, clever post! Your tablescape was soo cute …love the detail of the half- finished coke!

  48. Miss Janice says

    Love it all…we use to have so much fun playing trivial pursuit! Love the popcorn, coke, and everything is so cute!

  49. Wonderful tablescape today and an even more wonderful story …. I need to pull out our Trivial Pursuit game .. and our Scrabble game .. and our Pictionary game ..

  50. Cute story — and I love the game theme. I have some old Coca Cola stuff, and you, as usual, have given me an idea!


  51. Cute Susan, looks like an evening of fun. I like the Walking Google name best ! lol
    Fun with the kitty( does he meow out the answers though) in there and the plates that match.

  52. What a great story! I usually win all the Trivial Pursuit around here, but that is against my college kids, so it’s not much to brag about. Love the fun theme of your table!

  53. Susan, What a fun story! I love that you were able to provide the final answer. It sounds like you and your husband are a great team! Of course I enjoyed your fun tablescape today too. πŸ™‚ Pam

  54. Love the story and can empathize with being a JR Officer in the presence of the SR officer! My DH served 30 yrs in the CG and understand both ends of the spectrum! Fun times…great post!

  55. Happy To Be says

    Just a great story Susan alway good to know more about you..love what you did this week..now girl this is my kind of a table paper plates..ha ha!!! hugs and smiles Glβ™₯ria

  56. Hi Susan, I love your story and the tablescape,too fun.I am horrible at games my mind is always in blank mode.I have two in my family that are very competitive and we try to keep them on the same team so they don’t argue with eachother.It is so funny.Kathysue

  57. Melissa Miller says

    Very cute story and it came out really pretty too!

    Max looks like he got in on the fun! πŸ™‚

  58. I like your crystal votive holder. Makes such a pretty glow. That vintage coke tray is very striking also. Goes really well with the glass coke bottles, which I don’t see too often.

    I don’t think I’ve played Trivial Pursuit since my friend went back home to Germany to live. She and her DH and me and my DH used to team against each other also.

    I remember those snack plates when the game was “the” rage. Everybody seemed to be playing, every chance they got. Somewhere in a closet I have the game plus I think the Baby Boomer expansion cards. It’s packed so far back, I can’t tell for sure, but I almost (CRS) remember buying both. I “know” I have the original version.

    Careful Joy, or you’ll give Jr. and the III the big head. They both are extremely smart though.

  59. What a nice blog you have; I just chanced upon it. Love your ideas and designs.

  60. Styling by Coty Farquhar says

    Hi Susan,

    I hope I’m not too late, it’s been a very busy week. But there is always time to set the table.

    Your story is such fun, well done with the question, I can just imagine how you felt.

    Have a wonderful week.


  61. Ahhhhhh…what a great story! I was so hoping that you were going to say that y’all beat ’em! LOL!
    Cute tablescape!! (And I’m going to have to remember that about honey too! :-)) L~

  62. How fun! You are so so gifted when it comes to tablescapes. I SO enjoy them.

  63. Very cute table!

    I used to love TP, but some people were intimidated by it….so then it couldn’t have been fun for them…

  64. Next time you visit me, click on the little badge (blogging without obligation) and it will explain. It’s just a reminder to not feel guilty if we don’t blog everyday.
    I’ve been working night and day on my book, and I feel so guilty if I don’t blog.

  65. I’m not a board game person, but that table looks sooo cute and inviting that even I want to play! And good for you knowing the answer to that questions! πŸ™‚

  66. Atta girl Susan! See there, you are a winner! This was a totally fun post! πŸ˜‰ Bo

  67. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Susan, what a great story! LOL! I love having my husband as a partner in games like that, and we are killer in Pictionary. We read each other like books. I hope so. We’ve been married over half of our lives.

    Love your cute popcorn containers and your photos for this post. They’re neat.

    Happy Foodie Friday!


    Sheila πŸ™‚

  68. Fifi Flowers says

    FUN game night at your house!

  69. You can never go wrong with popcorn and coke(make mine diet)…once in a while we have that for dinner! We have a family tradition of Trivial Pursuit on New Year’s. Love it…..Linda

  70. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says

    Oh Susan How Funny! I wonder if Colonel and his wife are reading your post!!!


  71. Kim Chalfant says

    Great story. I haven't played Trivial Pursuit in about 20 years. It was a fun game. Love your table. Makes me want to pop some popcorn & drink a Coke, but it would probably be a Pepsi. I like it better. lol.

  72. LOL- I was on the edge of my seat reading this! Congrats on the win! It inspired a fun tablescape. You know what I find funny? When my hubby was a Capt. we looked at the Col.& their wives as much older. We are now THAT old, and wondering since time passed so quickly, if those Col's are even alive! LOL!
    (and will we drop dead soon!)

  73. Uh oh, Coke vs. Pepsi war!!! πŸ™‚

    Me too, I love that trivial pursuit picnicware!!!

  74. This is such a cute and fun post, dear one…the table is precious and the story great..
    Good job, Susan.
    xo bj

  75. Popcorn, why didn’t I think of that? Lol

    Great choice and I love your whole setup for it!


  76. A Hint of Home says

    What an adorable tablescape. It sounds like you all had a blast. I love that game but lately we have been playing scrabble. Wish you could remember where those plates came from. Too Cute!

  77. I love it! How fun!

  78. What a great story! I remember the days of Trivial Pursuit also and was always very nervous about answering too! We had good friends who loved to play cause HE had a photographic memory, never forgot a THING he ever read! It was quite intimidating to say the least. I love your plates and popocorn holders! Theis Foodie Fri. is gonna be FUN!!!! Love, Pinky

  79. Mari at Once Upon a Plate says

    What a bright, fun tablescape! And it works for Foodie Friday, too. πŸ™‚

    Happy Weekend!

  80. Elizabeth (blue clear sky) says

    What a great story, Susan! Your tablescape is so fun and creative. I keep going back to see it again. It reminds me of how much fun games nights can be, and what great motivation to spend time with friends and family. In these tougher economic times we can all get ideas for hosting ‘game nights’, whether board games or Wii, and put together some tablescape or food themes to go with them. You were really ‘thinking outside of the box’. πŸ™‚

  81. Too funny ~ Congratulations on the winning answer! πŸ˜‰ The table looks perfect ~ popcorn is a must for game nights in our home.


  82. SO Cute! And I am so glad you won! Hey for honey. I have missed visiting. One more week & I'll be back in the swing of things.

  83. What a great story Susan. We love games at our house–this is a wonderful idea! Thanks, Paula

  84. That was one sweet story and an even sweeter answer!!! Go Susan!!

  85. I would love to know where you got the ceramic popcorn buckets!!

  86. LdyDy Loves Cake says

    LOL! What a crack up! I totally enjoyed reading about your Trivial Persuit adventure! Loved the tablescape! Just perfect for your little “game” event! Hey, and I learned something new about honey too! Have a great weekend!

  87. Insanity Kim says


    love love love love!

    happy dance!

    will so be back!

  88. Tommie Jo~TJs Sweet Home says

    Games are so much fun to play! I don’t have a houseful of game players unfortunately :(~sounds like you had a great time!

  89. Morning, Susan! Oh, you’ve changed your header and it’s so beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  90. Lady Katherine says

    Thank you for your sweet words on my Two Heart post. You almost made me cry! You have to know my hubby, he does not tell his emotions, he’s not the flower giver, only once, for we owned a florist, he would pick me a rose, a few times in 31 years,no candy or poetry, or little words of love. So this was a Huge thing for me, to have him say such the sweetest lovely words. Ok now we can both cry. lol

  91. New to your blog and I love it thanks for sharing.

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