GE Slate Appliances Showcase the Beauty & Not the Fingerprints

Stainless steel appliances have been a really popular choice for kitchens over the last few years. It’s a great option for some kitchens, but it wasn’t quite the look I had in mind when I completed my modest kitchen renovation a few years back.


Since there were not a lot of other choices besides stainless steel back then, I went with a white finish for all my appliances. White has worked fine for my kitchen, but recently I learned of another alternative that I find very intriguing.

If you like the look of stainless appliances but haven’t been thrilled with their tendency to show fingerprints, you need to check out the slate appliances available now through GE!

I’ve always had excellent luck with GE appliances. On December 13th, 1979, fresh out of college I purchased my very first washing machine for my post-college apartment. It was a GE washer and 36-1/2 years later, it is still going strong. That’s not a typo, the washing machine I currently use is 36-1/2 years old! It’s the only washing machine I’ve ever owned. So yeah, you might say I’m a GE fan!

One of the things I noticed about GE’s line of slate appliances is how the matte finish will work in any kitchen, even those of us who have painted cabinets and like more of a cottage feel for our kitchens.


And unlike stainless steel appliances, the surface of a slate appliance is magnetic, so it becomes a great place to organize the family schedule or to showcase family photos.


When I was working on my kitchen renovation, one of my must-haves was a range with a double oven. I love to entertain, especially during the summer months and for holidays. Entertaining is much harder to do with only a single oven.


Unfortunately, there were no available walls in my kitchen where two ovens could be installed. I managed to find one of the few slide-in ranges with double ovens being made at that time, and over the years I’ve really enjoyed having two ovens at my disposal.

Once you’ve had double ovens, there’s no turning back! I love having a casserole or rolls going in the top oven while cooking a roast or turkey in the bottom oven. I was excited to discover that GE makes a slide-in range with two ovens and it’s also available in their effortless, slate finish, too.


The next time I need to replace my range, I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with a gas range. GE offers a gas option for their double oven range, as well.

I really like how the slate finish has a soft, matte appearance. I especially like how well it hides fingerprints and smudges.

Another advantage of the slate finish is since it’s a neutral in the kitchen and a has a similar appearance to stone, it looks great with all the latest and most popular countertop options including engineered stone, quartz, soapstone, marble, wood and even concrete as shown here.


I think the GE slate finish is a a great option for anyone looking for a neutral finish in their kitchen appliances, but without the maintenance issues you run into with stainless steel. It’s an option I will definitely consider the next time I update my kitchen.

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  1. Excellent post, Susan. I appreciate the information as we are looking at replacing our oven (sadly just room for one) and possibly our refrigerator.

  2. Beth Freeby says

    I enjoy your blog very much! I have a red, white, and blue home so this time of year it is at its best! I’d love to post some photos but I don’t have a blog spot or a website! My formal dining room is done with Blue and White dishes with Colonial Times Dishes. Beth

  3. Until I bought this last Samsung set of appliances in the current kitchen I have always bought GE. Samsung has been a big dissappointment. GE makes a great fridge and range but dishwashers not so much. All the appliance companies are being bought and sold. FYI, I believe GE is now Chinese. Something to think about with new purchases if that is an important consideration. It is for us. The reasons I bought Samsung were a mistake.

    • You are correct, my sister works/worked at the GE Plant in Decatur, AL for over 20 yrs & is finishing a career with an uncertain employer

  4. I just had a total kitchen remodel done and went with all GE slate appliances. I love them!!!! This was my 1st kitchen rodeo remodel, very happy with how it turned out.

  5. I just had a total kitchen remodel with all new GE slate appliances. Iam very happy with all.

  6. Charlotte says

    I’ve seen the new Slate appliances in model homes and they look great! I have GE appliances too, and they all work well! I really like that GE has several lines of appliances to fit a variety of budgets.

  7. I really like that slate color with a matte finish. But, hmmm, you mentioned a few times about updating your kitchen. Methinks something is afoot!

    • Nothing really in mind right now, have to do bath renovations first. I have been thinking doing new cabinet fronts, or having mine freshened up. But, bathrooms need to come first.

  8. I wonder if the slate scratches and dents like stainless. I was sick when my new refrigerator dented when I accidently bumped it with a cookie sheet. I was avoiding GE now that they are Chinese owned too. I guess time will tell about the reliability, nothing like them in the old days.

    • Ouch, that sounds like something that would happen to me, Nancy. I’m not sure if it dents. I couldn’t find anything online about that, just know that it’s reported to be excellent at hiding smudges and fingerprints. If I find anything on that, I’ll let you know.

  9. Cynthia Lambert says

    I like white better. It’s classic and will never go out of style. Stainless works with some kitchens, but not all and shouldn’t be your only choice.

  10. Hi Susan…so cool you still have your 1979 washing machine. We still have a working used set Whirlpool washer and dryer from 1988…bought from a Seattle Seahawk football player (I guess my husband thought it was “special”) when we moved to Seattle. You can’t beat the quality of the macines back in those days…nothing made to last anymore it seems. I will wait to hear your reviews when you replace your appliances though! :))

    • Sharon, that’s such a neat story about buying form a Seattle Seahawk player…love it! I am so amazed this washer keeps going and it’s never repaired, not once. I’m going to cry the day it gives up the ghost because it has a hand-wash basket that I use all the time to wash small loads or delicate items. I love that thing!
      I will definitely let you know if/when I have to replace them.

  11. I had a GE Profile fridge a few years ago. So glad I had the extended warranty from Lowes. They had to come replace the motherboard twice, and altogether worked on the icemaker and other repairs 7 times! Each time the motherboard was replaced it was over a 700 dollar repair! At least it did not cost me though. So I now have a Whirlpool. And another warranty from Home Depot, and they have had to come out 3x for this one! But that was in the first year, and so far so good since then. One of the repair men said he has a plain jane fridge from the seventies that he holds on to, for the reason that all the new ones have so much trouble. He told me not to get ice and water through the door ever again. But the GE did not have it and still broke down so much.

  12. Kathleen says

    My home has this type of finish. It is true that fingerprints can not be seen, however I find I can never be without streaks. I’ve purchased many cleaners including one especially for this finish to no avail. I am a bit of a neat nut and would not purchase this finish again. BTW, I LOVE your kitchen.

  13. love, love, love the turquoise kitchen.

  14. Have You seen the black stainless both LG and Samsung offer this finish.Samsung makes a duo flex oven with two separate convection ovens and a warming drawer I sell appliances The GE slate has been very popular.

  15. I have the GE slate counter depth fridge and double gas oven in the slate finish. They do not show fingerprints . The gas stovetop can be a bit of a challenge to keep spiffy , but when you cook I honestly think they all can be.

  16. Love that backsplash on the green one!

  17. I want the fridge! I’ve even thought of putting on on lay-away somewhere and put it in storage until I can fit it in my future house. LOL

  18. Hi Susan,
    Just got back from the Kingsmill in Williamsburg ; they recently renovated their riverfront condos and townhomes and updated their kitchens with all slate GE appliances. They are crisp and clean and sharp looking. They seems to be made of a very hard plastic or resin type material. I dont think they will dent easily and I saw no streaks. I don’t know that they will have the staying power of the classic beauty of stainless steel that you will always see in fine homes. Time will tell. I analogize it to the low maintenance of vinyl siding versus cedar shakes. It really depends on one’s time for maintenance versus need for a certain aesthetic.

  19. Thank you so much Susan for the heads up on the GE appliances and their slate finish. Next on the agenda is a complete renovation of our kitchen and I was seriously thinking of going with white appliances as now have relatively new black ones and they are the worse to maintain. (Not to mention their quality is horrid. The convection feature sounds like a Boeing 747 on take off and the fridge does not have near the capacity of my old one.) All said; I will scope out the GE products prior to replacing the nightmares that I have … ☺. I so regret that I got rid of my old ones but it was the case that the fridge literally died and though the stove had a stainless steel finish unlike the cheap ones of today it being a Moffatt was difficult to find replacement parts for.

  20. I just update my appliances about 2 months ago and chose the GE slate finish. I love it so far and everything is works great. 🙂 It seems to go with all colors.

  21. I have white appliances and love them. Never want any other color. I think your kitchen is beautiful with your white appliances and white cabinets. The slate is nice but if you use it your kitchen won’t be as pretty in my opinion.

  22. Kelly Corona says

    Hi all! We are updating our kitchen and really like the look (and no fingerprints deal) of the GE slate. I’ve read other places that although they don’t show fingerprints, that they scratch really easily and reveal the normal stainless color underneath. Anyone find this???

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