In The BNOTP Library: Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles

If you have an interest in the architectural history of the homes we see all across America, you’ll love this book. Many of the homes featured in this book are of historical significance and you’ll probably recognize the architects and often the owners of these beautiful homes,

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In the BNOTP Library: Great American Houses And Their Architectural Styles
Author: Virginia & Lee McAlester

Great American Houses by Virginia & Lee McAlester
3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • This book is HUGE! It’s 348 pages long, so definitely a tome! This isn’t a decorating book, but it is filled with lots of pictures, history and information about the homes featured in the book, all of historical significance. If you ever wanted to learn about the architectural home styles throughout America, this would be the book. You will recognize the names of many of the great architects of the homes featured in the book. Great American Houses begins with a history of Colonial Houses and goes right through to the 1940’s.
  • The book is divided into four sections: Colonial Houses, Romantic Houses, Victorian Houses and Eclectic Houses. The homes featured under each section are: Colonial Houses: Iron Works House in MA, Lee House in MA, Russell House in SC, Monticello in VA, Parlange in LA and Spanish Governor’s Palace in TX ~~~Romantic Houses: Melrose in MS, Lyndhurst in NY and Morse-Libby House in ME ~~~Victorian Houses: Chateau-sur-Mer in RI, Mark Twain House in CT, Glenmont in NJ, Naumkeag in MA and Glessner House in IL and ~~~Eclectic Houses: Westbury House in NY, Whitehall in FL, Stan Hywet Hall in OH, Biltmore in NC, Vanderbilt House in NY, Falaise in NY, Vizcaya in FL, Casa del Herrero in CA, Dana-Thomas House in IL, Gamble House in CA and Gropius House in Ma.
  • A lot of the homes featured in the book are open daily to the public for tours. At the end of the book (pages 334-335) you’ll find a list of those homes, along with their addresses. The home featured on the cover of the book is Westbury House and is located in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York. It’s an example of the Colonial Revival Style.

You can read more about this book and preview it at Amazon, where I normally buy my books here: Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles

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  1. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Wow, that cover photo reminds me of one of the grand manor homes right out of England. I’d expect to see the Lord of the Manor in full tweed, walking the hounds and stoking a pipe, lol. Very beautiful.

    Susan, I hate to be a pest, but I can’t find something. Does this sound familiar to you at all? I was here the other day and clicked on something with a picture of a home that had a beautiful ‘hedge’ of blue/lilac hydrangeas. I thought it said something like, Homes of New England Magazine. I bet it was one of those revolving posts from the past that you have down at the bottom of the page. Does it ring a bell? I can’t seem to find it again and my husband asked to see that hedge. We have hydrangeas and I am telling you, they are the easiest, most co-operative and showiest flowers! I just love them. Our oldest bush is not quite 2 years old, it was about 15-18″ when we planted it, and it’s about 6 feet tall now. And we don’t have to do a thing to it! I love them. I hope you know what I mean, but if not, no worries. Thanks. 🙂

  2. crumpety cottage says

    Yes! That’s it in the Amazon link. Thank you! Isn’t that just the most gorgeous picture? I love the colors of the hydrangeas against the white of the house and the green lawn. So pretty. Isn’t it funny that Cindy has similar hydrangeas in her flower bed. And her house is white too! Gorgeous. Thank you so much. I hope I didn’t mess up your thread. After seeing this book, I watched an old English detective show called Campion and thought about that house on the cover. 😀

  3. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    P.S. When we had our landscape architect draw up his plans for our yard, I told him I didn’t like hydrangeas. :/ D’oh!

    • I used to be same way…wasn’t sure I really liked them. But now I love them! Maybe they’re a flower you learn to appreciate later in life. lol

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