Herend, Rothschild Bird…My New Obsession

So, there I was, on yet another historic home tour, minding my own business when Herend’s, Rothschild Bird bit me in the nether regions! It all started out innocently enough.  We (me and two friends) had made the trek to Newnan, Georgia for what The Georgia Trust calls a “Ramble.” And ramble we did…in and out of some of the most beautiful historic homes and buildings you’ve ever seen, not to mention a fabulous garden here and there.

And then it happened, the start of a new obsession. We were in the dining room of a lovely, very old and very beautiful home when I spotted this exquisite china in a corner china cabinet. I made a beeline as fast as my little feet would carry me, trying not to knock down everything and everyone in my path. I stood there gazing upon this magnificent china! I’m sure I heard birds singing, or maybe it was just my heart pounding as I drooled all over that corner cabinet. What ever it was, it was definitely LOVE at first site!


And this was one of those rare times when the owner of the home was actually present in the room. Normally I don’t like that…it’s a bit uncomfortable to oooh and aaah over the architecture or furnishings on a tour when Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner are listening to your every word. But this day, I was happy Mrs. Homeowner was standing only five feet away. I had to ask about the beautiful china she had on display. She shared that it was by Herend. It wasn’t until I returned home that I realized Herend was the maker of those adorable bunnies I had so often seen.


I asked Mrs. Homeowner to repeat the name again; she probably thought I was a real doofus for not knowing the name, Herend. She repeated it.  I asked for the pattern name and she couldn’t remember it! What? How could she not remember the pattern name of this wonderful china? Mrs. Homeowner casually mentioned it was still being made.  She forgot to mention I would need to mortgage my home to actually buy it!

I didn’t get back home from our “ramble” until close to midnight and I was definitely a tired puppy, but straight to eBay, I did go. I was so excited when I found it on eBay, that is until I found out how much it cost! I had figured it might be a bit expensive, but I had no idea! That night I found an entire set on eBay that included 8 or so place settings and several serving pieces.  My heart fell when I saw the starting price for the auction was set at $4,000, with the expected selling price thought to be around $8,000! Wow!!!

This pattern has the cutest story behind the design.  The story goes, this china was created for the Rothschild family of Europe in 1850 and is considered by connoisseurs to be the epitome of hand painting on porcelain. The china is said to portray a 19th-century tale about Baroness Rothschild, who lost her pearl necklace in the garden of her Vienna residence. Several days later it was found by her gardener, who saw birds playing with it in a tree. Is that not just the cutest story?! If you look closely, you can see the little necklace up in the tree on the dinner plates I have pictured here.

All of the Herend porcelain is hand-painted and trimmed in gold, hence the price.

The following pic is of “Rothschild Bird”…the pattern most commonly available on eBay and Neiman Marcus. A dinner plate cost $135 on NM’s website…


This style below is like the china I saw in Newnan and is my favorite…it’s called “Rothschild Bird, Green Border.” This photo doesn’t do it justice. The green is a gorgeous green…really pretty. It is a lot more expensive than the Rothschild Bird and almost never available on eBay.


It has the “fish net” design for which Herend is so well known. A dinner plate in “Rothschild Bird, Green Border” is $380 and Neiman Marcus doesn’t even carry it online. That price is out of the Herend price guide I received in the mail recently. Herend has created 12 different “scenes” or motifs so you could have 12 place settings and each would be unique. I love that!

Since I haven’t robbed any banks or won the lottery, I am consoling myself by buying a few small, and I do mean small, pieces off eBay. So far I have collected this lovely little dish that I’m using to put my rings in each evening…

I found a sweet egg cup on eBay for $39.99, plus $7 for shipping. That same night I saw another egg cup just like it go for over $80 (not including the shipping) so I was happy with what I paid in a “Buy Now” auction.

Here’s the other side.  Don’t you just love all the little bugs and butterflies?

And here’s a piece I just purchased last night.  It sells for $100 on many sites and is listed at $120 in Herend’s price list. I got it for $18.50 plus $5 for shipping. Gotta love eBay!  You can see the necklace up in the trees in this piece.

Do we have any collectors of “Herend, Rothschild Bird” out there? Something tells me I won’t be finding this at a garage sale or on Craig’s list anytime soon.

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  1. Gorgeous…but with kids in college… NO WAY


    • Stacey Tenenbaum says

      I have loads of Herend stuff for sale. Imported directly from Hungary – nice stuff. I inherited it. Email me and I can send some pics of the cheaper pieces. Will be posting all on ebay soon but I just got started.

      • Sharon Neal says

        I would like to add to my collection of Herend Rothschild bird. Do you have any of the dinner place settings?

  2. This made me laugh out loud! I discovered Herend nearly 30 years ago, when my husband and I were staying at a very swanky hotel in
    Germany. The breakfast china was gorgeous, but the pattern had BUGS in it. Bugs, I thought? What kind of company puts bugs on its china?

    To my husband’s embarrassment (we were newlyweds and he wasn’t used to me yet!) I flipped over a saucer … and found “Herend.” 7 years later, when our first daughter was born, relatives gave her china baby shoes, yes, with bugs… from Herend. They were lovely, until my husband knocked them down and broke them. Oh well.

    I have no Herend now, but it really is spectacular dinnerware. Happy Hunting! –Cass

  3. ok I love this pattern but I also love the Herrend with the butterfies..Love it…A new set goes for over 12.,000.00 …But it is so classic and is a treasure..

  4. ~CC Catherine says

    Hi Susan! What a lovely find! I’ve never heard of Herend either, but…it’s always great to fall in “love” with another gorgeous line to collect! Now you’ll have your eyes peeled for this little bit of heaven in the shops you visit! Great find… 😉 ~CC Catherine (I just got done doing some antiquing, one shop had 40% off everything~I was in heaven! 😉

  5. Fun story and I would have loved to go on the “ramble” with you’all!
    Well you just taught me about Herend, guess I will be watching for it now for the fun of it and if I find a good deal I will help you add to your collection.
    Linda Q

  6. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    I’ve seen Herend advertised in Architectural Digest,I believe. I know I’ve seen it advertised someplace.

    This post certainly made my little heart go pitty pat.

  7. Raggedy Girl says

    I will pray that at some obscure yard sale some rotten children of a woman who has marvelous taste have put her complete set of Rothschild Bird on the sale table and you are the first one there. I am thinking big here!
    ♥Roberta Anne

  8. southerninspiration says

    See, you’re educating all of us internets, too, as I had not heard of Herends either. But I can see why you love it AND why you are choosing to collect small accessory pieces! If I ever come across it at a garage sale, I’ll buy it for you! 😉

    It really is beautiful, but who knew about the price?????? ;0

  9. Yes, yes, yes. Me! LOL I have a small Herend tea service and only one saucer left of the Rothchild birds. I don’t know where the cup went, probably broken while moving or so.I will take a picture of my goodies and show them in my blog one day. I have actually see the man decorate .Indeed all by hand. beautiful. And 30 years ago it was already very very expensive.

  10. The Willow Rose says

    Loved your story…The plates are gorgeous.

  11. No I had never heard of Herend, but then I havn’t been much of a plate addict until recently. I don’t think I will find these gorgeous pieces at the GW either. What beautiful dishes and such a fantastic story to go with them. Hugs, Marty

  12. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Susan, it is beautiful! When I saw the first picture, I said to myself, “Laurie, that is beautiful china, but it’s gonna be way out of your price range”. Little did I know it was so far out of my range, I couldn’t even buy a salad plate! Loved the story about them. Your ebay purchases are wonderful, and what a great deal on the little heart plate. laurie

  13. carolinajewel says

    Herend, esp. Rothschild Bird is gorgeous and Way out of my price range!!!!
    I will have to tell you a story I always think of when I think of Rothschild Bird. My mother and I went to a deb party at a friend’s house in the 70’s. After the party, mother kept going on and on about their china, Rothschild Bird. She said they didn’t get it when they got married. They had 2 kids in college and another in High School, how could they have gotten that Rothschild Bird. Sadly, about two years later, the husband was convicted of fraud. Everyone was shocked except my mother. She knew because of their china.

    Luckily, it looks like you have found some cost effective ways of dealing with your obsession!!! 😀 Jewel
    PS Did you get your fondant cutters yet?

  14. Terri and Bob says

    Never heard of it until today! I think I will just admire your collection, or let you know if I find some! 🙂

  15. I have admired Herend china in all its forms for many years, both in stores and in magazine articles. NO WAY would I ever want something that costs that much and is breakable! I’d be afraid to use it, just like I am my mother’s china!

  16. This is gorgeous, but the prices – ouch! I was telling someone that I’m not much of a china person, recently found some that I fell in love with, then I saw the prices (not quite this high, but the dinner plates were $185.00 each, so . . ) Now I remember why I’m not a china person lol. This is really beautiful, I can see why you fell in love with it. Kathy

  17. Lady Katherine says

    Oh, Susan it is so pretty! I am glad you have found a few lovely pieces. Just stay on ebay, one day you shall get lucky! Last week I pulled out hubby’s grandmother’s everyday dishes, that were left in the her home, when she moved by a daughter. When everyone got what they wanted after she had died. I got these for my daughter. For the other side grandmother left my oldest daughter a set of china and a rose tea set. I found my wedding china, that all was broken the day before we were married. I have 3 plates, a creamer and a chipped cup. More than I thought! My daughter came in and saw the dishes I had got out. Who’s are those, yours, she on the hunt for more. But I had to tell her the story of my China. She fell in love with it and wanted to go home with it. I found a whole set in Virginia, while working. I said not my taste anymore, for I am all blue. Well after seeing your lovely sets on the porch, I want mine back. lol It has butterflys, strawberrys and lady bugs on it. It would be so great for spring, and summer. Hubby told me to call Virgina and see if I can find it. Now I want a set of red transferware, all blog ladies faught! My sister says there is an out online where she bought my wild rose dishes, well the 8 piece set while she was in TN. and I wanted a twelve so she got it on line at the outlet. I also want a set of pink rose dishes. I need a lesson in Spode, please! Or is it wedgewood that makes the red transferware! Or is it Lenox? You need to do an article to teach well me about China! Please!! I drove last night, for the first time in 3 years. Freedom! Now I getting off the computer and going by myself to a little town, to some thrift shops! If no one catches me before I For I will have grands the next few weeks, and can’t go, There is an auction tonight trying to get hubby to go, I so ready to get back into life! I did a very hard post Saturday for me, and then regretted for I have been dealing with this alone. I going to have so fun! I have to say its because of you, for you have made me fall in love with so many dishes, with Tablescape Thursday. Thank you for giving this lovely gift, a love of dishes! On my lesson I need to know about the Spode, yellow and blue dishes Debbie has, I just want a 4 piece set. I am off to shop! Thank you, for makeing my life so full of love for tablescapes!

  18. Went looking for you locally. They say this is Rothschild Noritake, not the birds, but you may want to look. I hope the link works. Thanks for ‘educating’ us and I will keep an eye out for good deals.

  19. I am also one who has never heard of Herend…but IF I ever see a piece now, I know to pick it up – that would be at a garage sale or something. Can you just imagine having a $4000.00 set of china and break a dish? Oh, the pain is too much to even imagine. No, I’ll stick with my finds at the grocery store! Beautiful though!

  20. French Cupboard says

    I’ve apparently been living under rocks because this is new to me. I love handpainted china but most of what I have is roses.

    I’ll keep an eye out for some pieces for you 😉

    Blessings… Polly

  21. cityfarmer says

    oh no, I cannot afford another obsession…asmitis I have a gene inn my body for dishes.

    I thought I had heard of every dish mark , but I guess not.

    don’t miss the giveaway frenzy over at the farmer

  22. I love all things Herend! I just don’t happen to own any. Now Linda (MOGS) is another story. She has all manner of Herend animals. Cute frogs, etc.
    Love your music Miss Susan!

  23. cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) says

    Susan, those egg cups are so adorable…… that reminds me that I want to collect egg cups! Aren’t they just the cutest things?


  24. Hi Susan,
    That was a very interesting tour, the china is fabulous, but the price– I would have a nice little new used toyota for that. Thanks for sharing, I love history and old homes! cindy

  25. "Hello... It's Me Again..." says

    I’ve never heard of it, but I love it! I hope you find it at an affordable price.

  26. prof en retraite says

    Hi Susan…It is gorgeous! Here’s a tablescape for you with Herend china over at Libby Murphy’s Twirl and Taste:
    You will drool!!!…Debbie

    • Debbie, thank you for attaching this link! My soon-to-be 10 year old granddaughter Abby loves all things Eiffel Tower! She has wanted to go there since she was 6 when her Aunt went there while in Europe. I had bought a smaller but similar Eiffel Tower a few months ago and will now have a tea party for her.
      Susan, I love and drool over most all of your tablescapes because the sky is the limit with your creativity! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas, as well as having so many wonderful friends who are willing to share their ideas too. I never cease to be amazed at what new theme you have caught a vision for!

  27. I have heard of Herend, but only seen it in ads and in my dreams!! It really is beautiful. Sally

  28. The Norwegian says

    Herend! One of the lovliest of all porcelains. It is thrilling that you have started a collection. You will never regret it. I hope you will treasure each piece. Herend animals abound…the bunnies are charming and come in many colors and poses.
    Every member of the animal kingdom is represented! Your “ramble” has brought about a delightful outcome.

  29. Heard of it, but knew it was pricey…
    Your pieces are very pretty!
    Egg cups..yes, I have been looking at those too..
    We have a Villeroy and Boch outlet in town, so I get my “finer things” fix there…but mostly in the basement clearance..
    But I know that’s not the same as
    I am going to go look at the link Debbie posted..

  30. The Norwegian says

    Herend! One of the most beautiful porcelains of all. It is thrilling that you have begun collecting. You will never regret this decision. There are many charming rabbits in many poses and colors, also just about every animal or bird you can think of.

  31. Hi Susan…never heard of Herend before but it sure is beautiful…I love the egg cup…

  32. Susan it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I would be drooling too. I adore anything birds! I will keep an eye out for it.
    I haven’t been able to join in on Tablescaping of late, as I have my grandson full time from now on. Keeps me hopping, and not as much time for fun stuff like tabelscaping! But I still look at all the rest!

  33. English Cottage in Georgia says

    This post was too funny! I totally identify with your rush to see and identify pretty dinnerware.
    I have pared my dinnerware from 21 sets to 10 sets.
    I will not fall in love (with a dinnerware pattern) again – whistling past the graveyard.

  34. I would think that if you keep your eyes open, you may come across pieces that you like.
    Happpy weekend..

  35. Newnan, why that’s right down the road.
    Pretty China.

  36. imjacobsmom says

    Oh Susan, it is such a pretty set. I hope you find the pieces you need. I’ll keep my eyes open here for you. How many pieces did that homeowner have? ~ Robyn

  37. Reading your post about this wonderful Herend pattern reminds me of my own obsession for Flora Danica china from Royal Copenhagen.

    I haven’t been posting as much as I would like since my mother has been ailing and it takes a lot more time to attend to her (and to the visiting nurse, physical therapist, and home health aide.)
    But whenever I can, i visit other blogs even if I can’t take the time to comment.

    Have a great week!

  38. I, too, adore Herend — but have adored it from afar. It’s definitely too dear for my small purse.

  39. It's very pretty but that bug would disturb my dinner. Of course, that would help my portion control. :>)

    It looks very delicate but the price would make me worry too much about breaking it. I hope you can find some more of the pieces at a reasonable price.

  40. santamaker says

    Well, with all of us looking at thrift shops and garage sale for these dishes, we are bound to find you a set! (ummmm, that is, if we decided to part with them…he he)
    Always interesting to learn about the finer things in life, thanks for the lesson. Let me know when you are rambling next so I can tag along!

  41. Tricia Anne says

    I can see why you love these pieces so much. They are precious and even more so with such an endearing story of the pattern. :o) I don’t suppose TJMaxx would carry them either huh?! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  42. Oh so pretty, Susan! I would be drooling with you if I was there too. Good luck finding more affordable pieces!….Christine

  43. Sandi@ My Yellow Door says

    Hi Susan,
    Gorgeous china! I don’t blame you for lovin it; so do I. I’m partial to anything with birdies on it. Thanks for sharing.


  44. Susan, Thanks for the chuckles! I hadn’t heard of Herend but I’ll be on the lookout for it now. Those dishes are just calling your name! ♥ Diane

  45. Dixie's Whimsey says

    Looks like you’ve got a good beginning… but you may have jinxed yourself by letting the rest of us in on it… thanks for sharing… the china is beautiful! Dixie

  46. Omah's Helping Hands says

    Love the design, but as you said, not the price. Yikes. That is a cool story about the necklace and the birds as well. Have heard about Rothschild, but not Herand. Beautiful work. That darned gold!

  47. playsdolls says

    Very beautiful design but you are right the price is kind of steep.

  48. Hi Susan…magnificent china, but if I won the lottery & bought a set
    it would be kept under lock & key in an unbreakable glass cabinet just to look at…wow! 😉 Bo

  49. Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn says

    I had not heard of them up until now, but I can see why one might become obsessed! How beautiful! Congrats on your new!

  50. Well shoot, shoot, and double shoot! I was so hoping they would be cheaper because they are gorgeous and SO YOU!!! I love the story that goes along with it too. Hopefully someone will sell it who doesn’t know what it is and you can snatch it up! Well, you can HOPE for anything! LOL
    I love your other finds though! The egg cups are too pretty!
    Fun and interesting post! 🙂

  51. Charmed Eras says

    I too fell in love with Herend China when Neiman Marcus had a breathtaking display set up some years ago. I’m always on the look out for pieces at yard sales, no luck so far. Some years ago I just missed a beautiful rabbit from the mosaics collection at an estate sale, a lady had just purchased it and was bragging to her friend on the great price. Best of luck on your search. Your finds are just wonderful.

  52. Room Service ~ Decorating 101 says

    Way to go susan, just go ahead and make me want something else…

  53. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Beautiful china, but don’t think I will be buying any. 🙂 I bet the Ramble was fun.

  54. Oh Newnan is about 20 mins from where I live. The homes there are just unbelievable. HGTV’s House Hunters filmed one of their segments there last year.

  55. Susan,I cry with you.I have looked at Herend many times and enjoyed the look but had to walk away.I think you are doing the next best thing you are buying affordable lovely pieces that you can actually use and afford.It is nice to have something to go treasure hunting for,I am sure it is always in the back of your mind.I was familiar with the china and have always been drawn to it but was not aware of the history or the story.As always you have brought more education to blog land.I think you and Debbie always do that and I love it ,thank you for sharing,Kathysue

  56. I hadn’t known of Herend but I certainly do now … I promise, if I should ever come across a piece of it out here in one of our many antique barns I will immediately let you know!!!!! I love how Carol E. refers to Mom as MOGS! Hadn’t heard that before either.

  57. kayleeg2005 says

    oh my goodness, it’s all beautiful, and i love the rabbits….

  58. beautiful!
    i am new to your page. it is absolutely gorgeous.

  59. Pretty Pear Desgisn says

    Wow how wonderful! It is truly beautiful. I just returned from a trip to my mother’s and have now acquired endless beautiful china. Could not turn a single collection down.
    What a lovely blog you have!

  60. Would you be so kind as to come over to my place and pick up a “special” award from me to you?
    P.S. I love your new obsession.

  61. I use to live in Lagrange which is 30 mins. from Newnan. I am headed back up there next weekend to visit friends. We miss Georgia a lot:)

  62. Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity says

    Susan Thank-you for introducing us to this beautiful china. I can see why you love it so much. I wish you lots of success finding all of the pieces you’d like at a managable price.
    Hugs, Terrie

  63. Susan…that china is beautiful. It truly is. I love love love the birds and the bugs too. whew.
    You had me thinking of checking them out on ebay right away too while I read your post but now that you have done it already…and priced it all…there is no need for me to anything more. *sigh*.

    I’m glad you were able to pick up a few pieces at such a good price.
    Very beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing this information and I hope you have had a great day.

  64. The Bliss Journey says

    Well you certainly have good taste. The china is just beautiful. I love anything with birds, butterflies and bugs. Good bugs that is… But the price…YIKES

  65. I came by yesterday, but see I didn’t leave a comment. An oversight that I can correct right now. I thought I did but maybe it got lost in cyberspace. If it ever shows up just delete it.

    While I do believe the price on this line of china precludes most of the rank and file from acquiring very many pieces, I am glad that you have managed to add several to your growing collection of dishware. Congrats and on with the hunt.

  66. Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 says

    I love, love this pattern! All my favs: birds, bugs and botancial! I have to share my Herend story too! I love bunnies and for Christmas one year my brother-n-law got me a tiny Herend bunny with the stand-up ear, alas my two year old promptly broke the ear off! Glued it back on but just didn’t seal well and it broke again! I think everything in my house has been broken and glued back together! My boys are now 17 and 21 and we all survived! Thank you for sharing! lauralu!

  67. Marina Capano says

    Hi Susan…It is gorgeous! just beautiful change!
    your post is wonderful! and I love your blog!



  68. Oh, Susan, these are gorgeous! I see an new obsession for me also. I’d love to be able to pick up a few little pieces of this.

  69. Hi Susan, My husband and I are going to Florida from Ohio. Is Newnan Ga. really worth a stop?

  70. Hey Susan. Thanks for letting me know about the luncheon. As of now, I can make it. My cousin would be interested in attending also if that is not a problem.

  71. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Beverly,
    Newnan is one of those wonderful little Georgia towns where you oooh and ahhh around every corner. It has been in several movies and is known for its amazing historic homes. Here’s a link to a website with lots of info about Newnan…definitely worth a stop in my book!

  72. I TOTALLY see why you love that china……I do too….now, thanks to you, Susan. I LOVE the story that explains the motif……afterall, I always wear my pearls in the garden, don't you? :o) Happy hunting…..I hope many more pieces find a home in your home!

  73. Susan,
    I lived in Hungary for 3 years and Herend, being made there, was everywhere!! I didn't see this pattern as much, but have you seen the one with the ivy? Herend loves green and white. I guess it is their signature color pairing. But the ivy pattern would have looked great mixed in with your bird pattern. I thought of buying some, because you couldn't throw a rock without hitting Herend over there, but the ivy pattern alone didn't get me excited enough to pay the price! If you ever visit Budapest, I am sure you could score some good deals on some pieces! Good luck!!

  74. You are so funny! I have certainly heard of Herend. I began spotting that several years ago but I don't own any… not yet. I usually spot it at the most high end resort areas and I lust for nearly all of it. The salespersons are always so accomodating and think I am going to drop a bundle of money right there, but not yet. That is on the to do list and I want to make sure I get the most complicated, striking item I can afford because most of what I have seen is just the sort of thing which can lighten a mood simply by looking 🙂

  75. have a set of Rothschild Bird for 12 never been used. has 24 it gold rom . Several serving dishes, mini tureen with lemon on top , platter , cream soup bowls with saucers, saucer footed bowl.

  76. Hi Susan,
    I’ve just found your site, and this post about your new Herend obsession. You mention a Herend price guide. Does it give prices for older pieces? I’d really appreciate any more information you have about your Herend price guide.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Val, The guide only had pricing for new pieces. The best place to find what the older pieces are worth would be on eBay. I’ve always heard they “set” the pricing these days. I hope you can find the info you need.

      • Thanks, Susan. Herend’s collection is so extensive that I have a few pieces that I haven’t seen on ebay before. Fun mysteries to solve!

  77. The website is coming…and I will definitely let you know. Susan, I love your blog. You set exquisite tables and I have used your ideas as inspiration many times. Before I found your blog, I thought I was the only crazy lady left who still cared about setting a table! As to your Herend obsession, I am totally with you. I finally broke down and bought the Rothchild’s Birds 6 piece place setting for 8 and only paid $2900.00 for the whole set – in perfect condition. (Amazingly, even my husband loves it). If you haven’t already, you need to sign up at either LiveAuctioneers or one of the other auction sites, (other than e-bay) that have popped up in the last few years. They were created to allow us to be in on auction house auctions all over the country. The “Boomers” are downsizing or selling off their estates and you can get this stuff for a song. Sign up for alerts and every day in your in box you will get notification of the new pieces that are coming to auction. I have managed to start collecting pieces I thought I could never afford – for as little as .05 on the dollar. The set I bought for $2900 retails for over $12,000 on the Herend website. The china and crystal you can collect is mind blowing. I have purchased some that I am even afraid to use, (but I will!). Have fun and happy hunting – you may love or hate me for turning you onto this if you aren’t already obsessed with it!

    • Michelle, you got a fabulous deal! Wow! I will look for that site and check it out. I purchase 8 of the salad plates but if I ever bought a full set, it’s the green border set that I love the most. Very difficult to find, though. Thanks for the tip on the auction site. No, you are not the only crazy lady out there who still love sitting a beautiful table. You are definitely among friends here! 🙂

  78. Hi,do you still collect Rotschild? I inherited a good number of those, with many other Herend items . I live in Hungary. Contact me, if still interested ;).

  79. Bill Aymond says

    I inherited a Herend Rothschild bird lamp that I am interested in selling. Are you interested? The lamp itself is 25″ tall to the top of the finial. The porcelain is 13″ tall, and the lamp is mounted on 3/4″ piece of marble.

    Gold trim with basket weave at the bottom. Pristine condition. Pictures upon request.

  80. I have been collecting Rothschild’s birds for 30 years. My mother used to give me 1 item for birthday, Christmas, etc., and would always buy them from a local shop. I just realized lately that one of the plates does not have the necklace where it should be. What’s up with that?! Have you heard of that before? Is it less/more valuable with no necklace?
    Thanks and enjoyed reading your story.

    • Thanks, Katy! Love the pattern, so wonderful that your mother gifted all those to you. I’m not sure about your plates. I just looked at my salad plates and each one has a different scene on it with different birds, so the trees they are in are different on each plate, too. They all have a necklace up in the tree, but it’s in a different place on each plate since the scenes and trees are all different. One plate has two necklaces up in the tree.

  81. Ihave 12 place settings and 20 extra pieces that I would love to sell. All are in new condition and never been used. Do you know anyone.

  82. Menton Couve says

    I came across 12 dinner plates of the Rothschild birds Herend collection in a Los Angeles Goodwill today.

    I’m happy when I find treasures there where the person pricing the items doesn’t know what they’re doing! I’m not going to share the actual price I paid for those plates as it would induce envy! But let’s just say that since I’m Hungarian, I’m extra joyous of this find.

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