How to Make a Lamp from a Treasured Collectible

Welcome to the 24th Metamorphosis Monday! 

You may remember the Metamorphosis Monday post several months ago where I posted about a sweet doggie I found while out antiquing. When I found him, I thought he would be the perfect size for something I had in mind.


I had the idea of having him made  into a lamp. I’d been shopping for a small lamp to go on this table in my family room for some time. The room has a bit of a hunt/woodland/canine theme, so I knew this little guy would fit right in!

Make a Doggie Lamp


Mary, a delightful visitor of BNOTP, saw this post and was inspired to make her own dog lamp. You see, Mary had a little doggie at her home that was almost exactly like mine.  Isn’t he cute?

Unfortunately, Mary didn’t have any lamp companies in her area that create lamps from original pieces, but did she let that stand in her way? No sirree! She hopped online, ordered all the parts she needed and made her own lamp!  Here it is…ready for it’s shade.


Mary was able to find a base just like the one on my lamp.


And, here’s the finished lamp! Wow! Are you impressed as much as I am? It never would have occurred to me that I could make my own. As you can see, you don’t even have to drill into your ceramic piece to make this lamp…the pole that houses the wiring runs right up the back.


Didn’t it turn out beautifully? Mary has generously shared the list of the online stores where she was able to find the parts she used to make her lamp. You’ll find those at the end of this post. Mary, thanks so much for sharing your information and photos. I’m just thrilled that my little dog has a twin brother out there in Blogland!

Here are the sources Mary used, just in case you want to make your own lamp. If you do, take “Before and After” pics…I’d love to post them for a future Met Monday.

Grand Brass Lamp Parts
TX Lamp Parts
The Lamp Shop
My Lamp

Looking forward to seeing the changes you’ve been working on for this Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Susan, I am not sure about making my own lamp, but I surely am impressed with people who can and do! That's great – your doggie inspired her doggie! Linda

  2. Peg @ Bloomfield Farm says

    Oh WOW! Your post is just what I needed! My Met Monday post is about a purchase we made at an antique show last week, but we also picked up an old tobacco tin. Guess what? I am planning to make it into a lamp. In fact, I dropped it off on Friday at a store that makes lamps out of old things. They're supposed to call me with an estimate. Now, if it's more than I want to spend, I can do it myself! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  3. tales from an oc cottage says

    Oh boy! Now I know I can make ANYTHING into a lamp!!!!! How fun!

    m ^..^

  4. Susan, I think it is so sweet of you to help us bloggers out. I added a gmail account with my blog name just now. And I am also glad you said something about not receiving any comments. I have been to a couple of blogs that wouldn't let me leave a comment. They had zero comments about their wonderful posts and I was so sad! I was able to contact one through email, but the others I was not. But I didn't know how to tell them to fix it. Thanks for sharing this info!
    I also LOVE the doggie lamp! Too cute.
    p.s. I'm having my first giveaways, so come check them out!

  5. Blue Creek Home says

    I have that very ceramic dog and it sure does make a beautiful lamp! I may have to be a copy-cat!!! I love it.

  6. Frugal Fine Living says

    I love dogs and that lamp is just adorable! It looks great in your family room, too.

    I appreciate your thoughtful advice to new bloggers regarding their comment settings. πŸ™‚


  7. Your lamp is so sweet…in a grown up way…you can make a lamp out of almost anything! Great advice for how to…thanks!

  8. Some people have waaaay too much talent! Great idea and a fabulous job and looks perfect in the guest room! I always thought yours was perfect in your FR Susan!

  9. Oh, was really too funny. : )
    Health information & Humor & Fun World

  10. Hi Susan – Love your new lamp – too cute.

    I'm participating in my first ever "Met Monday" – I hope. I kept getting that "operation aborted" message when I tried to open your blog up to link back to you, FINALLY got it to work though.

    Hope all is well with you – thanks for doing this.

  11. Mary's lamp is just gorgeous. What a great thing to do to make her own. I just love it. Great MM. Hugs, Marty

  12. prof en retraite says

    Hi Susan! Thakns for posting this and thanks to Mary for all of the information! Now I will be Goodwill hunting with a little different eye! I need a lamp for my guest bedroom! Have a great week!..hugs..Debbie

  13. ST. MICHAEL'S WIFE says

    Your doggie is adorable! Love, love, love it!

  14. Mary @Boogieboard Cottage says

    This gives me so many ideas, thank you for the websites! :O)

  15. abeachcottage says

    hmmm, great idea, I'd like to have a go at making a lamp

    thanks for hosting met monday


  16. Jadehollow says

    Wow.. Love it! Before the reveal of no holes drilled.. I kept telling myself .. ain't no way I'm gonna attempt to drill a hole. That has given me a ton of ideas for new lamps around here.

  17. Jadehollow says

    I was going to head over to praise Mary and thank her for inspiring us with her crafty talented work.. but didn't see a link. Would you please pass on the message.

  18. I love the idea that you can turn a treasure into something so functional! Adorable
    All Things Heart and Home

  19. Richella says

    Those doggie lamps are wonderful! I am really impressed that anyone has the gumption to make her own lamp–and how generous to tell us how she did it! I have a pair of Staffordshire dogs that I purchased on eBay. I do love treasures like that.

    The little transformation I'm sharing is small but works well for me–an old dining room chair now working as a vanity chair.

    Thanks for the tips you include about how to do things with our blogs, Susan. Your instructions are good. A question for you: somewhere do you have the HTML code for your Met Monday button? I've been unable to get your pretty button, but I think I could copy and paste the code. Thanks!

  20. Cottage Rose says

    Hey Susan; What a adorable doggy lamp, it is just so cute,, and then to find out that he has a twin brother out there,, how exciting.. Mary did a beautiful job on hers, I can't believe how much he looks like yours… I have always wanted to make a lamp out of some thing but too chicken, but after seeing hers now I think I will give it a go….


  21. I don't have any lamp guys here in the boonies either, so I really appreciate the link and the inspiration. So cute!

  22. Nicole ~ says

    Oh Susan, this is such a precious idea!! I just love these two lamps, they are beyond darling!! By the way, I want to thank you so much for hosting Metamorphasis Monday. It is such a fun thing to participate in, and to see all of the wonderful ideas. Happy Monday, Nicole

  23. Wow! Adorable! Now I want to make a lamp! Thanks for the inspiration!


  24. Not the Good Scissors! says

    This is one of the cutest lamps I have ever seen. I absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Lisa Shatzer says

    I am very impressed! Also thank you for all the blogging tips!

  26. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    Adorable lamp. I love animals and always love seeing their likeness (as well as their sweet little selves) in my home. Such a great idea. Thanks for passing it along.


  27. Wow, what a great idea in making it into a lamp! Thank you for the tips too. I'm going to make an email addie for my blog. πŸ™‚

  28. I have a pig lamp that is made exactly like this. I bought it as a lamp, but I later saw the pig ceramic piece by itself, so I'm certain some clever person created the lamp. I'd never thought about the ease of using the piece that runs up the back and allows you to turn a ceramic piece into a lamp without having to do any drilling. Thanks for posting this.

  29. Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 says

    I love your post Susan! Your puppy lent itself perfectly for a lamp! I have several objects I have in mind for lamps so I'll be checking Mary's websites for sure! God Bless! Lauralu πŸ™‚

  30. What an inspiration you are, Susan! Mary's little lamp looks almost just like yours! You know me, now I want a doggie lamp! ;0
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ™‚

  31. Susan–You are always so kind about sharing information and are such a help! I have admired that lamp of yours myself. BTW–thanks for sharing the winter screen saver. I saved it. Maybe it will help in this unremitting heat wave we are having!

  32. Enchanted Rose Studio says

    Your doggie lamp and Mary's are both so adorable. You are an inspiration!

    Another fabulous idea, Susan! Ok fess up! Are all your fabulous ideas swirling around in your head 24/7 or do you carry a list from your pc?

    Hope you have a great week!


  33. Blondie's Journal says

    First off, Susan, it is so cool that you had the foresight and imagination to make a lamp this way. And secondly, isn't it a great feeling to inspire someone??!! I applaud Mary for handling all the "technology" of this project, something this "blonde" could use a little tutoring in! LOL!!


  34. Dana and Daisy says

    ooh! Thanks for sharing the resources!

  35. Jo - To a Pretty Life says

    Cute lamp! It looks just like yours. I am amazed at Mary's courage and skills!

  36. Bill Hickerson says

    Hi Susan, I didn't know lamps could be made this way. Thank you for sharing and for being such an inspriation to so many people. I linked to Metamorphosis Monday as you suggested. I never thought of it, but I suppose whenever flowers are cut and brought inside to decorate our homes, there's a sort of transformation happening.

    I appreciate your kind thoughtfulness so very much. You've made the leap into blogworld far less scary I'd anticipated!

  37. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    I have a couple of these kind of lamps. I didn't attach my china pice to the base, and I switch out what sits on the base when I tire of a look (which unfortunatley happens frequently with me). The dog lamps are so cute. laurie

  38. Tales From My Empty Nest says

    Both of these lamps are adorable. I am glad to know how to make one like that and thanks for the links on buying the parts that are needed. Thanks for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

  39. Mrs. Petrie says

    That lamp would be so charming in a child's room! I love it. I'll have too look out for something adorable like that little doggie. πŸ™‚ Thank you for hosting this fun party.

  40. Fifi Flowers says

    ADORABLE lamp… love it next to the bed!

  41. Really Rainey says

    What a cool post Susan! Thanks for hosting Met Monday… Its always so much fun looking at all the interesting "mets." I'm having my 100th post giveaway tomorrow, please stop by and check it out if you get a chance!
    Thanks for everything Susan!
    Have a great week!
    ~Really Rainey~

  42. Wsprsweetly Of Cottages says

    This is my first Met Monday and I am a wee nervous. I've wanted to do it for so long..and finally..

    You KNOW how I love that lamp..well..maybe you don't but I did tell you once..and there it is again. I don't have that sort of confidence..but I certainly do admire those that do! Yes I do!
    She did a wonderful job!

    See? INSPIRATION…it's everywhere!!! πŸ™‚

  43. Love the lamp…what a great idea. I have posted my Metamorphosis Monday project this week, as well. First time participant.

  44. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    Thank you for sharing all your lamp part links Mary! I've drooled over Susan's lamp every time I've seen it. Now I just need to find the appropriate figurine!
    Thanks Susan, you're the best! β™₯ Diane

  45. Susan, Thanks for sharing your lamp and Mary's Lamp. I am not sure I could make my own lamp, but at least I know where to get parts if I decide to make one. I have a beautiful large shell I have been thinking would make a great lamp.

    Happy MM.


  46. Willow Decor: says

    Good ideas! Glad to have the lamp base resource! Its getting my creative juices going!

  47. You see, Susan, you are an inspiration to all of us.

    I've been working on my table for the Fourth of July. Now if I can only remember to take a picture. I am the worst at remembering that party. I can' tell you how many times we sit down to eat, and I think dang, I forgot again.

  48. I have search for a place to find that type of lamp part. Thanks for posting — I have some pieces that I would love to use as lamps and now I can — perhaps a Met Monday post will follow!

  49. What an adorable lamp! As a new puppy owner – all things puppy make me smile right now. πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing and hosting this fun "party"!

  50. Donna@designson47thstreet says

    Susan, your lamp makes me want to turn my new little doggie find into a sweet little lamp.

    I am always so very inspired when I stop by your blog.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the great ideas I get from your blog!


  51. This turned out to be a spectacular little lamp! Adorable and so easy to transform. Thanks for the info on how to do it. πŸ™‚ Sue

  52. Flower Patch Farmgirl says

    Nothing beats a one-of-a-kind lamp! What a cool, kitschy find!

  53. How cute! That lamp just turned out precious.

    I love your Met Monday parties, and am looking forward to finally participating next week : )

  54. makes me want to have a puppy dog lamp!

  55. Susan, I love your lamp! As well as your friend's rendition! I need to remember, as I am such a dog lover, to be on the lookout for such a piece. Beautiful lamp!

  56. pk @ room remix says

    The lamp is adorable and this is so much FUN! Just became aware of this "party" today and I'm so glad I did!

  57. Cass @ That Old House says

    Love the lamps — I have the original, living, breathing version of that doggy — our Dion. And I have a couple of china figures, too — and I am thinking they would indeed make great lamps. Fantastic! Thanks — Cass

  58. Hello Susan – love your doggie lamp! It's absolutely adorable. Looks so cute sitting on the side table.


  59. Allidink says

    That is sooo cute! Great idea! I love the little doggy πŸ™‚

    All the best,

  60. Mary did a great job. The lamp turned out beautifully. She even found the perfect shade for it….Christine

  61. Bill @ Affordable Accoutrements says

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on Affordable Accoutrements! Please do tell us about the Erma Bombeck philosophy of life!!!

    I took your technical advice and made my pics bigger. Thanks for posting the great tutorials!!! You're so generous to share what you've learned with beginning bloggers. Looking forward to my first attempt at a "Tabletop Thursday!!!"


  62. Morning girl….great info..I have a few things that I would love to turn into a lamp! Thanks for coming by..yes I am very attatched to my farm! lol I can't wait to get a barn! lol Now about the 'slop the hogs' girl I thought you were country…you are just a Southern Belle! lol When I was growing up there would be an old bucket out on the back porch that my grandmother would put all her vegetable peelings…left overs etc from the day in…my grand daddy would add the feed to it and go 'slop the hogs' each day (feed the hogs) not to be confused with the 'slop jar' eeewwwww we won't go there today! lol lol Have a great 4th weekend my friend!

  63. Homemaker Barbi says

    What a fantastic idea – that is a perfect way to make something decorative perfectly useful at the same time. Thank you for the inspiration for lamp making!

    Danelle Ice / Homemaker Barbi

  64. charmine says

    VERY inspiring & creative,love the doggie lamps.

  65. charmine says

    VERY inspiring & creative,love the doggie lamps.

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