Springtime Table Setting

Welcome to the 44th Tablescape Thursday!

Summer is here and I’m thinking sunshine and blue skies…

The sunflowers remind me of sunshine, while the blue and white gingham napkins have me dreaming of blue skies with white fluffy clouds.

It’s hotter than blazes here in Hotlanta.! So let’s cool things down with lots of crisp, cool white…white chargers, white china, white candles, white hobnail candle sticks and white wicker.

And how about a light, refreshing dessert…

Tonight we’re having blueberries, raspberries, and mandarin oranges…topped off with whipped cream, toasted almonds and a chocolate Oreo wafer stix.

The Target birdies are making their first appearance since their long ago holiday.

Martini glasses from Dollar Tree make great dessert dishes…

Napkins are from Old Time Pottery…$6 for six! They are tucked down inside goblets from the Dollar Tree. Crystal tea glasses are Araglin by Waterford. Chargers are from Neiman Marcus and china is Gibson from Big Lots.

Flatware is Napoleon Bee from Neiman Marcus…Horchow has it, too.

I love this cute blossom candle snuffer from Colonial Candle! You never want to blow out your candles because of the risk of blowing the wax right onto your tablecloth or surrounding china. I did that a few months ago with red candles I used in a Valentines tablescape…I’m still trying to figure out how to get the red wax out of a white crocheted doily. Does anyone know a good way? Would love to hear your suggestions.

I love walking around snuffing out all the candles at the end of the evening…I feel a bit like a fairy Godmother with her magical wand.

Hope you are celebrating summer with sunshine tablescapes!

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  1. Marsha's Mpressions says

    Stunning blue and white tablescape! Just add some red and your all set for the 4th!!

  2. Susan, that is lovely! The white china with the blue & white checked napkins and the wicker showing through the glass on the table top. So summery and pretty and fresh. Linda

  3. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    Fabulous table and we can certainly use something cooling! It is hot here as well. By the way, my husband knows Atlanta well. He got his MBA from Emory. He ALWAYS calls it Hotlanta 🙂


  4. I LOVe the blue, white, and yellow. And the bee silverware still makes my heart speed up.
    Did you know that BL has reduced our dishes to under $20? I am up to my eyebrows in work, but I'm not too busy to think about dishes. I have been trying to send Bandwith over there all day to buy a set, but he won't budge. LOL

    I love the way you mixed it up–and that dessert. Oh, what I'd give for that right about now!

  5. I love those gingham napkins so much ! They look great with the white and blues !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  6. prof en retraite says

    Hi Susan! A beautiful tablescape, as usual! I love your red, white and blue! And your dessert looks sooo yummy! Great pics! Hope you are having a good week…hugs..Debbie

  7. Oh Susan, how beautiful! I am so drawn to blue and white, but I don't really have much of it because most of my house is done in reds and creams and browns…

    Your table is so lovely. That pitcher is beautiful! And I love the checked napkins with those glasses. Wonderful!

  8. Barb~Bella Vista says

    Beautiful, Susan. This one is so crisp and fresh….like a breath of spring air. Truly lovely!


  9. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    Looks wonderful Susan! Just like summer!

  10. Hi Susan…Nice to be back with the Tablescapers…..I posted once and it looked like it didn't take now its just sitting there looking purple instead of green…If two pop up can you delete one?? And Hey….Those glasses look awfully familiar…..I love those glasses….

  11. cedwards55 says

    As always, Susan, you've outdone yourself. I love the blue and white and the wicker. And you just can't beat Sunflowers in the summer. One of these days, I'm going to treat myself to that bee flatware!

  12. Your right susan…It's a great tablescape when it's hotter then blazes… Very cool, crisp, and ultimately inviting…Love the bee silverware…xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet Up-North Mornings…

  13. Your table setting is beautiful…and summery!

    The last time I successfully got candle wax from something, I poured boiling water on it straight from the tea kettle. It helps if you have someone to help you pull it tight and pour straight through into the sink. Hope that helps!

  14. Love the all blue and white with the touch of yellow. So beautifully done with the white wicker and the glass table. All of your accessory pieces are just stunning, and I love the blue glasses from Dollar Tree. Beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  15. abeachcottage says

    ooh love the blue and white and the other touches like the wicker, wish it was as hot here at the moment

    thanks for hosting


  16. Kathleen says

    Dollar Tree and Waterford, too funny! But it all looks lovely.
    The napkins are great, we don't have Old Tyme here…
    Pretty table, nice and summery. The dessert looks delicious..
    Thanks for hosting, Susan!

  17. niartist says

    Thanks Susan for hosting again. As always, in your beautiful way – you've created a tablescape simply show stopping! I lost my camera and had to take pictures with an old one just to participate this week. LOL! Take a peak if you can.
    Talk soon,

  18. A Touch of Country says

    Susan this is so beautiful. I love the berries and your tablescape is so sparkling. Great job!

  19. Terri and Bob says

    Mmmmm, totally lovely. I posted one this week, too. Come and see! I wish I could be on your Mr. Linky but being a private blog… it's really not fair to take a spot.

  20. The Tablescaper says

    As always, thanks for hosting. Your tablescape certainly does make one think of sunshine and blue skies. Here in NY it's still more rain!!!! Tomorrow is to be better. Love the hobnail candle stick holders and will definately check out that candle snuffer. Dessert looks yum!!! Stop by if you can – The Tablescaper

  21. Well it's hard not to comment on that lovely dessert first, it looks just so yummi, and healthy enough to guiltlessly indulge. It's a gorgeous summery table all together. Bon appetit! And thanks for this party.

  22. Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria says

    Oh Susan this is just beautiful my friend…I also did a blue/yellow one with my Dollar tree glasses ha ha!! can't beat the price on them and they always look so pretty in pics…love this table you have been a bust gal again…hope you have a great week…hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  23. I really like the blue checked napkins with this setting. The added sunflowers are a great pop of color. Love the layered white and teh dessert cups are great!!


    Your Thursday looks cool and refreshing. I was at Old Time Pottery yesterday. I did a lot of damage! I plan to share some of it this coming week. Thanks as always for the great ideas you share.


  25. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says

    Susan- Beautiful! I am loving the bee silverware! Since becoming a beekeeper a few weeks ago I have suddenly acquired a love for all things bees!


    Hope to join in again soon! My computer is on the blitz and all pictures are on my computer not my hubbys which is the one I am using now!

  26. Susan! Look at this wonderful setting! You're too much, girlfriend! I love it ~ always love your tables!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  27. Dish Diva aka Kay says

    This one is one of your best! I keep drooling…

  28. Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern says

    Susan, what a lovely table you've created! It's super hot here in Alabama too, so any table around air conditioning is a beautiful sight, isn't it? Thanks for sharing.

  29. gosh, white wicker, blue gingham and sunflowers all at one table! a beautiful summertime country tablescape!

    thank you for being such a wonderful hostess! this is really so much fun.


  30. Libby Murphy says

    How gorgeous Susan! This hot weather could wilt a tablescape in a hurry!
    Happy Twirls

  31. Susan! I think I'm on my way over…I don't care about the heat – I want that delicious dessert! haha Your tablescape is so welcoming and pretty – perfect for summer!

  32. laurie @ bargain hunting says

    Such a charming tablescape. Love it! laurie

  33. Oh, my favorite colors; blue and white with the bold yellow. I would love to find a nice wicker set somewhere. There is an Old Time Pottery not too far away. I completely forgot about that place. I'll have to check it out again. Your table is so inviting. The fruit desert looks delicious. Nice touch with the Oreo wafer.

  34. A very pretty blue and white tablescape. Of course, I love anything blue and white!

  35. Michelle says

    Hi Susan! Beautiful table!!As usual! Love that snuffer with the twiggy handle! Happy TT!!

  36. I am constantly amazed by your beautiful tables!!! Week after week you invent a new way to create yet another gorgeous tablescape!!!

    I love the crispness of this blue and white color scheme…stunning!!! No detail overlooked!!!

    Thanks so much for hosting this fun meme!!! It is my first time to participate and I am completely addicted. I can't wait for the next one!!!

    Have a wonderful Tablescape Thursday!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  37. Michelle says

    It's been a while since I've participated and I love your new format. Such wonderful LARGE pictures!

  38. Susan.. the blue & white tablescapes are my favorite.. I'd do one… if I actually owned china with any blue in it… I think I have 4-bowls from the thrift store.. not quite enough blue… I absolutely love those hobnail candle holders.

    I've already voted for your blog a couple of times… I wasn't sure it was you at first… they have you listed as "Between Naps on the Back Porch"… but it does show a photo of your header if you hover over the blog name… anyway, there is no blog in blogdom that is lovelier or more elegant than yours… I do hope you win! Now, I'm off to vote again… 1 vote per Day!

    blessings. Dixie

  39. Maryrose says

    Hi Susan,
    Wonderful table and I am in the mood for that refreshing looking dessert. Everything on your table just sparkles so beautifully.
    Are you a naturally talented photographer or have you taken classes? Just lovely.

  40. Melissa Miller says

    Susan this so fresh and airy.
    Just like the dessert. Yummy!
    I adore the dollar tree goblets.
    Creative and so pretty too.

    Hope it cools down a bit for you soon. Did you win yet? 🙂

  41. lilsista says

    Cheerfully yummy!!! very nice!

  42. You certainly cooled things down with that beautiful table, Susan! Love the dessert! And those chargers are so sweet! Perfect touch of yellow from the sunflowers. Just lovely!

  43. A delightful tablescape! Thanks for hosting a lovely party once again!

  44. Michelle says

    I'm in awe of your tablescapes…truly.

    This week is my first one; which I though was beautiful until I saw your amazing post!!!

    So much talent in the Blogosphere!

    Best, and thanks,

  45. Mary @Boogieboard Cottage says

    Very lovely tablescape, I can't believe those glasses are from the Dollar store! Everything looks perfect, and I wish I had your berry dessert right now, it looks sooo good. BTW, have you already tried covering your doily with a paper napkin and then using an iron? :O)

  46. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    Simply Stunning Susan!!! Love the new candlesticks. They're even sweeter than I had anticipated.

    Have you tried ironing the doily on the wrong side with paper on both sides??? (I'm thinking brown paper bags.) Don't know if the red color will come out though…

    ☺♥☺ Diane

  47. Bama Belle says

    Susan, beautiful and fun summer evening table! Thank you ever so for hosting again this week. This and Foodie Friday are my FAVORITE blogging events! I missed last week as my husband had a mild heart attack and was hospitalized for a few days. So glad to be back to "normal" this week!

  48. Melissa Wertz says

    I really like the white china with the blue and love those flowers. Beautiful!

  49. I am jealous of your hot weather because it is cold and rainy for days and days ib NY!
    Last tablescape with your white Big Lots dishes, I said I was running to Big Lots…so I did! I stood looking and debating ($35) and said I'd think about it. After seeing this, I ran back and thakfully they were still there. When i paid, I was charged $19.99! I am in white dishes heaven! Thanks to you!

  50. Hi Susan…. the house in the roses is having an spectacular give-away… come see!


  51. Really beautiful tablescape Susan, your blue check napkins are gorgeous and sunflowers ooze summertime, your delicious dessert looks wonderful in those gorgeous blue stem martini glasses, happy weekend, Kathy.

  52. Anonymous says

    I successfully remove candle wax by putting the item between several layers of paper towels on either side and then ironing with a hot dry iron until all the wax melts out into the paper towels. Keep ironing until no more color comes out. Then maybe add a touch of bleach to washing the doily. Toni

  53. Fifi Flowers says

    GREAT photos… LOVE the flowers!

  54. mycitycottage says



  55. Enchanted Rose Studio says

    Susan, As I sit here (picking my jaw up from the floor) I realize there aren't enough adjectives. Absolutely elegant and so very stunning just doesn't seem to suffice. Your theme is beautifully executed!You are so very talented. I love everything, from the gingham napkins down to the adorable Napoleon Bee Flatware!

    Anymore thoughs on that project? 😉


  56. I love the higher resolution pics. It makes the table so much nicer!

  57. Wsprsweetly Of Cottages says

    I'm telling you…NEVER a disappointment here..NEVER! Gorgeous as always! Makes me love blue! 🙂

  58. Girl with the Curlz says

    Very pretty!! Love the bee flatware.

  59. Frugal Fine Living says

    What a fabulous table! It definitely says summer and so does that dessert … yummy!


  60. Every time I see your precious bee flatware it sets my heart to buzzing. Love all the blue and white. Your 4th of July tablescape was darling too, so many good ideas.
    Hopefully I can get back to tablescaping soon.

  61. Looks like the perfect backdrop for a lovely meal, with someone special, have a wonderful Thursday!

  62. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Susan, that table is just as cute as can be! I love how fresh it looks. Isn't the Dollar Tree the best thing since sliced bread? Love it!

    Thanks for sharing…


    Sheila 🙂

  63. Gorgeous as usual…
    first freeze the piece and see what you can flake off, then put on brown paper and cover with paper towels and iron until the wax is gone..

    if using red candles, starch your linens and then the wax will usually flake off if any gets on the piece 🙂 good luck..

  64. Isn't it interesting that we can (or at least you can!) create such a beautiful table with some things from the Dollar Tree and some from Nieman Marcus! I love the silverware with what I think is a bee on the ends. You always inspire me to stretch myself just a bit further, Susan.

  65. Smilingsal says

    You can't go wrong with cobalt blue and white! It's all so beautiful.

  66. so lovely as always.how are you?as a matter of fact i do know how to get candle wax off.and it also works getting old wax out of candle holders to put new ones in.freeze it.put the doily in the freezer.it won't hurt it.overnite or a week.it doesn't matter.then you can "pop"the wax right off.and with candle holders you just touch the old candle,kinda of thump,.the old candle will fall right out.
    i have tried hot,hot ,hot water,scraping,you name it.this works well and sooo easy…ann

  67. As blue and white paired together is always a classic to me, this tablescape shines through as clean, fresh, and summery. The fresh fruit looks so refreshing served in those blue martini glasses. Just goes to show that things can be re-purposed for use as something else. Another inspiring table setting, Susan. 🙂 Sue

  68. The best way to remove candlewax from carpet, etc is to take a hot iron and use a brown paper bag…cut the bag open and place the paper over the wax…use the iron to place on top of the bag and press down gently…this heats up the wax and lifts it from the area….continue with clean portions of the bag, until you have melted and lifted all the spilled wax. I'm not sure how this will work on crochet or how it will work with red wax…but, it should remove the wax, if not the stain and then you can treat the stain appropriately. Hope this helps.

  69. Florida Sue says

    How beautiful. I so love the flatware and the fruit looks so delicious in the blue glass. It's a beautiful cool look. You've done it again! Wow.

  70. lucky to be me says

    As always your tablescape is amazing! I especially love the cupcake/candle holders. What a great idea! You are so creative.

  71. I feel cooler already…thanks for the beautiful post. I get so many wonderful ideas from you. Thank you.


  72. Allidink says

    Oh my gosh I love this! So pretty! Your tablescapes are so inspiring! I am going to be participating next time! hehe. My first! I just went to Neiman Marcus's website looking for that silverware and it's on sale for $175 and I can't afford that. I am so sad LOL.

    All the best,

  73. Lady Katherine says

    Now, Susan This is my kind of table! I love it, there is that blue swirl enamel picture, that I love. Oh, love the napkins! The sunflowers are my passion! lol I think all of it is! Adore the fruit! I would just love to sit here! I am really busy, and glad to be feeling better! We have bookcases going in the parlor to use as a library too. Now hubby will not say it's wasted space. Shelves going up in Laundry room. Painting a head board. Working like a bee! lol I love this table! You did it just for me, I know! lol I hope soon to use some of my new dishes I been hiding! Oh, I recommend highly to use a candle snuffer! For Hubby blew out the candles and wax hit my lovely table cloths,and ruin one. The other I worked and worked to get the wax out, for it was one of my embroidery cloths. Now I am just going to cut up and dye the other cloth for napkins.

  74. Anonymous says

    Oh my you win the prize for best table !!! That is just beautiful and that dessert looks fantastic !!!

    All the best,
    Kathy 🙂

  75. That's the second time I've seen the flatware and don't know if I'll ever stop my drooling over it! Such a pretty table. Thanks for always sharing these pretty things with us!

  76. Charli and me says

    Just beautiful Susann. I love all of the blue and white. The flowers are so pretty. You have done a great job here. The dessert looks absolutely delicious.

  77. Kathleen at Set to a Tea says

    I so enjoy thursdays with you! I thought I'd give it a whirl this week. Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Have a tea-rific day!

  78. Lovely, lovely table Susann. I did wonder what hobnail candlesticks were so thanks for showing them so clearly.

    I too like snuffing candles. I love the smell the little thread of smoke leaves.

    Angie, xx

  79. California Girl says

    I came to your blog via Big Black Dog. Your photos and, I'm guessing, your work in home decor (?) is gorgeous. Wow.

  80. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    Susan~ ~ ~Beautiful just Beautiful!
    I am always amazed by your style.
    I read Gollums post about the Gibson dishes and my BL store doesn't have them. I keep checking back but no luck and I really want 2 sets. Nuts!
    Enjoyed my visit again. Thanks for all you do~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  81. Every single time I think you've outdone yourself…there's nothing else you can do…Boom! There you go again!
    This table has tickled me with joy this morning!
    All Things Heart and Home

  82. You must dream of decor my dear, everything you touch looks so perfect,yet so warm and inviting,love it all!! Hope this finds you well,Chrissy

  83. hello… hapi blogging… have a nice day! just visiting here….

  84. Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut says

    As my granny would've said, "Well shut my mouth, that gal knows how to set a table!" Now, momma would've said, "I'd be right proud to set at that table." Me, I'm just saying…WOW!

  85. Every frame of this post is fabulous. Thank you for sharing it all with us. Have a wonderful weekend.

  86. SavoringTime in the Kitchen says

    Beautiful table setting and perfect for the Fourth of July – especially with those raspberries adding the perfect red touch!

  87. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Beautiful! Dessert does not look to bad either.:)

  88. Country Girl Country Life says

    Love the milk glass!

  89. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    I had to drop by for a another peek! I love the glass top table – it just adds so much more dazzle & pizzazz to your tablescapes! ☺ Diane

  90. Hi Susan
    Your table looks beautiful as usual. Blue and white is my favorite combination and you have so many interesting little pieces to make it extra special. The flatware with the bees is very unusual.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  91. Sarah Anderson says

    Susan, this table is so cool and refreshing. Just what we need in this summer heat! White wicker and blue and white. Absolutely perfect!

  92. Anonymous says

    Beautiful tablescape! As for your question about removing red candle wax, the red stain is always a doozy! I concur with other posts to freeze then scrape off what you can with a dull knife or fingernail. If, however, you've already taken the hot water approach, the wax is most likely gone, but you have a nice red stain. In that case, DO NOT bleach your doily. Bleaching is beyond a last resort for vintage linens. Instead, purchase Carbona Stain Devils. There are different formulations for different kinds of stains, so be sure to get #1. To learn more about Carbona or find a retailer near you, go to http://www.carbona.com and click on Category "Stain Devils." I learned all about these wonderful products when working with vintage linens. Unless you've already tried other stain removers (which may affect the fabric), Stain Devils should work great. Good luck!

  93. Ldy ~~ Dy says

    Hi Susan.
    Here it is Sunday and I am barely getting to your T.T. With summer well under way I have been super busy! Your tablescape is very beautiful. The white dishes look stunning with the touch of blue from those cute martini glasses! Hmmm…my dollar tree doesn't carry nice glasses like these!! I protest!! Well…again…a lovely summer table setting! Also..great photo taking! Huggy Hugs!!

  94. Miss Janice says

    Susan, love the blue gingham napkins and the blue goblets with the white dinnerware and yellow & bellow centerpiece! PERFECTION:)

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