Hunkering Down

This was in the Atlanta paper today, a quote from one of the most respected meteorologist in Atlanta:

“Do be prepared for massive power outages as this is likely to be a massive weather event,” Burns said Monday evening.

Yikes! Here we go again, only this sounds even worse.

Today I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from running a few errands. Here’s what I found.

The milk section…



The egg section:



The bread isle:



Yep, typical reaction to any talk of bad weather in the south. 🙂

I’m just hoping my magnolia tree doesn’t lose its top again. It always fares well through snow but ice is another story. Twice the top has broken out of it during ice storms. It always grows a new one, but it’s awful to hear the limbs cracking and breaking from  inside the house. Hate that sound!

I hope you are safe over the next few days. Don’t worry about me…I have gas logs in my fireplace so if I lose power, I’ll just be spending a lot of time bundled up in the family room.  

Hopefully it won’t get that bad!

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  1. We have gotten use to it up here in the Midwest…it’s like an every other day event.

  2. Hi Susan I hope you guys don’t get as much snow as we did in Kansas last ween, here in topeka we got 14 inches in les than a day, most of it still in the ground.
    Please be safe, and thank you for being such a gracious

  3. Even our weathermen here in Chicago ‘burbs are talking about the winter storm headed your way! I pray you & your home will be safe & warm, Susan.

    • Thanks, Merri Jo! At least it isn’t supposed to last very long. Just hope folks stay home and don’t try to drive in it. The schools are closed for the next two days so they are trying to be better prepared this time around.

  4. Yep, been on the weather channel for 2 days now, so get ready!!! The pics are too funny, but that’s what happens when people get scared. Get your cooler ready out on the porch with ice in it. If your gas fireplace has an electric start you will be out of luck. Or can you light it with a match?? Make sure your car is in the garage so it won’t be damaged by dropping limbs. And keep your cell phone charged. Be warm, stay safe!!!

    • Thanks for the tips. I just charged up my cell tonight. Fortunately, the fireplace doesn’t have an electric starter, you just light it. Car is in the garage and I have lots of candles and flashlights so hopefully I’m ready. Are you in the path of this weather, too?

      • Will Spring ever come? Don’t forget to buy lots of batteries, various types..We’ll be thinking about you all in the South. Yesterday I stopped in at the public library and I think a lot of people were listening to the weather reports too..and getting prepared for some good reading. People went out of there loaded down with library books..

      • Sounds like you are prepared!! No, we are not in the path of the ice storm, just lotsa snow!!! We are having lake effect snow now since Lake Ontario is not frozen over this year. Don’t know why, this has been a record breaking year for low temps and a long, long, long winter!!! Our snow started back in November, and now we are starting to get a little punchy!!! Stay safe!!!

  5. My first thought when I saw the egg section was, “what? no one out there with high cholesterol? The egg substitute is all I eat (okay, I just have to have a real one now and then). Our W-M is often out of the Egg Beaters and the store brand. We, in MS, aren’t getting near what you all are but if the power goes out it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing! And we don’t have a gas fireplace or gas range. ha! ha! OK, Bonida, stop rambling!

  6. Always keep a box of dried milk in the pantry. Can come in very handy!

  7. Susan, I hate the ice! Not too far from you so stay warm and be safe! My birthday is Wednesday so I will certainly delay my trip and stay inside.

  8. Susan,
    You were the first person that came to mind when I heard the news of what is coming your way! Stay safe and warm. Good time to make some soup! 🙂


  9. Hi Susan

    My Publix looked similar to yours. I have logs for my fireplace, flashlights with new batteries, candles, food, and my car in the garage. Hope it’s not as bad tomorrow as they are predicting this morning. Now it could be snow and ice for fifteen hours. And they are using the word devastating…. I’m ready to be inside for a few days, I just hope we don’t lose power. Stay safe everyone!

  10. I hate the sound of the cracking limbs too! We are getting the same as you…ugh! Stay safe and warm xo

  11. Yes, stay safe! I thought of you as soon as the weatherman said Atlanta. I hope you were able to get your groceries, there wasn’t a lot there! We are expecting snow and rain. I’d much rather have the snow since I don’t have to get out in it and schools are often closed.

  12. Phyllis Trexler says

    Stay safe. We in southern Maryland are bracing for snow/ice. I am sure it won’t take long for our grocery stores to look like the ones in your area. I am looking everyday for the return of our Bluebirds and the departure of the Canadian Geese and the Snow Birds. We are growing ever so weary of all of this winter weather.

  13. Stay safe and warm Susan. Fingers crossed for your magnolia tree.


  14. Gees you’d think everyone expects to be trapped for a week! I heard the news and it sounds like they’re prepping much better this time. I hope it won’t cause too much trouble this time but I know how ice can make a mess.

    • A few years ago that almost actually happened. We had heavy snow that melted and turned to ice so everyone was stuck in their homes for 4 days. I remember how glad I was to be able to get out of the house after that. You really do get cabin fever! Thanks, Liz…me too!

  15. You are doing the best thing you can….hope everyone else is doing the same! We take our advisories and warnings to heart up here in Wisconsin. Stay warm! 😉

  16. The Quintessential Magpie Blog says

    Of course I worry about you! The minute I heard it, I thought of you and Rhoda and Sandie and Sue and Debbie. I am glad you are stocked up. We do this for hurricane season, and we get things like applesauce and sardines and crackers and water and veggies and peanut butter and… You know the drill! Those shelves? I have seen them before! 😉

    Stay warm and be safe!



  17. Susan, I sure hope your power stays on. It’s pretty watching the snow while it is coming down but I really hope you don’t get so much that the power goes off. Stay safe inside and bundled up if it does. So glad you have a fireplace. If the power stays on, it will be a good time to get caught up on organizing or writing more on your blog for all of us to enjoy :)! Stay safe & warm!

  18. Gloria in Pgh says

    Hi Susan! It never ceases to amaze me how people can always find something to complain about. Two weeks ago, Atlanta’s mayor got slammed for not taking the predictions for snow and icy conditions seriously. Last night on the news, people were interviewed about Atlanta’s preparations for the upcoming storm as “an over-reaction.” Really? The meteorologists are calling for between 1/2 inch and 1 inch of ice!!! I say the mayor’s plans are right on the money. Stay safe and warm and powered up. Warm wishes to you from Pittsburgh!

  19. Like Claudia, I live in the upper Midwest (Wisconsin) and we deal with this continually. Just got back from Louisianna where some ice closed down nearly everything! I just chuckle as we have only had 1 day since January that’s been above freezing. But we know you all are not use to this, so keep warm and safe.

  20. I love the pictures of your grocery shopping trip, it looks the same here in Jackson, MS. Be careful and stay warm over there!

  21. Ice is so much worse than the snow. I fell on the ice leaving work a week ago Monday, I fell flat on my back with my head getting the worst of the deal. I am still hearing bells. I don’t know about you but I always worry about the birds that come to my feeders. Get the birds fed now before this storm bears down on you, don’t get tempted to run out feed them tomorrow. Stay safe!

  22. Susan, I hope your weather is not as severe as predicted. In the north the stores look just like this when a storm is hyped on the news. Usually it happens when the previous storm was worse than predicted; the second time around everyone gets nervous and wants to stock up. Keep warm.

  23. Stay warm and safe…. We speak from experience here in Southern Wisconsin!

  24. Hi, Susan,
    As soon as I see Atlanta on the weather segment, I think of you. Please take care. It sounds like you are well prepared and ready to hunker down. Very often we go on “storm watch” here in So. CA and nothing much happens. So let’s hope it will be the same for you, and Mother Nature will back off. You won’t have to worry about traveling to meet your soon-to-be grandbaby, will you? Rosie

  25. Hi Susan! You are in a lot of hearts and minds today! I too thought of you when I heard the weather forecast. Stay safe and warm, and take pictures so we all can see:) From snowy Indiana…..

  26. Glad to hear you’re preparing to stay in and be safe!
    We’ve finally gotten out of the sub-zeros (fingers crossed, for-good!)!
    Winter is just no joke anymore–

  27. Stay warm, Susan!
    I hope you get more snow than ice. Ice is not fun. Oh, and I hope your power stays on or at least, if you end up losing power, that the power company will fix it without expecting you to pay extra for it. After our big, unexpected snow storm in early October here in South Dakota, the Black Hills Power company decided they spent entirely too much time fixing downed power lines, so customers should pay for it. Our power rates are going up again with that exact explanation. Geez! And who is going to pay for all of our expenses of fixing up our properties and cleaning up downed trees after the storm? And how about those 6 days without power and lost working hours and pay for those affected?
    I understand all the panic in the South. You, guys, are not used to weather like this. But here? For crying out loud, it’s South Dakota! We should expect bad winter storms every now and then.

    Praying you and your family stay safe.

  28. Stay safe and warm! We will be getting it starting midnight Wed. and all day Thursday. UGH! I just pray we don’t have ANOTHER power outage! 34 hours last week:( XO

  29. Best wishes with the weather, Susan. We’re in Commerce and it has been snowing for a while this morning. We probably have about an inch so far. You’re right; ice and power outages are the worst!

  30. Praying that it won’t be as bad as they’re predicting, Susan! I know we’ve had our share of bad winter storms here in Michigan….and everyone is worn out and just plain sick of them. Stay safe and cozy!

    xoxo laurie

  31. Nancy B of Lake Stevens says

    Like many of your other readers , the first thing I thought of when I heard the news was you and then distant family in Atlanta. Isn’t amazing how something so beautiful as an ice storm can be so destructive.

    Be safe and warm.

  32. Stay warm and dry and busy. I think ATL is going to be much worse than Bham. Mostly what we have so far is cold rain and dreary skies.

  33. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    And after Atlanta, it’s headed up the coast to Virginia/DC…bring on the Irish Coffee, fire in the fireplace, some good books, and my puppy. I’ll be thinking of you, Susan. Stay warm and safe…clink…here’s to you!

  34. A few weeks back the news brought ‘snow storm’ news to us, in Michigan, where snow is no big thing, and the stores looked just like yours! I was texting my husband and kids the empty shelves. It was like people were preparing for the Apocalypse. We got 6, maybe 8 inches- not enough to have a ‘snow day’ but I couldn’t have made hot cocoa if I wanted to because all the milk sold out. I know it’ll be different for you in GA. Stay safe!

  35. I forget which comedian said it (maybe Jerry Seinfeld?) but some comedian said – “Everytime there is a snowstorm why does everyone feel the need to make french toast?” That always makes me laugh as the eggs, bread and milk are gone from the shelves.
    I’m sure you’ll be fine! One thing I’ve learned from living up north in a snowy part of America is that you have to plan way ahead for these storms – not the day before (I’ve learned that the hard way!). Before winter gets crazy I make sure to have enough wood, a crank radio (the electric goes out here and being without electric for 3 weeks after Hurricane Sandy was a nightmare!), a crank battery for the cell phone, milk in those vaccum juice-box kind of things (they last 8 months), canned goods, crackers, tea (got to have tea in a storm!), lot’s of candles (I buy box after box from Ikea to get me through the winter) and so on… I think whatever part of the country we are in … we will all be VERY happy to see spring this year. Stay warm!!

  36. This has been the winter from you know where hasn’t it…yikes! Hope y’all escape the worst of it. Will be heading my way soon enough 🙁 No doubt our grocery stores will look like yours. Me, I prefer to hit the wine shop 😉 Be safe out there everyone!

  37. Hoping your weather won’t be as bad as being predicted! We have a daughter who lives alone out your way! She’s a little nervous about the weather. She was stuck on the expressway during the last storm! Stay stafe!

  38. Oh,Susan!!
    Here in PA we have come to realize we won’t be seeing the grass until its time to mow it!! another 12″ on Thursday!
    Stay Warm and safe!


  39. Susan…sounds like your preparations will see you through. Hope you don’t lose power-that’s the worst. We are used to big snow storms here in upstate NY but the ice thing-we don’t get that very often! Stay warm, dry, and cozy…about the only thing you can do!!!! Hope it isn’t as bad as they predict!!

  40. That isn’t just in the south, here in Colorado, when a snowstorm is expected everyone rushes to the store to buy bread, eggs, milk and toilet paper! I guess those things must be considered staples or something. Me, I do make sure I’ve got bread and TP but I buy peanut butter! Ice is the worst even here in the Rocky Mountains. Luckily our power lines run underground but losing power is bad and hopefully you won’t get hit like they think. The storm that went through here over the weekend and yesterday was mostly fog and sleet but today I can see the mountains. Stay warm and inside.

  41. Hi Susan,
    I’m here in North Carolina (northeast of Charlotte). It started snowing here around 9:30 and it’s still coming down. The bad part is supposed to hit us tomorrow. However, I love snow days…they are too far and few here in the south. As far as groceries, you would think you’re on an episode of Dooms Day Preppers. I had to go get a few groceries on Sunday and wasn’t aware of the maybe, possible snow coming on Tuesday, but apparently everyone else in my town was. Stay warm 🙂

  42. “Snow” is a four letter word in the south. I think “ice” trumps that! It was beautiful in North Georgia this morning, but that’s due to change in the next few hours! Snow is melting and “round two” is the ice storm! Yep, I have heard the word “devastating” as well! Scary!! Stay safe everyone!

  43. Susan, I am sitting here (just south of you) waiting for the ice storm to hit. We were totally prepared last time – I hope Atlanta does better this time. Two of my friends who live in Marietta were stranded. One spent the night with a friend and he returned home late the next day. My other friend spent 15 hours in her car, including all night in the 14 degree weather. Yikes! Please stay warm and off the streets!!

  44. This morning I was listening to the car radio enroute to bowling and they were talking up the expected storm and talked about what the hardware or Big Box stores are selling out of today in preparation for the storm. One man mentioned to be sure to have an old fashion can opener on hand so you can open cans..’cause if you lose power, you won’t be able to open that can with your electric can opener. I stopped using an electric can opener about 9 years more thing to have on the counter or “under the counter” installation. A lot of people might have a grill and if electric goes out and they have an all electric house or electric stove in kitchen, if they have a grill, they can at least cook food on it. If electricity goes out, don’t open your freezer or refrigerator. My niece had a freezer motor to go on the blink one time and they discovered it quickly and started defrosting meats, vegetables and cooking it up out on their gas grill outside.
    Amazing what some people take for granted when an emergency situation happens like a bad winter storm, Hurricane, earthquake or tornado..I grew up in NC on the east coast, near the ocean and we weathered many hurricanes and they are scary. Fortunately we never had any major damage to our home.

  45. Did you find any food?? LOL Geesh. Well stay warm, hope you have a house generator. Ice is the worst storm of all. Nothing to take lightly, and I’m sure you’re not!

  46. Here in NJ we have had snow every week since the beginning of the year, but I have seen the tips of the daffodil leaves so I know we Welsh will have daffodils in time for St. David’s Day on March 1st. We have always planned ahead, but after Sandy we added a generator big enough to run our refrigerator and our freezer plus a few small items. We have also been warned about this storm, particularly the ice – arriving here overnight Wednesday through Thursday morning. We brought extra wood up to the house just in case we need to depend on our fireplace – wood that was supplied by Hurricane Sandy! A turkey carcass is simmering on the stove this evening and will be stock by tomorrow…ready for the addition of vegetables and noodles while we are hunkered down inside. Eggs, milk, bread and…toilet paper!

  47. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    I’m blowing hot air your way, Susan. (Don’t say it! 😛 ) I’m a little bit north of you and things aren’t supposed to be quite so bad for us. We went through the ‘ice storm of the century’ when we first moved here … oh .. my … gosh … 😮 I had never seen anything like it! Even after living in Alaska and Colorado, I had never seen an ice storm like that before. The south sure knows how to get jiggy with the ice. 😀 I laughed at your pictures because it’s the same here. Even with just a ‘hint’ of now or even just ‘talk’ of snow, lol. Southerners are cute.

    Well, if it does get crazy, you’ve got a battle plan; Susan Branch books, Doc Martin vids and a couple of cozy afghans. Don’t forget the tea. 😉 Just bundle up and ride it out and try to make a ‘cozy event’ of it and keep us all posted. We’ll be thinking about you. 🙂

  48. Susan,
    Prayers coming your way, dear friend, that you won’t lose your power!
    Stay safe, stay warm.

  49. bobbi duncan says

    Hi, Susan, Keeping my fingers crossed that you don’t lose power or have any downed trees. This is the craziest weather–we were without power for five days with the last storm. Food was fine out in coolers on the deck, and, luckily, we have a battery-operated starter for the fireplace if no power, but piles of dirty laundry and no real showers were, well, yucky! Just goes to show how we’ve allowed ourselves to become so dependent on the utility companies. If we are ever fortunate enough to build that little cottage, we are also going to make it more sustainable. Be safe and stay warm.

  50. Having once survived 7 feet of snow in 7 days it is hard to realize how paniced people can get. I am outside Buffalo NY, where we have the dubious honor of the nations second highest snow total for this year….94 inches so far. Stay safe.

    • Wow Chris! That is amazing – 94 inches. I’m not complaining anymore. I used to live in Rochester, NY where it’s similar and everyone was so calm about a foot or two feet of snow that it just amazed me! Good luck and stay warm!

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