Cutest Thing Ever–I Could Not Resist! Plus, It’s On Sale 50% Off!

Over the years, Kate Spade has produced some of the cutest, most adorable handbags you can imagine or dream up. As much as I have always loved them, I’ve been able to resist getting one. Until now.

Kate Spade-Adorable Gingerbread House Handbag


When I saw this enchanting Gingerbread House bag, it was instant love and I knew I had to have one. Of course, it didn’t hurt that it’s on sale 50% off right now! (Gingerbread House Bag is available here: Gingerbread House Bag.) The Black Friday sales are starting early this year!

Kate Spade Gingerbread House Handbag and Card Holder


The details of this bag are amazing! Even the sides and the back are super detailed. ♥

Gingerbread Handbag Side View


Here’s a view of the back…I love the shingled roof, the shutters–just everything!

Kate Spade, Gingerbread Handbag, Back View


And the clasp that you use to open it is a chimney! Gahhhh! I can’t stand it! LOL It comes with a leather strap so it can be worn on the shoulder or crossbody, but I plan to just use the top handle when I carry it.

Kate Spade-Adorable Gingerbread House Handbag


I was surprised by how roomy it is inside! Even my big Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone fits inside with no problem. Actually, I can get all the things I normally carry inside: phone, small accessories bag, compact wallet, lipstick, 4-ring key holder, and key fob case.

Interior of Gingerbread House Bag by Kate Spade


I love the little spade-shaped window in the front door. So dang cute!

Peep Hole in Door, Kate Spade Gingerbread Handbag


Since everything is on sale, I had to get the cardholder, too.

Kate Spade Gingerbread House Handbag and Card Holder


On the cardholder, the front door has a wee doorknocker. They really put so much thought into these pieces–the details make it so special! (Cardholder is available here: Gingerbread House Cardholder.)

Kate Spade Gingerbread Card Holder


This is going to be such a cute bag to carry throughout the holidays, especially to Christmas parties and holiday outings. If you love it, I would not wait too long to get it. The sales associate who helped me with this piece told me that the bag sold out early last year, so that’s why they brought it back again this year. She added that they were starting their Black Friday pricing early this year, so I don’t know if it will be further reduced for Black Friday or not. I kinda doubt it since it’s already on sale 50% off. You’ll find both the handbag and cardholder on sale here: Gingerbread House Handbag AND here: Gingerbread House Cardholder.

Kate Spade Gingerbread House Handbag and Card Holder


Update: There’s also an adorable Gingerbread Man that can be clipped to the outside as a bag charm or it can be used as a keychain. I didn’t pick him up when I purchased my bag because I thought he was just a key chain, but he’s actually a bag charm for the outside of the bag. He could possibly work as a key chain, but since he’s kinda chunky/thick, I think he would be a bit too big to put inside the bag along with the other things we need to carry.  But he’s definitely an adorable bag charm! Update: Had to go back for the bag charm–just too cute to not get him while he’s on sale. You’ll find him available here: Gingerbread Man Key Ring/Bag Charm.

Kate Spade Gingerbread Man Key Ring


Here’s how he looks worn on a different bag–I absolutely love him! I may have to keep him on this bag even past Christmas. Ha! Definitely recommend getting him to wear on your bags through the holiday and winter season.

Kate Spade Gingerbread Man Bag Charm, Adorable_wm

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  1. Gail Simpson says

    Ever since you mentioned the Newman’s Own Lemon Pepper seasoning I have been dying to try it . After searching all my local markets ( including Trader Joes and Whole Foods) I had no success. So I then called the company and they said they would get back to me( I live in a suburb of Buffalo,NY ). Finally after calling three times they did get back to me. They said I was having trouble finding it because they were not going to make it any more! Very disappointing. Is there anything else similar that you have tried? You made it sound so tasty.

  2. Cute always gets us in trouble !

  3. Love this bag! So cute for the holidays!
    It reminds me of the picture bags made by Radley, a British company that uses a scottie as their symbol. They make limited edition scottie pictures bags and book-shaped bags with scotties cavorting in different situations and holidays. They are collected by Radley fans and scottie lovers not just in the British Isles but worldwide.

  4. Franceil Parde says

    YOU will do it justice!! Truly, one of a kind!! Delectable…franki

  5. Since Christmas is my jam and I LOVE gingerbread houses, I had to have the bag. And the cardholder. AND the gingerbread key ring! Thank you so much for sharing this adorable purchase with us. Can’t wait until it arrives!

    • Niki, I’m the same way! Even when I’m not using this bag, I’m going to keep it on display in my handbag cabinet because it’s so cute! I may have to go back for that keyring…it was adorable!

      • Susan, As you may have noticed, in the video of what fits in the bag on the Kate Spade website, the gingerbread man key ring is shown attached to the bag, and that’s what did me in LOL.

        • Ohh, that’s defintely the way to wear it. I missed that video, I need to go watch it. The main reason I didn’t get it (because it is ADORABLE!) is because it’s pretty good size and I didn’t think it would fit in the bag with my other stuff. That makes so much sense, clipping it on the outside. It can be like a bag charm! I have to get it now! Thanks, Niki!

          • You are welcome, Susan. Enjoy! And happy holidays!

            • Niki, just picked up my gingerbread guy, he is so adorable! Thank you for letting me know that he’s really a bad charm, and not a key ring! 🙂

            • Niki, just got home and hooked Mr. Gingerbread Man on the bag and he is adorable! I have one little concern–when he’s on the bag, the round metal part that you attach him with–to the bag, touches the metal part of the bag itself. So I’m a little worried it will scratch that high polish part of the bag as he moves around. (See photo.) I’m going to see if I can find something to cover the round clasp part…maybe something that’s silcone so that it’s see-through but protects the bag. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I really want to wear him on the bag–he’s perfect for it!

              Kate Spade Gingerbread Man

              • Susan, I ordered my bag online, so I have to wait until it’s delivered, but that silicone tape looks like a good idea. If you try it, let me know how it works out. Your bag with the gingerbread man looks aDORable!

                • Thanks! I just ordered the less expensive of the two options I shared and it should arrive tomorrow. A lot of the silicone tape online is two sided–sticky on both sides. We def don’t want that. The one I ordered is one sided so I’ll give it a try. I’ll let you know how it works. I just don’t want our little gingerbread guy to scratch up our bags.

                • Niki, you will be shocked when you see the thickness/depth of the gingerbread man charm. The manager and I were talking about how KS missed an opportunity to not make him hold something. She thinks he should have been a coin purse and I was thinking he could easily have held a key fob. He is chunky! lol Either way, he is adorable! You’re going to love him and the bag!

                  • Susan, please do let me know how the silicone tape works out; I hope you have good luck with it. Now I’m really intrigued to see what the gingerbread man looks like. He would have made such a cute coin purse!

                    • Well, I’m not too keen on how the tape looks. (See photo below.) It would be better if the tape was a lot thinner. I’m glad I have the charm since it’s part of this adorable collection, but I don’t think I’ll actually wear it on the bag unless I can find something to cover the metal ring that looks thinner/better. Maybe it could be worn hanging from the crossbody strap…like the loop on the strap. I’m planning on just carrying my bag hand-held, though. Still love this cute charm, though!

  6. That is the cutest handbag I’ve seen! Love the accessories too. Of course it is way out of budget for this country bumpkin, but I know it will look good on you Susan! Hugs, Brenda

  7. Juanita in OH says

    CUTE, CUTE and CUTE, TFS!!!

  8. Your new KS holiday purse is so cute, Susan! Oh my gosh, SO ADORABLE!

    I think I’d take the man back though. Too big and clunky. Sometimes less is more. (Just my humble opinion, based on looks and possible scratching as you mentioned.) Purse is a keeper and will be the hit of your holiday parties!!

  9. Susan, I’m so sorry that the tape didn’t work out! I think I might just take my chances with it, but I probably will use the crossbody strap so it’s a good idea to attach it to that. I hope that you find something that works for you!

    • I love it even if I don’t use it on the bag. 🙂

      • I know, right? Me, too! I’m thinking I can use him attached to the crossbody strap and leave him at home when I’m carrying the bag by the handle. Either way, I’m glad I got him!

        • Niki…have to share this. After I purchased my bag, I walked over to Brooks Brothers to get a sweater and gift certificate for my son. I think the SA in Brooks Brothers must have been fairly new because another SA was helping her, showing her how to ring up my gift certificate in their system. The more senior sales associate commented on my Kate Spade bag and that I was doing some shopping. I could tell she was curious what I had in the bag, so I offered to show her. I wish you could have seen the faces of both of the Sales Associates when I pulled that bag out. Their mouths dropped wide open and their eyes got huge. The reaction was so cute…they had a fit over it and called over another SA to come see it. They kept exclaiming over all the detail work on the bag. We had so much fun talking about it–they absolutely loved it! I knew they would like it but their reaction was 10X what I expected! It really is such a special bag–I can’t wait to wear it after Thanksgiving has passed! I hope your bag arrives soon!

  10. What a great story, Susan! Thank you for sharing. I would have loved to have been there to see their reaction. It really is a showstopper and I’m so excited to get mine!

    • Niki, even if we don’t wear the adorable Gingerbread Man charm on the KS bag, he looks soooo cute on so many other bags. Love him! ♥

      Kate Spade Gingerbread Man Bag Charm, So Adorable

      • Oh, wow, he looks amazing on there, Susan! I hadn’t even thought of that, but what a great way to add some Christmas cheer to our other bags. I can hardly wait for mine to arrive. He is just the cutest thing, and you are so smart and creative!

  11. I’ve looked at this bag for a couple of years now!!! I LOVE Kate Spade, and this bag is adorable!!!!

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