Mixing Herend for a Garden Table Setting

Welcome to the 158th Tablescape Thursday!

A few years ago I attended an historic home tour that was by far, the very best home tour I’ve ever been on.  It was in Newnan, Georgia and was sponsored by The Georgia Trust.  If you ever have an opportunity to go on one of their home tours, be sure to go.  They are well organized and the homes are always absolutely amazing!

On this particular Newnan tour, we visited a home where a china pattern completely stole my heart. The homeowner remembered the maker was Herend, but she couldn’t remember the pattern.  After a little research, I discovered it was, Rothschild Bird-Green Border.  Unfortunately, the Rothschild Bird Green Border is a bit too expensive for my china budget.  A place setting is over $1,300!  But I was able to find a few salad plates on eBay of the regular Rothschild Bird (no border)  at a reasonable price.  (You can view that tablescape, HERE.)

Recently, my friend Cornelia, shared a gorgeous tablescape she created using beautiful Herend china.  She even mixed in a bit of my favorite Rothschild Bird…be still my heart!

Cornelia dined in her garden this day.

Come a little closer…

Already the beautiful floral centerpiece captures your heart…

Cornelia said, “The tablecloth was made by Solenzara in Hamburg using a French fabric, a Toile de Jouy pattern called “Artemis.”

Cornelia created this tablescape using several different Herend patterns.  I love that!  Table settings with mixed patterns are always a big favorite of mine.

Cornelia said, “The china is entirely Herend; I mixed several patterns together. Here you see two plates of Apponyi pattern (Flowers of the Indies).”

The cutlery is silver by Jezler/Switzerland.  The pattern is called “Centenaire.”  The napkins are hand-embroidered vintage linen.

Cornelia said, “The champagne glass is German, hand-cut crystal. The wine glass is by Theresiental. The patten is called Minton. The small glass is French hand-cut crystal by la Cristallerie Lorraine.

Gorgeous floral centerpiece!

I wish we could breathe in the scent of these beautiful roses.

This vase is by Meissen…stunning!

Beautiful tablescape!

Cornelia set another lovely table in the garden for the coffee and dessert.

Another beautiful centerpiece of roses…

Cornelia shared, “The crystal liquor glasses are vintage.”

“The cutlery is Silver by Jezler/Switzerland.  The pattern is called Centenaire. The tablecloth is hand-embroidered and vintage as well.  This pattern by Herend is New Osier.”

“This pattern is called Persil.  On the right is a plate called Verger and on the left you see the famous Rothschild pattern.”

Which setting would you choose for your coffee and dessert?  Would be a difficult choice, wouldn’t it?  They are all so beautiful!

The coffee pot is in the Rothschild Bird pattern.  You can read all about the history of  Rothschild Bird pattern HERE.  Do you see the Baroness Rothschild’s necklace?  Those naughty birds have taken it high up into the trees.  Love the story behind this pattern.  Love!

Cornelia, thanks so much for sharing these beautiful table settings all the way from your lovely garden in Switzerland.

To view another table setting using beautiful Herend, Rothschild Bird, click on Herend, Rothschild Bird.

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  1. Beautiful! I love that red toile cloth!

  2. What a beautiful setting for this exquisite china. So very very pretty. I love the glasses, they remind me of my grandmother's. Thanks for sharing. xo marlis

  3. I just feel like I was visiting royalty. Such beauty here. I've been drinking it in.

  4. As usual, her table is absolutely gorgeous, and the setting makes it even more so. I also love the dessert table.

  5. AshTreeCottage says

    There is nothing more beautiful than Herend! The reason that a special little motif is hand painted on the back of each piece is so that the dishwasher and the person drying have something beautiful to enjoy while washing and drying! Isn't that a lovely idea? Thanks for hosting Susan ~ it's always a delight to join in!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Alycia Nichols says

    Hi, Susan! Totally off topic, but I love Cornelia's house judging just by that tiny little bit that is showing! I love all the windows!!! OK, back on the train: It IS a beautiful setting and it seems to fit right in with the graceful serenity of her side yard. The china is undoubtedly fabulous, and I LOVE the liqueur glasses on the smaller table!!!!! Also head over heels with the flatware on the larger table! Hats off to Cornelia!

  7. Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes says

    Cornelia sets the most beautiful tablescapes. I would love to sit at any spot in her lovely garden setting!

    The way she has mixed patterns really gives extra interest to the entire table setting.

    The Rothschild Bird pattern is so sweet and it is nice to see it tucked here and there among the place settings and dessert table.

  8. Yvonne @ StoneGable says

    Thank you for hosting the 158 Tablescape Thursday! I always love to see what gorgeous tables Cornelia will have for us! I am so appreciative of an outdoor setting. I know the great amount of work that goes into carrying the china outdoors. It is such a pleasure to see a table so richly set with china I am not familiar with.
    It would be impossible to chose a set to have dessert. She would have to pick for me!

    Susan, Thank you for the lovely background and tidbits about the first time you saw the Rothchild Bird china. So interesting!
    Again… thanks for hosting!

  9. Herend is such a beautiful china, it's no wonder it is very expensive. I love that tea pot. I also love Cornelia's garden bench. What a lovely tablescape!..Christine

  10. Totally breath taking, from the toile table cloth to the gorgeous china and crystal. I love that she mixed things up!! Thank you for sharing some of the background on these pieces..xo HHL

  11. once in a blue moon says

    anything outdoors is charming by me, make it swiss and its enchanting~

  12. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    What a beautiful setting for a beautifully set table. The mix and match of patterns is so enchanting. I so appreciate all of Cornelia's hard work in sharing her beautiful table with us. Susan thank you for hosting each week. hugs ~lynne~

  13. Hi Susan,

    Love this pattern, so delicate. The red toile tableclothe is pretty also. I would love to take a peek inside Cornelia's (spelling?) house. It looks like a beautiful home. Thanks for hosting this great party. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  14. Thank you, Susan, for hosting our beloved Tablescape Thursday and for showcasing Cornelia's talent for displaying her enviable tabletop treasures!

    How very European of her to take such precious objects out into the garden! My hands would tremble if I were transporting that beautiful coffee pot from the china cabinet to the dining room table!

    If I were fortunate enough to be transported to Cornelia's garden, I'd put those cut crystal glasses to use by proposing toasts to you both, wishing you great happiness and a future filled with dozens of place settings of Herend Bird China (with green borders of course) than you could ever possibly use … and all the serving pieces too!


  15. Entertaining Women says

    The incredibly elegant Herend china seems right at home in Cornelia magnificent garden. The red and white toile is a magnificent cloth. Ah for the luxury of whiling away an afternoon in this spectacular spot. Thank you for sharing it with us and for treating us to your meme each week. Cherry Kay

  16. $1,300 for one place setting??? Yoikes! I'd be afraid to use them. Suppose I dropped something? My only good china I inherited (and it's not really to my taste.) So I have no real concept of actual costs for most "good" china….but I know it's not $1,300! It's pretty though.

  17. Hi Susan

    I love Bill's comment!!
    The garden tablescape is wonderful as is the beautiful china and glassware. I think you probably have better weather over the pond to present a tablescape in the garden!!The tablecloth is wonderful. Please thank her for sharing it all with us.

    Thank you very much for the comment on my tablescape. I love how you have furnished your study, the bookshelves really finish it off well.

    Love Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  18. What a beautiful setting! The dishes, glassware, flowers are so pretty! Like others have said I can only imagine the work and effort to carry those precious pieces outside. The photography is great because I feel like am right there! Thank you for such a wonderful escape.

  19. Curtains In My Tree says


    another spectaclur showing of your beautiful dishes

    I love your red toile table cloth and cushion

    I don't have a table top today to show off just my salt & perpper garland on my blog


  20. Ciao
    Mi piace tantissimo il tuo blog le tue foto sono sempre bellissime come le tue tavole!!
    Un abbraccio

  21. FABBY'S LIVING says

    THIS CHINA IS GOT TO BE THE MOST EXQUISITE one I have EVER!! You know me Susan, I just run to Cornelia's tablescapes, they're just fabulous, the elements and china she uses are usually outstanding and makes my heart skip a bit! What can I say about these china?!, just outstanding, stunning and exquisite beyond words!! I love the toile tabletopper, lovely. Thank you for sharing and hosting dear Susan. Hugs, FABBY

  22. freddyandpetunia says

    As always—just BEAUTIFUL!
    I love that toile table cloth, but the silver ware, omg! Let's just say, I want-I want-I want!

  23. Designs on 47th Street says

    Goodness! I never tire of coming here and finding more pretty table settings. This one of your friends is no exception. Dishes, tablecloth, pretty flowers..sigh! I too love mixing dishes…so interesting.
    I'm excited to be joining in today Susan. Thanks again for hosting!

  24. Designs By Pinky says

    Susan, Cornelia always sets such a gorgeous table! The table cloth stole my heart right away along with the centerpiece! Then the CHINA, OMGoodness!!! Then the silverware and glassware. It is all so beautiful I have looked at the pics several times and will go back again! Thanks so much for hosting and for sharing Cornelia's talents with your readers!!!! XO, Pinky

  25. Richard Cottrell says

    I love the finery and Grandeur in the garden, makes it seem far more important than it would have been in a dining room where it had to complete with everything else. I Love it! Richard from MY Old Historic House.

  26. Hi Susan,
    Cornelias tables are always exquisite. Herend is so beautiful and Cornelia has a lot of pretty items. Thank you for sharing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  27. I want to be seated at the smaller table, please.

  28. Tanya@takesix says

    Oh my…what beautiful china! I can surely understand how you fell in love with yours if it is similar. A beautiful table in a lovely setting! Thank you for hosting every week, Susan. It is truly a please to visit, and participate when I can. Have a great weekend.

  29. I admire the table setting.
    Very well arranged.
    And I love those roses. Cassy

  30. Sweetladyelaine says

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and hosting this wonderful event!
    Blessings My Friend,

  31. So beautiful! Two for one–so pretty!

  32. I feel as if I've been across the big water,this is so lovely,wouldn't it be great to sit in that garden and have tea…

  33. Oh what I would give to be able to spend a few hours, or even days curled up in a chair with all of your wonderful books. I would be so happy to just sit and read for weeks with a collection like that. How do you get any work done?
    Have a great weekend!

  34. Violets Are Blue says

    Now I am completely in love with this pattern too! It would mix beautifully with my good china, hmmmm, that gives me an idea. Thanks for the idea to mix the expensive with the affordable. Patty/BC

  35. Looks like I am late to post but in the plate stack, what is the small dish in the center on top ? Bone dish ? Beautiful china and that tablecloth is awesome.

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