In The BNOTP Library: Nicky Haslam’s Folly De Grandeur

My main computer, the one where I store all my photos, is at the computer doctor getting worked on. It feels like I’m missing my right arm. Hopefully I will have it back in the next day or two. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a beautiful book from my decor library.

If you’re new to this series I started a while back, you’ll find all the books I’ve shared on the topics of Decorating, Gardening and Entertaining under the category BNOTP Library at the top of the blog or click here: In The BNOTP Library: My Favorite Books About Decorating, Gardening and Entertaining  Today’s book is the 55th one I’ve shared and it’s a great one!

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In the BNOTP Library: Nicky Haslam’s Folly De Grandeur: Romance and Revival in an English Country House
Author: Nicky Haslam
Hardcover: 224 pages
Book Size: 11.7 x 9.2 x 1 inches

Nicky Haslam's Folly de Grandeur


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • I probably deserve a knock on the head for not having shared this book before now because it’s absolutely wonderful…pure delight. This is another one of those books written by a designer about his own personal home. I could stop right there and not say another word, couldn’t I? For some reason, as I’ve mentioned before, books written by a designer about their own home always turn out to be the best books!
  • Nicky Haslam’s English Country house once belonged to John Fowler…a very good sign this is no ordinary home. The home has a whimsical, fairytale facade and is located on what was once the hunting grounds of King Henry VII. The home has a rich history. The decor throughout has a romantic feel and this book shows that even small rooms can be beautiful.
  • In addition to being filled with lovely, one-of-a-kind rooms, the book is well-written. You’ll savor every word and will be sad when it ends. Wait until you see the gardens! If you love English design and love English country homes with beautiful gardens, you will love this book!

You can read more about this, Nicky Haslam’s Folly De Grandeur: Romance and Revival in an English Country House book at Amazon where I normally buy my books, via the picture link below.

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In the BNOTP Library

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  1. I noticed last week on they were offering an external hard drive that would store 250 hours of video or something like 6000 photos. I’m considering one so I don’t lose the important stuff. It requires backing it up every day, but worth the bother. There might be a program that does automatic backups. Especially useful for writers and photographers–or those of us who do a lot of things with our websites.

    • I have a really good harddrive I bought a while back for the one time I tried to use it back up my pics, it backed them up but in a jumbled mess…no organization. I def need to find a better way. I use Carbonite, so at least if something happened, I’d have that. Thanks, Julie for that info…will check further into it.

  2. Mary from Virginia says

    You have some great books! I’m so impressed. My library needs some more fun books like yours!

    • Thanks, Mary! They’ve all been gradually collected over the last 7-8 years. I almost never buy magazines now since there are so many great books available and many are less than the cost of a magazine…so I’d rather have the books.

  3. Kathy Hammett says

    Oh, I was doing soooo well on my 12 step program, hadn’t bought one of your BNOTP books in weeks, maybe months. Thanks to you Wendy, I’m off the wagon. I am going to love, love, love this book. Can you imagine living on that estate, in that home? In my dreams…. Thanks for showing us this book?

  4. I love that book too, need to get it back out and look again. Sorry to hear about your computer – that happened to me not long ago and I know exactly what you mean. Hope it gets back to you soon!

  5. Besides loving Nicky Haslam’s book, I should just mention that another one I adore is by Furlow Gatewood, called “One Man’s Folly, The Exceptional Houses by Furlow Gatewood.” So beautful!!!
    I also notice that we share similar book collecting styles:-)

    • Dolores, it’s sooo funny you should mention Furlow’s book because I’ve featured it before and I came sooo close to comparing it to this one in my review. They both have the name Folly in them and they are both so refreshing and different from most design books, they just reminded me of each other in some ways. I love One Man’s Folly! We do share similar book collecting styles! 🙂

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