Door & Deck Progress and A2 Milk Finally Reaches Georgia

Paint a Railing Brown for Easier Maintenance

Welcome to the 455th Metamorphosis Monday. During the summer of 2016, I visited my son and daughter-in-law in Ohio. While shopping in a nearby grocery store I learned all about A2 Milk and gave it a try, not expecting it to really "work." A2 Milk comes from cows that naturally only produce the A2 protein in their milk and not any of the A1 protein. From what I've read, milk from cows who naturally produce the A2 protein is easier for folks to digest since it … [Continue Reading...]

Wardrobe Additions & How to Keep Boots from Losing Their Shape and Falling Over

Frye Boots, Handbag and Tote

Work continues on the decks but they are getting close now to being done. The basement door-staining project inside has been a nail biter. I gave my painters a stained piece of trim (left over from when the hardwood flooring was installed in the living room) so they would have something for matching the door stain to the surrounding judges paneling. The first stain they tried on the door wasn't remotely close--like night and day. Next, they had the paint store do … [Continue Reading...]

Blue Willow & A Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece for an Autumn Table

Blue Willow for Fall Autumn Table, Orange Accents

Welcome to the 472nd Tablescape Thursday! We've decided to skip fall and winter here in Georgia this year. As you can see, the trees are still green and leafy in my back yard, and yesterday was in the 80's. Today we'll reach 85! I'm really not complaining, though. I love summer and love the heat. I wonder when fall arrives, if it will just hit all at once and all the leaves will change and fall off the trees overnight.   The deck work, painting, … [Continue Reading...]

Critters On My Feet!

L.L. Bean Raccoon Scuffs

Just a quick post as I take a break from working on tomorrow's post for Tablescape Thursday. Remember these adorable scuffs I shared recently? I purchased a pair for my daughter-in-law since she's a kitty lover, too. I also thought my grandsons would get a kick out of them.   She texted this photo last night saying that my oldest grandson who is 3 years old now, thinks they are hilarious. Apparently my youngest grandson, who is 1 and just started walking, … [Continue Reading...]

Antiquing at A Classy Flea

Thanks for all the input yesterday on the new finial I was trying out. I had seen the brass shamrock several folks mentioned, but I really had my heart set on a dragon or something a bit fanciful and fairy-tale-like. I think I'll just stick with the two finials I have already for now, but will keep an eye out in case something better comes along. Appreciate all your helpful input! Today while out running an errand, I stopped by A Classy Flea. I love going there, … [Continue Reading...]

A New Door & Which Finial Do You Like Best

Griffin Lamp Finial

Welcome to the 454th Metamorphosis Monday! A few weeks ago I had the door to my  lower level replaced. Sadly, I no longer had a need for a pet door and the door had been scratched rather badly on the other side by the previous owner's dog. It has only taken me 27 years to replace it. I move at a glacial pace as Miranda Priestly would say of Andy in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. That was on TV last night so Miranda quotes are stuck in my brain this morning. … [Continue Reading...]

Catching the Sales for Some Fall Wardrobe Additions

Fair Isle Sweater

Raining up a storm outside today thanks to tropical storm Nate, so I'm inside catching up on mail and doing a bit of online shopping at my favorite stores. Talbots is having a killer sale right now, ends tomorrow so thought I'd share it now in case  you are interested. It's 40% off any regular priced item with the code OCT40 and 25% off everything else. Here are a few of the items I'm eyeing to use the 40% off code on. Love these velveteen jeggings! I have … [Continue Reading...]

Found: The Perfect Bark-Edged, Wood Chargers for Woodsy Holiday Tables

Bark Edge Wood Chargers

I love using chargers in a table setting. They add so much to a table, another lovely layer that beautifully highlights the other plates in the place setting.   Over the past 10 years I've gradually added to my charger collection whenever I've found them on sale or greatly discounted. I've also enjoyed making them when a design I wanted wasn't available anymore, or was more than I wanted to spend. (Find a tutorial for making shell chargers here: … [Continue Reading...]

3 Whimsical Halloween Table Settings

Low Country Boil

Welcome to the 471st Tablescape Thursday! I attended a fun Low-Country Boil at Marie's earlier in the week. Marie often hosts gatherings for civic organizations in the community. This event was being held for the YMCA. The weather was perfect for the evening, I never even needed a sweater. We had the usual you would expect for a low-country boil: shrimp, corn on the cob, potatoes and sausage. Dessert was Coco-cola Cupcakes and they were yummy! I didn't take … [Continue Reading...]

Running Away From Home & A Dragon Finial

Three Sherwin Williams Super Deck Stains

Stain decisions...Ugg. I'm running away from home. Today. How I dislike making these type decisions, but it's time and it has to be done. I visited a Sherwin Williams store today near my home to choose a stain color. Shockingly, they didn't have a single stain-chart brochure that I could take back home. They told me they were all out and so were all their other stores. Not one Super Deck sample stain chart brochure in the entire district other than their story … [Continue Reading...]