Beautiful Screened Porch, Deck And Pergola Addition

Recently, I received a lovely comment from Maryanne who reads Between Naps On The Porch. She shared that she had loved the porch I added to my home a few years ago so much, she added one like it to her home last year.

My ears perked up, I absolutely love hearing from folks who have added porches to their home. I asked Maryanne if she could share some photos so I could share them with you. She did and even shared a link to a video her builder made about her porch!

I’m so excited to share this wonderful porch and deck addition here at Between Naps On The Porch!

Here’s how the back of Maryanne’s home looked before the porch addition. Very pretty, isn’t it? But wait, it’s about to get even better!

Add Screened Porch to Home


Ta-da! In addition to a screened porch, Maryanne liked the pergola I had added over one of my decks and added one of those, too!

Did you know you can have a ceiling fan in an outdoor space? You can! They make ceiling fans that can get rained on…pretty cool, huh?

Maryanne shared a few pictures with me and I pulled several from the video of her porch. The ones I pulled from the video are a tad blurry since there’s constant movement in the video, but I’ll link to the video at the end of this post so you can watch it for more information.

Add a Pergola Over A Deck


You may think you’re seeing double! Looks very much like my porch doesn’t it? I get so excited when I get photos from readers who have been inspired by my porch and build one of their own! Maryanne’s builder added some extra features you may really love and may want to add if you ever consider building a screened porch. I’ll share those as we take the tour.

I’m not exactly sure how they work but Maryanne has windows on her porch that are called Eze-Breeze. You can Google to get more info about those but Maryanne says they prevent pollen from getting on the porch in the spring.

Build or Add A Screened In Porch Addition


She was able to purchase the same swing I found for my porch from Wicker Paradise. It’s called “Cape Cod” if I’m remembering correctly. Did you notice she covered her swing chains. Now I wonder where she got that idea? 😉

Maryanne said Hobby Lobby didn’t have the electric cord covers in the white/cream color I used anymore so she went with a pretty gold that worked with the other fabrics on her porch. Maryanne found the same Bayview wicker-finish, outdoor Hunter fans I used for my porch. So glad they are still making those…you’ll find them available here: Bayview Wicker White Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan.  She also added outdoor speakers for music on the porch. You can see one in the corner in the picture below.

Wicker Swing For Screened In Porch


A nice big wicker sofa is perfect for those nap attacks out on the porch.

Wicker Sofa For Screened Porch


Notice anything else Maryanne added to her porch that was inspired by something found on my porch? 🙂

Screened Porch For Summer


Yep! She bought a Summer Breeze sign for her porch, too! I didn’t think to ask Maryanne where she found her sign but I know there’s a place online that carries them. I bought mine in a local antique shop but if you Google “Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine Sign” you’ll find a place online where I’ve been able to find them for other folks who have contacted me asking where to get one. (Sorry some of these pics are blurry…they are from a video that I’ll link at the end of this post.)

Cover Swing Chains With Electric Cord Covers


As you can see, Maryanne incorporated an eating area into her porch. So wonderful when you can dine outside without worrying about mosquitoes.

Dining Area for Screened Porch


Love all the wonderful spots Maryanne has for sitting, rocking and talking. This is just such a wonderful space to enjoy that great backyard!

Replace Deck With A Screened Porch


While having the porch built, Maryanne also added a deck off the end of the porch. Let’s go check it out!

Wicker Table & Chairs On Screened Porch


Maryanne left one area uncovered as I did on my porch/deck addition to house a table with an umbrella. Notice the lighting just under the deck rails…great feature to add if you can when building a deck.

Build a Deck & Pergola Addition


She loved the pergola I added over one of my decks and had one built over a section of her deck, too. I love how it turned out!

Deck and Pergola Addition 1


Perfect spot to sit and talk in early spring or in fall when the mosquitoes aren’t a problem here in the south.

Beautiful seating area on deck


Another view of the pergola with the outdoor ceiling fan.

Seating Area On Deck with Pergola


One feature I considered but had to nix when building my porch was lighting on my steps. I absolutely love this idea for aesthetics and safety. So, if you can include it when building a porch, definitely do it.

Deck Stairs With Lighting


Let’s check out the area underneath the porch and decks.

Replace Deck With A Screened Porch & Deck Addition


Maryanne’s builder finished in the area under the porch with brick pavers, a beadboard ceiling and fans to keep it nice and cool. What a great spot to enjoy her beautiful backyard!

Finished Area Under Deck for Seating 2


Here’s another view of the Before and After for this under-deck area.



Ever wonder how much it costs to build a screened porch? I’m spilling the beans in this post: How Much Does It Cost To Build A Screened Porch

I also shared some great features you’ll want to include when building a porch in this post: 9 Great Features Every Porch Needs

Porch After Painting


Add a Pergola Over A Deck


Thanks so much to Maryanne for sharing her wonderful porch and deck additions! Such a treat to see such a beautiful addition and I hope it inspires you if you’ve been thinking about adding a screened porch to your home!

If you’ve added a porch to your home, send me some pics and I may be able to share them here at BNOTP. My email is: [email protected] Pictures need to be full size and not too dark or blurry.

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  1. I love it! It’s gorgeous! May you all make beautiful memories in such a beautiful space! I have pinned all the pics as inspiration for a porch that I have to have built onto my home in New Jersey in the next few years. Need to do several projects inside before tackeling the outside! Love reading your blog and looking at your beautiful home – it’s such wonderful inspiration!

  2. Nancy B of Lake Stevens says

    WOW, porch lust!

  3. Wow! Just like your outdoor space, Maryanne’s is just as stunning! Every new addition is gorgeous and is making me swoon! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this project should make you proud!

    • It does! I’m thrilled to know that my porch has a twin living near by! 🙂 To me, that’s what blogging is allll about…inspiring each other and sharing what we love so others can use those ideas if they love it, too. 🙂

  4. Goodness, you certainly inspired her to build a beautiful porch. xo Laura

  5. Double delight!!! Thanks for sharing!! franki

  6. Linda Page says

    What a wonderful deck and enclosed porch. I am sure Maryanne is loving every minute spent on her new porch. This was a wonderful transformation. Now I have someone else with a wonderful porch that I can go live with in case you decide that I can’t move in with you!!! lol

  7. Oh my word, this is totally amazing. I love it. Her home looks beautiful too.

  8. gayle daniel says

    I LOVE porches..have two but mine are not screened (sigh..maybe one day) but having some type porch on the house is a deal breaker for me for sure..since being married for over 39 years i have never lived in a house without some type of porch! This is a dream of mine to having something like yours Susan or the one in this article today..I’m in total “drool mode”…

  9. Another gorgeous porch! Our porch is much smaller, and when I see these nice big spaces it makes me long for more room. These porches add such presence to your homes. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Beautiful! I love both of those porches. It is just amazing what can be done with PVC now a days. Susan, you and Maryanne both have beautiful homes! Vikki in VA.

  11. Thanks for encouraging Maryanne to share her beautiful space. And of course, THANK YOU Maryanne for agreeing to it.

  12. Beautiful Maryanne! Thanks Susan for sharing and inspiring.

  13. Just lovely Susan, I thought it was your porch for a moment. Nice to know you inspire people with your ideas. I am sure Maryanne will have many happy years on her porch.

  14. Susan, I’d be willing to bet that your porch has been an inspiration to a lot of your readers. Maryanne’s porch is just as beautiful. I am very curious about the windows. I did google it and read about them, but I can’t figure out if you are able to open them, so that you can have screens behind them or not. They are a very interesting option. Thanks to you and Maryanne for sharing this. laurie

  15. I love the big clock you got there.. it’s gorgeous!

  16. Norma Wagner says

    The highest form of a compliment is to copy and she certainly complimented you well. Both of you have lovely southern porches

  17. Bonnie Bee says

    Susan, I have always admired your covered porch, and a few years ago you inspired me to add a useable space at the rear of my home….although the windows on the rear of my house didn’t allow me to do the covered, enclosed porch like yours, I ended up with a wonderful deck & pergola similar to Maryanne’s.. AND.. it was built by Bobby Parks of Peachtree Decks & Porches. If you are in the Atlanta area, I cannot say enough about the professionalism of this company….. and I think Maryanne’s beautiful project speaks to this company’s quality delivered…

  18. I love both porches. My mom has a huge screened porch she had added to house years ago. I did notice something on Maryanne’s pergola. It looked like it could be a pull down movie screen…

    • Kelly, I was wondering the exact same thing. I just asked Maryanne about that today and she said they get the west sun so they added that pull-down screen to help block it. Wonder if it could double as a movie screen somehow. 🙂

  19. Pretty good copy, I just love both porches. Susan everything you touch seems to say ” I love life”. I copy a lot of your ideas, you are just amazing and such a blessing to others. Thank you!

  20. So well done Maryanne! Love your porch, and that bricked area under is awesome. Susan and Maryanne, you girls are lucky! Thank you for the fun tour!

  21. I loved the porch sign so much I searched until I found it on the internet. Sawdust City has those signs. You do get to pick your colors. I bought mine and I love it on my porch. 🙂

    • Yep, that’s the same place I’ve been sending folks to…I recognize the name. I usually just google the phrase and put “sign” after it and that site pops up. Hope they don’t quit making it!

  22. Once the sun comes out, I’ll take some shots of our porch that we added 11 years ago. I think you’ll be surprised with the similarities!

  23. I have been following Susan’s posts on her porch for almost 3 years. I really like the way the floor is laid out on this porch to naturally divide the areas. I also quite like the pergola and the outdoor decks here, but live outside Little Rock, where our bug-free early spring season must be about 2 days. I want to build a porch to replace my deck to get away from the bugs. That screen on the pergola is worth noting, however, because I think I will need a small deck just for the dogs to get out and want screening from my neighbors.

    I think the thing that most impressed me about this addition was the bottom area. It looks positively regal! The side view is phenomenal and makes me think of a swanky resort. Aside from the bug issues, my back door and deck floor is slightly too short for this, but it is the hidden gem in Maryanne’s project for me.

    • Mary, I know what you mean. Our bug-free spring is about 2 days here, too. lol Actually, it’s probably a little, but not much! I love the bottom area, too! I need to do something like that under my deck.

  24. Hello Susan! I love Between Naps on the Porch and looking at all of your beautiful photos! We will begin construction on our screened porch the first week of April and I’ve showed our contractor YOUR porch photos! I have a question for you, do you know if Maryanne used TREX for her deck flooring and if so, what color did she use? Thank you!!

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