Show Your Colors and Showcase Your Fabulous Before and After

Greetings!  It’s Friday!  Have any projects around the house you’ll be working on this weekend?  Any painting projects?  If so, I have a little sumpin’, sumpin’ to get you inspired and raring to go!

In March, I shared about an exciting new site by Glidden called My Colortopia.


My Colortopia was especially designed to help us DIYers when we’re agonizing over finding the right paint color for a space.  Haven’t we all been there!


A few weeks later, I shared another wonderful tool called My Image Inspiration, a nifty tool that will let you isolate a color from something you love, then selects paint options that are very close to the color you chose.  You may remember I highlighted some of the colors I love in this painting in my family room and found some paint colors, as a result.

Show Your Colors:

Glidden is at it again!  They know how hard it can be to imagine what a room can become…how it can look when transformed with a fresh new coat of paint.  A whole new section has been added to My Colortopia called Show Your Colors.   Show Your Colors is a place where you can view some amazing “Before and Afters” that have been beautifully transformed.  We all know, if there’s one thing that can transform a room from drab to fab quickly and inexpensively, it’s paint.

When you visit Show Your Colors, you can add your own Before and After pics to share, as well!

I added the “Before and After” pics of my recent office renovation.  Remember the baseball themed wallpaper that was such a bear to remove?


Child's Bedroom Renovation to a Home Office


After:   There was a lot of stripping of wallpaper, wall damage repair and painting involved to get to this “After” but it was worth it in the end. πŸ™‚

After Pottery Barn Bedford Office Renovation


A Surprise Photo!

I have another transformation to share that I’ve never shown here on BNOTP!   Recently I came across this old photo tucked away in a drawer.  Do you recognize this room?

Dining Room Before


I’m so glad I have at least one photo to remember when my dining room had wallpaper.   I loved this wallpaper but it was so busy, the mirror and chandelier just disappeared in all the pattern. This picture was taken when I was getting ready to have a little dinner party with several of my girlfriends. It was still winter and freezing outside. I was shopping in Home Depot and came across these sweet jonquils they had just gotten in. I thought they would be the perfect centerpiece to offer us a little relief from the cold…a little reminder spring would come again.

Before Dining Room with Wallpaper


After:  I decided to paint the room a bold color to give the mirror and chandelier some breathing room.  What a difference!  (Tablescape can be viewed here: Thanksgiving Table Setting with a Nature Themed Tiered Centerpiece)

Red Dining Room with Thanksgiving Table Setting


Doesn’t even look like the same room, does it?   The only thing changed was the wall treatment with a fresh coat of paint.  Well, that and the tablescape. πŸ™‚  (Tablescape can be viewed here: Thanksgiving Tablescape with Spode Woodland

Thanksgiving Tablescape


Here’s a side by side comparison:

Stop by My Colortopia and check out the Show Your Colors section for some fabulous “Before and Afters.”   While you’re there, show off one of your “Before and After” paint projects!  You never know who you may inspire!


I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I think that is the first picture of your office I have seen without the kitty in it. Was he busy that day?
    Photographs are perfect for showing us what isn’t working in a room. They show things our eyes just miss.

    • Lori, look closely at the ottoman. See that black and white blur? πŸ™‚ That was Max jumping off the ottoman just as I took the photo. Bad timing. He could have at least stayed long enough to be in the picture. πŸ˜‰

  2. Mary from Virginia says

    I love your wallpaper, but I see what you mean with the lightness of the paper causing the mirror and chandelier to disappear. The red was the way to go for this stunning room!

  3. I see what you mean about your mirror getting lost in the wallpaper. What a difference…sure do like it better now! πŸ˜‰

  4. Ohmygosh, Susan!
    I love your “surprise” photo!
    We all have our “youthful follies”, funny to recall and to share… sometimes! lol
    I have such “surprise” photos, too! (somewhere… in the bottom drawer of a chest… lol)
    When hubby and I were newly-married (25 years ago), I was in my “pink” phase and absolutely wanted soft pink roses on the bedroom’s walls! So we (I) bought beautiful vintage floral wallpaper with exactly that pattern I wanted: soft pink roses with brown leaves on cream white background! The room looked like a garden! Of course, I had to decorate it with accessories that would match… so… eventually, everything looked soft pink! I loved it! And all my (girl-)friends, too! (Only poor hubby was NOT that happy! lol)
    But when we moved out (11 years later) I promised him, only to paint the next walls and I have to say I love it, too! And you are right: on painted walls nothing gets “lost”! πŸ˜‰

  5. Now yall got me looking for Max(teehehe)…Where’s Waldo? scratch that..pun intended..Where’s Max?…I see him…he didn’t want his photo taken this time.

    Susan I enjoy the before & afters so much, thanks for sharing…the paint makes all the difference in the world.

    • LOL Yeah, he was being camera shy that day! πŸ™‚ It’s almost impossible to take a pic, especially in the office, and he not be in it since he follows me everywhere. Sweet boy!

  6. These are great before and afters, Susan–I really like dramatic change in your dining room wall treatments in particular–lovely! The tablescape is gorgeous as always!

  7. Beautiful before and after photos. I can’t believe the dining room, wow! Although I also love the wallpaper, it was too busy and the gorgeous mirror and lovely chandy were lost. I love the red, it’s fabulous! Now your office is a marvelous room, I love it. Now that Chip is married, it must be somewhat bitter sweet to see pics of his old , boy’s room. Hugs,

    • It is a little bittersweet. He has his own home now. I wish we could shrink them small again…for just a few minutes. I miss my little boy but love the man he’s become.

  8. Amazing! Your mirror hardly showed up against the wallpaper either!
    When our son was visiting this summer he was boasting about this wallpaer I had put up in his bedroom when he was little. It was a fun look and I got a kick out of the fact that he remembered it with fondness!

  9. Merle Turner says

    Hi Susan,
    I love red rooms as long as the rooms are a bit on the big side otherwise they get a bit overpowering, your looks great.

  10. Merle Turner says

    I should read my comment before I post I ment to say yours looks great also have you got any tips on getting wallpaper off I never use it because it’s so hard to remove.

    • Thanks, Merle. The wallpaper in my son’s room gave me fits until I discovered what professional wallpaper removers use. It’s called Safe and Simple and it is by the far the best I’ve found for removing wallpaper. You can read about it in this post:

  11. Sally Hodge says

    Hi Susan,
    I love your website. You are such an inspiration. Love the transformed dining room. Much better than the wall paper. I used to have bunches of wallpaper, but no more. Absolutely love your red candle holders in the thanksgiving photo, as I have noticed them in previous tablescapes. I have looked at Hobby Lobby, but have never found anything as beautiful as them. Do you have any other suggestion as to where I might look for something like them. Love red. Thanks for all your beautiful ideas. Love, love, love your blog.

    • Sally, thanks so much! I think I just lucked out that day. I’ve been back to Hobby Lobby several times over the years but haven’t found any other candle holders I liked as well. I used to find a fair number of candle holders I liked in there…lately I haven’t seen many that really suited me. Thanks again for your sweet words…appreciate them so much. I hope they bring those back sometime. If I ever see them in there, I’ll be sure to blog about it so folks will know.

  12. I am new to BNOTP but love it immensely.Your red dining room is totally fab. I have a weakness for dining rooms. The make-over is tremendous, absolutely love it. Your office is so much improved. It is fun to see the “before and after” photos. I went through that “Victorian” stage some years back. When I look at those old photos I get so tickled and wonder where my mind was. Nostalgia is wonderful. I love your blog BTW. It is so inspirational. I find new and wonderful ideas and love all the photos. I love to get peeks out your windows, the area looks so inviting where you live. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with all of us.

  13. HI Susan;
    I am new to BNOTP but love it immensely. I am really into table settings and table jewelry. Your red dining room is totally fab. I have a weakness for dining rooms. Beautiful set tables make me smile. The office make-over is tremendos change for the better. I absolutely love it. Your office is so much improved. It is fun to see the “before and after” photos. I went through that “Victorian” stage some years back. When I look at those old photos I get so tickled and wonder where my mind was. Nostalgia is a wonderful teacher. I love your blog BTW. It is so inspirational. I find new and wonderful ideas and love all the photos. I love to get peeks out your windows, the area looks so inviting where you live. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with all of us. …Lyoness

  14. Wow Susan, that is amazing. I have always loved your dining room. It is beautiful. And I love it decorated for fall. Loved the peacock feathers. They are so beautiful and rich looking. Love all the transformations you have done. They just get better and better. Your home is lovely…you feel like a neighbor that I get to visit each week and see what you are up to. It is always a good visit!

  15. Susan…I always love seeing your office and have not seen the before pic!….and truly loved the before pic of the dining room….that certainly was a beautiful transformation!!….

  16. The transformation in your dining room is incredible, Susan! I love the color you chose and it does so much for the room, including letting that gorgeous chandelier and venetian mirror look their very best! (And this is the first time I’ve seen the before pictures of your office. Talk about metamorphosis!!!)

  17. Thanks, Haworth! That office was definitely a labor of love. I’m a slow decorator, but I eventually get there. Ha!

  18. Amazing transformations! Your dining room is beautiful…great red walls, gorgeous chandelier & Venetian mirror. You have a wonderful “eye” for vision & execution in re-creating rooms in your fabulous home. Thank you for inviting us in every day in one way or another. You have created my dream home. The lamps on your buffet – did you find them as lamps or did you make them from silver serving pieces?

  19. I just found your blog and absolutely love the color of your dining room. Can you share what that red/orange color is? My whole house is kind of a beach cottage theme, which I really love, but I think in 2014, it’s time to change things up a little bit…plus, it’s only paint πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much. I look forward to all your creative ideas! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks, Suzanne! It’s a Benjamin Moore color called Raspberry Truffle. I once saw a room painted this color on a home tour and loved it. Came right home and painted my dining room the same color. πŸ™‚

  20. Carrie Jones says

    Hi – I love your dining room table & chairs. May I ask – is that an antique set or did you buy that new somewhere? I’m looking for just such a set. Thanks! Carrie

    • Thanks, Carrie! I purchased the set about 18 years ago at Scott’s Antiques in Atlanta…it’s an antique show that occurs once a month. There’s usually a lot of nice dining room sets there each month.

  21. Love your dining room and especially the chandelier… where did you find it?

    • Thanks, Patti! I used to attend a huge home show they have each year in Atlanta. There was a guy there who sold chandeliers he made using really beautiful crystal from Austria, if I’m remembering correctly. I kept eyeing them every year and finally saved up to order one. He even came out and installed it for me. I don’t know if he still attends that show since that was so many years ago…probably 18-20 years ago. I doubt he does since he would be quite old now. He did beautiful work.

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