All My Favorite Cleaning Products, Including One That’s Great For Polishing Jewelry

Welcome to the 739th Metamorphosis Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was a great one! We’ve been having the nicest weather lately and I’ve so enjoyed all the sunshine! This weekend it was so nice, I backed my car out of the garage, blew out the few leaves that had blown in, and gave the garage floor its first official mopping since it was installed last summer. There were just a few spots here and there where rain had dripped off my car and one especially dark spot about the size of a dinner plate from where I’ve been wheeling my annuals in and out of the garage all winter on my garden cart. I wish I had thought to take a picture before I cleaned it. It’s shiny clean now, exactly like the day it was installed.

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


I used my Mopnado spin mop for the job, along with the Granite Garage cleaner they left behind after they completed the floor. The GG cleaner smelled a lot like Pine-Sol when I opened the container. Would be interesting if that’s what is really in that bottle. lol Whatever it was, it worked great! I no longer see this particular spin mop available but if you are interested in checking one out, this one has really good reviews here: Spin Mop. My spin mop has spoiled me, it’s the only way I like to mop floors now. Once the pollen siege is over, I’ll do the screened porch next.

Mopnado Mopping System


As I was thinking of sharing this first bit of spring cleaning that I took care of this weekend, I thought for this week’s Met Monday it would be helpful if I shared all my favorite cleaning products, the ones I can’t do without. I hope you find this list helpful!

My Favorite Cleaning Products


All My Favorite Cleaning Products

This is my absolute favorite cleaner for anything in my home that’s stainless steel. The friends I’ve shared it with rave about how well it works on their stainless steel refrigerators and dishwashers. The packaging has changed since I first purchased it, but it’s the same great product inside. You’ll find this awesome stainless steel cleaner/polish here: Stainless Steel Cleaner.



If I had to give up every cleaner in my home but one, this would be the one I would hold onto. It is amazing and works on so many tough jobs and so many different surfaces. Per the instructions, it can be used on fabric, carpet, leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, finished wood trim, metals and more. I’ve used it on my car seat to get rid of some denim stains and it’s the best product I’ve found for cutting through the dirt/grime on my front and back porches. I  keep one in the kitchen, one in the laundry room, and one in each of my upstairs baths. Love, love, love it! You’ll find it available here: Super Cleaner.


Super Cleaner for Leather Seats Upholstery and Carpet, Works for Denim Transfer


I’ve shared this story before: Many years ago I was antiquing and I walked into an antique store where they had this 0ld-world-formula furniture polish right up by the register. I asked about it and the proprietors told me that it was the only furniture polish they ever use on all their beautiful antiques. I bought a can right then and there and love what it does to my furniture! Also, not sure how, but it seems to keep the furniture dust-free longer than any polish I’ve ever used. It’s awesome and I hope they never stop making it! It’s available here: Original Bee’s Wax and here: Original Bee’s Wax.

The Original Bee's Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish


Another really great furniture polish that I haven’t used in quite a few years but is also known to be a great furniture polish is Scotts Liquid Gold. That’s what I grew up using and it’s still around all these years later, which says a lot! A BNOTP reader recommended it to me recently so I bought some to try. I haven’t tried it yet, but I know from using it while growing up, it’s good stuff. You can check out the reviews here: Scotts Liquid Gold.


I’ve shared these cleaning cloths before and still very much recommend them. They are super inexpensive so if a cloth gets really, really stained and yucky, I don’t feel bad if I have to toss it. When I need to clean my porches, I take a big bucket of soapy water and around 6-10 of these clothes depending on which porch I’m cleaning, and the cleaning goes fast since I don’t have to keep running in the house to rinse out the rag. Definitely speeds up the process when you have a bunch of these on hand. You’ll find these available in batches of 24 here: Cleaning Cloths.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


If you have any silver that needs polishing, Hagerty is by far my favorite polish. I learned about it from Beverly Bremer Silver Shop, a wonderful silver shop in Buckhead, Atlanta. Sadly, they recently closed after 47 years in business. Many years ago, when I asked for their advice on what to use for cleaning my silver, I was told that Hagerty was the only thing they ever used on their beautiful, antique, silver pieces. You’ll find it available here: Hagerty Silver Polish.

I also purchase it in the spray form because it’s great at getting down into tight spaces/grooves in ornate pieces. Just be sure to wear a mask when using it in spray form. You’ll find it available here: Hagerty Spray Silver Polish.



This evening, I took a few minutes to polish two gold bracelets that I wear full-time. I love using this Jewelers’ Rouge cloth because it does such a great job at removing that dull layer of tarnish gold can sometimes acquire.


Rouge Polishing Cloth for Jewelry


It makes my jewelry look almost brand new again! Be sure to avoid using it on precious stones/diamonds, etc… It’s just for gold, silver, and nickel metals. You’ll find this jewelers’ rouge polishing cloth available here: Jewelers’ Rouge Polishing Cloth.


Another cloth that I sometimes use that works well for jewelry is the Connoisseurs jewelry polishing cloth. It has one cloth for removing tarnish and another for polishing. I probably use the one above more, but both do a great job! You’ll find this jewelry cleaning/polishing cloth for both gold and silver available here: Polishing Cloth for Gold and Silver Jewelry.


Gold Silver Polish Cloths


If you have a garbage disposal, these Glisten foaming cleaner packets do an amazing job of cleaning them out. They are available here: Disposer Cleaner.


This evening, I came across this brand and decided to order them since you get a lot more and they had great reviews. Hopefully, they will work as well as the Glisten brand I’ve been buying. You can check out the reviews here: Disposer Cleaner.


One product that I just recently purchased and have only used once to clean the baskets of my air fryer (before I discovered and started using THESE liners) is Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray. I had seen it online the last time I purchased my regular Dawn dishwashing liquid and almost bought it. When a lovely BNOTP reader recommended it for cleaning my hard-to-clean fryer baskets, I bought some right then and there. It worked great the only time I used it. I let the baskets soak with the powerwash for a few minutes and it cleaned right up. You’ll find Dawn Power Wash here: Dawn Power Wash.



Another great product that I use quite a bit is these Weiman Leather Wipes. I used them often to clean leather shoes, like my Sperry Topsiders, and for cleaning my L.L. Bean leather snow boots. I’m amazed at how well they work, even in removing stains. You’ll find them available here: Weiman Leather Wipes.

Best Leather Cleaner for Tote Bags


I’m sure I’m forgetting something. If I think of any other favorite cleaning products that I’ve left off this list, I’ll come back to this post and add those to the end. Hope you find these product ideas helpful as you tackle your spring cleaning this year!

My Favorite Cleaning Products

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  1. Hi, I need a moderator approval today. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for your recommendations. I really like Dawn Powerwash; it works well. I even used it on my oven door recently. We bought a new air fryer combo that is a toaster, baker, etc., so I need to get the size liners you show.

  3. Thanks for all the great cleaning suggestions, I can’t live without Dawn Powerwash, that stuff is magic!

  4. The Original Bees Wax furniture polishes the best! I hate to dust and this product makes it more pleasant and I know it is so much better for the wood finish. I use the Dawn power wash in my kitchen almost daily. My daughter gave me a tip to use it with a microfiber cloth on my shower doors. Wet the inner door with the hand held sprayer, spray with a small amount of the Dawn, let sit a few minutes and wipe to remove all the cloudiness and film, rinse with water and squeegee. It leaves the doors spotless. I do not use it on the outside doors as I have no way to fully rinse them, but if you do I am sure it would work well. Thank you for your advice.

    • It really is amazing! I love how wood looks after you use it. Sherry, does it seem to keep wood dust free longer to you? I’ve just noticed my entry table doesn’t seen to get dusty as fast when I dust/clean it with The Original Bees Wax, but maybe I’m imaging it. lol
      I will def try the Dawn on my shower doors…hadn’t thought of that. Love that idea! Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Michelle B says

    Another great use for the Dawn Power Wash is for those hard to remove grease stains on clothes. Just a spray or two has removed them every time for me when other stain remover sprays did not.

    • Michelle, I can’t believe all the amazing tips you guys are giving me for Dawn Power Wash! I think the BNOTP readers could teach the Dawn makers a few tricks! I will def try that. I have a hoodie that I apparently got something oily or greasy on. I sprayed it with “Shout” but after I washed it, I could still see a faint shadow/stain where it didn’t totally come out. I’m going to try the Dawn trick the next time I wash it. Thanks for that tip!

  6. so many great products. I really need a good stainless cleaner. Thanks for having us over, Susan. Sounds like you’ve been having great weather!

  7. Thanks for all the great tips – I’m going to try that bee’s wax for sure! And thanks as always for hosting the party! Hope you have a lovely week!

  8. Original Bee’s Wax multi tasks at my house. Not only do I use it for furniture polishing but it does a great job on stainless steel, glass, solid surface countertops and more — check out their info — it has truly simplified my housekeeping. Strongly recommend!

  9. The rouge polishing cloth is also good for veeerry gently polishing tarnished gold rims on bone china and porcelain. You have to be careful or you can damage it, but it helps a lot with the tarnish that some brands of dinnerware develop on their trim.

    And, thanks for all the tips about the Dawn Powerwash. Have to be honest, I just figured it was sort of a gimicky thing that probably wasn’t worth the cost, but I’m putting it on my list to try.

  10. Every time you show your garage floor, I fall in love with it all over again. It is just so beautiful! I love the spin mop I have, which is the one you put in as a substitute for your mop. I want to try the bee’s wax polish. I love, love, love Dawn power wash and use it for so many thing, greasy stains on clothing included. A small spray on my glass top stove and it cleans so nicely. I do however, make my own refills. I don’t need everything you recommended but it is nice to know what works and what you love…just in case I need it. LOL Thanks for this list of cleaning goodies! Hugs, Brenda

  11. Seems like too many things for cleaning around the house. I use like five items for all of my cleaning needs.

  12. Thank you for the tips! I love the Bees Wax for dusting & polishing, Trying the Dawn Power wash on my oven door which I am so embarassed by right now! It will be a start to my oven cleaning! I also love the garbage bags you previously recommended!

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