Sleeping with a Mouse

Before my recent office move, my blogging headquarters used to be in the dressing room that’s just off the master bedroom. Max kitty, my furry shadow, used to lie in my lap whenever he could squeeze his way in. Can I tell you–it’s not easy blogging with a 15 lb cat in your lap. πŸ™‚

So, normally I would pull the bench you see in front of the dresser over beside my chair and he would happily curl up with one paw resting on my leg while I worked.

Recently, when I moved my office to my son’s old room, there really wasn’t a great spot for a bench. (This pic was taken before the wallpaper was removed.)

Max wasn’t satisfied with lying in the chair (not visible) that is behind me in this room…it was too far away for his liking. So I came up with the idea of letting him lie on the desk extension to the right. I sort of have plans for that spot but it won’t be used on a regular basis. And, to be honest, Max is more important. Plus, he really enjoys the sunshine streaming in during the day. Okay, you can’t tell me you don’t spoil your furry family members just a little. πŸ™‚

Max loves helping out around the office.

He does a great job of keeping all the wayward pencils rounded up.

And every now and then, he manages to sneak his way down the desk to remind me it’s time to take a little break from blogging.

Here’s to more spontaneous nap attacks! πŸ™‚ Do you have a furry family member who keeps you company when you’re blogging or reading blogs?

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  1. notyet100 says

    wow luv ur new blogging space,.

  2. Modern Country Lady says

    Hi Susan,
    O yes, I can recognise that! I always get LOTS of help from the other Modern Country Lady team members, Gibson, Tilda, and Thomasina. whether it is blogging , or doing craft projects.They are always very helpful, and " inspect" material for quality issues and go and lie on my keyboard just in case I would get repitive strain injury from too much typing, so they are health inspectors in a way as wel.. :-)))

    There are lots of pictures on my blog about their help with making wreath and other things- my latest post is baout having to give up my new breadbasket as obviously someone ( Thomasina) has other ideas about the use hahahaha.

    Love Max his nap attack!!

  3. Oh this is too gorgeous…what a beautiful cat…I too have a golden retriever that lies at my feet in the day in my study ..and insists on being in photos when I'm doing my tablescapes…always wonder what she thinks of me setting tables and photographing!
    Well, wishing you and your kitty many happy blogging hours in your gorgeous new study!
    PS Liked your old one too!

  4. EFT and Tapping says

    Max surely loves to hang around your office. He also looks so adorable and cute!

  5. Nita {ModVintageLife} says

    very sweet. yes, as i read and type this Newman is in one arm with his chest and head up on my shoulder. his preferred spot to be. but very uncomfortable for me except i love the feel of his warm relaxed body. if newman isn't in this spot then sally is in my lap sleeping. harvey and violet usually stay on the dog bed at my feet. i can't use uppercase because i am typing one handed because of newman.

  6. Yes… black and white cat *Cookie* who just loves walking across my keyboard or laying on it or sitting on my mouse…i wouldn't have it any other way.

  7. Sherry@ Ties2ThePast says

    I do…I have a 10 lb. terrier mix that LOVES to sit in my lap while I type. I also have 2 cats that like to get in on the action! Max is so cute! You can tell he's a happy kitty!

  8. Miss Char says

    Susan, I can so relate to making sure our fur babies are comfortable and indulged. My 60 pound pup thinks she is a lap dog and will not yield to my laptop if she is enjoying a good nap while I'm trying to surf the net. Max is one lucky kitty to have such a sunny place to spend time with you.

  9. Confessions of a Plate Addict says

    What great photos, Susan! I am generally surrounded by all four members of my staff…one in my lap, one or two on the bed behind me or on the floor at my feet while I am blogging. Aren't our little fur babies funny? Happy week!…hugs…Debbie

  10. Ahhhhh, I love your little fur angel. How sweet. My kitties love to keep me company in the sewing room and also they like to lay beside me when I have my laptop on the bed. They also like to chase the mouse on the screen, which causes some havoc! LOL!

    bless you for loving your little baby.


  11. Susan in SC says

    What a sweet kitty Max is. I can see he is fast at work with his creative energy! I have one just like Max that helps me too! I love your pencil holder – where did you find it?!

  12. While I love all of your tablescape and decorating posts, this is my favorite. What a handsome boy he is. My kitty Sax lays beside me as I blog and write, making sure that her paw is on my leg. And she lets me know when it's time to take a break by "helping" me type πŸ™‚ Great photos, love the "nap attack" Kat

  13. I would spoil him, too. I no longer have a furry family member, and I really miss it.

  14. On Crooked Creek says

    Adore your "helper" in the office! I was also glad to see the progress, once again! YES! We have Maurice. . .who is not at all camera shy! In my recent post "Lower Level Living" you'll see just how helpful she is as I'm doing photo shoots! HA! Pets enrich our lives in the most wonderful ways. Thanks for sharing this charming post about Max! Keep those updates coming!

  15. He looks purrrrfect! franki

  16. Kelsie From Our Country Home says

    What a lovely office assistant you have….and OMGOODNESS what a lovely office you have..

    Blessings Kelsie

  17. That is just to sweet and what a perfect spot for him! You have yourself a great office companion πŸ™‚

  18. Days at Buttermilk Cottage says

    The sunny spot on the desk looks like the ideal place for Max. My own Daisy has a little bed that gets moved from sunny spot to sunny spot on the floor beside my desk. (She's a little dog so isn't as agile as your Max! Otherwise, she'd be ON the desk too.)

  19. My two black cats are nearly always at my feet or very nearby when I blog. I don't allow them on the desk or on my lap – I'd never get anything done!

  20. LOVE this room! IT is really coming together…quick question? Where did you find the pencil holder??? LOVE IT!

  21. Annie Joy says

    I understand about the special place for your kitty to enjoy the view and the sunshine. Our couch is against a window and it's the perfect place for our shih tzu to jump up and watch the world go by. I want to move it, but will have to figure out another piece of furniture to put close to the window for Malone's perch!

  22. laxsupermom says

    Our cat Socks(like the Beverly Cleary book) sits on my lap while I blog. What makes it even more difficult to type is that I've been sitting on a yoga ball instead of a chair since the start of the new year. If I start to get off balance, she lets me know by digging in a little with her back claws.

    Your Max is an adorable ball of fluff! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Patricia says

    I enjoy your blog so much, and I do read it every single day. You are so talented and your beautiful home is a great inspiration to me. I sit in my office every morning reading the blogs I enjoy so much, and ALWAYS, right next to me, stretched out on the floor is my 100 lb. yellow lab, Bo !
    Good thing he doesn't try to sit on my lap !

  24. What a handsome boy Max is. I too have a furry child who keeps me grounded and lets me know when I need to get up from staring at the computer and take her outside. What would we do without our fur babies? Your office is looking great. I sure could use some of that sun streaming in the window right about now.

  25. My Chloe is never far from my side. She (we) have recently returned from vacation and she seems to be making up for lost cuddling. I especially love it when she curls up next to me in bed. She is so nice and warm.Don't we love our animals!

  26. Liz@ says

    Oh how cute! He sure looks comfy! I have one cat that does love to get in my face and let me know he's there! I love how Max was grabbing the pencil, very cute shots! When I used to use a lap top I couldn't keep the cat off of it…they discover they run warm and it's a perfect heating pad for them!


    I love to watch an animal as he/she sleeps … a salve for my soul.


  28. Magpies and Magnolias says

    Those last pictures of Max dozing off are too precious!

    Boomer, my Bichon, likes to be a part of EVERYTHING I do. He is always right next to me. If I am standing at the sink, he is right at my feet. If I move three feet to the right, he gets up, follows me, and plops back down.

    Sometimes, he wants me to hold him while I am at the computer. At 20 pounds, he takes up a lot of room and I end up trying to type with one hand! But, his unconditional love is one of the great blessings in my life. I cherish him!

  29. Kyra @ RACKS and Mooby says

    Those photos made me smile! πŸ™‚ My cat, Milo, loves to lay ON my laptop… while I'm typing. I think he thinks my moving fingers/hands are trying to rub his chin which he just loves. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  30. Anonymous says

    I just love your pictures. I am a cat lover and I do understand how wonderful it is to have them around.

  31. awww How precious is that! Thank you so much for sharing… to be a cat! I need a nap!

  32. Madame Samm says

    Hello my dear Susan. I am new to your blog and you are already on my blog roll. What a delight you and your feline are to me this morning..I have a 22 lb rag doll on my lap this morning, sew I venture we both understand how the difficulty in trying to maneuver the keys …lol. your room is as fresh as the light breeze coming into my morn. Thank you for the lovely pics!

  33. Roseanna says

    Oh my, I just love Max! He is adorable, I'd give him my bank account and the car keys!! My companions are Lillybelle (cat) and Mr. Darcy, my cav/poodle /shitzhu mix.

  34. CalypsoInTheCountry says

    Max is just too cute! I miss having a cat! We don't have any pets right now but my kids have been begging for a dog. I had a dog growing up and many cats over the years and I feel like I can relate to cats more. Their personalities just crack me up. One of my cats lived to be 20 years old! We lived next to a farm growing up and had mice in our house sometimes. He would catch a mouse during the night and then take it in the bathtub to knock it around and play with it. The mouse couldn't escape. Needless to say, it was not fun cleaning the tub first thing in the morning before taking a shower, but it was cute that my cat was smart enought to put him in there! I just love kittes! Enjoy that Max!

  35. Ann@A Sentimental Life says

    my cat Boots is sitting on my lap right now! Max is so pretty. They just want to be next to their moms!

  36. Too cute! With all the warm sunshine I can see why he doesn't leave! Have had my furry friends all over the desk also…great company!

  37. Love the beautiful pics of Max. My Smokey also is a great assistant. Pets are such wonderful company.

  38. Andrea Thieck Miniatures says

    I would never my spoil my cats . . . LOL. When I'm working at my laptop, Luzi and Tulipe are normally in front of me. One with the head on my right arm, the other one on my left arm. Believe me – it's much easier to work with a cat on the lap!
    Purry regards Andrea

  39. ADORABLE! What a sweet kitty!

  40. I had a kitty named Max for 17 years & he always kept me company while I painted. Now I have two sweet cats, Jack & Buster, who love to "help" me whenever they can.

  41. This is a cute post, Susan! Max is adorable! My Gracie likes to "help" too. By the way, your office is adorable. I noticed too that you use dual screens. I do as well – I started doing so because I needed dual screens for my job. No longer working, but I like the dual screens alot. Have a wonderful week.
    blessings, Beth

  42. Max is just beautiful! I have a tortoise shell female named Callie who does the same thing…. And she loves on sit on my laptop keyboard, especially on chilly mornings where she can enjoy the warmth. On really cold mornings I sometimes climb back into bed with a small mirror to put my makeup on and she digs into my makeup bag with both paws. When she succeeds, she's dancing all over the bed with some eyeshadow tin or blush brush and doesn't want to give it back!

  43. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    I absolutely adore reading about everyone's sweet fur babies. We are sooo lucky to have such giving little souls in our lives. πŸ™‚

    Several folks have asked about the pencil/pen holder. I found that at Pottery Barn about 2 months ago. You may be able to find it online, too. It's called a "Lazy Susan" I think. Appropriate, huh? πŸ˜‰

  44. Glenda/MidSouth says

    Max is a beautiful cat. My cats nearly always wanted to be in the middle of what I was doing. Don't have any furbabies now.

  45. Susan:

    Like you when I work from home my cat Parker has to sit next to me. He seems to dislike the printer as he has to give it a good whack whenever the page I am printing is being ejected. And when I come home from work, who meets me at the door? What would life be like without our furry-faced friends!

  46. I think he is so cute. I have five that I spoil. Riley, my orange baby boy, spends a lot of time in my den with me.

  47. Ann at Beadlework. says

    I love the sequence of photos showing Max falling asleep – he's like "going, going, gone" – he looks so relaxed.

  48. A Perfect Setting says

    How adorable!! Yes, I do–my little bichon is in quite a lot of my pictures! If you look closely, you'll see him in the latest post! Thanks, your kitty is darling. Office is coming along, I am following your progress with great anticipation!!

  49. MavrikLane says

    So very sweet.

    Jan @ Mavrik Lane

  50. MavrikLane says

    Was a sweet, sweet photo!

    Jan @ Mavrik Lane

  51. Mariebop says

    One of my cats will walk all over my lapdesk while I'm trying to write. He also likes to sit on top of anything I have lying on the couch or bed that I'm trying to read.

    And last night, I slept in an awkward position just so I wouldn't disturb him eventhough he was taking up the majority of my half of the bed. πŸ˜›

  52. Your Max is so adorable. My Sylvester likes to keep me company and every time he stretches, papers go flying. LOL Thanks for sharing this. Really enjoy seeing Max doing good work in the office.

  53. MommaHen says

    Aww, my kitties name is Max!

  54. Your cat is adorable.

  55. Adrienne says

    I love the photos of Max! He's such a little helper, isn't he? Yes, I have two furry helpers who want to help me in my office. Miss Savannah (the kitty) loves to be on my lap or nearby. Mr. Joey (the Mini Doxie) thinks he should be held in the crook of my left arm while I surf the web and read blogs. Trouble is – he doesn't fit there anymore and he seems to think I'M the one who changed! He outgrew the spot but still wants to snuggle like he did when he was a tiny puppy!

  56. Kate Souder says

    Who says 'it's a dog's life'?

  57. Hi Susan,
    What a lovely office and what a lovely place for Max to nap. I am surrounded by our six new kittens. I get little cat kisses every once in a while. Rudy our three year old loves to help me when I sew. He also loves it when the printer starts up. He has always been fascinated by the printer ever since he was a kitten. Our oldest and biggest cat Heinrich likes to sit on my feet on the ottoman whenever I am on the computer. It is like a dead weight and he weighs about 16 pounds these days. I love them all. Have a wonderful day.

  58. Such a sweet kitty!! Love the pictures! πŸ™‚

  59. So adorable! He is precious πŸ™‚
    My cat loves to lay between the keyboard and the computer screen. She sits right in front of the screen and tries to catch the cursor! Our new computer also has a touch screen and she barely rubs it with her long hair and enlarges the screen to the largest size ever!
    My furbabies are very spoiled! Isn't that what you have them for? LOL

  60. Jeanette says

    I always have a fury friend or two wanting my attention while I am reading or doing just about anything. As we speak Lincoln, one of my goldens has his head my lap wanting my undivided attention. Max is so adorable!

  61. Linda Burt says

    I totally get this post. I have two small dogs and every now and again, I have to share my office chair which I get a quarter and who ever is on, gets the three quarters and then my back hurts the rest of the day! What we don't do for our furry babies!

  62. mytwocentsworth says

    Max deserves to lay anywhere he wants around your "blogspot"– he's gorgeous! Unfortunately, my desk area is not large enough for my big orange tabby, Chaucer, to round up my pencils. Were I to put a magazine on the floor anywhere around my feet, I can assure you he would use it as a pillow. He turns 17 next month. My daughter calls him "Handsome," and he thinks she's the stuff.

  63. Anonymous says

    Max might like this and you might also.|C4CategoryProdList1FDT|6973697

  64. Robynne's Nest says

    Lovely blog, don't you just love cats…I do. I can't understand people who don't like them…they simply don't get them! They have a more subtle personality than a dog does, and they can play mind games with you (much brighter than dogs). Living in England at the moment means the cat is home in Melbourne with the kids…and I miss him. I've never not had a cat in the house and I miss the company….and something to torment…Snoopy loves to be tormented and played with! Robx

  65. Hi Susan, You bet! I had to laugh when I saw the little 'cat bed' on your desk. I just laid a hand towel in my wicker in basket for Tiger. He was going to lay there any way. If you can't beat them..join them! Your photos of kitty are darling. I have quite a set. Actually, my new the queen of my Romantic Bedroom post which I linked up to you yesterday. She's gorgeous!

    Tiger likes to sit on the top shelf of my IKEA desk, lean over and claw at the bills. He also finds the printer to be quite fascinating when it's running. It's so funny to watch!

    Thanks for sharing your darling photos. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  66. I love your new office space … looks like Max does, too! I love that our furry kiddos want to be close. πŸ™‚ Becca

  67. michelle says

    This is so great! My Bosco does the exact same thing from stealing pencils, pens or whatever may be laying on the desk to napping on my lap or right on top the keyboard, which by the way will mess up your computer! πŸ™‚
    I hope to move my desk by the window so I can have a view and somewhere warm for Bosco to take his spontaneous cat naps! πŸ™‚

  68. That is sooooooo sweet. I'm so happy for both of you in your new spaces. Watching him go down is like a little flip book. Now all you need in there is a Colonial Candle burning to make it even more cozy (wink wink), now that you've turned me on to them. Burning one right now and thinking of your inspiration.

  69. What sweet pictures of Max Kitty!

    Yes, I sure do have a constant blogging companion. My blog namesake Jake, is my ever present little lap dog. Jake has been paralyzed in his hind legs for over 2 years now so he's my ever present buddy. I'm upstairs right now and he's downstairs barking at to come get him! He doesn't like his momma too far from his site. Talk about spoiled, but I couldn't imagine a single day without him!

    I love the view from y

  70. P.S. By accident, I hit the send button a little too soon…

    I love the view from your office window! Just beautiful and so serene.

  71. Thanks! I needed a giggle..Max is a good coworker! All of my little guys are spoiled rotten. I worked very hard to get them that way! JenT

  72. Amy @MaisonDecor says

    Hi Susan!
    Your kitty is so cute, what a precious! I only have a problem with the dogs interrupting my blogging if they want to be fed and I am doing it at their appointed meal time! Your blogging space is fantastic!

  73. One Woman's Thoughts says

    Oh what a lovely story and sweet pictures of Max.
    Sometimes I really miss not having a furry animal family right now. One day I will again . . .

  74. That Max is a cutie. Thanks for sharing his antics. Love your new office.

  75. Vicki @ Curly Willow says

    AH.. DORABLE! My sidekick is a Maltese named Nicky… hogs the ottoman and uses his bootie to gently push my legs over… "c'mon Mom, move over, I need more room!" Pets are great!

  76. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says

    Love your pictures of beautiful Max! I have 2 cats. They take turns sleeping in a bed on top of the desk in the office. I put it there because the sunshine streams in most of the day. One of my cats is small and he always tries to lie on top of my laptop when I'm blog hopping. Like now!

  77. That was great, going down, slow motion like. Made me want to lay down, too. Sweet.
    Thanks for sharing.

  78. How adorable! Love the pics of him stealing the pencil, too cute! And LOVE the space! We have a little girl cat who looks just like Max actually. She doesn't keep me company though, I have three others who do that. Two fight over my lap (well it's first come first serve and the loser sulks and stomps off.) The third sleeps in a cat bed on the dryer (my office is in the laundry room actually.) So, I'm never lonely, that's for sure.

  79. Sewconsult says

    Your cat is pretty and sweet looking. I am very highly allergic to cats, so my love for cats only goes as far as a picture. A reminder to cat owners, please don't take it personal when someone tells you that they can't visit you in your home if you have a cat. No cleaning will make it safe for those of us who have a cat allergy.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  80. we three dogs and me says

    I had to chuckle reading your blog and comments. I thought I was the only one who tries to do my posting with two dogs on my lap. Peanut will lay with her head on the corner of my lap top sleeping. Bambi cuddled up on my lap. They are best devoted friends.

  81. classic β€’ casual β€’ home says

    Ha! What a personality! Does he like your new view? I do.
    Mary Ann
    PS. My Boston Terrier is almost the same size (two lbs. heavier) and tries to sit on my lap, too.

  82. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Mary Ann, Soo sweet. Thanks! I think he does…he really likes the sun shining in. πŸ™‚

  83. buddiegirl says

    Max certainly looks content in your new space. It looks great by the way and I love all the windows.

    My dog Callie is curled up on my lap as I am reading your blog. She follows me everywhere and I couldn't imagine not sharing my space with her.

  84. vignette design says

    Oooooh, I just want to kiss Max! He is so adorable!
    And he looks so helpful too. My dog, Dexter is always sitting by my side (both of us barely fit on the chair) or at my feet when I blog!

  85. Oh, yes I do. That would be Abby who is featured on my blog header. She shares my lap with the laptop in the early morning blog time, but sometimes she feels she needs more of my attention. At that time, she just rolls over on her back right across my keyboard with the most angelic look on her little puss. You've got a purrfect (sorry, I just had to) place for Max.

  86. So very sweet and yes I have two fluffy side kicks that are always with me. They love to be around when I sew and our one every night waits till I lay down for bed and then comes and lies down right next to me and sleeps for most the night there. She is like clock work. She even knows when it is time for the boys to go to bed because she starts her rounds to see where everybody is at. Loving your Max!

  87. Heaven's Walk - says

    Nap Attack! Love that phrase, Susan! lol! My sweet 12 lb Toby loves to lay in my lap while I blog while watching TV with hubby. Sometimes he'll lay his sweet little marmalade head on the keyboard while I'm typing away….and then his motor starts…..and he starts to drool. Yeah. Drool. He's my little drooler. lolol! I love him sooo much!

    I loved seeing the pics of Max. What a sweetheart. You can tell he just loves being by you. β™₯

    xoxo laurie

    xoxo laurie

  88. FABBY'S LIVING says

    Oh Susan…your kitty is so adooorable! We lost our beloved pug Ben last year an so we don't have a furry friend in our lap anymore. Sniff, sniff…
    You're office looks terrific, I love the view from your window. I hope to do the same with my daughters bedroom, which is semi open, the wall that devides them is not totally closed, so I'll fix the one side for guests and the other for my office with maybe a sofa bed, so my grandkids can use it.
    Anyway, it's the plan. Thank you.

  89. coastal femme says

    I just think your Max is adorable. I agree with you about him being more important than extra desk space. I do think though, Susan, this 15 lb big guy is getting too big for his little round cat bed :)Love this post!

  90. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Coastal…LOL I bought him a bigger one about two weeks ago. You can't see it but in the other pics he is in his larger bed. He still loves to curl up in the smaller one sometimes but I think he's loving the bigger one the desk. πŸ™‚

  91. Awww…he totally reminds me of my angel kitty Willy. Big guy at 15 lbs too! He became an angel before blogging was invented but certainly made his presence known any other time! He would lay on the back of my chair or on my desk when I was in grad school – just like Max!

    Now I have Missy, a black German Shepherd who waits patiently until I call her for a walk or ride in the car. Gotta love our furry friends!

  92. cutest post ever! I too have very large (18#) kitty who prefers to sleep in the tiny round bed!

  93. ~~Rhonda says

    Max is doing what kitties do best. πŸ™‚ Here's Buttercup being close to our daughter during the school day.

    Furry friends are wonderful, aren't they? They add a delightful dimension to life.

  94. Adorable pictures of Max. I adore that he loves you so much that he has to be right next to you! So cute how he moves closer and closer…

  95. pilgrimscottage says

    Honestly, I thought Max was getting ready to write a letter, or book. Until he decided a nap would be more interesting. Love cats.

  96. Anonymous says

    Adore the pictures of the cat!

  97. That's TOTALLY adorable!!

  98. Awww Max is sweet! Cute Post! XOXO Btw, not to overshadow max or anything, but I am really lovin your new office space!

  99. I feel Max makes a PURRrrrrr-fect accessory for your new office. πŸ™‚ He is very handsome!

  100. Madison Lane says

    I have a very similar helper. The pictures of Max slowly drifting to sleep in the sunlight makes me want to find a sunny spot for a nap!

  101. Happy To Be/ Glβ™₯ria says

    Just a Purr-fect spot for Max to sun himself..No fur babies at my house Susan lost the last one in 09 sighs..Hope all is well in your world my Dear friend..GREAT weekend to you..Your office is lookin great so far..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  102. Love how Max's personality shines right thru the camera. Maui (named for our favorite island) is my official on-desk assistant. She escorts me to the desk and lays across the top of the keyboard. Bryn (think sweet yellow lab) positions her body in an arc around the chair and keeps us both safe while mom taps keys.

  103. You? Lazy Susan?? NOT!! Your cat is beautiful! Mine came snooping around the office too – after I cleaned & purged it this weekend. I think she likes it – she's been rubbing herself on things and now is napping at the edge of the desk in the sun =)

    BTW: You new office is transforming into a beautiful blog space…


  104. ~CC Catherine says

    too cute Susan. When my son visits, his 3 pound toy yorkie thinks she needs to sit on my lap or shoulder the entire day of my work. I got sneaky and realized if I sit forward on the chair, she can sit right behind the small of my back. It's a temporary fix., but it works. lol

  105. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Catherine, you are so sweet to share your chair all day. What we do for our fur babies! πŸ™‚

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