Almost Normal…An Update

Greetings!  How is your week going?  It’s 1:45 AM as I write this.  That may provide a hint as to how my week has gone.   I can’t figure out where the days go but they are flying by as I continue “unpacking” and getting things settled at BNOTP’s new home.  I’ve had a table set all week and can’t find time to photograph it during daylight hours.   I’m determined to get some pics tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to Tablescape Thursday!

WordPress Move:
I continue to get emails asking about the move to WordPress.  I won’t lie, the move has been stressful.   All the comments on every single post going all the way back to March are missing.  Another 19 posts failed to make it over entirely.   Though my blog designer/developer and I don’t know what caused it,  I wish we did because then I could tell you what not to do if you are a Blogger contemplating a move to WP.

No Comments on 4 Months Worth of Posts:
The 19 missing posts are back in place, but of course they are all without comments, too.  So that means about 4 months worth of posts have no comments on them at all.  So when you visit a post and see no comments, you’ll know why.

It’s very time consuming to find the comments over in Blogger and copy/paste them over.  You have to do it one by one so it can take hours to do that for just a handful of posts.  And when you do paste them over, the date shows as the date you did the copying and pasting, not the actual date it was left.  In order to put the date right again, you have to go into WordPress and edit every date on every comment.  Extremely. Time. Consuming!  I’ll most likely copy and paste them over for some posts, but not sure when that will get done.

Share buttons:  Big Ouch!
You’ll also notice that all of the numbers on the share buttons at the bottom of every single post have been reset to zero.   I knew in advance that was going to happen; unfortunately it couldn’t be prevented.  If you read a post and you enjoy it, feel free to share it again.  Thanks for all the times you previously shared a BNOTP post.

Wedding Tales:
I stayed up to 3:30 AM last night restoring comments to all the posts you see here on the home page and to one post that has since moved off the home page.   All your Wedding Tales have been restored and once again I was amazed by your stories.   If you haven’t already read the comments on the Wedding Tales post, check them out!  (Tablescape below can be viewed here: Whimsical Wedding Table Setting.)


A Beautiful Wedding Celebration:
Wow!  There were 126 comments on “A Beautiful Wedding Celebration!”  Chip and Nancy read and appreciated each and every comment, as did I.

Thank you so much for your congrats and sweet words!  It was wonderful being able to share such an important occasion in my family’s life with you!

 Drop Down Menus and Featured Seasonal/ Relevant Posts:
I’m really excited about some of the new features we’ve included in the blog.  Drop down menus across the top allow instant access to specific posts.  Check those out.  Just click on a category,  scroll down letting your cursor pass over the various categories.  You’ll be able to see all the categories and subcategories.  Click on one and give it a test drive.  Let me know what cha think.  By the way, if a link fails to work to any post, please let me know at betweennaspontheporchatgamaildotcom.  I would appreciate that so much!


Seasonal Posts:
Located at the bottom of the home page, you’ll find links to posts that are relevant to the season or the time of the year.  For example, during the next few months I’ll be showcasing posts about Summer Decor, Summer Dining, Patriotic Celebrations (Independence Day is coming) and of course, all things Porch.  The headings will probably stay the same all summer, but periodically the highlighted posts underneath will change.  So scroll down to the bottom every so often and check out what’s new for the season.


In the past folks who visited BNOTP weren’t always sure where to go to sign up to receive  BNOTP in their email Inbox or to read via an RSS feed reader.  Now you’ll find all those subscription choices grouped together at the top of the right sidebar.    You’ll also find answers to the most FAQ here at BNOTP, too.


Okay, it’s 3:33 AM…time to hit the hay.

Before I go to sleep, have I told you how much I appreciate your patience in this transition phase?  No?   Well, I meant to.  I really, really appreciate your patience and the encouragement you’ve given.  Life is very close to returning to normal…very close.

I can’t wait! 🙂

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  1. Your site is beautiful and in a few months these issues won’t get on your Richter scale.

    Can you share the name of what plug-in or widget you are using for your gallery at the bottom of your page? The display is lovely.

  2. Oh Susan, it’s already looking like its been spiffed up and ready for company! Looks like you’ve had many a late evenings trying to get the place in shape and it shows.
    Hope you are taking time to reflect back on all the festivities of the past few weeks and remember what fun you had. Take time out for you and get some rest some rest, you deserve it girl!

  3. sorry about the stress. Depsite everything your blog is still wonderful!!

  4. I love your blog. It inspires me everyday. Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Lorraine says

    Obviously it’s a LOT like giving birth….but your baby looks REALLY nice…those sleepless nights will be a distant memory soon!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  6. Justine {Stop Me if You've Heard This One} says

    I had a similar issue when I moved from a WordPress-hosted blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog, in that on the first try, most of the comments didn’t upload. I found that if I re-uploaded the exported blog file (not sure if that’s how it works with Blogger…I’ve never really used that one) several times, more and more of the comments would load each time. By the fourth time I did it, everything crossed over. I think for some reason WordPress can only load so much of an exported file at a time, and I was transferring a couple year’s worth of posts and comments. Maybe re-uploading the file a few times would be helpful for you too?

    Hope you can get it figured it! It’s so frustrating to lose things.

    • Thanks, Justine. I think the designer who moved BNOTP did try several times, but for some reason it just didn’t seem to work on all of them. She thought it was due to the number of comments. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years so it was a lot to move.

  7. I absolutely love that seasonal post feature, and I have not seen it on another blog. If I used Genesis as my platform, I’d definitely check into it. I use Thesis.

  8. Hi Susan, Sorry for all your moving issues! It sounds like the kind of surprises and stresses that happen when we move into new houses. Some things are missing or broken, and it is always harder than you think! But all the work is worth it when the unpacking is finished and you can enjoy! I like your new look. I was exploring yesterday when I was looking for red, white and blue inspiration and I think the new drop down menus and the photo links are fabulous! Congratulations to your son and his beautiful bride. Linda

  9. I look forward daily to receiving your e-mails to see the next beautiful site or adventure.

  10. I just love the new features. You have such a lovely blog!

  11. Thanks so much for including the seasonal posts! It is very helpful to have things categorized when us “wannabes” are attempting to duplicate your fabulous design ideas.

  12. Tardevil says

    Hi Susan,
    I can’t remember if I commented on the wedding post b/c I believe I read it from my iPhone and don’t usually comment when I’m out of town, but it was a beautiful day and I’m very happy for you and the happy couple! No wedding day goes off without a few hitches. Sorry the move to WP has been an expected headache, but this too shall pass….eventually….after a lot of work! ;o) Hang in there.

  13. Susan, the blog is looking awesome! You are such a HUGE inspiration and HELP to so mant, me included. I wish I could amop up my blog but I have NO computer skills. Maybe after we move I will take the time to LEARN how to improve it. Love the new drop downs and the bottom sections:):):) XO, Pinky

  14. OH WOW!! Your blog is looking AMAZING Susan!!! Wish I could do this, it looks TDF! I TOTALLY LOVE IT! Sooooooo prefessional looking and pretty and easy to just follow. Wish I was computer savvy like you and I love organized things and I’d love to do it to my blog too, but I have NO IDEA, LOL!!
    Great drop downs, Seasonal posts and the bottom sections as well too. Thanks for sharing and you go girl…

  15. We have moved *house* a number of times and with every move, something always gets left in a box to put away in storage. The rule of thumb is if you have not missed it, do not stress about using it again. What I am trying to say Susan is, you have filled our lives with so many good things over the years and this new venture is looking so good, I am sure most will agree that if some comments are left behind, we would rather have you rested and continue on with this new journey, than you spending wakeful hours worrying about it. I know you love a challenge, so that is easier said than done. Now go gather up Mr. Max for a cuddle and have a cup of tea. (from a Brit who thinks tea cures everything!!) 🙂

  16. Katherines Corner says

    I love the new look. I know how hard it is to transition to wordpress. I hated losing all of my comments and I still haven’t made it through all of my old posts to add the tags, and categories. But I do like being on WP much better. Everything looks wonderful, soon you will feel comfortable and things will all feel perfectly on place. xo

  17. MariaElena says

    Susan, congratulations on your move! I haven’t had a chance to browse through your whole new blog, but what I have seen so far is just wonderful! I love the drop down menu and how easy it is to find everything. Very well done! I can not wait to have enough time to sit down and really enjoy looking through your blog!

  18. Don’t ever quit doing this e -mail I can hardly wait from day to day to see the beautiful tablescapes which
    are my favorites.

  19. Susan,
    Your site is beautiful.
    I read BNOTP in the morning with my coffee time.
    This morning I could not get the page to load> i kept getting error messages.
    Even though I went to facebook too. Clicking on links there no luck.
    Thank goodness it is back tonight, I almost went into panic mode here.
    Love and much success from Seattle, WA

  20. I love your site Susan, in fact yours was the first site I ever read when I started blogging.
    Congrats on your new home and also to the beautiful couple.

  21. Congratulations. Your perseverance paid off. Great work!

  22. I’m so excited to see that your blog has been successfully moved and is looking so fabulous! It’s so clean and organized and easy to read. Love it, Susan! My blog needs a design overhaul and I think I need drop-down menus like that. Those are great. Congratulations! I know it’s not fun to make a move like this but it looks to me like all the headaches and hassles were worth it! 🙂

  23. Susan,
    Your blog is loading so much faster! Good move on changing to WP!

  24. Wow! Every time I want a pick-me-up & just to dream a little, I go to your website. It is always filled with beautiful things. Plus you are always so gracious to share with us. Thanks for letting me take a peek into your world and enjoy all the beautiful creations you & your followers share. It is a just pure pleasure to see what you have in store for us!

  25. I have been thinking of you, wondering how the move went. I too lost some comments on posts, about 2 months worth. A few of my posts did not make it over either. I finally took some of those posts and just moved them over as a brand new post without comments. I am 3 months later trying to fix broken links and my numbers took a huge hit BUT I have decided not to stress and work on my links when I can. Things will get better try not to stress to much about it and realize you are not alone. Hang in there.

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