Something Fun For Your Weekend

A little fun for your weekend…

Historic-Cape-Cod Beach House


* Tour this beautiful 100 year old beach house on a private Cape Cod Island…to die for!

* A Kitchen Transformation that shows the dramatic power of paint and other inexpensive, small changes

* Will you purchase THIS when it comes out? I was on the waiting list and finally got the email saying I was chosen to be an “Explorer.”  Unfortunately, I had to decline when I found out the cost. I so badly wanted to take you guys with me on a ride out The Silver Comet. When they are available to the public, they should cost less and I will definitely purchase a pair, so that ride is coming! Anyone else busting to get a pair?

* Current issue of Celebrating Everyday Life is out. Jennifer featured my heart-shaped sugar cubes and you can preview it HERE. You’ll find the tutorial for making the sugar cubes here: Make Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes for Valentine’s Day

* Love this commercial from Coca-cola.

* Ever wonder what really goes on in radio land? Bekah is giving us a behind the scenes peek.

* I made the New York Social Diary in this article about Mario Buatta. Well, actually it was my chippy, orange ruler from THIS post that got featured.  Ya just never know what photo of yours may pop up somewhere else so brush your teeth, wear clean underwear and be sure to use your best ruler. 😉 (Hee, hee)

Real Snowflakes…these pictures leave me in awe

* One day we’ll be able to say goodbye to traffic jams for good! I can’t wait!

* When you make your New Year’s resolutions, do you tell friends or family about them? Apparently, if you want to actually achieve them you shouldn’t tell a soul per Derek Sivers in this 3 MinuteTed Talk.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Love the coke ad -so true to life. The photos of snowflakes are amazing! Thanks for the interesting tidbits in this post~

    • I know, it really is. The part where that sweet little guy peeks up from inside the cupboard is sooo adorable! They picked a great song to accompany it, too. 🙂 The snowflakes blew me away! I’m going to purchase one of his books on Amazon…so beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out. I love that Cape Cod. Happy New Year, Susan!! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, Susan!
    Isn’t it amazing about that pic of your orange ruler?
    If I were Mario I would like to meet the lovely lady 🙂 who took the time to measure my new book and to dedicate an entire post about it! 🙂
    (But, hey, who knows, maybe Mario is reading this, right now!)
    He is so funny! I love him even with a mustache! 😉
    Susan, I love that commercial from Coca-Cola, too!
    That little boy is too cute and that song written by the Bee Gees ♥ is amazing!
    Oh, I almost forgot that Google glass… WHAAAT?
    Very interesting and helpful, for sure, but when will they invent glasses that make laundry, too, I ask you?! 🙂
    ~Hugs to you~

    • lol That cracked me up, too about the ruler. Mario is a hoot with a michievious sense of humor. Google glass is amazing! Can’t wait until it’s released! Just hope the price comes down a good bit.

  4. Becky Bird says

    Do you know if this home was used for filming an episode of “Castle”? It looks just like the house that was supposed to be Castle’s house in the Hamptons.

  5. Linda Page says

    This has been fun! I loved everything that I clicked on…..especially the Coca Cola ad. Great idea, Susan!

  6. That cape cod house has such fabulous bones…the ceilings, moldings, room sizes. I can’t say I’m a fan of the decor, in particular the kitchen, but I think the price reflects that some things will need doing. There is a community not far from us that works on the same principle. Houses almost NEVER go on the market; they’re handed down from generation to generation. The problem is if you do happen to purchase a house there you’re considered an outsider and not readily accepted. Hoity toity .

    Google glass is very cool. I swear, google is taking over the world. If they would only put their money toward curing cancer it wouldn’t stand a chance. Not sure I will buy one though. I got a gopro for Xmas and that alone is a challenge! lol

    The little boy in the commercial is adorable. I’m going back to look at it again just to see him in the cabinet, and those snowflakes! Wow! Hard to believe they’re real!

    • Google glass is very cool! I hope they can bring the price down to about a third what it is…may be a while though before it gets that low. I ordered the The Art of the Snowflake on Amazon. Had to order a used copy, not sure it’s in print now. I was tempted to order one of the posters. I’m just in awe by how beautiful they are!

  7. What a fun post, Susan! I am such a technophile–can’t wait for Glass!! The Coke commercial is adorable– I forwarded it to our sons & DILs., as one of our Christmas gifts was news of our 4th (in 4 years!) grandchild in 2014! Your ruler’s 15 minutes of fame is so cool! I loved the sugar hearts & thought of them when I saw sugar stars at Crate & Barrel for the holidays. My dear mom gave me the snowflake book 3 years ago for Christmas along with a book of patterns for cutting snowflakes from paper…. I have always loved snow & I am happy to say by noon, we should have about 2 FEET on the ground here in IL!

    • lol I just thought it was funny that they used that ruler pic in all it’s chippy orange glory. 🙂 I think Mario’s book is the largest book I own, that thing is amazing! You almost need to sit at a table to read, it’s so heavy. Wow, 2 feet! That is some serious snow! We just have cold here today, no snow.

  8. Hi, Susan,
    Thank you for such an interesting post full of so many things to enjoy. It was a great distraction, as this weekend we had to say good-bye to our beloved 14-year old black lab, Ivy. I am heartbroken, and seeing your email posting really helped to lighten a very sad day. I know you understand how I feel. Rosie

    • Rosie, I’m so sorry. I know there are no words that help right now. I was inconsolable when Max passed and still get physically sick if I think about it very long. I know your furbaby had a wonderful, loving home and I have to believe we will see them again one day. I’m counting on that.

  9. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! I wondered why that post was suddenly so popular!! I GOT A SHOUT OUT! Well You just made my whole day! SO glad I was able to catch up on blogs today and SEE IT! 🙂

  10. That’s radio land every day. I always said it was 90 seconds of pure panic followed by fifteen minutes of boredom and back to 90 seconds of pure panic. Actually, you use that 15 minutes of boredom to rehearse for pure panic, edit phone calls, and read, read, read.

    As for a talk show where you have to fill all the time like Bekah did? Oh, kill me now, and I was in radio for 15 years.

  11. If only I had an extra 3.5 million laying around… 😉 Gorgeous home!
    I love YHL and read their blog every day!

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